Alert the Glitter Army – twanzphobia breaking out in toy store!

That’s right twanzjacktivists, mobilise the Glitterboming Army down to Hamley’s toy store – they have now desegregated the girl/boy toys and it’s Jendah Anarchy down there!

I mean to say, how the hell are future twanzwomen going to know if they “rilly are girls inside” if they cannot be automatically drawn to the pinkified girly department full of pwetty dollies? It’s just downright twanzphobic is what it is!

So twanzjacktivists, flounce on down to Hamley’s, and *demand* that they restore jendah apartheid to their store!

The jendah anarchy is thanks to the campaign by Dr Laura Nelson, who is now doing a lecture series in schools about gender stereotypes. Well done. 🙂

Thanks to anonoradfem for alerting me to article here.

6 thoughts on “Alert the Glitter Army – twanzphobia breaking out in toy store!

  1. radicalwoman

    Note that all the women in the article thought it was a great idea and all the men thought it sucked. When contemplating gender separation, ask, “Cui bono?” Clearly, the ones who want it to remain.


  2. BadDyke

    Good point radicalwoman. And we ALL know what is behind that — women can empathise with girls and the fact they weren’t allowed to play with the stuff they wanted, whereas the menz are just plain AFRAID that unless you are very careful, all the little boys will be attracted by the dolls and turn out to be gay.

    Mind you, I bet the packaging is still as pink-and-blue as ever — but better than nothing.


  3. audaxille

    That Toby Young quote on ybawife’s link made me laugh out loud. Spoken with such *assumed* authority – “There’s no point in pretending that kids are ‘gender neutral’.” Of course they are! Until they begin to pick up the messages about how they’re ‘supposed’ to be, all children are simply themselves.

    Maybe someone should warn Hamley’s…


  4. DaveSquirrel Post author

    On the original Hamley’s sign, I was curious as to why “Boys” and “5” were in bolder and bigger fonts. And that there was a whole floor separating the girls from the boys, I gather to stop the boys catching any ‘girl cooties’ or some such shit.

    It has been many years since I have been in any toy store, the last time I nearly went apeshit at the pinkification going on for girls’ toys – that and the ‘little housewifey’ crap they push onto girls.



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