Twanzjacktivists – new levels of threats and harassment

Every time I think I am going to take a blogging hiatus, some new bit of twanz crazy crosses my path.

This latest meets all the criteria:

  • Twanz – check!
  • Crazy – check!
  • Appropriation – check!
  • Threats against radfems – check, and check again!

So a group(?) [which could just be one lonely loon] has been set up as the Trans Panther Party for Self Defence. Gosh, that sounds a bit familiar, oh yeah, a direct rip-off and appropriation of the Black Panther Party for Self Defence. Originality is never Twanz’ strong suit.

Just who are the TPP? [1]

We are the Trans Panthers Party

We are a focused, physical and socio-political defensive, direct action group for people who are of TS/TG/Other Gendered Identities and Intersex. We are respectfully modeled after the Original legendary Black Panther Party.

We also act as one of several organs to facilitate a political, legal, community voice and united front against oppression of our right to medically correct a sexual birth defect, identify with an inherent gender or to live by our own determination. We have no choice but to create our own community resources against oppression.

We want to institute community programs for getting transgender, transsexual people, jobs, comprehensive healthcare and legal resources such as the ACLU and Attorneys Guild of America.

We will assertively stand up to discrimination, stigmatization, social marginalization, hate crimes, erasure and genocide against us in any form, this is to include our physical and social self defense by any legal means necessary. We can function on the street, community levels and up.

We are a growing, loose, chapter based organization. Chapter leaders and members belong to a particular chapter, and a decentarlized national and international core committee coordinates networking, national campaigns and communications between the chapters. Working groups form on an as-needed basis and give report-backs to the core committee. We do not support any ego based over all leaderships.

Each individual chapter can network and cooperate with other organizations in their area who are sincerely dedicated to the safety, equality and advancement of Transgender, Transsexual people.

Let it be known, that If you are a bigot who hates and wants to control or attack Transsexual, Transgender people because of who we are, you would not want to do that!

Live and let live. peace, love and power to all the people!

“respectfully modeled [sic]” eh? And hijacking intersex again, with the old “correcting birth defect” bizzo. As well as in the name of transsexuals (most of whom now distance themselves from the transgender nutters). “Modelled” has two Ls btw.

But the real action happens on their Facebutt page, lets take a look and see what they get up to:

Organising flash mobs, no real harm in that. (I wonder if anyone turned up?) And keeping up with twanz cases in the news. Again, no biggie. But what do they plan to do at these flash mobs?

It sounds like they are just a little confused on the term “self defence”, bringing along converted weaponry is an “offensive” tactic, not “self defence”. No matter, twanz are no stranger to the inside of prisons. Now we see why they seem to end up there in droves. So who do the TPP target in all this?

So basically any radfem that asserts they want a FAB-only space away from these violent pricks (and seriously, who wouldn’t?), and feminists who question the necessity for SRS surgery. Sadly, twanzsquirrels have been ignored.

But wait! There’s more!!!

The screen grabs are from a newsfeed from the FB page, and have been deleted from the FB page since then:

See, magically disappeared from their Facebutt page. So putting together the information on this Facebutt page, where they talk about converting weapons, and naming two specific people in amongst all that, two women who are not public officials, who have done no physical attack on any tranz person, and who compiled a letter to the UN about the rights of born females – whilst not denying or threatening trans’ right to exist – that is pretty much Threat City there twanzloons.

The TPP are still singling out Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungerford, with this post less than two weeks ago (click picture to enlarge) [2]:

Article text (my underlining):

Trans Panthers serving trans abusers with Human Rights crime charges

September 9, 2011 Los Angeles, CA
The Trans Panthers Party for Self Defense is publically declaring several individuals and organizations as human rights criminals.

The will also have writs of Human Rights violation charges served upon people such as self proclaimed feminist Cathy Brenanan of Maryland, including organizations and businesses who perpetuate an atmosphere of gross violence and intolerance towards transsexual, transgender people through their actions, promotion, initiation or influence.

“This is one of the tools we are working to bring online, to battle against the staggering oppression being waged by these pigs against trans people” says Anna Kayla Ward, Assistant Chairperson of the Trans Panthers Party. “It’s also meant as a wake up call to others that we trans people absolutely refuse to be beaten,silenced, forced into incorrect gender roles with our right to our inherent identities stomped out”. According to the Core Committee, the party’s leadership group, the named offending pepple and organizations will be served with legal papers, detailing the human rights charges. Copies of the writs will be on file with the International Criminal Court in the Hague, Netherlands and with the local courts within the areas (states, sities, provinces etc) where they exist.

Yep, complete and utter nutters for declaring one letter, expressing the concerns over the rights of born-females, as a “human rights violations”, “human rights criminals” and “trans-genocide advocates”. The TPP might actually want to look up the ICC website to find that:

The International Criminal Court is a permanent tribunal which prosecutes individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

The ICC is the first permanent court governed by the Rome Statute. It was established by 110 member states. The Court does not replace national criminal courts. It can only start a prosecution if national systems are not able or willing to effectively organise prosecution themselves.

So the TPP are going to look rather silly, not providing the actual evidence that national criminal courts have failed to prosecute for “human rights violations”, and hopefully the ICC will write back giving the TPP a stern warning for wasting their time and not following due process and protocol. Of course the local authorities are going to be a bit pissy for their time also being wasted, by the TPP reporting the “crime” of letter writing to the UN.

Of course, the TPP are by no means unique in the harassment of Brennan and Hungerford. Who can forget such classics as Casebeergate, Monica Roberts‘ so-called “didn’t notice” defence[3], as well as the actual outing[4] transjacktivists have used (resulting in Hungerford’s declaration). ETA: (18 Sep 2011): at the end of the post I have added the screenshots of Roberts and his “didn’t notice” lies. Note that in the screenshot that started it all, Roberts is clearly interacting with Casebeer.

Click on images below to enlarge – the third image contains the actual outing by Kelli Anne Busey, which only got redacted by Endablog’s editor five-and-a-half weeks after it was posted:


Of course this Busey lists on his FB page that he is a journalist for Planetransgender, a blog[5] that put up this implied threat (or libel, whichever way you want to take it):


My first impression of the photo used on this post was that they were slicing the throat of Cathy Brennan in order to silence her, but it appears upon reading the text that they dubbed Cathy Brennan the “Angel of Death” and implied that she was either literally or figuratively cutting the throats of TWs, which could not be further from the truth, given the actual content of the letter written to the UN. Fairly gruesome imagery, and a window into how the tranzjacktivist mind works – very scary indeed. Don’t forget the TPP making all sorts of home-made offensive weapons. None of them seem to be able to spell either “Cathy” or “Brennan”.

Add to this, the endless posts and comments over at Bilerico about the Brennan-Hungerford letter to the UN, as well as endless posts and comments at Pam’s House Blend. Most of the commentary is inaccurate, claiming that Brennan-Hungerford want to deny tranz their human rights, blah blah blah. Gee, I would hate to see the twanz reaction if we said anything near what they accuse us of. Mere disagreement does NOT equal a ‘human rights violation’.

Tranzjacktivists (the TPP specifically) also lump radfems in with actual males, who do actual violence to tranz – they are out to get us with the same venom and implied violence as going after actual abusers and murders of twanzwomen:

Because they cannot seem to tell the difference between letter writing or blogging, and actual physical violence, it is indeed worrying that they are ‘going after radfems’ with the same vigour as violent,  abusive and murderous males.

The ongoing threats, harassment, lies about, Brennan-Hungerford and their letter to the UN has been going on for the best part of two months now, with no real sign that it is going to stop. Coupled with the new ‘group’ TPP and their penchant for violence (under the guise of self defence) and threats (implied and direct), either this has to come to a close, or it is time that radfems (particularly Brennan-Hungerford) became a little more litigious and sued their tranz asses for all the cyber-stalking and cyber-threats.

Perhaps the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF) [6] will bail out the nutters such as the TPP as they get themselves into trouble with the authorities for 1) wasting courts’ time, 2) inciting violence via mobs and individual action, as well as making home-made weaponry, and 3) the eventual civil suits from radfems (and possible criminal offences) for harassment, stalking, outing, threats of violence.

As you can see, radfems now have quite the collection of threats against them. Rather handy as evidence. There is no opposite body of evidence of radfems making real or implied threats against twanz (apart from calling them stupid, or nutters, and that is only me) but within the context of what they are doing, there is reason to believe that transjacktivists are mentally unsound, so “nutters” is a bit of a fair call.

* * * * *

Further links, to the two articles about Casebeergate that appeared in the Courier-Journal, now only availble in cache (or paid archive):
Threat linked to treasurer of Fairness PAC
Fairness Campaign PAC treasurer resigns over violent Facebook post

The Casebeer ‘apology’ at Monica Roberts’ TransGriot:

Mercedes Allen’s post at Bilerico “Less than Woman, Less than Human”

* * * * *
ADDENDUM (18 Sep 2011)

Here is the Monica Roberts pretending that he didn’t notice Casebeer’s murder/harm threats[3].


The key paragraphs are, paragraph #2 (my underlining):

As some of you know earlier Sunday morning I was in a chat with a longtime freind of mine that discussed the odious UN paper that seeks to bar trans rights coverage to transwomen. That friend had a negative interaction a few years ago with one of the authors of that paper that she never apologized for that spurred that person to express some problematic language that I didn’t catch until it was brought to my attention.

The lies are underlined. Cathy Brennan had no previous knowledge of Casebeer until this year (nor any previous interaction I believe). The direct lie by Roberts is that he “didn’t catch [… the] problematic language”. Never mind that he was in the thick of Casebeer’s comments on his facebook page.

The eighth paragraph (my underlining):

So at this time, I apologize to Cathy Brennan and to anyone who may have been offended by those remarks. While the remarks were not authored by me, still I should have caught it and admonished the person at the time it was said, and that’s my mistake.

Well, it’s just lucky you aren’t a wooden puppet made by Geppetto, because that nose of yours would over-balance you, Roberts.

Nor have I even touched on the justification-fest that was Casebeer’s “apology”. I really must get around to Tootsifying him from his drag days, he made Arnie look good.

* * * * *
ADDENDUM #2 (18 Sep 2011)

The “If” post, posted both at The Transadvocate and ENDAblog:

The Transadvocate version was more disturbing, with a bit of an implied threat via the graphic.


Pay toll? It is a bit like “pay the price” isn’t it? An implied threat, certainly intimidation to “stfu or else [you deserve what is coming to you]”.

Of course the post is actually, apart from disparaging Brennan and Hungerford’s standing in the profession (defamation perhaps?) goes on to imply that the recent violence against M2Ts around Maryland/DC is due to the Brennan-Hungerford letter to the UN. Last paragraph:

And yet…

If an obnoxious, hate-filled, know-nothing lawyer co-pens a screed against trans women in an attempt to negatively affect international policy regarding the rights of trans women and then, in the weeks following release of the screed, there was a noticeable uptick in violence against trans women – including violence committed by government actors – in the same area as, or an area adjacent to, the more obnoxious of the two hate-filled, know-nothing lawyers in question…

Again, fairly libelous. Because frankly, do we – or anyone – really believe that the local cop, the abuser, the murder(s) of the recent crimes in the Maryland/DC area even read the letter to the UN? For starters, the perps in all of these crimes are hardly likely to read radfem blogs, so how the hell would they have read that letter? Far fetched is one thing, but implication is quite another.

And of course, Monica-my-wooden-nose-is-soooo-long, is there posting on the ENDAblog version of the post:

But this harassment doesn’t stop. Whilst looking up the ENDAblog version of the “If” post, I came across yet another, posted just yesterday (the ‘highlights’ below):


The post is littered with “you took it upon yourself” and finishes the volley with “…is no one’s fault but her own”and the finale of “Sorry, folks… No special rights for trans-exterminationists.”

“Trans-exterminationists”? Excuse me, where is the actual PROOF of that in any way shape or form? That entire post is littered with abuser-speak, blaming the person for whatever happened or happens to them. Abuser-speak, seems to come rather naturally to twanzjacktivists, doesn’t it? Co-incidence, I think not.

Don’t forget, ENDAblog has the tagline:
“A great LGBT community deserves full inclusion”
Rather ironic, they are targeting two “Ls” of the LGBT. Fucking hypocrites.

94 thoughts on “Twanzjacktivists – new levels of threats and harassment

  1. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Would someone please email the URL or screenshot of Monica Roberts doing the “I didn’t see it” (and dumping her buddy Casebeer in the shit)? I think it might have been at PHB.

    I didn’t realise this was going to be a long post! But those threats were plentiful, it was hard to stop.


  2. DaveSquirrel Post author

    I fear there are multiple loons on the loose. But all the loons do seem to know each other. Hard to pick which specific loon gave us ripped off the Trans Panther Party.

    Via email, I have been reminded of YET MORE twanz harassment of radfems (primarily Brennan-Hungerford again), so a bit more to come. It just doesn’t stop. Nor did I even go through the Bilerico/PHB stuff.


  3. twanzmooselike

    Did you mean this Trans org is appropriating Black Panther brand? Mais non!

    Black Panthers ~~~~~~~~ Black.
    So’s Monica Roberts.

    Black Panthers ~~~~~~~~ Male
    Ditt oh.


  4. Nicky

    Can we say domestic terrorism being committed by the Twanzjacktivists here. I’m not surprise that homeland security is not starting an investigation on these Twanzjacktivists. With the amount of evidence here, I’m not surprise that Eric Holder is not sending his G-men to look into the potential issues with the Twanzjacktivists.


  5. radfemcrafts

    Great work, Dave. The threat of proudly ultra-violent men cannot be overstated. And naming themselves for the Panthers leaves no question in anybody’s mind about which sex they really identify with.

    And let’s not forget that Alice thought women went to MWMF to get laid and that’s why he himself said he went. We all know what male violence + expectations and entitlement to have sex means. Rape.


  6. FCM

    excellent reporting dave. i am sure the real black panthers will be thrilled to have been appropriated this way, cant wait to hear *that* response when it happens.


  7. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Nicky, I think you are right. They are certainly getting to “that point”, the point where the authorities need to look into their activities, as well as the threats they are directing to specific people, women. I actually regret that I didn’t write this post more seriously, in that it is clear it is becoming a serious threat and harassment, but I just started out writing to draw attention to the TPP nutters.

    Gosh, I forgot the “ps” on the ENDAblog stuff, their tagline to their blog:
    “A great LGBT community deserves full inclusion”
    Rather ironic, they are targeting two “Ls” of the LGBT. Fucking hypocrites.


  8. DaveSquirrel Post author

    i am sure the real black panthers will be thrilled to have been appropriated this way, cant wait to hear *that* response when it happens.

    LOL, I don’t think our faux-laydees will stand a chance.

    Come to think about it transmooselike, it probably is Roberts behind the TPP. He did after all try to rip off WBW with something like WWBT (white woman born trans*). That might not be exactly it, if someone wants to correct me, go ahead.


  9. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Some of the individual threats and libel are ‘stand alone’, but added to the ongoing campaign, particularly against Brennan-Hungerford, it is a clear campaign of harassment. Particularly from ‘members’ within the LGBT, of which, Brennan and Hungerford are supposedly a part of, being lesbians (first letter in the LGBT alphabet, not the tacked on last T).

    The campaign is not just one source, nor one individual, but a collection of trans blogs and various individuals.

    It is becoming enough evidence for a lawsuit (unlike twanz, who cry discrimination!!! if you pick on the colour of the dress they are wearing), and significant as harassment. Combined with the violent overtones and undertones, it is only a matter of time before the authorities will take it seriously – not just the personal threats, but of the weapons talk.

    I always say, let twanz babble on, they hang themselves.


  10. twanzmooselike

    “Come to think about it transmooselike, it probably is Roberts behind the TPP. He did after all try to rip off WBW with something like WWBT (white woman born trans*). ”

    Well it’s just my opinion. But he’s the only one comes to mind with all the lol qualifications.


  11. Sargasso Sea

    “And naming themselves for the Panthers leaves no question in anybody’s mind about which sex they really identify with.”

    Well said RFC. I was thinking along similar lines myself; you know, way to just shout out from the rooftops your group’s Militancy Status and weapons cache, TPP.

    Isn’t one of the most valued things about *being a real woman* pacifism


  12. Nicky

    That’s why I’m not surprised that in a post 9/11 world that any action that these Transjacktivists are doing towards other people would be subject to scrutiny by the Dept of Homeland Security or state police because it could be seen as domestic terrorism in their eyes. If were ya, i would send an email to your Local FBI office as well and show them all the documentation here. From all the documentation that is seen in here, I will bet ya that it is some form of domestic terrorism targeted at a specific group or person.

    Also, I would not be surprise if the black panther party founders found out that their name is being misappropriated by these Transjacktivists. They could wind up in court and sued out of all their money they would need for their so called SRS treatment by the founders of the Black panther party.


  13. Bev Jo

    This is fantastic, Dave Squirrel. Great work. The best thing is for these men to keep revealing themselves, so that all, especially women, can see who and what they really are. Now if only the US government would go after them to destroy them like they did the Black Panther Party. The government shot them in their beds, spread lies about them, dumped tons of drugs into the African American community (which has never recovered), put as many as possible in prison, etc. But no, the government is likely supporting the transjacktivists just like the right wing Iranian government does, because they are worse than no threat to the patriarchal power structure — they absolutely support it. They are the Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Stepford Wives male dream come true.


  14. Sargasso Sea

    “The government shot them in their beds, spread lies about them, dumped tons of drugs into the African American community”

    Yes, which only served to inflate their *militant* reputation which in turn helped to re-re-re-vilify the black community at large and I’m glad you brought it up.

    I also agree that, unlike the original Panthers, these guys are no threat to the powers-that-be and will be dealt with accordingly.


  15. cherryblossomlife

    Poor EH and CB. THis is a fucking nightmare.

    My hope is that because the UN is a multi-cultural, multi-national organization, they will be clued up on the fact that third gendered males have existed in many countries throughout the world for centuries. Given this, it would sound bizarre to someone from such a country to contemplate giving men who fail masculinity access to women’s spaces.


  16. thebewilderness

    Yanno, they really are nuts if they think they are not going to get hurt converting a flare gun to fire a .50 cal shell and where in the H do they think they are going to get a .50 cal shell without being tracked? Criminy! Likely as not it will blow up in their face when they forget to clear the muzzle.
    That is to say nothing of soliciting a criminal conspiracy on fracking line!
    Quite likely it is purely an intimidation effort but the feds take a very dim view of terrorists organizing on line. They are likely to wake up one morning to the sound of a swat team being deployed and that never ends well.


  17. thebewilderness

    I just looked at some of the trans panther fb pages and wonder if someone can answer a question for me.
    One of them is complaining that a teevee show had a character that they referred to as a transvestite and said they had called to inform the producers that this was a negative term.
    They didn’t say what they thought a positive term for a transvestite would be but it made me stop a sec to think. If transvestites are to be called transgender now, then the objection to men in dresses having access to womens spaces has even more weight. I mean that if the argument for gender hinges on costume then there is no real argument except to claim that they want to go wherever they like whenever they like depending on what costume they choose for the day.


  18. Bev Jo

    Sometimes, in their carrying on with their narcissistic, spoiled, tantruming complaining, they reveal themselves. There is no such thing as “transgender” or “transsexual,” so they are all just tranvestites/female impersonators. I do believe that they know this on some level, if not all levels. Their whole game is pretense and caricaturizing and minstrelizing. They can’t present themselves otherwise so they reveal themselves as varying styles of drag queens really. They would be laughable if they weren’t causing so much horrific damage.


  19. GallusMag

    Matt Stroup

    Acting Chairperson

    Core Committee

    Trans Panthers – Party For Self Defense

    Kayla Ward

    Assistant Chairperson

    Core Committee,

    Trans Panthers – Party For Self Defense

    Ann Davis

    Media and External Communications

    Trans Panthers – Party For Self Defense

    Phn: 949-280-1182 or: 213-361-8587


  20. GallusMag

    “Yanno, they really are nuts if they think they are not going to get hurt converting a flare gun to fire a .50 cal shell….”

    Maybe they’re The Trans Panther Party For Self Defense Against Giant Robots.


  21. Miska

    Thank you for compiling this.

    I can’t imagine how stressful this must be for E.H and C.B. The harassment is vile, and a complete and utter over-fucking-reaction. If they don’t like the UN letter, they should write a letter in response.

    Instead they’re banging on about CONVERTED FLARE GUNS? I mean, what the fuck? Tear gas? These people are crazy. Honestly, I shoudn’t really be surprised, but I am.
    This “let’s pretend we are army men” fantasy is so fucking male.

    But, it is also dangerous. For them. It just takes one person to take this shit seriously and do something reckless (and it might not even be someone known to their group – just a lurker. When you put stuff like this on the net you have no control over who might take it to heart), and their whole cause goes up in smoke. Lets face it, the general populace still suspects MTFs are sick in the head and kind of twisted. THIS ISNT HELPING, GUYS.


  22. Miska

    TBW –That is to say nothing of soliciting a criminal conspiracy on fracking line!
    Quite likely it is purely an intimidation effort but the feds take a very dim view of terrorists organizing on line. They are likely to wake up one morning to the sound of a swat team being deployed and that never ends well.

    Exactly. I mean, at this moment in time when the US is syphoning trillions of dollars into a “war on terror”, you really dont want to be caught doing anything which could be construed as inciting terrorism. Especially what with all the new domestic terror laws which have been instilled since 9/11. Times have changed from the days of the original panthers. Starting any kind of militant direct-action group is asking for trouble. ESPECIALLY ONLINE. What, do they think feds dont have facebook accounts or something?

    They are living in a total fantasy world. In more ways than one.

    It’s just really fucked how their fantasy world is now directly affecting E.H and C.B. Is there anything at all that can be done about this? Legally, I mean.


  23. Miska

    Sorry dave, serial commenting. But the more I read, the more astounded I am, like this:

    The trans panthers have delivered a statement of intent and declaration of war against attackers and killers of trans people, notifying the city council, D.C police department and the state of maryland of this


    A declaration of war?

    Notifying the city council is a nice touch. How polite. I mean, you really couldn’t make this shit up. If I wanted to slander transjacktivists and spread rumours about their behaviour and delusions of grandeur, I still wouldn’t have come up with something as stupid as this.


  24. DaveSquirrel Post author

    When it is all gathered together you can see clearly how menacing it is!

    Yeah, and guess what? I did not even try very hard either. Some was what I had bookmarked, others were from links people had emailed me. I didn’t even bother to google further – I think if I had, I would have turned up more.

    Plus, I have not even been through the Bilerico and PHB stuff at all, and they were two sites foaming at the mouth.

    I think there is probably enough here to do a separate blog to catalogue this stuff (plus, it doesn’t seem to be stopping). If anyone is interested, email me.


  25. DaveSquirrel Post author

    This “let’s pretend we are army men” fantasy is so fucking male.

    Isn’t it just? They couldn’t act any more male without waggling their willies in the air.
    And they seriously want us and everyone else to believe they are female just like us? LOL


  26. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Thanks GM for finding out the nutters behind the TPP.

    I had the misfortune of looking at the Kayla Ward site (he would have made a nice little fashion companion for Jessica Fashion). Ward is also still packing, if anyone is interested. What the hell is it with all the narcissism these dudes have? Ward is (trying to!) charge actual money for the VIP part of his site. I am sure there would be plenty more lingerie photos, and perhaps some shots for the ladyboy fanciers.


  27. parallelexistence

    This is appalling. And it all kicked off because two women dared to write that the female half of the human race need their own space sometimes ? Just saying that women exist and please may we just occasionally have our boundaries respected – that is enough to set these men off on their campaign of violence, threats and lies ?

    For anyone who is paying attention this tells us a lot. (Notice no response from all the lib-fun fem “allies” of such men)


  28. DaveSquirrel Post author

    (Notice no response from all the lib-fun fem “allies” of such men)

    What we should do, after I create the stand-alone blog for this hate campaign, and we email it to the F-Word (might as well be called the Tranz-Word).

    It proves that libfeminism doesn’t rock the boat, is very manz-friendly, and therefore bloody useless. Any libfems that don’t see the problem in all this, we can certainly write off as patriarchy upholders, handmaidens.


  29. delphyne

    They haven’t got the hang of ladylike behaviour yet have they.

    Women back down, stop fighting, go into denial and start appeasing when our interests and needs are threatened or stepped on. It’s men who routinely resort to violence, threats and retaliation if someone dares to contradict them, or rather if a woman dares to contradict them.

    This is the new version of MRAs, 21st century stylee.


  30. twanzmooselike

    Yes Delphyne they are right on track: women say NO and men roll out the threats, aggression, violence, and blaming the woman for making them do it.

    This reminds me so much of domestic violence situations.


  31. thebewilderness

    It is a good thing they reported themselves to the police else this could have happened to them.

    “Police arrested seven people in a counter-terrorism operation in Birmingham. Six men were arrested on suspicion of preparing an act of terrorism and a 22-year-old woman was held on suspicion of failing to disclose information that could help prevent an act of terrorism.”

    Suspicion of failing to disclose information she may or may not have had. That is seriously bizarre.


  32. DaveSquirrel Post author

    They are always routinely arresting ‘the woman’ in any/all of these situations now. Does not matter how little or much involvement (or knowledge) she had, it’s guilt by association, hence always better to stay the fuck away from men.

    It will save a little taxpayer money if the TPP did write to local law enforcement to tattle on the nasty-meanie feminists – it will save the cops having to look up their addresses when they start their nutty campaign. I do hope they created a non-blurry version of their logo for the letterhead though. Or maybe that just adds to the ambience of a crackpot org?


  33. luckynkl

    They are drafting a rebuttal letter against what? Females having spaces free of the violence, perversion and insanity of misogynist males? And this trans consider an act of war? Nah. It’s just an excuse for these cowardly, misogynist men in drag to commit violence against women. Any excuse will do. But it just proves women’s point as to why we need to have spaces free from these Y chromosomed, penis-born fuckwads. Aka males/men.

    What you may not be aware of is that a couple of years ago, Congress passed a bill which made discrimination against gay and lesbian folks illegal and a hate crime if they were targeted for violence based on their sexual orientation. The original bill included trans. However, Congress refused to pass the bill until trans were removed from it. Trans were removed and the bill passed. Trans are still pretending the bill is inclusive of them. It isn’t. Congress doesn’t buy their horseshit either.

    Having worked for the gov’t, I can also tell you that it doesn’t recognized TG/TS-ism as an illness, disease or birth defect and insurance will not cover sex changes or treatments for such purposes. It was written in black and white in my gov’t employee handbook.

    So, trans boys, do you plan on getting all militant with Congress and the U.S. gov’t and declare war on them? Good luck with that. But somehow I don’t think things will go well for you. The U.S. gov’t isn’t the women’s bathroom or Michfest. But by all means, keep it up. Just make sure you pack some light sun dresses for your trip to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.


  34. DaveSquirrel Post author

    LOL, I’d like to see them take on the US Guv or Congress, instead of feminists and other soft targets. But they don’t. I reckon their little TPP page would be shut down in a heartbeat by the FBI if they did their weaponry talk and their target was the US-Guv.


  35. Hecuba

    Agree Delphyne – this continues to happen with women submitting/pandering to men whenever men threaten violence and/or threaten retaliation against women because male domination over women must never ever be questioned must it?

    Trans Panthers – just another version of violent male misogynists determined to once and for (in their view) all eliminate women who dare to challenge them on their claims ‘I’m really a woman in a male body but I want to have it both ways – play at being a female but retain my male power and (pseudo) rights.’ In other words maintenance of male supremacy but with adult boys being accorded right to play with being female but retaining their rights and privileges.

    But these men are dangerous and whilst we can and do ridicule their stupidity men always respond with violence against women when they are subjected to ridicule.

    The issue is not ‘trans’ it is men’s rights hidden under this term. Glad to hear US congress doesn’t believe ‘men in frocks are real’ but here in the UK I believe it is a different situation. Anything which ensures rigid male control over women is seen as ‘natural’ and that includes men proclaiming ‘look I’m really a female and all you biologically born women must move out of the way because my rights always supercede yours!’

    Interesting that once again lib fems are silent on this issue – speaks volumes – but I forget feminism is all about ‘pandering to men is it not???’

    Excellent work Dave on uncovering this latest misogynistic diatribe from ‘the men in frocks brigade.’ It is vital we know what these misogynists are doing and their hate campaign being waged against Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungerford is women-hating but as always is what men commonly do whenever their pseudo rights are challenged. But it doesn’t mean such women-hating is acceptable because it isn’t which is why it is essential we call out these men in frocks for the women-haters they are.

    Bev Jo got it on one – these men are female impersonators – there is no such thing as ‘transgender or transsexual’ because we continue to live in a male supremacist system. Default human can only be biological male irrespective of whether or not he dresses in a frock!

    My view is male dominated governments will only act if these men in frocks are viewed as a threat to national security or threaten the male supremacist system. Attacking women is not ‘a violation of national security’ because men do it constantly and society believes since women aren’t human we can’t be harmed by men promoting women-hating – after all it is just ‘humour is it not?’


  36. The Masked Lily

    The truth is, they hate women. The whole trans ideology is of course misogynist, and when 99% of men don’t get what they want, they get violent and angry. These men want approval from women and access to lesbians and WBW-only space.

    When they can’t get it, their men-acing nature shows, and coupled with the insanity of twanz ideology, the crazy is quite scary..

    I am terrified that we will lose the last WBW-only space (the bathroom. the fucking women’s washroom.)

    these vigilantes worry me so much. just because that much crazy really can be dangerous.we shouldn’t take this lightly


  37. DaveSquirrel Post author

    In the past we have written off their crazy as just plain loopy-fruits. However, I think they really are hitting a brand new level of crazy, one that should be taken seriously.


  38. emmittnervend

    A message to white people: we don’t need you to think you’re doing us black people a favor by pointing out reappropriation. Judging by some of the comments here, you all know absolutely nothing about the Black Panthers and it would probably look better on your part if you didn’t assume you did.


  39. DaveSquirrel Post author

    emmittnervend, I merely stated in the post that it was an obvious rip-off of the name (or don’t you see that? Is that somehow deemed racist to point that out?). But tranz appropriation goes well beyond just ripping off one group’s name, they rip everything off. You would know that if you read more than this one post here.

    You’ve had your 15 seconds of preciousness, without actually adding anything to the conversation. Either add your knowledge about it, or go away – it really gets boring when people stop by to tell people off. You are pointless and uninteresting. ciao.


  40. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Yeah, the assumption they make is that all the commenters here are white.
    That would be a no.
    But it is handy dismissal, to claim “white women” or “middle class women” or whatever. It’s just a way to discredit the discussion/points via the back door.

    I really should let some of these trolling comments rot in the trash.

    Because frankly, if emmittnervend was ACTUALLY concerned about racism or appropriation, then s/he would have pointed out the racism and appropriation of a twanz group ripping off the name. But noes, gotta have a go at radfems! So emmittnervend can fuck off.


  41. twanzmooselike

    I think it’s time to revert to correct terminology for these people. In fact, they are transvestites, not transgender, a made up term that lies about what they are and do. Transvestic fetishists more correctly describes them. Using that would also shortcut all the babble about their girlhood and fluffy boas.


  42. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Feather boas (and actually stealing them) does reveal a bit of an unhinged mind. The key really is in exposing exactly who is sheltering under the twanzgender parasol, which are the cross-dressers, drag queens, and other part time minstrels. And that has been one major problem, the public, the govt, all assume that ‘twanzgender’ is made up of transsexuals, when they are probably the minor number. Yes, in the old days, we would call them (TGs) transvestites.


  43. Bev Jo

    I agree. We must never call them “transwomen” or “trans” anything, including “transgender” or “transsexual.” A Swedish friend calls them female impersonators, and when referring to an individual, like Elliott, she calls him “Mr. Mattiuzzi.” Sadly, some Lesbians using female pronouns for them and calling them “transwomen” (to not “disrespect” or be mean to these men) has increased the myth that they are some kind of woman. I even know a supposed Separatist who describes them as “half women.” No such thing. Don’t allow yourself to be corrected, even if yelled at. It’s The Emperor’s New Clothes, and we won’t play their game. Too many people don’t think too deeply and just obey what they are told. We don’t.


  44. emmittnervend

    Ha ha you people characterize the Black Panthers as sue-happy militants that would be outraged at this and I’m the racist. Also the Black Panther Party doesn’t exist anymore. Also you’re all stupid as fuck. Maybe you should actually read material by former Black Panther members before assigning yourself jury of appropriation or whatever. Standard white people thing to do, apparently.

    [Squirrel edit: Seriously dumbass, is that the best you can come up with as a retort? Of course we know the BP don’t exist any more. And “things white people do”, yawn to that. You are getting boring.]


  45. emmittnervend

    Also DaveSquirrel just referred to cross-dressers and drag queens as minstrels. How’s that for appropriation?

    [Squirrel edit: OK dumbass, obviously words with similar meanings/references are so damn offensive to you. I will let you into a little clue dumbass, descriptive words are not the same as an organisational name, m’kay?

    Enough is enough, you don’t come up with anything remotely interesting or clever, or on topic. Enjoy the spam pile.]


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  47. thebewilderness

    Yeah, but that was perfect. A presumably white person used a term that white people used to use when they dressed up as black people. You really should resist the urge to use white mens words cuz they belong to the white men. Get it? Men, only the men can use the man words.


  48. emmittnervend

    It’s like, appropriation is bad when people I don’t like do it. But it’s peachy when I do it! Some nerds refer to the Big Bang Theory or whatever the fuck it’s called as a minstrel show. But it’s okay because they totally don’t mean it the way we think they do.

    Also everyone knows women can’t be racist duh


  49. DaveSquirrel Post author

    emmittnervend, I have approved your latest comment because it ALMOST qualifies as a halfway sensible bit of point raising. However, it is late and I will address it more fully in the morning. After coffee. Always after coffee.


  50. luckynkl

    Let’s not forget that there’s the Gray Panthers too, which involves seniors and age discrimination among other things. But they aren’t militant. So Trans Panthers (now being called Caucasian Trans Panthers, lol) is of course appropriation of the group that was known as The Black Panthers. My bet is emmittnervend wasn’t even a gleam in his daddy’s eye yet when The Black Panthers were on the scene.

    The Black Panthers initially organized to protect African-American communities from police brutality. Is that what the Trans Panthers are organizing for? Are the police raiding trans neighborhoods? LOL. Yeah, right. Like cops raid white boy neighborhoods. Trans, of course, are predominantly white. So let me get this straight. When trans, who are generally members of the most powerful group in America (white males), are told no (when they violate the boundaries of others), it’s the same thing as an army of racist cops raiding and fire-bombing AA neighborhoods? I know trans aren’t the brightest crayons in the book, but talk about getting things half-ass backwards! Trans are akin to the raiding cops, not the AA neighborhoods! What’s next? Rapists screaming they’re discriminated against and oppressed if women say no to them?

    Speaking of rape, Eldridge Cleaver, former Black Panther leader (now thankfully dead), was a serial rapist. He stated he raped black women in the ghetto for “practice” and then went on to rape white women. Here it is in his own words:

    1. “Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women…I felt I was getting revenge. From the site of the act of rape, consternation spread outwardly in concentric circles.
    I wanted to send waves of consternation thoughout the white race.”

    2. “I know that the black man’s sick attitude toward the white woman is a revolutionary sickness: it keeps him perpetually out of harmony with the system that is oppressing him. Many whites flatter themselves with the idea that the Negro male’s lust and desire for the white dream girl is purely an esthetic attraction,but nothing could be further from the truth. His motivation is often of such
    a bloody, hateful, bitter, and malignant nature that whites would really be hard pressed to find it flattering.”

    Yes, Eldridge Cleaver was a scumbag. As a good many of The Black Panthers were. But I think most of the party meant well. Organizing to air political and social grievances to combat racism, poverty and police brutality. Unfortunately, a few bad eggs overshadowed the party’s political goals and were their downfall. Their militant, violent attacks against police doomed the party to an unhappy ending. Many wound up imprisoned and/or dead. By the 80’s, the party was pretty much history.

    The good news is non-violent Martin Luther King Jr. was able to accomplish more than The Black Panthers or Malcolm X could, tho all 3 died violently. A little known fact. Martin Luther King Jr. modeled his strategy after Ghandi, who modeled it after none other than U.S. woman suffragette, Alice Paul. Both Ghandi and King credited Alice Paul, but of course, the patriarchy can never acknowledge, much less credit, a woman.


  51. emmittnervend

    Eldridge Cleaver, Malcolm X et al were awesome and it’s a shame MLK has been pigeon-holed into the more rational choice (whatever that means) because white people find him non-threatening, at least less threatening in comparison to X and the Black Panthers.


  52. Bev Jo

    I agree about the trans being the opposite of a protective revolutionary movement like the Black Panthers, and their intentions are closer to how the government advocated murdering the Panthers, but I’m not sure the Panthers did any “militant, violent attacks against police.” What I remember is that the police, FBI, etc. went after them to set them up and assassinate them. They actually broke down the door of the head of the Panthers in Chicago and shot them while sleeping.

    This is what Wikipedia wrote:

    Federal Bureau of Investigation Director J. Edgar Hoover called the party “the greatest threat to the internal security of the country,”[11] and he supervised an extensive program (COINTELPRO) of surveillance, infiltration, perjury, police harassment, assassination, and many other tactics designed to undermine Panther leadership, incriminate party members and drain the organization of resources and manpower. Through these tactics, Hoover hoped to diminish the Party’s threat to the general power structure of the U.S., or even maintain its influence as a strong undercurrent.[12] Angela Davis, Ward Churchill, and others have alleged that federal, state and local law enforcement officials went to great lengths to discredit and destroy the organization, including assassination.[13][14][15]


  53. luckynkl

    @CBL The saying is actually, “the brightest crayon(s) in the box,” not book. I goofed!

    @Bev Jo – yeah, I heard the same thing about the Chicago incident. My guess is it was a setup and an excuse for police to gun them down. The evidence I’ve seen sure seems to point that way. What’s more, these “incidents” aren’t exactly uncommon. But not all party members died and lived to tell the tale.

    As for J. Edgar Hoover, that asshole thought anyone who wasn’t white, male or right-wing a threat to white male supremacy, er, I mean the U.S.


  54. cherryblossomlife

    “Not the sharpest tool in the box”

    “Not the brightest apple in the bunch”

    “No grain in the silo”

    “Receiver is off the hook”

    “Not all the soldiers are marching in line”

    “As smart as bait”

    “Knitting with only one needle”

    “A few burgers short of a barbeque”

    “NIce house, not much furniture”

    That was fun. I heart google.


  55. luckynkl

    Stuff a bff and I made up together some years ago:
    SCAM – Surgically/Chemically Altered Male (not trans! SCAMs!)

    Old stuff I’m rather notorious for saying:
    Don’t try to grow a brain
    Burn a brain cell and think.
    Liar, liar pants on fire!
    Now tell the truth and shame the devil.

    Ones I got from Fab Libber:
    Invisible sky dude
    Invisible fairies in the sky


  56. DaveSquirrel Post author

    mmm, did I really say those? I seem to say a lot of stuff, then promptly forget if not critical for anything.

    I like “Has the IQ of a doorknob”

    And I use the variant of “liar, liar, pantaloons on fire” (because I am creative and artsy-fartsy!!)


  57. Mary Sunshine

    🙂 I’ve been using S.C.A.M. for years, and have had my a~~ royally torn off for it.

    It’s actually far more powerful that M2T or MTT, and needs to be nudged into the radfem lexicon.

    We need to put the .’s in it to emphasize that is an acronym, otherwise it will sail over women’s heads as a simple noun.

    Spell it out as S.C.A.M. ‘s.

    More keystrokes but it acts as a thermite charge to effect rapid demolition.


    Also, the first few times you use it, bracket the meaning:

    (Surgically And Chemically Altered Males) … to impress it on the reader’s subconscious.

    We’re trying to establish a meme here: it’s donkey work. We’re pushing wheelbarrow loads of gravel up a slope and dumping it. Then going back downhill to fill up the wheelbarrow again.

    Look at all the years of work it has taken to get to *this* point. And now we get to keep on breaking big ones into little ones and pushing it uphill. Female’s work is never done. (I know – we’re getting old and tired … but think of old women all over the planet carrying huge bundles of firewood on their backs, all bent over, only to get up the next morning and do it all again.)


  58. luckynkl

    Good thinking, Mary.

    SCAM originated on the Ms. boards about a decade ago. Mar Iguana was my partner in crime. She came up with the SAM part. But a trans who was tickled by it said he resented being compared to a Russian missile. So I added the C, which was not only more inclusive, but exposed the con. As you can imagine, a roar went up from the 3rd wavers, who wanted us tarred, feathered and boiled in oil. But the trans with the sense of humor? He was actually a good egg. He identified as a trans, not a woman, and backed me up 100% and said if they banned me, he was leaving too. So he deserves honorable mention. Had he not wanted to be compared to a Russian missile, the C wouldn’t’ve been added. So when trans claim it’s transphobic, just mention how a trans good naturedly helped produce the acronym. **grin**


  59. Thursday's Child

    I think SCAM was one of the more inspired ripostes of the trans debate. I also got my a*** royally ripped for using it, but it is completely accurate. They *are* surgically and chemically altered males and it *is* a scam to pass them off as women.
    Too bad the acronym doesn’t work for FTTs.


  60. Thursday's Child

    Hey !! I just thought of another good acronym for trans males !!

    S.H.A.M. – surgically and hormonally altered males! They *are* surgically and hormonally altered and it *is* a sham!

    LOL! This is fun!

    H/T Lucky and Mar Iguana for providing the jumping off point for this new acronym.


  61. Kitty Barber

    I am a poodle (standard) who was born into a shepherd’s body. I have always known I am really a poodle; I FEEL like one, I really must BE one. I wear my fur cut into the classic poodle-doo, and when I can afford it, I will have my surgery and make my twansition compwete! But until then, I demand to compete in AKC dog shows in the poodle category. In fact, I am more of a poodle than most of those poodles will ever be!


  62. doctressjulia

    Well, Mahatma Gandhi was a fucking racist/sexual predator, too…. and MLK was also a misogynist. It seems that just being a man means hurting and hating women.


  63. Bev Jo

    That is the absolute truth. I hate the worshipping of certain men like Gandhi, who is so often used to defuse women’s anger and tell women to be nonviolent (passive.) If women talk about being scared to live alone, and you mention that having a gun would make them safe, the response is often crazed and irrational, and they start mentioning Gandhi, It’s as if we are not even allowed to think of self-defense.

    I always say that we never know what men and boys do when alone with babies or animals…


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