Tootsies of the Week: Bridal Edition!

From L to R: “Groomness” Elen (formerly Alan) Heart (68), “Bridesmaid” Gabrielle, and “Bride” Jenny-Anne (formerly Paul) Bishop (65).

They are billed as a “transgender lesbian couple”, yet get married as a heterosexual couple even though same-sex partnerships are readily availabe in the UK.

Most importantly, are the “groomness” and “bride” still packing? YES! Both are still packing. Status of the “bridesmaid” remains unknown. So really, this “transgender lesbian” thing is a bit of a joke, particularly with the penis-count going on. Here’s the clue: Penis count greater than zero is NOT a lesbian relationship.

Anyway, on with the piccies of the “big day”:

Yeah, whatevs Tootsies.

To qualify for the het marriage, the “bride” underwent (supposedly) ‘gender reassignment surgery’ of breast augmentation and facial feminisation surgery – umm, if that is the ‘after’ on the facial feminisation surgery, would really hate to think what the ‘before’ would be.

No reports of whether any of their ex-wives attended this mocktacular event.

Given that they both still pack, they are homosexual males wearing dresses and lippy, not lesbians. These are both late ‘transitioners’ and probably always were latent homosexual dudes, but had internalised homophobia. Gawd knows what sorts of silly hide-the-penis games go on in their bedroom in trying to ‘play lesbians’, but I try not to think of such things. The ‘age factor’ stated for not getting full SRS seems a bit bullshit, and designed for the sympathy vote. If the “bridey” could go in for the silicone moob enhancement, then not too old for ops obviously. ‘Gender reassignment’ in the UK doesn’t even require surgery, just ‘treatment’ and ‘living like the opposite jendah’, so yeah, the UK Guv are mocktactular in and of themselves.

All I can say is that this sort of stupid publicity stunt (“twanzgender lesbians” still packing lots of penises) probably strengthens our view on twanz with the general public. Yep, the general public are going to be doing their own Tackle Status count in their heads too.

The full article, from yesterday’s Daily Mail:
(as an aside, it was in the News section, not the ‘Femail’ section, so I reckon the DM Editor did a Tackle Status count as well)

Two men who divorced their wives, came out as gay, became transgender lesbians, now MARRY after one has a sex change

* Jenny-Anne Bishop and Elen Heart fathered five children in previous relationships
* They first got together as a male gay couple in 2004 and proceeded to live as transgender lesbians
* Jenny-Anne had a gender reassignment op and they wed as ‘husband and wife’ in registry office ceremony
* They then had a church blessing service

A pair of transgender lesbians today told of their joy at becoming man and wife, and also wife and wife, on the same day – after one had a sex-change.

Jenny-Anne Bishop, 65, formerly called Paul, and Elen Heart, 68, who was once named Alan, initially got together as a male gay couple in 2004.

The pair, who are both divorced and have five grown-up children between them, lived together in Clwyd, Wales, for six years as transgender lesbians.

But the couple decided against surgery due to the associated risks at their age until last year – when Jenny-Anne went under the knife for a gender reassignment op.

Father-of-two Jenny-Anne went on to have a breast augmentation procedure this January followed by facial feminisation surgery.

The couple have now officially tied the knot as ‘husband and wife’ after opting for a private civil ceremony in North Wales.

Retired graphic designer Elen, who takes herbal hormones to make her appearance more feminine, took on the role of groom and wore a silky red dress and bright red high heels.

The couple refer to father-of-three Elen – who started living as a woman in 2004 – as the ‘groomness’.

Retired product sales manager Jenny-Anne wore a strapless cream bridal gown complete with a train and a tiara and took on the part of bride.

They were officially announced as husband and wife in front of four close friends, who attended as witnesses.

The retired newlyweds then had a gay wedding service at the Metropolitan Community Church in Manchester, where transgender friend Gabrielle was their bridesmaid.

Jenny-Anne said: ‘It was a beautiful weekend. We had so much support and sheer love from our friends and the wider community.

‘At the registry office Elen had to be ambiguous, so we made sure she got to celebrate her femininity at the Church, where we were pronounced “wife and wife”.’

Jenny-Anne was married for 31 years before she divorced in 2000. Elen is twice divorced.

Her first marriage lasted for seven years and her second – in which she fathered a daughter and two sons – lasted for 20 years.

The couple met at a friend’s Christmas party in 2004 and wrote to each other as friends for a year before becoming lovers.

They run a refuge for transgender people who struggle to be accepted and present trans-awareness training to public service providers, such as police and local councils.

Jerry-Anne, who has a granddaughter, added: ‘The law has seen us go from a gay couple – to a lesbian couple – to a heterosexual couple who can get married, but basically we are just two people who love each other and wanted to publicly declare and celebrate our relationship.

‘We want to encourage other transgender couples to celebrate their relationships and uniqueness.’

… and their unsanity no doubt.

24 thoughts on “Tootsies of the Week: Bridal Edition!

  1. Nicky

    Man, I think the twanz just sucked the fun out of Halloween. Maybe for twanz, Halloween is liken for them, coming out of the closet day


  2. Nicky

    Oh yea and I think their version of Halloween is like their big coming out party for them. That’s why you see alot of twanz coming out of the closet on Halloween. Quite frankly, they killed Halloween and cheapen the meaning of Halloween for little kids everywhere. I think for Twanz, their Halloween is almost like that movie Groundhog Day.


  3. The Masked Lily

    it really hurts to see doods usurping (well, trying) one’s own identity. men, you’ll never be lesbians. go home.

    I dunno about repressed gays in this case. At least bi, because they’ve fetishized lesbians. Autogynephiles together. so romantic D:


  4. Gabriella Holloway

    hello i am gabriella and i think you all need to learn what transgender is. and to you who put this on here get ur facts right jenny ann and elen is happy and what thay do is up to them i what to say i love them and thay are fab xx go back to school


  5. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Are you the ‘Gabrielle’ of bridesmaid fame?
    I am not stopping them being happy, good luck to them. However, appropriating and making a mockery out of the term lesbian is where I draw the line.
    And I know plenty what ‘transgender’ is, ‘transsexual’ too btw, so I will pass on the schooling.

    In fact, the more I actually know about TG, the more it creeps me out. So perhaps you should really be advising people to “learn less about TG”. The general public have the same reaction when they find out more too.


  6. Nicky

    Very typical of twanz people trying to mansplain everything. What’s funny is that they are making a mockery of REAL LESBIANS and claiming to be one, when they aren’t. It’s funny how TG people like to demand people learn about them. It clearly shows how deluded they really are.


  7. The Masked Lily

    “Gabriella”, I think you need to learn what lesbian means.

    I agree Nicky.. And it’s really frustrating and upsetting to see other people accepting men like this as lesbians. I imagine the way it angers me is similar to how you feel when they try to erase Intersex people too. it’s so infuriating. the blatant co-optation and erasure of real people and identities, just so they can get off on a fantasy.

    if a white person painted their face black and claimed to be truly black inside they’d never get away with it, I guess because it affects black men too. patriarchy..


  8. Hecuba

    ‘They are homosexual males wearing dresses and lippy, not lesbians.’ Exactly Dave but you know male supremacy will claim anything because men rule the world – or should that be ‘the men in frocks rule the world??’ Now I understand what someone mean when they blithely informed me ‘men can be lesbians too!!’ They mean homosexual men can become lesbians simply by having a few minor ‘alterations’ but not removal of that most important of the male anatomy – the puny penis! Well that’s patriarchy for you – nothing but lies, lies and yet more lies!


  9. Nicky

    It dose anger me when twanz people try to erase intersex people. They try to mansplain their way into demanding that twanz people be accepted as intersex when they are not born intersex like me. All their doing is erasing and Co-opting of intersex people and their identities, Just so they get off on their fantasy and sympathy that intersex people have.


  10. The Masked Lily

    Isn’t it telling that somehow these laydees find blog posts and comment on them? it’s like, now they can claim more sympathy points because omg, a radfem is being meeeaaaann.

    And they’re ~*more woman*~ than us, supposedly..

    these doods must be googling themselves endlessly or something


  11. DaveSquirrel Post author

    I got a pingback from “mismatch” on this post – apparently scolding me for not fact checking at my assertion that both “brides” were still packing….

    And he quotes this paragraph as eleventy-eleven proof!

    But the couple decided against surgery due to the associated risks at their age until last year – when Jenny-Anne went under the knife for a gender reassignment op.
    Father-of-two Jenny-Anne went on to have a breast augmentation procedure this January followed by facial feminisation surgery.

    Breast augmentation and facial feminisation surgery are NOT neo-vagina/dick lopped off m’kay? They are both still packing. I stand by the tackle status. GRS is a loose-as-a-goose term, which can be as little as FFS or BA, and does not necessarily (and frequently does not) mean neo-vag.

    Mismatch, do a fucking retraction, and improve YOUR reading comprehension skills whilst you are at it.


  12. DaveSquirrel Post author

    I am busy, not at your beck and call, so put a sock in it.
    It is badly written, but I have yet to see any M2T go for a mangina before the breast augmentation. And twanz often refer to just BA as “GRS”. And the mangina is a much longer op than BA, so if there were ‘health concerns due to age’, they would hardly do the longer more complex op, then do the faster simpler op, because they want to find out if the patient will kark it on the table. So your assertion does not have logic.

    In fact, I would suggest that the article is deliberately badly worded to be misleading, to offer that very impression. You fell for it.


  13. Nicky

    Also Narcissism Knows no bounds within the Trans community. It’s very common for trans to be narcissistic. On top of that very gullible as well


  14. DaveSquirrel Post author

    For the record, I also checked the time-date stamp on the pingback (now in trash), which was:
    Submitted on 2012/06/10 at 12:16

    But mostly “mismatch” can go to hell with his arrogant demands that I respond to him in a timely manner. Fucking presumptuous.


  15. Sugarpuss

    Is it just me, or does the dude in the middle (the, uh, bridesmaid) look as if he just really doesn’t wanna be there? Or, I suppose he could be wearing one of those pesky underwire bras, and it’s digging into his ribs. That could certainly explain the sour look.



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