Twanzjacktivists say this NEVER happens…

According to twanzjacktivists, male predators dressing in female clothing just to enter female-only spaces never ever happens.

Cross-dressing sex predator sentenced for Clackamas aquatic park crimes

A predatory sex offender who dressed as a female and entered the women’s locker room at North Clackamas Aquatic Park was sentenced Tuesday to nine months in jail.

Thomas Lee Benson, who was convicted of sexually abusing children 17 years ago, has a long history of dressing as a female and using women’s dressing areas.

Clackamas County Circuit Judge Steven L. Maurer found Benson guilty of second-degree criminal trespass, unlawful entry into a motor vehicle and frequenting a place where children regularly congregate, which is a crime for predatory sex offenders.

Benson was arrested in July shortly after he left the girl’s locker room at the aquatic center, 7300 S.E. Harmony Road. He had been observed wandering around the swim center talking to children. Benson fled when a man tried to detain him. Tayo Cotton, who was helping supervise a group of children, chased Benson through nearby Clackamas Town Center mall.

In desperation, Benson tried unsuccessfully tried to flag down Tri-Met buses and enter cars as they drove through the parking lot. He was wearing a bra, lipstick and eye-liner when he was arrested.

Benson’s obsessive criminal behavior revolves around children and that worries Clackamas County deputy district attorney Bryan Brock, who prosecuted the case. “He keeps going to locations where children congregate,” Brock said.

Benson was convicted in 1994 of first-degree sexual abuse and paying to view child sexual conduct. He was sentenced to probation. The crimes involved grade-school aged girls who lived in Benson’s neighborhood.

Benson was caught in the women’s’ dressing area at Oregon Athletic Club in 1996 and North Clackamas Aquatic Park in 2001. His probation was revoked after the North Clackamas incident and Benson went to prison. He was released in 2002 and was designated as a predatory sex offender.

In 2007, Benson wore female attire and entered a dressing room at Portland’s Mt. Scott Community Center, where children were changing into swimsuits. He was caught in a women’s dressing room at a Nordstrom store in 2009.

Benson’s legal problems may not end when he leaves the Clackamas County Jail in February. He faces a felony charge in Multnomah County of failing to register as a sex offender. Given sentencing guidelines, Benson could serve less than a year if convicted.

Twanzjacktivists will swear black and blue that male predators would never dress up in women’s clothing in order to prey on females, and that only truly “poor widdle women trapped in menz bodies” would genuinely enter female-only spaces. All of the twanz legislation that twanzjacktivists push for is written so loosely, that predator dudes like this one basically get a welcome mat into female-only spaces. When radfems point this out, and demand that legislation is written to only include bonafide transsexuals, we get called twanzphobic.

The other question raised by this article is why such a dangerous child predator is let on the streets at all. He continues to re-offend. If his targets were little boys, then he would likely be locked up as he should be, but instead, he remains free to prey on little girls.

8 thoughts on “Twanzjacktivists say this NEVER happens…

  1. Hecuba

    Why is this serial male sexual predator allowed to continue preying on little girls? Male is a serial child rapist but wait a minute he is not preying on little boys so therefore no crime has been committed has it? That is if one believes only males are human and only males have human rights such as the right not to be raped by another male.

    Oh I know what problem is – poor male thinks he is female so therefore legal authorities mustn’t engage in transphobic punitive actions must they because ‘the men in frocks’ are really harmless individuals and only one or two individuals are sexual predators who prey on women! Therefore men’s human rights once again supercede all women’s and girls’ human right not to be subjected to male sexual violence – even when the male predator claims ‘but I’m really a female in a male body!!’


  2. ball buster

    Hecuba took the words out of my mouth. This is so terrible on so many levels. 😦

    Of course, I won’t be able to expect the “trans sisters” in feminism to speak out against this, and adjust their political goals accordingly so that women and girls won’t be harmed. Which says a lot about mainstream liberal politics (women and girls can go to hell, apparently).


  3. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Hi Penny41, I had forgotten about that one, but yeah.
    It’s a bit of a trend that these tranz pretend to be doctors or otherwise qualified – I guess they pretend that they are female, so not much of a stretch to pretend to be anything else.


  4. Nicky

    Yeap, it’s a trend that Twanz try and pull on women and intersex people. They pretend to be everything from females to intersex people. Some even pretend to have every medical condition under the sun. It’s not that unusual, but it’s not surprising that they get caught and their fellow twanz are not speaking out cause they believe in their minds that it’s not them.



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