Over-wintering, or hiatus cis-squirrel style!

Having watched those cis-squirrels, they don’t actually hibernate, but stock up food and hold up in their dreys for the winter. This sounds like a plan! Of course, they pop out of their dreys from time to time as well. Comments will be turned off during this time (well, the standard of troll comments was at an all-time low anyway, no great loss).

11 thoughts on “Over-wintering, or hiatus cis-squirrel style!

  1. DaveSquirrel Post author

    LOL, in showing the level of your stupidity, you obviously did read it, or some of it, to make the assessment. Like I really care what Random Person on the Internet thinks of me anyway. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. thx, bai


  2. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Yes, I have turned comments off (and keep adjusting the setting so that only this one allows comments). So sometimes it has a box, sometimes it doesn’t, and I shall pretend that it is all in the mind of the site viewer…



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