Libfems – get with the programme – moar twanzfleminism

OK twanz-supporting libfems, it is REALLY time to get with the programme. M2Ts want YOU (and radfems of course) dead. That’s right, you are by default, if not tranz, “cis”.

So is this “die cis scum” thing rare? No, not really. See this post at Rancom for more (photo from Rancom).

Yeah, this dude has a permanent tattoo proclaiming it. The baseball bat is a nice touch, reminds me of the former M2T (now lives as a het dude btw) who threated another feminist with a baseball bat. Well, him and his buddies actually.

Strange isn’t it, that radfems (“radscum” they call us) are constantly being accused of being “trans exterminationists” and yet NO radfem ever has ever threatened death to any tranz. Then again, patriarchy just lives for reversals.

Getting back to this tublr “die cis scum” page:







The profile reads:

My name is Autumn. I’m a lesbian anarchist and transfeminist, non-binary leaning trans woman.
She/her or they/them, your choice
Assigned Punx At Birth
I am not a feminist.

I have Borderline Personality Disorder

I love Neil DeGrasse Tyson and hate Kathleen Hanna.

I voluntarily educate people on concepts such as transmisogyny, intersectionality and my experiences as a trans woman.

See? There it is, a “transfeminist” that specifically says he is “not a feminist”. How much clearer can they make it for you that twanzfleminism is not aligned with feminism? Perhaps the “transmisogyny” bit will give you a clue, he isn’t interested in garden-variety misogyny that affects FABs, nope, only “transmisogyny” that affect speshul snowflakes like himself. His label as “lesbian” (pretendbian) is just more insult, as well as being lesbian erasure, it is homophobic – he is a het dude playing dress-ups, and very likely to be still packing peen. There ain’t no peens in lesbianism.

“Will sucking up to those who threaten violence keep you safe?” libfems may well ask. The answer is no. Ask anyone working in dv services if appeasing an abuser keeps the victim safe from future abuse. It doesn’t, plain and simple.

So libfems, wake up and smell the patriarchy just oozing from trannyland. After they have annihilated radfems, you are next on their list.

“Die cis scum”. How charming. The message couldn’t be clearer.

* * * * *

21 thoughts on “Libfems – get with the programme – moar twanzfleminism

  1. DavinaSquirrel

    Libfems still need moar proof? This stuff is daily, everywhere, open your eyes. Just see how the tranz agenda (and twanzfleminism) is essentially anti-feminist.
    This one from yesterday, the Mansplainin’ Transplainin’ blog:

    “when you say things like ‘this harms women’ or ‘this is bad for women’ or post anything with a picture of a uterus or a vuvla [sic] cupcake or whatever and talk about women women women, you’re being a cissexist asshole.”
    ~ Cydne, Gender Delusionist at inflateablefilth


  2. KittyBarber

    I am ashamed of myself. How dare I look at myself in the mirror? It turns out that I have been a cissexist asshole for my WHOLE LIFE. Oh, woe is me! To the river! Filling pockets with many stones…


  3. Hecuba

    Yawn yet more mansplanning and illogical claims because don’t we women know ‘females’ do not exist – yes that’s right we don’t exist. Only biological males are default humans and yes biological males can as and when they wish magically become ‘females’ and we biologically born females are no longer necessary because men are also ‘females’ as and when they wish!

    But behind all the mansplanning there is real male menace and the ever present male threats of violence against women, which as we women know all too often swiftly escalates to men committing violence against women. But, but liberal feminists continue to bury their heads and sing the refrain ‘hear no male hatred of women; see no male hatred of women; speak no male hatred of women’ because if some or all liberal feminists were to finally see reality and not male-centric lies then their lives would indeed be turned upside down. Or should that be ‘these liberal feminists will no longer view their world through rose tinted glasses.’

    By the way men not only engage in ‘reversals’ they also make illogical claims because their only concern is maintenance of male domination and male control over all aspects of women’s lives. That is why men have always attempted to colonise and erase biological women’s lived experiences and this includes biological women who are lesbian, because according to those special men (really??) who want the right to be simultaneously females in a male body lesbian women do not exist, only biological males can become lesbians! Confused? Well that’s the point because logical and rational thought is non-existent in these men’s women-hating minds.

    How long before these women-hating males achieve their goal which is the utter erasure of biological women because hey ‘biological women do not exist – only biologically born males or should that be those special beings who can become whatever they wish – including claiming to be female.

    Given men engage in ‘reversals’ this is what that biological male Autumn is really saying ‘My name is Autumn. I’m a male anarchist and anti-feminist male who claims to be a woman!’ And that Cydne is also engaging in ‘reversals’ because what he is really saying is: ‘focus 24/7 should always be on biological men and their needs/rights/demands etc. because biological males are the only ones who matter.’ That is what living in Male Supremacist System means for all women – we don’t exist if we believe men’s lies.


  4. FD (@FeministDisney)

    I didn’t know this site existed but it is gross. People like those who created this post are the reasons trans* people often are met with violence or succumb to the hate that is in the world against them and hurt or kill themselves (or at the very least are afraid to come out as whom they are) et cetera. Truly why would you create this??? Stop misgendering people and go help instead of harm. Sad stuff.


  5. DavinaSquirrel

    Oh my fucking gawd FeministDisney!
    Let me help you out with a bit of logical thinking – which site threatens death to another group – is it this one (answer is ‘no’) is it the tranz site, and others like it (answer is ‘yes’).

    So is ‘misgendering’ someone a heinous crime on a par with threatening death and violence is it?

    Do you need more proof that a significant portion of M2Ts are dangerous and mentally unstable?

    Do you need more proof that twanzfleminism is at odds with feminism and the concerns of born females?

    And these are just recent examples. GallusMag and others have a lot more examples.

    Sorry hon’, but it is you who is both ignorant and stupid. Really, wake up and smell the male violence on this one.


  6. doublevez

    This SITTTTTTTEEEE!!!! SOOOOO HORRIRRRRRRRBLE. Succccccuuuuummmmbbb met with VioLENCE!!!!

    It’s all such twinkie-speak.


  7. Phoenix Singer

    All the horrible radscum here make me sick – And I’m a cisgendered bi male of color. You dumbfucks can’t even see you’re oppressing trans* people and are being horribly insulting by referring to Autumn (who’ve I spoken to on a number of occasions) as a man. You make mention of how trans* have threatened violence to radscum but completely ignore the fact that statistically, trans* receive a heavy and unnecessary amount of violence. I also see none of you even bothered taking a sociology class in college or else you would have learned that gender is a social construct. You choose to reinforce the ideals of the patriarchy by oppressing transwomen. Great job feminists! Not to mention trans* is not an imagined identity. While they are not biologically a woman or a man, they are psychologically. Can’t you even see that people like Autumn are actually losing their male privilege when they come out and begin resocializing themselves and starting treatment? I had to come over here and defend a friend. If anything, you people are why others are turned off by feminism – it started off as a middle-class cisgendered heterosexual white female movement and not much has changed. You alienate lower income folks, women of color, the lesbian community (to an extent) and trans* and you don’t even care. Great job radscum, great job. You’ll probably discount my critique of your oppressive behavior as “mansplaining” instead of pointing out your privilege but whatever. You’ll all die eventually and the feminist movement can finally progress with women of color and transwomen at the helm.

    From, Phoenix Singer, Native male feminist and Student Senator at Portland State University.


  8. Nicky

    Yet, I have sounded the alarm within the intersex community about the dangers of associating with trans, but some have been blindly drinking their kool-aid and trying to dismiss it as hate speech. That’s why I have been telling intersex people that they Really need to wake up and smell the coffee to see what Trans is really all about and see them for who they are.


  9. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Oh gee, M2Ts want us dead, and dudes want (and wish) us dead too. No surprises there. Firstly, let us look at the most stoopidest thing ever said on a radfem blog by an anti-radfem:

    I also see none of you even bothered taking a sociology class in college or else you would have learned that gender is a social construct.

    Hey dumbass, it was second wave feminists that first said that, and how many frickin times have I (and all the other radfems) said that? So when you say:

    You dumbfucks can’t even see you’re oppressing trans* people and are being horribly insulting by referring to Autumn (who’ve I spoken to on a number of occasions) as a man.

    You are telling us off for not following a (newly imposed) social convention on a social construct. You yourself go on to inform us that gender is a social construct. So really the big crime here is that we aren’t being polite enough. btw dude, “Autumn” is a “non-binary leaning trans woman” which means he puts little effort into faking ‘woman’ and still looks like a dude with long hair, and dollars to donuts, he will be packing penis too, yanno, his laydeewang. See the social construct bullshit in that stance???

    You choose to reinforce the ideals of the patriarchy by oppressing transwomen.

    Oppressing them? Exactly how? Are we denying them employment or promotion? Nah, we primarily object to all those laydeewangs in the women’s toilets. Besides, the governments are all over this tranny luvfest, rolling out legislation to protect tranz that largely over rides our sex discrimination protection. The second wave had to take to the streets in their thousands to get sex discrimination protection, and stuff like equal pay still has happened – both in the UK and US females receive on average 20% less than their male counterparts. Anyway, fast forward to all the tranz protection legislation, they didn’t even break a nail to get all their protective legislation, it was handed to them on a platter. Upholding gender roles and having males in female spaces is actually pro-partriarchy.

    it started off as a middle-class cisgendered heterosexual white female movement and not much has changed. You alienate lower income folks, women of color, the lesbian community (to an extent) and trans* and you don’t even care.

    The typical bullshit about the early waves of feminism, first and second, and I am sure all the working class women in those movements are really *thanking* you for the LIES. Sheila Jeffreys for example, is WORKING CLASS dude. STOP FUCKING LYING ABOUT FEMINISM AND TRYING TO REWRITE HISTORY. Lower income folks? LOL, most radfems are dead broke, and many are on fixed income. WOC? Plenty in the second wave, and a number comment here. The lesbian community? Maybe a third or half of radfems are lesbians dude. As for alienating trans – FFS, did you even read the fucking post? They themselves are saying that their twanzfleminism is incompatible with feminism for FABs. PAY ATTENTION.

    Great job radscum, great job. You’ll probably discount my critique of your oppressive behavior as “mansplaining”

    Yeah, thanks for calling us radscum, just like MRAs and tranz. And yes, it is a perfect example of mansplaining – you are primarily wrong on all points, yet you and your fucking male privilege feel entitled to lecture us. Males lecturing females on how to run feminism, also prime mansplaining.

    You’ll all die eventually

    Gosh, yet another deathwish from a dude. Same shit, different day.

    Dude, if you seriously are at university, get some reading comprehension skills.


  10. thisiscapitalism

    Can I got on, please Dave? I need to show the transsplainer our “privilege”.
    The trans fetishists are subject to violence for their choices sometimes, I can easily accept that. It didn’t take them 2000 years to get themselves some pro-trans legislation but you know, good for them! Women, cis women, are subjected to violence, rape, torture, murder and extreme hate on their sisters and mothers just for being born (this, my dear, is a biological process). Here’s some examples of how entitled us scummy cis bitches are:

    You may research the accuracy of these facts yourself, you clever little cock-smoker, you.
    – in Albania, when a couple is divorced, the husband and his family take the children and the ex-wife is never allowed to see them again. In the same country under Communism, fathers forced their daughters to marry Chinese diplomats to “strengthen relations” between countries. After communism, their children suffered violent discrimination. Ironically, same-sex marriage has recently been legalised there. Must be the work of cis-lesbian privilege.

    – In Afghanistan, hundreds of girls (girls as in CHILDREN) are either beaten, killed or tortured MONTHLY for refusing marriage or just being BORN girls (scummy cunts for being born, right? serves them right for not being trans).

    – In China and some parts of Eastern Europe, female babies are born and then promptly killed if not terminated in utero, for being born female (scummy fetuses, amirite?)

    – In the US, approximately 200 out of 100k cis female prostitutes are murdered every year. In the same country, approximately 200,000 women and children (female children) are used and harmed in sex-trafficking circles per year.

    – In Syria, rioters are nullified by taking teenage girls and cutting off their breasts, after which they bleed to death having been denied medical care. Children are brutally murdered in front of their mothers, then the mothers are also brutally murdered.

    – In Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US, millions upon millions of cis girls and women suffer from eating disorders created by all encompassing “gender constructs”. Millions of cis women receive an average of 20% less pay FOR EQUAL WORK than men.

    – In Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US, food industry, meat factory, plastics and industrial workers who are female, female immigrants, females living in poverty, black females or otherwise ethnic females are consistently subject to sexual abuse, violence and rape by gang-masters hired by corporations to prevent unions and maintain low-pay and unreasonable labour. The females are also worked harder and often suffer from exhaustion, miscarriage, and disease with little or no medical care.

    For more examples of cis women’s scummy entitlement, consult a radfem or re-read reputable history books.

    Perhaps, darlings, you need to change your mantra to “the privilege to wear make up (as in cover ourselves in harmful and unhealthy chemicals so as to not be considered repulsive), the privilege to become pregnant (woopty-doo!), and the privilege to look and act like the gender constructs created by the patriarchy”.


    Privileged cis scum bitch.


  11. thisiscapitalism

    On another note – the “white middle class heterosexual” movement you refer to as feminism supports you and your type. Read about it, hon, they love you!


  12. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Apart from the sudden spamming, thisiscapitalism, you stomped over your own point somewhat in the third comment.
    We get sick of transjacktivists whining on and on about the ‘cis privilege’ of being female, and you continue the woman-bashing tradition of selecting out some specific females for sideswipe bash.
    You comments hereby get moderated. We don’t play Oppression Olympics here.

    Let me break it down – either ALL females are liberated from male oppression, or none of us are. There is no picky-choosy as to who are more deserving to be liberated, nor whether you personally like them or not.

    This is why I get really shitty when an individual or group of women, claiming to be feminists, bashes an entire ‘other’ group of women. It is at the very least, counterproductive to FAB liberation.

    So either we unite as a class, or just forget the whole thing. But get the fuck out the way, because ‘selective’ liberation for a few isn’t gunna cut it.


  13. thisiscapitalism

    Well, sorry. You don’t have to publish anything. But I don’t get what you mean? I didn’t mean to go on about oppression, I simply wanted to point out how not much cis women experience could be counted as privilege..


  14. thisiscapitalism

    that’s really not what i meant to come across as saying at all 😦 of COURSE I want all women to be liberated, I can’t very well have listed everyone, I simply wanted to point out the flaws in saying cis women are privileged and so on..


  15. DaveSquirrel Post author

    What I objected to was the slur of saying feminism is only a ‘white middle class heterosexual’ movement (for and by WMCH) in your third comment. There are plenty of women not in any of those categories that are feminists. And there are females in the WMCH category who are not immune to male violence, and are just as ‘owned’ by males as the rest of us, albeit they may have a better lifestyle – it still comes with a price.

    For example, in 2008 millionaire dude Christopher Foster (50) shot his wife Jill (49) and only daughter Kirstie (15), as well as the horses and dogs, then torched the mansion. It is obvious that even though Jill Foster was a WMCH female, she was not immune from male violence (in this case a Family Annihilator), was ‘owned’ by him, and had her and her daughter’s life terminated by him. And plenty of WMCH women are subject to domestic violence, rape, unwanted PIV, just like any other women. All women, no matter what their colour, class, or sexual orientation, deserve liberation from males and male violence. End of story.


  16. thisiscapitalism

    Oh, I know that. When I said about WMCH, I was responding to PhoenixSinger’s line “it started off as a middle-class cisgendered heterosexual white female movement and not much has changed” – I wanted to point out that a lot of those kinds of feminists actually support trans rather than the other way around, so I don’t know why he’s slagging them off. I wasn’t making a slur on feminists/feminism, simply responding to his line.


  17. magicpoppy

    I feel like a woman inside, so I get a menacing tattoo, engage in mutual barbed-wire beatings with my girlfriend who thinks she’s a guy and walk around with a baseball bat threatening random strangers. ‘Cause that’s what we women do!

    Char is the fellow who thinks being denied a public space in which to practice BDSM makes him a victim of VANILLA PRIVILEGE, oh my!

    An example of trans love from Char’s Tumblr (TW for violence, disgustingness and cruelty):

    Among other reasons for my adoration of my boything-

    many other reasons indeed-

    I cherish and adore it because it sates a certain hunger of mine.

    I pull it close and whisper terrible truths into its ear. I breathe soft promises of pain, my voice a caress against its tender neck. A caress woven with venomous, lethal hooks. I offer torment and suffering and agonizing death, and in time it begins to tremble.

    I eat its fear. I consume it, drink that sweet terror from its face like nectar. This, here, in a universe comprised only of my dreamlet and myself, is where I find that satisfying, gratifying feeling of contentment that I have been unable to obtain in any other way.

    I once had no qualms about the quality of my sustenance, but now I am a connoisseur, and only certain varieties will do. The delicious dread must be inspired by me, not by any other cause. It must be the result of intentional, consensual interaction. And, while it is possible that there may be someone apart from my boything who can secrete such succulent, abject horror, I have yet to encounter that person. My prized possession provides me with the best I’ve ever tasted.

    Nothing patriarchal or woman-hating about that, no siree!

    Char is male and his “boything” is female. The mind reels at their delusion that their abusive hetero coupling is anything but the same old violent male shit in “queer” clothing.



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