Best xmas present ever – future radfem

This is a future radfem – plenty of attitude and analysis! In 15-20 years she will join our ranks. Note that even at her young age she isn’t fooled by gender role stereotypes (so not a libfem, nor sucked in by the pink/blue bullshit of tranz). Thanks Riley, you made my day!

7 thoughts on “Best xmas present ever – future radfem

  1. FCM

    boys want both and girls want both, but only boys can have both and only girls can *only* have princess stuff. right? i had to listen to it twice. i wonder what she ended up getting?


  2. Hecuba

    What is that saying ‘out of the mouths of babies?’ Well this little girl cuts through all the excuses/denials etc and asks the pertinent question why? Why do girls have to like ‘all the pink stuff and all the boys the blue stuff?’ Exactly Riley – you get it so why doesn’t our society ‘get it?’


  3. DaveSquirrel

    Of course there are M2T twanz that insist because they liked pink, and dollies, from the age of four, that was *proof* of their twanzness, or some bs about being a “woman” trapped in a male body. For starters, all us girls growing up didn’t feel like “women”, jeez.


  4. Nicky

    Yeap and many M2T twanz will claim everything including that girl as well. They will claim that is their proof of their twanzness as well.


  5. parallelexistence

    Apparantly some “Skeptic” wanker decided he would show the world what a special little hero he was by writing a blog piece taking down the uppity four-year old. He has some support of course, but using a platform on a well known site to use a load of evpsych bullshit arguments to go after small children , has been deemed a step too far even for some of the liberal dude-feminist crowd.



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