Sparkly Unicorn Statistics

Sparkly Unicorn Statistics – what is it?
Well, everytime TwanzWorld make up a bunch of rhetoric nonsense, and pass it off as a genuine statistic, I guarantee I will be there to slap the “unicorn statistic” category on it!

Sparkly Unicorn Statistics can be recognised by any outrageous claim (and never backed up by supporting data of any kind). Things like:

  • 40% of unicorns have horns that spiral in a clockwise direction!
  • 72% of sparkly unicorns have their sparkles washed off in heavy rains (oh noes!)
  • Twanz make up 20% of the US homicide victim figures in the USA!

  So look out for this icon on any twanz dodgy-stat post!

6 thoughts on “Sparkly Unicorn Statistics

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  2. DaveSquirrel Post author

    The concept of ‘sparkly unicorn statistics’ just came to me out of the blue from the last post. AND, I have only JUST REALISED, RIGHT NOW, that the acronym of Sparkly Unicorn Statistics = SUS.

    I should have pretended like I had this planned out all along, but accidental genuis just sort of happens! 😛


  3. Amananta

    I’m looking over the Trans Day of remembrance Page from 2011.
    Most of the murders aren’t from the US.
    Virtually all of the victims are prostitutes, but we can’t talk about how deadly prostitution is, because trans are “pro-sex”. So they have to try to spin the typical, almost dreary murder of prostitutes into a trans-based killing.
    Mixed in with these are a fair number of people who may not even be trans, or killings that we have no idea why they happened or if they were based on profiling at all, like an armed robbery gone wrong in Jakarta, or a body found on a street with no suspect. The top six on the page are from Honduras and are all very whiny about how no one is paying attention to the six killings of transgender people in Honduras, which might sound really bad if you don’t know what is going on in Honduras, which is that the nation is nearly in a state of chaos, with people being murdered in their own homes constantly – children, women, peasants, at the airport, everywhere. Honduras is a terrible place to be right now – but they think the 6 people who happen to be trans who were killed there need a special investigation and chalk off the fact that they aren’t getting that special investigation to “bigotry”.
    Almost no trans murders in the US at all, and of those, they were prostitutes, again underscoring the fact that prostitution is not an empowering, wonderful profession, but a dangerous, degrading one.
    In the meantime, business as usual in America with the gynocide of the day – Who is really being killed in their own homes, can’t leave their house without fear of being killed, can’t go to school without fear of being killed? Women. Maybe some transwomen too, if they are passing as women. Well that’s what you wanted – you wanted to be women. This is what it is – people try to kill you. Congratulations – you are now feminine. Suck it up.



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