The Cotton Ceiling – now with more creep factor

I can just feel my cotton panties riding further and further up my bum-crack, with this latest offering from M2T Jos Truitt Twitt, writer at Feministing. It is the typical twanzplainin’ bullshit, but at its core is “dear gawd, what about sleeping with the twanzwomenz!”.

Reading this in whole will anaesthetise your brain, so we will take it in bite-sized chunks. Gawd knows, I was only able to stomach it in bits.

I think the post is written towards young lesbians who actually are already onboard with trans, and when they say “I sleep with women and transmen” it could well include transwomen, because they are “pro-trans” and believe the line that transwomen are women too. Which is kind of ironic that Twitt is all “dear gawd, what about the transwomenz”. It could also mean that the young lesbians know that most of these “transmen” have female bodies (some without breasts), and that’s still a goer as far as the sexual attraction towards female bodies – yanno, the core element of being a lesbian, the attraction to female bodies and not male bodies. Regardless, Jos Twitt feels compelled to give these young lesbians some good ol’ twanzplaining and lecturing on the matter. Of course, this isn’t Jos’ first time twanzplaining.

In this post, he can’t call them ‘twanzphobic’ (because they have stated they will sleep with ‘transmen’) so he settles for ‘cis sexist’ instead. He must have been up all night trying to get around that one.

“I date women and trans men” is the definition of cissexism. It’s basing your frame for sexuality on the gender coercively assigned to a person by their doctor at birth, not on that person’s actual identity. In this case, we’re talking about folks who were assigned female. Of course, “women” means cis women – trans women totally drop off the map.

Transplaination: You bad bad lesbians, you are basing your attractions on bodies (sexual characteristics) and not our sparkly unicorn jenduh! And dear gawd, what about fucking twanzwomenz??? You didn’t mention the twanzwomenz – that’s twanzphobic, oh wait, I can’t say that coz you included twanzmenz. <comes back after six hours> oh yeah, it’s cis sexist! Basing it body types! Not our sparkly unicorn jendah!

My critique of this frame isn’t about everyone on the trans masculine spectrum, where there’s a ton of complex gender and sexuality diversity (though there is an important conversation to have about the privileging of masculinity here as well). I’m talking about how this approach to sexuality addresses people who were assigned female at birth but are men.

Transplaination: Blah blah blah, some current jargon to explain away why most of us still look like dudes in dresses, that most desperate het women wouldn’t fuck in a million years, so tah-dah, I am a twanzwomanz lesbian now – pleeeease fuck me.

It’s incredibly undermining to frame sexuality in a way that lumps these men in with all female assigned folks instead of with cis men. It’s a failure, in the realm of sexuality, to recognize that trans men’s male identities are just as legitimate as cis men’s. If you’re going to base sexuality on gender, better base it on people’s actual genders.

Transplaination: You stoopid cis-lesbians, how the fuck dare you to recognise female body types??? [Jos Twitt now pretends to give a damn about twanzmenz, but he doesn’t because they are rilly female-born]. Dammit you cis-sexist lesbians, if you are going to sleep with twanzmenz, then you had better sleep with cismenz too. Oh, and because you now have to sleep with cismenz, I have a cock too, so how about sleeping with twanzwomenz while you are at it?!

I get why a lot of female assigned folks exist in this frame for reasons that aren’t overtly about undermining trans identities. There’s a ton of gender based trauma out there, and I understand that folks associate this with cis men, and not with trans men. But that’s not a reality-based approach to gender. A lot of that trauma gets easily linked to genitals, but this isn’t about bodies, it’s about patriarchy. I think this sexuality frame is a big part of why so many trans men get away with (and are sometimes even encouraged to practice) unchecked misogyny and male privilege (remember, power is complicated. You can experience both male privilege and cissexist oppression). Real talk: being trans doesn’t prevent you from perpetrating hurt and violence in the realm of sexuality.

Transplaination: No I actually don’t believe any of this faux-feminism bullshit, but I know that appealing to females’ sense of guilt and helpfulness is a winner, so: Trauma blah blah blah, genitals blah blah blah” [as an aside, I nearly spat out my coffee upon “But that’s not a reality-based approach to gender.” Jos had to throw the ‘trauma of genitals’ in there to groom you to feel sorry for his penis, laydeewang, whatever.] Dammit you stoopid lesbians, I will get you to like cock one way or another!

My trans brothers deserve better than sex in a frame that undermines their identities. This doesn’t mean queer cis women and gender non-conforming female assigned folks can’t fuck trans men, but then they owe it to these guys to reframe their sexuality in a way that’s not undermining – to recognize that they sleep with men, and to question why they’re OK with sleeping with trans men and not cis men.

Transplaination: [LOL at Jos Twitt pretending to give a damn about twanzmenz again]. You stoopid lesbians, you should NOT be sleeping with twanzmenz because of their sparkly unicorn jenduh identitahs – this is about jenduh identitahs, not bodies/genitals, get with the programme, dump the twanzmenz, sleep with meeee!

I just don’t think it’s OK to process your sexual trauma in a delegitimizing way through the bodies of folks who’ve often faced tons of trauma at the intersection of gender and sexuality.

Transplaination: Look you stoopid lesbians, I just know you are lesbians only because you have been raped, but that’s no reason to hate peen, I have a lovely lesbian peen, here, let me show it to you! Oh and trauma, I haz faux-trauma about my lesbian peen, so please refer to it as a “trans clit”. Feel sorry for me, sleep with MEEEE!!!

The problem isn’t one sided: trans guys owe it to themselves to not accept a misgendering sexuality frame just because it makes it easier to get laid, but that shit’s complicated in a cissexist world. It’s unfair to place all the responsibility for fixing this problem at the feet of the people who’s identities are being undermined. I want to encourage trans guys to stand up for what they deserve, but a lot of the responsibility for fixing this shit belongs to the people doing the undermining.

Transplaination: I’m going to blame twanzmenz for sleeping with you stoopid lesbians, no wait, I’m not, I have to pretend it’s all your responsibility because you are cis-lesbians, ah good, I am back on track now. I almost fucked up by blaming twanzmenz because they are female born, but I am obliged to call those bitchez my ‘twanz brothers’ now. [Ten points right there for the over-use of ‘undermining’ Jos]

I do put a little more responsibility on trans men for letting this frame push their trans sisters out. This approach to sexuality totally erases trans women by excluding us from the group of sexually existing queer women.

Transplaination: Yes I do blame those dumb bitchez my twanzbrothers for this, those bitchez are getting more lezzo action than me. I am more man than you dumb bitchez, I have a cock.

Yes, it’s also incredibly undermining of trans women’s identities by moving us out of the category “women” when it comes to sexuality. Ultimately, this frame goes back to the gender coercively assigned at birth for trans women as well. It’s a way for transmisogyny to advance unchecked, because trans women totally drop out of the conversation.

Transplaination: I got a good run out of ‘undermining’, mmm, needs moar. You twanzbrotherz are just bitchez, don’t you know we suffer moar?? Twanzmisogyny!! See how we suffer moar? And you cisscum females have to keep mentioning twanzwomenz specifically, because even though we claim to want to be regarded exactly the same as cis-women, we also wantz to be mentioned all the time individually as twanzwomenz – see, you can’t win, either you regard us as the same as cis-women and therefore include us under ‘women’ and we call you out for being cis-sexist, or you mention us as twanzwomenz and we get really pissy because you haven’t included us in the group of cis-womenz!

It’s part of the broader problem of privileging masculinity over femininity, and specifically of privileging masculinity in female assigned folks and hating on and marginalizing femininity in male assigned folks. The problem goes beyond gender theory about masculinity and femininity – this is about really specific, really real transmisogyny. Even when some femininity is accepted, it’s in female assigned folks. Trans women (even the butch ones) get left out in the cold. (I think it’s time for everybody to re-read Julia Serano’s groundbreaking book Whipping Girl with their sex brains on.)

Transplaination: You dumb bitchez twanzbros, you are PRIVILEGED you hear me?? You haz man privilege, I never had it, still don’t have it, but you haz it now. We poor widdle twanzwomenz haz to SUFFER twanzmisogyny, you get beer and cigars, and ALL the lesbians, no fair no fair! I don’t pass very well, so I have to claim I am a “butch lesbian”. My tranz clit is getting hard just thinking about all the hawt pretendbian sex I should be getting. I wants, I wants.

There’s a lot of resistance to thinking about the politics of sexuality in this way, which I totally get. Our sexualities are our own, they’re personal, and in such a puritanical world any critique of sexuality can seem messed up. But our desires are absolutely influenced by our cultural context.

Transplaination: I hope no one notices that although somewhere in my warped bwain I recognise sexuality as a personal preference thing, that won’t stop me telling the stupid lesbians that they should be fucking me for the genderqueer and twanzgender cause, just like all the lefty revolutionary dudes before me, I *demand* that women fuck menz for The Cause™. Get the fuck over your stoopid personal attractions already!

When you really look at the way patterns of desire map onto what bodies are privileged and what bodies are marginalized, it becomes obvious that our desires are political. I am absolutely not about critiquing the way one person falls for another. The problem is with a community trend. When we leave sexuality trends unexamined, sex becomes a space where privilege and oppression run amuck.

Transplaination: Kewl, nice spin. See what I did there? Managed to gloss over stoopid personal preferences and hammer home the point that stupid women should be fucking cock for The Cause™, it’s political! Yay! Gawd I am clever and sexay, why won’t lesbians fuck meeeee?

It’s well past time to say enough. If queer community wants to be about a gender and sexuality revolution it’s got to take these questions seriously. Its got to address the ways cissexism overdetermines community approaches to sexuality. This is an ongoing process involving lots of thought, critique, and, well, processing. We’ve got to be able to move from the broad and systemic to seeing how cissexism plays out in our personal lives, including in relation to who and how we fuck.

Transplaination: Yep, not only stoopid lesbians, but all you genderqueer bitchez as well, you had better be fucking cock for The Revolution™, and don’t forget about our tranz clits too! You stoopid bitchez just aren’t politically savvy enough if you aren’t fucking some kind of cock for The Cause™. Twanzphobic and cis-sexist bitchez. Fuck me! I didn’t go to all* the trouble of my laydee guise for nothin’, I wantz me some hawt pretendbian sex! Gimme, now! Or I call you cis-sexist bitchez who don’t care about The Cause™.

*Note the shitload of effort:

Jos Twitt in 2009, complete with laydee pronouns

Twitt twanzsplaining in 2012, wtf is up with the scary eye action?

Twanzphobic response:
Yeah yeah yeah Jos, your *new and improved* version of trying to get women to sleep with you for The Revolution™ kinda looks a lot like the very old and tired version that lefty dudes and revolutionary dudes have been using for centuries. It actually does work very well in grooming young women without much life experience into thinking what they are doing is “revolutionary” and “for The Cause™”. Except it is always about the male-born sexually accessing the female-born, usually by guilt-tripping them. And if they don’t sleep with you, you will call them names (the new and improved version of “frigid” is “cis-sexist” or twanzphobic). Same shit, different day. They don’t bother guilt-tripping dudes in this way.

Jos Twitt, you are a male sexual predator, enabling your male predator brethren. Which is why you and all your Cotton Ceiling buddies creep me the fuck out.

Young lesbians, and young female (bisexual) ‘genderqueers’ – wake the hell up and smell the sexual predation and male entitlement in this bullshit. These dudes in dresses are trying to guilt-trip you into sleeping with them, and name-calling you if you don’t. There is nothing wrong with not liking penises or male bodies, and preferring female bodies. To say otherwise is lesbianphobic. Twitt is actually lesbianphobic, with his crack about ‘sexual trauma’ as being the (only) reason for lesbianism – he also doesn’t give a fuck if you do have trauma after sexual assault or rape, he just told you so above. He doesn’t give a fuck what bodies you are attracted to either, he is using the cover of political activism/awareness to make you sleep with him and his kind. Don’t fall for it.

I seriously hope another five radfems are born after Twitt’s bullshit.

Dollars to doughnuts, that is a Lazy Tranny Name, probably “Joshua”? huh? huh? amirite? amirite?

Edited to add:
Thanks to whomever, sums it up very well. Also very quick!

43 thoughts on “The Cotton Ceiling – now with more creep factor

  1. radicalwoman

    “I don’t pass very well, so I have to claim I am a “butch lesbian”.”

    I am evil and started giggling too hard here to finish.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. delphyne

    What big teeth you have grandpa.

    It is all about his cock isn’t it, and complaining that he’s not able to put it where he wants? We’ve heard that one before.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      The cock-entitlement factor isn’t really a surprise to older women, a bit of a no-brainer really.
      The thing that was highlighted for me is that these tranz-supporting fems/lesbians/queers can not win, no matter if they mention TWs, or don’t. It is something that I have been noticing for a short while all around the internutz. The no-win situation for females? Yeah, pure patriarchy mindfuck turf.

      At its core, TWs never ever want to be regarded ‘the same as FABs’, they alway want to be regarded separately and distinctly (as ‘transwomen’). That is why they continue to make such a big bloody deal about it.

      The no-win situation for TW/trans supporting females is, if they regard them ‘the same as FABs’ and therefore ‘neglect’ to mention transwomen separately, they are being twanzphobi/cissexist (and supposedly ignoring twanzwomenz). But if they do mention ‘women and twanzwomenz’, then they are being twanzphobic and cissexist for mentioning them separately. No win. *Classic patriarchy*.

      Of course, twanzwomen are just the Laydees Auxillary of the patriarchy. Nothing more, nothing less.

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      1. Anecdotal Evidence

        I LOVE this:

        “…just the Laydees Auxillary of the patriarchy. Nothing more, nothing less.”

        And thank you for this sanity-saving synopsis/critique of Twitt’s gaslighting non-sense. Also, I laughed myself silly. Awesome.

        I’m a straight non-trans woman (crap, I HATE that I feel I have to use some sort of qualifier nowadays to make sure everyone understands I have a vagina I was actually born with) and I’ve absolutely had it with all the largely trans MTF bullshit that has begun to even legally commandeer female reality on multiple fronts.


      2. DaveSquirrel Post author

        Nope, don’t jump hoops for them – you are a heterosexual woman, or heterosexual female. They have no right to our terms, names, experiences.

        On the odd occasion when I do not call them M2Ts (Males to Trans), and call them ‘transwomen’ (or twanzwomen), I deliberately make it one word (they hate that), but it makes it clear that they are the different category, we are the default.

        No jumping through hoops. Those words are ours.

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  3. Nicky

    By Reading that, you can smell the Male entitlement from far, far, far away. This one is so glaring that I nearly had a stroke reading it. It’s clear, that twanz people like twitt are MEN regardless of how many surgeries or hormones are pumped into their system. All it takes is one DNA test to find out he’s a DUDE in a dress. He couldn’t pass as a female if he tried. He’s simply a failed MAN who failed at manhood and womanhood. Quite frankly, twitt is a complete failure at humanity. Which is why Intersex people should stay the hell away from twanz people and anyone who sympathize with the twanz. They are a clear and present danger to women, lesbian and Intersex people.

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  4. m Andrea

    There was a time (say five years ago) that if you squinted real hard, some kind of internal (but ultimately false) consistency could be squeezed out of their gibberish. But now their posts make NO sense AT ALL. It’s like they’re pulling random phrases out of the NeoLiberal’s Guide to the Universe and pulverizing those phrases in a word salad blender. With a heaping portion of Insanity Dressing on the side.

    “I date women and trans men” is the definition of cissexism.

    So okay, he’s decided that a lesbian who claims to be sexually attracted to biological females is displaying a “phobia” of some sort against biological males. I’m still trying to find his actual reason… because his excuse is that, in his mind, it is his opinion that everyone else should base their desire for specific biological bodies on *his own definition* of biology — and hey that’s an opinion, not a reason.

    Still looking for an actual reason, still cant find one… Where oh where is the reason which explains why his own personal definition of biology is the one that everyone else “should” use?

    Thanks for the post Dave, that was hilarious!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      I thought my post an ACCURATE description of the underlying ‘arguments’ (LOL, I really cannot type that with a straight face, there were NO arguments, only a lot of twanzplaining as to why lesbians should take cock and stfu).

      In actual fact, him using the ‘cis men’ BS really does enforce that, yep, they too still see themselves as male, not female. Come on, this ‘argument’ was fucking crap.

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  5. m Andrea

    and three observations about the comments over there. One, it’s now considered “biphobic” for anyone to refuse to have sex with both males AND females. Wheeeeeee!

    And two, at least one commentor who passes the “I’m stupid enough to go along with all this word salad crap” was allowed to notice that females who transition to transgender, were raised with a different set of expectations than men. So when are they going to mention that men who transition to transgender ALSO were socialized with a different set of expectations than what real women do?

    And three, when are they going to start demanding that “gay cismen” have sex with “trans men”? They could have another cotton ceiling discussion on new stalking strategies…

    Liked by 3 people

  6. FCM

    fantastic how he tells female sexual trauma survivors how to “process” their trauma: specifically, so as not to hurt mens feelings! as usual. in general, all men find its best for female rape survivors — and all females who have been traumatized and sexually traumatized under patriarchy, which is all of us — to get “therapy” by having lots of intercourse with men. we are definitely NOT supposed to “process” the reality of rape, trauma, or seuxal trauma at the hands of men — and often of unwanted pregnancy — by staying the fuck off of penises, forever. thats not allowed, even though its imminently reasonable. for all men, PIV = truth. anything thats “sex-negative” — meaning PIV-negative of course — is “false” by definition. and dont give me this tired line about not having to have penetrative sex with the peen. we all know what comes next: i’ll just put in the tip, baby, i swear.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Yep, all women must be sexually available (to all men say lefty dudes, to one man say rightwing dudes), and rape shouldn’t put you off PIV.

      Now you stoopid women, get back and ride that PIV Pony!

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  7. hearthrising

    Thank you, DaveSquirrel, for breaking this down. I read the original post a few times, but I kept falling asleep, so breaking it up with some humor helped.

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  8. weiiixin

    Jos’s post was re-posted on Slog by (the widely read) Dan Savage here;

    It was met with a lot of ridicule, considering that The Stranger/Slog draws more trans activist than others.

    The responses on this article contrast to this other post by Dan on trans issues;


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      LOL at some of those Slog comments, this one is my favourite:

      I think what’s being said is you can’t fuck who you want to fuck, you have to fuck who this person says you can fuck. Fuck that.

      And another pointing out how fucking stupid the “coercively assigned at birth” thing is (being the crap tranz made up to get around FAB/FAAB):

      “…coercively assigned to a person by their doctor at birth”
      Um, what’s the doc supposed to do, here, exactly?

      “Well, Baby X, it would appear you have been born with a penis! Now, I don’t want to coercively assign you a gender identity based on that triviality, so let me ask you what are your thoughts on gender?”

      “GAAA tpppptt waaaah!”
      “I see. Perhaps we can just leave that bit blank for the next 13 years or so?”
      “grrrrgle weee bah bah bah!”
      “OK, then. Let’s move on to the issue of your foreskin…”

      And this one:

      I stop reading any article when I get to the word “cis”. The usage pretty much tells me the author is overthinking it.


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    2. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Comment 63 & 64 (by the same person):

      This is the straight version of one of those “Cotton Ceiling” people. As in MTFs see a lesbians underwear as the last place to break thru to troo womanhood.

      Lesbians who are only attracted to women born women and not trans women are transphobic and should be coerced or fooled into sleeping with Transwomen. and now apparently trans men as well. Jesus fracking god.

      wiat, I read it 2 more times and I think its saying lesbians should NOT sleep with transmen unless they will sleep with all men? Jesus, that is one poorly written piece of shit.

      Love that last line!

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      1. Nicky

        Oh GOD, after reading that, I nearly passed out. I think the word “Common Sense” left the nest along time ago. These Queer people have gone mad

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Nicky

      That has the ugliest smile on earth. It makes you wonder why he tries so hard to pass as a dude, but fails so badly and tries to smile like a woman, but smiles like an ugly dude

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  9. survivorthriver

    Lapsed het here, chiming in due to sheer delight on this exposure. I apprised my 65 year old dyke friend of this controversy with trans in the past couple of years and she was really unfamiliar with the whole deal, having a very long-term partner and not being “active” in any community except surviving a union blue collar career and retiring. She thought I was exaggerating or otherwise making up a mountain out of a molehill. But, she had the direct experience of a M2T coming to their women’s summer solstice gathering this year, a gathering that has been going on for 35+ years. Costume is a big part of their gatherings.

    “She” M2T found how how it is not acceptable to wear flouncy negligee with bikini silky panties showing the peen package to a group of lesbians. It made my friend gag, and I’m sure she is now a total believer in what the transgender movement is doing to lesbians and women’s solidarity in general. Just like the squirrel has been sharing for years!

    This M2T almost single handedly managed to ruin this solstice event for my dear friend old dyke. There’s quite an out and proud community of women with multi-generations attennding, plus SAFE space for young women to celebrate their coming of age admist much pageantry. This M2T made a big deal of his issues at Solstice repeatedly, and offended several generations of old friends all at once.

    People with dongs playing dress up can do what they want, but peens don’t belong in private women’s spaces. Grotesque physical mutilations to conform with ann idea in one’s head are Frankenmonsterish.

    I have been celibate – a lapsed het – now for 8 years. I’m still passing as fuckable, but it’s such an easier life to focus on friends and family and avoid peen. Poor trans men, lost in their own splaining and out of reality with everybody else.

    Keep up the good reporting, and rilly silly jendah tales!

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  10. weirdward

    We poor widdle twanzwomenz haz to SUFFER twanzmisogyny, you get beer and cigars, and ALL the lesbians, no fair no fair! I don’t pass very well, so I have to claim I am a “butch lesbian”. My tranz clit is getting hard just thinking about all the hawt pretendbian sex I should be getting. I wants, I wants.

    I think that is the best translation ever. butch lesbian. heh heh. Dude, no one wants to sleep with you because you have a creepy rapist mentality, and despite what you and many other men believe, women can recognise that creepy rapist mentality & don’t like it & know to stay the hell away from it and YOU.

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  11. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Dear gawd, Joshua has come up with a follow-up on his rapetastic piece of crap. Now unfortunately, reading the whole thing may endanger your sanity (it’s a pile of dribble), but this little gem is in the second paragraph:

    I do think it’s revealing, though, that the arguments I’m hearing from folks who aren’t intentionally transphobic are some of the same arguments coming from radfems.

    Revealing? Yet he ignores the why it might be revealing (as in IT’S GROUNDED IN BIOLOGICAL REALITY YOU MORON) and skips off trah-lah-lah-lah-lah into his jenduh fantasy land gibberish.

    Oh, and *nice* linking their Joshua, in citing evidence of ‘the same arguments’ he links to that stupid M2T Roz Kaveney post in the Guardian. Joshua Twitt, you are indeed a brainless moron. If you had a clue, it would be really lonely.

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  13. Sugarpuss

    In the het gal world, this sort of thing is known as a Plea For a Pity Fuck™. I’ll bet he’s involved in the IT industry. Amirite?

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  14. Sugarpuss

    I don’t trust anybody pursuing an arts degree. True artists are born, not made. It makes me sick knowing that talentless dudes like Jos will receive recognition for doing what they were taught to do (paint-by-numbers, basically LOL), simply because they were born with male genitalia. That’s it. That’s the only criteria necessary to be lauded as a “brilliant mind”. I’m so sick of men. Sick to death. Sick to the point where I feel like I’ve been forced to consume a million cheese danishes, thrown up, and then forced to re-consume said cheese danish vomit.

    Oh, did I mention that my mother is perusing a relationship with a cross-dressing wacko who has dissociative personality disorder?

    It can’t get any worse, can it?

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  16. Nikki Craft

    Hey dude, just lift the arm and smell that armpit. That ladies antiperspirant just isn’t strong enough for the man when he’s on the spot with his tranSpeak: He said “As long as my gender fit within their politics and their understanding of gender. And whether they were willing to admit this or not, they drew the line at me getting to be a woman. The same idea is played out in the feminist rhetoric responding to the anti-choice attacks which folks are saying that “we’re oppressed as women because of having a uterus or having a vagina”. Which ends up conflating “women” with “people who can make babies”


  17. toppdyke

    This dude is an ugly vile rapist in a kmart moomoo lecturing lesbians for not wanting the cock. He is not butch, lesbian, a woman, or remotely attractive inside or not on any level. People should throw tomatoes at him for trying to guilt anyone into sex with him as seriously the whole idea is a bad joke. Actually they need to hand him a mirror because that is the sole reason he is not getting laid & if he took a real look at himself he would be horrified with the reality of the total creep he in fact is.

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