I-dentity (aka trans) politics is fundamentally LIBERTARIAN and INDIVIDUALIST. It is ahistorical and acontextual. It essentializes sex stereotypes by renaming them consensual “gender identities.” It invisibilizes power structures that give rise to female oppression. It is anti-feminist.


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14 thoughts on “I-dentity

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  3. ybawife

    Good news travels fast great definition our gov needs to ‘get this’ as well now it is busy passing laws to protect twans women but not FAAB womon.patriarchy 21st cen is gutting womon even more grrrr


  4. Hecuba

    I dentity politics is not feminist it is male supremacist speak which neatly hides how male supremacist system operates to maintain male domination over all biologically born females


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  7. liberateher

    This one is hard to watch, but please watch this to the END so you get why I’m posting it!

    It is the last word on the “identity” myth, forever, in a mere 2 minutes.


  8. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Unfortunately, we are well acquainted with Riley, the twanzgender adult baby.
    Not exactly why RFs get so much stick for calling this bunch mentally ill, Riley is the posterboy.


  9. liberateher

    “And when I was running a snack bar at a golf club just outside Brighton I would lock the cabin door and have sex with customers I got friendly with. Some of the women golfers didn’t like me much.” Perhaps because actual women are unavoidably acquainted to the hostile environment your male sexuality creates? Privilege, entitlement, harassing female people. It’s male by the only definition that matters to me as a woman.


  10. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Welcome back Lib.
    He was probably cottaging on the green too. As they do.
    So yeah, female golfers, suitably horrified having to put up with that. Hope he got fired.

    The 6ft brunette…
    He is convinced that he fooled all those men, at 6ft. There really aren’t that many FABs that are 6ft, so I am thinking, no, they knew, they just didn’t care.

    Dunno why this dude doesn’t prostitute himself out, given the number of dudes he “needs” to sleep with. He is probably a walking petri dish of STIs…



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