Sex (and sex organs) are just soooo twanzphobic!

“Finding work, using a gym or travelling are all a problem when you pass as one gender and the passport/ID is in another gender.”
~ Miss Justine-Paula Howard, M2T (and nope, not at all delusional with the passing thing…)

Apart from trying rilly rilly hard to WIN! the lazy tranny name competition (and yep, this dude goes from Mr Justin Paul Howard to Miss Justine-Paula Howard), and of course the passing delusion, this post is more a round-up how gender laws everywhere are being loosened up to such a degree, that I think I will apply to get my legal classification changed to Squirrel next week.

From South Africa, where paperwork can be put through after popping hormones for a while, regardless of packing penis or not:

Transgender woman wins battle over ID
October 10 2011

After years of living in fear of showing her ID or driving licence to anyone, a transgender Durban woman can now proudly display her documents without being embarrassed or harassed.

The Department of Home Affairs last week officially agreed to change the gender and forenames of Mr Justin Paul Howard to Miss Justine-Paula Howard, heralding a new era in the life of the Woodhaven resident.

“Finding work, using a gym or travelling are all a problem when you pass as one gender and the passport/ID is in another gender.

“Banking is a problem when you present an ID book with a photo of a man with a beard and you are standing there with breasts and a skirt,” said Howard.

Her physical journey to womanhood started two years ago when she began hormone treatment and since then she has developed breasts, her facial hair has diminished and her weight has gone down by almost 30kg because the increase in oestrogen has led to a decrease in muscle mass. The task of changing her gender officially was much more difficult, but after the intervention of a lobby group for transgender and intersex persons, Gender Dynamix, and The Mercury, Howard said she was ecstatic.

“I’m somewhat grateful because they said it would take 18 to 24 months, but why must everyone throw their toys out of the cot for Home Affairs to do their job?”

Home Affairs said that since she had not undergone any gender reassignment surgery, her journey to womanhood was incomplete and her details could not be changed. However, the Alteration of Sex Description and Sex Status Act 2003 states that changes to documentation can be made if the “sexual characteristics” of an individual have been changed through surgery or by “medical treatment resulting in gender reassignment”.

Robert Hamblin of Gender Dynamix said since the act came into existence, Home Affairs had refused to apply the law.

“If we don’t threaten them with legal action they do not pass these applications. The impact of it is enormous. Government hospitals in South Africa (two of them) only help four people a year with surgeries. They have waiting lists for 10 years,” he said

Koeks Broodryk, the manager in charge of amendments at Home Affairs, said the department and its doctors would meet Gender Dynamix next month to ensure that they all interpreted the act in the same way.

Howard, who is a freelance video editor at the SABC, said she hoped that it was not too late to apply for her accreditation for the UN’s COP17 conference in Durban next month, since she could change her names and picture in her ID.

Last year The Mercury assisted Jennifer Kisten, a Durban woman who was born intersex, to have her gender changed from male to female in her ID. – The Mercury, page 4.

Yup yup yup, I have been under treatment from my vet, and I look like squirrel I tell ya! At least better than this dude with his moobs and lazy tranny name change does.

From Australia, where the High Court went for an ‘anything goes’ ruling:

Australia court in transgender ruling

Australia’s highest court has ruled that two transgender people can be legally recognised as men, even though they have not had complete sex changes.

The decision has been welcomed by support groups for transgender people.

Australia is now one of a growing number of countries to relax the rules on surgical requirements to determine gender.

The two people at the centre of this case have not been identified.

Both had their breasts removed and underwent male hormone therapy, but they both retain some female sex organs.

Yet when they tried to legally change their gender to male, they were blocked.

Now after an appeal, Australia’s highest court has ruled in their favour saying that a person is identified as male or female by their external characteristics, not their sexual organs.

The decision has been welcomed by transgender support groups, and also brings Australia into line with South Africa, Britain and some other European counties.

It comes a month after the authorities here said that transgender people can change the gender on their passports without sex change surgery.

Ah, I sees, it is really ‘moobs or n-boobs; that is the question’ (very Shakespearian). This mysterious ‘gender’ is all located in the boobly area!

Alrighty, if all this ‘gender’ is so wonderful, why are they going for reclassification of biological SEX, and additionally then just disregard even the basic denoters of biological SEX (genitals!) or even just a facsimilie of them?

Goodbye sex segregated spaces, hello free-for-all, packing or not packing, it matters not! The chesticles are the denoter of jendah!

13 thoughts on “Sex (and sex organs) are just soooo twanzphobic!

  1. DaveSquirrel Post author

    And no, the droppy ear ring thingy was not enough to even qualify him as a Tootsie!
    Unlike the SA and Aussie governments, we have much higher standards at TSF.


  2. parallelexistence

    Australia’s highest court has ruled in their favour saying that a person is identified as male or female by their external characteristics, not their sexual organs.

    A person is identified as male or female by their external characteristics ???

    You know, I’d like to see a list of which “external characteristics”, if they are saying NOT reproductive organs, that these patriarchs deem to be male and what they deem to be female. It really needs spelling out just how misogynistic and reactionary this bullshit is.


  3. parallelexistence

    Also, does it never occur to anyone just to pass a law saying “Dear bankers, travel agents, gyms assorted other service providers and law enforcement – you cannot provide a sub-standard service to people based merely on their clothing and make-up level. The end ” ?


  4. DaveSquirrel Post author

    LOL, well I think I cracked the perverse code on this one, all about the moobs or non-boobs! And wearing/not-wearing dresses, or whatevs.

    I wonder how they view clip-on squirrel tails?


  5. DaveSquirrel Post author

    you cannot provide a sub-standard service to people based merely on their clothing and make-up level. The end

    But how would they know how to discriminate against real women?!


  6. Nicky

    There goes the end of intersex if these twanz have their way. After they get done wiping out biological women, Intersex people may not survive under the assault of twanz people.


  7. DaveSquirrel Post author

    I think it is the other way around Nicky. They have successfully erased genuine intersex people out of all this (being now classed as a small subset of twanz). With such loose as a goose legislations, biological sex is now meaningless, so sex discrimination and segregation protections fly out the window.


  8. Nicky

    So now they’re attacking biological women and trying to erase them out of existance and class women as their subset. It seems to me, these twanz are trying to use the intersex card as a way to legitimize their existance at the intersex people’s expense. All while trying to erase women right out of existance. Some how I believe all their ideas and agenda is going to backfire on them and hurt them so badly that they may never recover from.


  9. The Masked Lily

    I dunno Nicky. Ignoring the existence of biological women is something convenient to patriarchy; after all if the oppressed class is there but can’t be named, the oppressor fears no retribution. The MRAs would have a field day.



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