Would twanz ever lie … oh noes!

Well, there is a PSA (Public Service Announcement) by a group in Maryland USA calling themselve the “Transgender Response Team” (more about that a bit later).

On the PSA, at 1:33, an M2T claims:

“Hate incidents targeting transgender people account for 20% of all murders in the US.”

That is the exact and full quote, not taken out of context. Here is the the full video on YouTube (uploaded by user on 20 Nov 2011). Chances are they will take this down and edit out this bit after my little exposé. But it won’t stop them trotting out ridiculous statistics in the future to suit the twanz agenda.

So let us examine the reality of this claim.  Looking at the number of homicides in the US over the last ten years:

2000 – 15,586
2001 – 16,037
2002 – 16,229
2003 – 16,528
2004 – 16,148
2005 – 16,740
2006 – 17,030
2007 – 16,929
2008 – 16,442
2009 – 15,399
2010 – 14,748

It looks to be, just using round figures, between 15,000-17,000 homicides per year in the US, so we will use the average which is 16,000 in round figures. For twanz to be 20% of the US homicides, that would mean 3,200 twanz are murdered each year in the USA. And to achieve that figure, there would have to be 9 twanz murders every day throughout the USofA.

Well, that seems a bit far fetched, considering the DV homicide rate for females in the US is between 2-3 per day (and females make up 51% of the population). If you look at the (2005) figure on the NOW website, 1,181 represents one third of female homicides (so the total there would be 3,500 which also roughly aligns with the following – according to dikipedia, “79% percent of all murder victims being male“. So I am not really sure where TwanzWorld are getting their 20% from, because if it comes out of the female homicides, that actually negates pretty much ALL actual female homicides, so their fanciful figure can only come out of the male homicide figures.

But looking at an lgbT org figures for twanz homicides, they come up with the following WORLDWIDE figures:

116: Number Of Transgender People Murdered In 2011
One hundred and sixteen transgender people were murdered around the world in the first nine months of 2011, the Trans Murder Monitoring (TMM) reports. Seven of the murders occurred in the United States, but most took place in Latin American countries. TMM, a project of Transgender Europe, estimates that at least 681 transgender people have been murdered in 50 countries since 2008.

OK, so that was a 9-month figure, so the 12-month figure would be roughly 155 WORLDWIDE, with maybe 10 in the USA for the 12-month period of 2011. The DV homicides of women just in the UK varies between 100-125pa. and our DV homicides are 45-50% of the total homicides for females (compared to the 33% of the USA).

So how many tranz are in the US? Well, hard to say really. One site quotes the follow guesstimate of between 0.25% to 1%. And a recent study by the Williams Institute puts the entire lgbT percentage of the population at 4%, so the 0.25% to 1% figure is probably in the ballpark. Using the current figure of 312 million (the Williams figure uses a slightly older figure of just over 3 million), then 0.25% of 312m is 781,468 and 1% of 312m is 3,125,870. In looking at those figures, a guesstimate of 0.5% or 1,562,935 would probably be about right. It is always hard to say, given that TrannyWorld want to include everyone and everything in their numbers, even if a dude put on a silly wig for Halloween – but heaven forbid, he should be able to use the women’s toilets even for such a part-time bit of trannying!!!

Given the airy-fairy statistic of 3,200 twanz murdered each year in the USofA, it is a bit of a worry that M2Ts are disproportionately represented in IT. I always thought you had to be good at maths to be in IT, but with stats like these coming out of TwanzWorld, it looks as if no mathematical aptitude is required for IT, just a love of dress-ups and to spend most of your working hours making a really hawt avatar for an online RPG.

I was alerted to the video of outrageous stats here, the PSA being the work of a group that call themselves the “Transgender Response Team (TRT)”. A bit of strange name, the image that springs to mind is this:

Or thoughts of the Tactical Response Team of the Australian Federal Police, rather than some social working or support group based in Maryland USA. It’s not terribly laydee-like to give your group such a militaristic name btw.

I guess they see themselves more as this?

Anyway, I would suggest a bit of a re-think on their group’s name. Either way, it probably does not reflect what they say they do

In the meantime, I will remain completely twanzphobic and repeat “liar liar pantaloons on fire” at the statistics coming out of TwanzWorld. You dudes are just making stuff up.

  Woohoo! Sparkly Unicorn Statistic alert!

12 thoughts on “Would twanz ever lie … oh noes!

  1. DaveSquirrel Post author

    The stats from the video are overstated by about 300 times actual figures.
    Also, I just put the US and UK DV homicides in to remind people that females, actual females, are being slaughtered every day, and no one gives a damn.


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  3. Mary Sunshine

    I think that even the mainstream media would choke on those stats. If these morons want publicity, they’re going to have to do better than that.


  4. radfemcrafts

    Not being able to favorite “* 35% of unicorns have their horn spiral in a clockwise direction!
    FACT!” is killing me! ❤


  5. Hecuba

    Agree TRT is all about men again (yawn) as if we women didn’t already know everthing is centered around men and their demands etc. yawn. Cynical me thinks malestream media will ‘lap up’ these pseudo statistics because malestream media is propaganda tool of men and male supremacy.


  6. Nicky

    Those kinds of stats wouldn’t even pass a college level statistics class. Who ever came up with those statistics would have been flunked out of that class along time ago. Those stats are the ones that got Bernie Madoff. They must of asked him to come up with those stats.

    That TRT, is that a Joke that men pretending to be women make up all the time. It’s very funny how they like to come up with stuff like that. Must be another way of saying that they are a special snowflake.


  7. Nicky

    So true, If they believe they are acting so laydeelike, then how come they still cling on to the manhood and their male privilege



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