Indeterminate sex billed as a third jendah

The Aussies are frequently on-the-ball and ahead-of-the-game, however they are suffering from sex/jendah confusion.

It appears that there are two changes to the Australian passport regulations, being confused (I assume by the media) as the one thing.

The first is a “third gender” (as in biological sex!!) category for passports – male, female and “X” (indeterminate, neither female nor male). This third biological sex category (mistakenly referred to as a third gender) is primarily designed for intersex persons, not transgender persons (although some news reports conflict on that point). Even though intersex persons are technically biologically non-female (ie the presence of a Y chromosome in any configuration, makes the person not a ‘pure’ female – males are non-females not the other way around) most intersex are categorised as female and raised as girls. The modern view is to allow the intersex person to determine for themselves which sex they belong to, including a ‘neither’ option. So certainly the third option for the passport is good for them if they wish it so.

The second change to passport regulations is to remove the SRS requirement for transgender/transsexual persons. It is mentioned in at least one article that the third “X” option is not available for tranz.

In one report (my underlining):

New Australian passports allow third gender option

Australians have been given a third choice when describing their gender on passport applications, under new guidelines aimed at removing discrimination.

Transgender people and those of ambiguous sex will be able to list their gender as indeterminate, which will be shown on passports as an X.

People whose gender was different from that of their birth were previously required to have reassignment surgery before they could change their passport to their preferred sex.

An Australian senator, Louise Pratt – whose partner was born female and is now identified as a man – said the reform was a huge step forward.

There have been very many cases of people being detained at airports by immigration in foreign countries simply because their passports don’t reflect what they look like,” she told Australian radio.

“It’s very distressing, highly inconvenient and frankly sometimes dangerous.”

Pratt, who has a personal stake in the twanz thing, is wrong with the ‘passports not reflecting what they look like’ because there are many M2T late transitioners (and self-identified TWs, who are actually cross-dressers) that clearly look like a dude in a dress (see numerous Tootsie posts) and regardless of their SRS status, or even “female” marked on their passport, are going to come under Customs & Immigration suspicion anyway. Also, some butch lesbian are still going to face the same old problem – they don’t identify as tranz and are therefore going to face the same raised eyebrows as ever, ie no change. Even genderqueer and androgynous persons are not actually permitted to go for the indeterminate “X” category. So this perceived match of ‘appearance and documentation’ is bullshit. Note that the BBC report above says “Transgender people and those of ambiguous sex will be able to list their gender as indeterminate, which will be shown on passports as an X”, which is incorrect, as indeterminate only applies to intersex persons.

Another report clarifies the situation somewhat, but the language used is also a bit misleading, ie “can choose” is not correct, because it has to be verified by a doctor’s certification.

Transsexual Aussies like passport changes

* New passports will say ‘male’, ‘female’ or ‘x’
* Transgender people can chose their preferred gender
* People with indeterminate gender can chose ‘x’

TRANSSEXUAL activists have welcomed a move to allow Australians to identify themselves on their passport in their preferred gender.

Intersex people, who are biologically not entirely male or female, will be able to list their gender on passports as “X.”

Transgender people, whose perception of their own sex is at odds with their biology, will be able to pick whether they are male or female if their choice is supported by a doctor’s statement. Transgender people cannot pick “X.”

Previously, gender was a choice of only male or female, and people were not allowed to change their gender on their passport without having had a sex-change operation.

The United States dropped the surgery prerequisite for transgender people’s passports last year.

The Australian Coalition for Equality said people would now be able to travel overseas without being stopped by officials because their passport doesn’t match their public identity.

“From that point of view, it’s a huge step forward,” spokeswoman Martine Delaney said.

“It’s an incredible embarrassment to be a woman for years but still have a passport that says they’re male.”

Ms Delaney said she knew of a man who had lived as a woman for 25 years but was unable to have a sex change for medical reasons.

In this case, US customs officials had detained her because they were confused about her gender.

Ms Delaney, 53, was born a man but underwent a sex change eight years ago.

The Hobart-based transsexual spent two years in a “transition” period, but did not travel overseas during that time.

She met senior advisers to Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd at Parliament House in Canberra in July to be told about the new guidelines.

Ms Delaney commended Mr Rudd and Attorney-General Robert McClelland, saying the changes would give “greater recognition” to transgender and intersex Australians.

“The flow-on effects acknowledge these people are human beings with rights,” she said.

Under new rules unveiled on Wednesday, gender reassignment surgery will no longer be a prerequisite for “sex and gender diverse” people to get a passport identifying them the way they wish.

But they will need to present a statement from a doctor supporting their preferred gender.

The changes are expected to affect only a handful of people.

Mr Rudd said the reform was in line with the Government’s efforts to remove discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

Ms Delaney is another of those late transitioners (at age 45) and it would be safe to assume I should consider him for a Tootsie post.

And probably GallusMag’s Lazy Tranny Name Changes too whilst we are at it – Martin/Martine.

Whilst the “female” on Martin(e)’s passport might make him think he won’t get stopped by Customs & Immigration, he is dead wrong. M2T late transitioners always look like dudes in a dress (unless they spend a squillion on extensive plastic surgery to fix the face, most don’t).

Anyway, tranz might think this is all rosy and ‘affirmation of their jendah’ and that it ‘makes them real women’ etc, but it is the continuation of the fantasy and delusion they have when they look in the mirror. Big hair doth not a woman make Delaney. They are all under the delusion that they pass-so-well as their fantasy jendah.

As for Louise Pratt, she and her partner are lesbian traitors. Instead of proudly being a dyke couple and helping to end discrimination against dykes, they throw their lot into the tranz heteronormality pile. pffffft.

With all this mucky reporting, I would have liked to have heard comment from (actual, not fictional like Zoe Alan Brain) intersex persons. But no, as always, the comment comes from the trans/cuckoos who hijack anything and everything for the tranz jendah agenda. They certainly squawk the loudest.

More substandard reporting here:

UN welcomes Aust passport changes

The UN rights chief has welcomed Australia’s move to allow citizens to choose “indeterminate” as a gender option on their passports, describing it as a “victory for human rights”.

Under new guidelines released by the federal government this week, gender reassignment surgery will no longer be a pre-requisite for “sex and gender diverse” people to get a passport identifying them the way they wish.

They will need to present a statement from a doctor supporting their preferred gender, however.
Advertisement: Story continues below

“This is something that will be welcome news for many transgender and intersex people in Australia who from now on will not be required to undergo surgery or hormonal treatment in order to be able to express their gender identity,” said Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

“By its action, Australia has placed itself in the vanguard of change and has scored an important victory for human rights,” she said in a statement.

Noting that other countries including Nepal, Portugal, Britain and Uruguay also have taken measures to help transgender people or hermaphrodites get legal recognition of a gender change, or to indicate a gender other than male or female.

“I also urge other states around the world to review their own laws, policies, and practices to ensure that discrimination against transgender and intersex individuals is addressed in a systematic and effective way,” she added.

I actually would welcome GENUINE intersex persons to comment on all this. Please also refer to your organisational affiliation. (Just weeding out the faux-intersex cuckoos like Brain.)

16 thoughts on “Indeterminate sex billed as a third jendah

  1. radfemcrafts

    And lol, the hair. Do you think so many trannies look like they’re straight from the 80s ‘cos the hairstyles from the time mask receding hairlines coupled with all the shoulder pads women wore?


  2. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Well, there is something weird going on with that hair. I think it is a wig.

    The average 57yo male can’t muster that much head fuzz.
    Back to the 80s with ye, Delaney!


  3. Nicky

    I’m an intersex person and since I am not affiliated with any intersex group. I have to say that it’s good that Australia recognizes intersex people and that it’s a step in the right direction


  4. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Hi Nicky, welcome.
    It is good to hear from an intersex person about this, something ALL the papers seemed to neglect (of course they got plenty of loudmouthed tranz and tranz supporters to babble about it).

    The intersex issues are NOT tranz issues, and tranz have hijacked the intersex case for their own benefits, just like they hijack everything else.

    Nicky’s post on the passports:


  5. Nicky

    Hi DaveSquirrel,
    Oh yea their are plenty of tranz and tranz supporters, I have seen who think intersex issues are tranz issues. I have seen tranz people hijack intersex issues to the point of clouding what is intersex and what is tranz. I have seen them try an claim everything under the sun including claims that intersex is part of them or they think that intersex is part of the tranz community.

    The one thing all the media seem to forget is what do intersex people such as me think of this. They seem to look at tranz people because they seem to think that tranz is intersex. When in reality it isn’t and people are confusing intersex people with tranz people. That’s why I wonder why the media has not asked intersex people like myself but instead of tranz people and their tranz supporters who pretend to be intersex to play to the media


  6. DaveSquirrel Post author

    The “clouding of issues” is deliberate Nicky. Transjacktivists do it to garner sympathy from regular folk, like “it’s a birth defect” (and what thinking person would not feel sympathy for that). They frequently cloud the issue between biological sex and gender roles (that’s a given). They claim that their ‘gender identity’ is internal, yet have to perform it externally. The list goes on!

    There is no end to their treachery, they (try to) appropriate radfem theories and language too, for their own ends.

    Even I know that there are a few intersex orgs and support groups about, the journalists in these stories are either being extremely lazy, or are sucked in by the tranz agenda.


  7. Nicky

    Yeap and I have seen them hijack the intersex name just for the sympathy. I have seen them try everything from a birth defect to a neurological condition.They even have gone so far as to claim they are intersex like me. When they are nothing like me or have anything in common with intersex people.

    Even worse, I have seen their Transjacktivists lash out and label anyone who is against them as transphobic and bigot. Even some Transjacktivists have aimed at me and tried to label me as transphobic or bigot. It’s mind-boggling that their insanity clouds their judgement.

    Even when their are a few known intersex groups and ors, The journalist and media that is covering this story are either lazy or plain stupid that they got sucked into the tranz mentality and failed so miserably in their reporting. They failed to ask intersex people what they think, instead went to tranz people and thought tranz people where intersex people. It makes me feel like intersex people are being ignored, erased and invisible at the hands of the tranz people and their Transjacktivists. It makes you wonder why Reporters and media don’t ask Real Biological born intersex people such as myself and not tranz people or their Transjacktivists.


  8. Zoe Ellen Brain

    If you quote this information on your website, could you please attribute it to a spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

    “This new policy makes it easier for members of the sex and gender diverse community to obtain a passport in their preferred gender. Sex reassignment surgery is no longer a prerequisite to the issue of a passport in a new gender.

    The passport will show the person as either female (f) male (m) or intersex, indeterminate, unspecified (x) to reflect their preferred gender identity.

    Applicants will have to provide a statement from a medical practitioner registered with the Medical Board of Australia, or equivalent overseas authority, certifying that they have undergone, or are receiving, appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition; that they are intersex and live in a particular gender; or are of indeterminate sex.

    The policy also applies to intersex applicants who do not accept the sex assigned to them at birth and who live in a different gender, as well as those who wish to have ‘x’ appear in their passport to identify their sex as indeterminate.

    Applicants must meet all other normal passport requirements, such as providing proof of identity documents to support their identity in the wider community.

    The policy removes unnecessary obstacles to recording a person’s preferred gender in their passport. It has been developed in close consultation with the sex and gender diverse community.

    This initiative is in line with the Australian Government’s commitment to remove discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or sexual identity. ”

    This information will soon be available on the passports website. They are just in the process of updating the information.

    Kind regards,
    Dana Robertson
    Media Liaison Officer
    Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
    tel: + 61 2 6261 1555
    fax: +61 2 6261 1325


  9. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Huh? What do you mean “If”? You are the CopyPaste King Brain.
    Is your copy/paste to *prove* that there are cluess gits in government departments? We already knew that.

    The policy removes unnecessary obstacles to recording a person’s preferred gender in their passport.

    Unnecessary? wtf. I would call ‘SRS’ fairly necessary with regards to a SEX CATEGORY change, otherwise, it’s a fucking joke category, isn’t it? And where is the squirrel jendah on the aussie passports eh? Because obviously I don’t need any Squirrel Reassignment Surgery, just some quack willing to sign off on my delusion. See how fucking ridiculous the whole thing is when you confuse SEX (physical characteristics) with GENDER (a system of behaviours attributed to a sex).

    This initiative is in line with the Australian Government’s commitment to remove discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or sexual identity.”

    Again, more fucking cluelessness. 1) these changes have absolutely NOTHING to do with ‘sexual orientation’ at all, never did, don’t now. Or does it say ‘bum bandit’ on the passports now? No, it doesn’t, because it’s nothing to fucking do with sexual orientation. Sexual fetish may be, but not orientation. Unless fetish is regarded as an orientation now? I didn’t get the memo on that.

    2) And ‘sexual identity’ – again, we visit jokesville. They have removed the SRS requirement, so it is nothing to do with physical/biological sex characteristics. It is to do with ‘internal gender identity’ though, which again, has little to so with EXTERNAL sexual characteristics. I look nothing like a born-squirrel, but oh goody, I can go to some two-bit quack, slip him a few bucks, and hey presto! my internal identity is recognised as a physical characteristic!



  10. Nicky

    Typical of cut & paste Zoe Alan Bwain. Always cutting and pasting of facts to confuse and hide from people. The fact is Zoe Alan Bwain is a twanz in denial and always pretending to be intersex and pretending to have every intersex condition under the sun. Just so he can have the sympathy that Real intersex people such as myself have that Zoe Alan Bwain wishes to have, but can’t.


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