Wake up and smell the repressed homosexuality and twanz-wannabe

Young woman posts problem on internutz ‘ask’ forum, outlining a recent discovery about her boyfriend, and wants to know how to handle it. Thanks to The Crafty One for the link.

Here it is:

How do I deal with my boyfriend’s secret?

I have accidentally discovered my boyfriend’s secret fetish. He is ashamed and upset. I’m terrified of losing him. Please help me navigate this. (Some details NSFW.)

Some background: my boyfriend and I have been together for just over a year. We’re compatible on many, many levels and I love him to pieces. I’ve also recently taken a job in his city and have moved in with him while I find my own place.

Yesterday I was using his computer when I came upon a number of pictures saved to his desktop. They were a cam shot of a young teenage girl (about 16-17) and what appeared to be a screenshot of the girl on webcam with a guy, who was masturbating. There was also a text file containing verious biographical details of girls – names, ages, birthdays etc.

When I asked him about it, he became very upset and admitted to me that sometimes he likes to pretend to be young girls on webcam/adult chat sites. He creates fake profiles to talk to guys and masturbates while they’re chatting. Apparently he finds it exciting that the guys don’t know he’s not a girl and that they’re getting turned on by him. He always ends the sessions by pretending to be the girls’ parent “discovering” the chat. These chats take place maybe once a week, when he’s bored and looking for (his words) “a shallow masturbation session”.

He was incredibly, deeply distraught that I had found out about this, explaining that he had never wanted anyone to find out. He told me that he considers it to be wrong and shameful. I tried to reassure him that I don’t think that it’s wrong and that I care for him and will support him always. I am very open-minded about sexual stuff, and so long as he’s not hurting anybody I don’t consider this to be a deal-breaker. He’s still the same person I met and fell in love with, and far be it from me to judge how he choses to get himself off. However, he believes that he has been doing something bad, for which he doesn’t deserve forgiveness. He is also upset because I was cheated on in my last relationship and he considers his secret a breach of trust. He can’t stand knowing that I know about it.

I love him and I want him to be happy. I feel perfectly fine with him expressing his sexuality however he wants to and would support his decision, even if he wants it to be private from me. But I’m absolutely terrified that if I’m not careful it will drive a wall between us.

AskMe – how do I handle this? Is there a way I can reassure him that his fetish isn’t something he should be ashamed of? Or is this something he should come to in his own time? How do I go about discussing this with him as helpfully as possible?

Well yes, I probably gave my assessment away in the post title!

Firstly, “fetish” of any kind is not a static situation. It is almost always indulged, increases and solidifies over time. However, this one isn’t really a standalone fetish, but something a bit deeper, and most will see the rather obvious repressed homosexuality expressing itself.

Back in Ye Olden Days, a dude with repressed homosexual leanings would probably have continued to maintain an outwardly het lifestyle, including getting married and having kids. Frequently he would still have secretive homosexual liaisons on the side. Most of these marriages would end in middle age when he got the ‘courage’ to come out – unless he was in a high-profile job of some sort, then the charade would continue.

Zeph’s recent post, The Sex Class, outlines why the charade continues:

Men’s primary focus socially and sexually, is men.

The patriarchal taboo against homosexuality is not based on disapproval of the act, on the contrary the act is covertly encouraged in all patriarchies. The taboo is based on men making a public (in front of women) display of it, and therefore giving the game away. The game that women alone are sexually desirable objects, and heterosexuality rather than bisexuality is natural. This encourages individual women to believe they have something to offer to men beyond reproductive labour and servitude; we do have sex to offer, but not uniquely, either as individuals or as a sex.
While women believe the myth of being adored as the bringer of sex, while they believe they have a monopoly on that power; they can easily be induced to leave their sisters and become owned by men.

So covert homosexuality, the myth of female as a primary object and desire of male sexual attraction, work in keeping the vast majority of females sucked into this mythical world, and their reproductive capacity and lives are diverted into supporting males.

Back to our little internet dude, masquerading as 16-17yo girls. His repressed homosexuality and internalised homophobia is manifesting itself towards primarily heterosexual males (because his internalised homophobia is so strong, openly gay men also remind him of that fear). He picks the ‘identity’ of 16-17yo girls because he knows what het dudes find desirable (for a variety of reasons, which I won’t go into here).

Given his charade and inability to deal with his internalised homophobia, this can only lead to an eventual declaration of “I have always felt like a woman inside” (plus copious amounts of rewriting the history and narrative to cover why he didn’t ‘transition’ earlier). And when he comes out as ‘twanz’ he will likely continue to seek out either het males (whom can be homophobically dangerous) or very closeted gay males, very much like Ally Collina. This type of M2T is extremely woman-hating and vicious towards actual FAB females, nor do they have any qualms about using females as a reproductive slave class either. The other manifestation of their misogyny is the belief that they are ‘far superior’ to FABs.

I didn’t read all of the responses to the post, but a number of them were “be understanding, embrace his kink” sort of rubbish. At least one response nailed the ‘sexual orientation’.

Anyway, females need to wake up that the main object of males’ desires is themselves and other males, not females. The male homo closet is bulging.

27 thoughts on “Wake up and smell the repressed homosexuality and twanz-wannabe

  1. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Related: Support group for gay farmers

    Mr Ineson said the majority of callers were over 50, who had bowed to “pressure to get married and produce an heir [and] now feel trapped”.

    He said demand for his service was now so high, he hoped to expand it with volunteer help.

    No support group set up for the females duped by this.


  2. twanzmooselike

    “far be it from me to judge how he choses to get himself off. ”

    This is what bugged me. (I knew you’d deal with the rest). Oh yes, it’s all about the orgasm, anything goes, no judgement ever about anything, like one’s behaviour never has any effect on themselves, or those around them. Just, unexamined drift. This poor woman, in complete denial about her SELF, and that choices DO get subjected to judgement, by rational, thinking, responsible people.


  3. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Womankind has been convinced to accept any and all of men’s fetishes and desires as ‘normal’ and not to be questioned.
    I blame the 3rd wave/sex-pozzy ‘feminists’ for accepting the male word on this.


  4. reversemirror

    “They were a cam shot of a young teenage girl (about 16-17) and what appeared to be a screenshot of the girl”

    Not sure if I’m misunderstanding the technology involved, but is she saying that there are actual pictures of actual teenage girls being used? Because if so I imagine he hasn’t bothered to get their consent to have their image exploited in this way.


  5. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Welcome reversemirror.

    Because if so I imagine he hasn’t bothered to get their consent to have their image exploited in this way.

    Totally. But he is no different to the rest of the brotherhood, who will use females in any way that they see fit.


  6. reversemirror

    Thanks DaveSquirrel, nice to be here. LOVE the bushy tail!

    And yeah, I know. But her absolute and total capitulation to his behaviour and his emotional manipulation, is about the most depressing thing I’ve read this week as a feminist (and it’s a week that’s included all the OWS sexist fuckwittery, so it isn’t like there’s a lack of serious competition).


  7. radfemcrafts

    Insightful, Fab! I never got beyond being sad and angry about how badly she wants this nasty shit to be okay. You’d think being alone was like being murdered over and over again every night the lengths she’s going to to avoid it.


  8. Thursday's Child

    Anyway, females need to wake up that the main object of males’ desires is themselves and other males, not females.

    Yes, that needs to be an integral part of female consciousness.
    I frankly don’t know what males see in themselves and other males, but I would love it if they would just leave females alone.


  9. Sargasso Sea

    How sad. Her sort of pathetic, groveling acceptance at any cost. 😦

    Even though I know it’s silly of me, I can’t help butI wonder sometimes if things like this poor woman’s *question* aren’t a joke it’s just so awful. I mean back in my day the common reaction would have been, like, OMG! What a total PERV! Dump that creep!!

    And it would have been because we would have recognized that the dude was *gay* (and, yes, aren’t they all really?) and was being a slimy two-faced dick about it. Of course, my day was when AIDS had just hit the scene and knowingly messing around with dudes who did dudes was like playing with loaded guns.


  10. DaveSquirrel Post author

    my day was when AIDS had just hit the scene and knowingly messing around with dudes who did dudes was like playing with loaded guns

    Indeed. You went into mod Sar because you changed your profile bizzo, but should be ok now.


  11. DaveSquirrel Post author

    I never got beyond being sad and angry about how badly she wants this nasty shit to be okay.

    I guess on this occasion I did not overly empathise with her, instead stepped back a bit, if that makes any sense. But… silly girl for wanting to overlook such a *biggie* as this. Sure, she might stick around, try and work it out, likely end up pregnant, he decides to come out as his “inner woman crap” and she will be left to raise the kid alone. He will also need all his cash for the surgeries, so don’t count on any child support. But it is the story of how gay men can also exploit women’s reproductive ‘resources’. Like that gay farmer site, all about the poor farmer dudes who ‘lived the lie’ all those years, had kids with the women, and there is absolutely no support group for the women, to deal with that sense of betrayal and exploitation.

    Of course, some women still stick it out, like the wives dragged along to the Tootsie Fest.


  12. The Masked Lily

    That’s so depressing 😦 She’s bending over backwards to support his misogynistic habit. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but wow.

    And yeah, whose pictures is he using? Doesn’t bother her that he’s using pictures of minors (he says 16 to 17 year olds, who knows if he’s used younger..) and these men onscreen think they’re getting off, with minors? i thought age was the final frontier for the sex pozzies..

    And Dave, I’m sorry about the dirt thing, thanks for letting me know!


  13. Dee Omally


    ok…improvement needed….but ur funny…truth be told I luv it!!!! U guyz r clever…impressed…ok…let me spice it up….everything about a girl is superb! True…yeah a little experimenting hither and thither is good for the soul…but absolutely nothing is like a wide-bottomed….tits-abouncing…soft as a flower bubbly girl…..that just lights up my world! Ok…admittedly there might have been a phase of “exploration”….but once u go girl…u always want the squirrel…ok…dumb…..used because it rhymes. I never subscribed to cross-dressing or gay relationships or lifestyle….however only by tasting the wine can one truly know if it is good or not….My discovery? Ain’t nothing like a chick without a *ick to make every day an effin’ Xmas day….no gifts needed…the chick is the gift….Is this better? Because ain’t nothing but truth top to bottom….right to left (let me see do I have that right….) If this weren’t true….I wouldn’t be a fan!


  14. DaveSquirrel Post author

    This is how these, supposedly ‘women like us’ think about us. Littered with sexual objectification and porno-speak. Rambling, off-topic.

    Omally, you and the others like you can fuck off back under the rock you crawled out from under.


  15. zeph

    Thanks for using my quote. 🙂
    That comment makes women sound like christmas turkeys who should be flattered to be eaten!


  16. Nicky

    Your right, It just shows how deranged M2T’s are and how deluded they really are. By exposing their agenda for all to see, people can see what M2T’s are all about and what their agenda is all about.


  17. ibleedpurple

    I think that was a deranged attempt at flirting with you, Dave. D: Not uncharacteristic for him, though, seeing as he thinks he has transcended everything and closed one of this rants with “Heureka!”.



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