Overwintering – twanzphobic-style

The Squirrel is way too lazy over winter to do much, but there is other internutz twanzphobia to keep you amused whilst I hide out, shivering in my faux-squirrel coat – Privilege Denying Tranny!

A good companion to Mansplainin’ Transplainin’.

Anyway, a few piccies of our enboobulated dude:

Enjoy! Squirrel is just phoning it in!

5 thoughts on “Overwintering – twanzphobic-style

  1. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Nicky, the volume of stupidity is so vast, that it needs its own blog! There are actually REAL comments within PDT, and of course the mansplainin blog is all 100% quoted stupidity.


  2. Nicky

    I was LOL when i saw it and I think they should make something we can post all the time when twanz people try to mansplain things and post a response.



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