Males are cuckoos

Males are like cuckoos. Yes they are. There is a lot to be learnt about cuckoos.

First, the brood parasitism (nicked from Diki)

About 56 of the Old World species and 3 of the New World species are brood parasites, laying their eggs in the nests of other birds. These species are obligate brood parasites, meaning that they only reproduce in this fashion. In addition to the above noted species, yet others sometimes engage in non-obligate brood parasitism, laying their eggs in the nests of members of their own species in addition to raising their own young. The best-known example is the European Common Cuckoo. The shells of the eggs of brood-parasites is usually thick. They have two distinct layers with an outer chalky layer that is believed to provide resistance to cracking when the eggs are dropped in the host nest. The cuckoo egg hatches earlier than the host’s, and the cuckoo chick grows faster; in most cases the chick evicts the eggs or young of the host species. The chick has no time to learn this behavior, so it must be an instinct passed on genetically. The chick encourages the host to keep pace with its high growth rate with its rapid begging call and the chick’s open mouth which serves as a sign stimulus.

Female parasitic cuckoos specialize and lay eggs that closely resemble the eggs of their chosen host. This has been produced by natural selection, as some birds are able to distinguish cuckoo eggs from their own, leading to those eggs least like the host’s being thrown out of the nest. Host species may engage in more direct action to prevent cuckoos laying eggs in their nest in the first place – birds whose nests are at high risk of cuckoo-contamination are known to mob cuckoos to drive them out of the area. Parasitic cuckoos are grouped into gentes, with each gens specializing in a particular host. There is some evidence that the gentes are genetically different from one another. Host specificity is enhanced by the need to imitate the eggs of the host.

Wot Dave? How Dave?

Well think about it. How much time and effort do males put in into raising ‘their sons’? Very little, they get some woman to do it usually. She puts all that time and effort into raising this (male) cuckoo chick, and at the end of it, she has raised the next generation of patriarchs that will rape, terrorise and dominate other females. Unknowingly, she is contributing towards the oppression of her figurative ‘sisters and daughters’.

The mother of son(s) is given higher status than mothers of girls-only, just as all male children are routinely given preference over female children throughout their childhood, one obvious example is the importance placed on boys’ schooling, regarded as ‘important’ and girls’ schooling is regarded as much less important. In some areas of the world, girls are not even regarded as important enough to go to school (watch that video, it is fantastic). Giving mothers of boys higher status within patriarchy is a neat trick so that they make sure they put even more effort into raising boys. In places like China, with the one child policy, girls are aborted or abandoned to raise boys. This is putting far more of the mothering/parenting effort into the raising of boys.

At school or at home (the ‘nest’) boys are usually larger, and squawk louder for attention, ensuring they get more resources and attention devoted to them. See Dale Spender’s book, Invisible Women.

When they grow up, they generally don’t care if they impregnate women or not, whether consensually or via rape, they are fairly assured that the woman will be stuck with the problem of raising their kid (a better than 50% chance it will be male), and they know that society will punish that woman if she fails to deliver being “a good mother”. Rarely does any focus befall him as a “deadbeat dad”. Again, very cuckoo-like behaviour, relying on ‘someone else’ to raise and nurture your genetic offspring. Why else would some of these dudes ‘protest’ that the female they impregnated had the ‘nerve’ to ‘kill his unborn child’?

Sometimes they stick around for a few years, or ten even, to make sure the mother is bonded with the kid. He might be forced to pay something in child maintenance, but it is usually not nearly enough. He is certainly getting more childraising services than he is paying for. The level of involvement is generally up to him to decide, sometimes he chooses a lot, so that he can teach the child (usually a boy) the ways of patriarchy and misogyny.

And of course, that age-old practise whereby they cuckold another male. That again is getting someone else to raise your genetic sprog.

OK Dave, you made your point, but that post wasn’t terribly twanzphobic now was it?

I am sure I can work a bit of twanzphobia into the mix to appease my readers.

M2Ts are now currently suing organisations for discrimination, usually via sex discrimination laws that were fought for, and won by, females – to counter the many centuries discrimination the female-born have faced. That is riding on the back of what another group fought/worked for. Additionally they are trying to get more legislation in their favour, and those ‘rights’ are primarily at the expense of born-females. This is certainly the equivalent of pushing the other ‘chicks’ out of the legislative ‘nest’.

The M2T who takes the actual physical labours of a female, in usurping the biological motherhood role. The actual female who gave birth to the child sits by as the usurper gets all the fuss from the hospital staff as if he was the actual birthing mother. Meanwhile, it appears that the postpartum medical concern for the biological mother is fairly ignored. The reason for medical staff to pay attention to the birthing mother is because her body has just been through a fairly huge, taxing, and potentially fatal event. And dudes, huffing and puffing for all of five minutes to despatch a few tadpoles is hardly the same.

As feminists, or rather ‘twanzfeminists’, the M2Ts squawk the loudest as ‘the most deserving of all females to get rights’. Ignoring the plight of the majority of the actual female population. Their ‘rights’ are regarded as far more important and far more urgent, than the female-born. Once again, we are shoved out of the legislative ‘nest’.

All around, males are fairly cuckoo-like. No matter what feathers they wear.

54 thoughts on “Males are cuckoos

  1. DaveSquirrel Post author

    That they do. Most of male existence resides in sucking up female energy, or even just the energy of anybody. Lazy fuckers, they should perhaps do for themselves.
    Eternal children in one respect.


  2. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Here is a ‘good’ example. Over at GallusMag’s, BevJo was making a comment about MichFest Terrorist, Tobi Hill-Meyer.

    GallusMag replied that he says he was raised by two lesbian mothers

    Which is a clear example as to why females should not be putting time and energy into raising males. Almost all of today’s and past misogynists were raised by mothers – mothers who sacrificed their time and energy into raising them, and this is how they turn out anyway, misogynists.

    One more thing – Does “Tobi” qualify for the Lazy Tranny Name Changes? (Toby I assume!)


  3. zeph

    Great post, I love the cuckoo info.
    Personally I believe once a son is in the world it is best to love him, successful mother love will give him some resistance to the patriarchal tide. But if we could provide a way to select for girls before conception, I think many women would choose to have girls. They sperm sort, for female cows, we need to package this science in such a way that it can be made accessible to all women as a choice.


  4. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Personally I believe once a son is in the world it is best to love him, successful mother love will give him some resistance to the patriarchal tide.

    Optimistic, but rarely works. Most of the stark raving misogynists, rapists, woman-killers, ALL had ‘mother love’, and look how they turned out? And the majority (not all, but the clear majority) will, once Nigel is caught doing any of these things, defend Nigel to the hilt. Sorry, but it is delusional to think you can change ‘your little Nigel’. Tobi Hill-Meyer has to be Exhibit A, brought up by two lesbians, he should actually be up to speed on Herstory and the value of womyn-space, but no, he invades like a coloniser, just like the rest of the dudes (but does it in a dress and some lippy!!)

    The ONLY proven method to get males under control, is to restrict their numbers, and then and only then, do mothers have a shot at turning him into a non-misogynist. The magic number is when males are 30% or less of the population. Unless you are working with that sex ratio, you are wasting your time, deluding yourself that Little Johnny will turn out all right and not exploit/rape/beat/murder the next generation of females.

    This is a lot of the point of this post actually. That patriarchy is already using woman-energy in raising the next batch of patriarchs. I want women to take the blinkers off, and realise the con game already in play. Little Johnny will turn out just as rotten as the rest of them. The women of PNG had it right.


  5. zeph

    I don’t think Johnny will turn out all right, not for one minute, puberty will have its way with him. I think he will turn out better than if he is an abused child! Men use child abuse to break the spirit of all children, making system compliant, deranged adults. It is an essential part of the political structure of the pats. So abusing kids is conforming to patriarchal edicts and doing their dirty work for them.
    Non mothers can’t ask mothers to make a PNG sacrifice, without appearing to be worse than the men! All the women in PNG were mothers themselves. Feminists can suggest that women choose girls pre-conception though. So my personal focus would be on obtaining better population ratios for women by male foetus prevention.


  6. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Zeph, are you believing that most abusers have been abused themselves? When female children are abused twice as much? That theory leaks like a sieve.

    Of course, pre-conception selection is the way forward, failing that, early pregnancy termination. The women of PNG did not have either of those available to them, so they had to go with infantcide.

    The other option, is to give the male child to the patriarchs to raise. It is going to turn out rotten anyway, so why waste energy and ‘love’ on it, only to see it come out a lemon at the other end?


  7. zeph

    Yes, I think most abusers have been abused themselves, women who abuse have almost always suffered severe abuse in their own childhood, women have more natural resistance to becoming abusers though.

    I think twice as many female children will *admit* to being abused, but attractive boys are abused as much, if not more often in childhood, than girls. Women are abused more than men, but in children, were both are vulnerable, small and fairly indistinguishable, the picture is different. I also believe almost all children have ben abused but do not remember it, or the extent of it. Memories from childhood are very ephemeral, that is why I see child abuse as a political system rather than a series of disconnected deviant acts.

    Women who have invested nine months in pregnancy, risked their lives in labour, in order to genetically invest in the future, will find it very difficult to hand their children over to men; who may well crush them completely. Mothers suffer prolonged trauma when they are made to hand over any child. In a sense, once the child is born, her energies and wellbeing are forfeit no matter what she does. Remember the women in PNG were in close up and extreme circumstances, they would never do this as a matter of course.

    So practically, as you say, the male foetus prevention, and pregnancy termination (already being used by men against female foetuses) seem the best options.


  8. The Masked Lily

    I don’t buy the “abused become abusers” theory. I was sexually abused and my friends who have also been abused physically verbally or sexually all, if anything, seem to be more compassionate and careful not to harm others even than people who have never experienced abuse. Personally, firsthand I know that I feel extreme pain myself if I think I’ve caused someone harm.

    Of course some abusers were abused, but to think that abuse causes people to turn into abusers only hurts abuse victims even more.

    Most abusers are male. I’d say patriarchy itself is the cause of abuse, it’s just the unmasked venom of patriarchy in many cases.

    No wonder the vast majority of rapists and abusers get away with it.


  9. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Women who have invested nine months in pregnancy, risked their lives in labour, in order to genetically invest in the future, will find it very difficult to hand their children over to men; who may well crush them completely.

    Better to invest only the nine months, than to waste 20+ years on a futile endeavour. It is wishful thinking to think you can have much effect on male children, given wider society. Plenty of feminists and caring mothers have tried, it has proven futile. Including lesbian couples (two mothers, that is double mothering) and you still end up with a little shit like Tobi. What a slap in the face that would be huh?

    This is what I mean, all that mothering effort, and they end up ‘working’ for patriarchy anyway. So if patriarchy is going to get them anyway, patriarchy can damn well put the effort into raising them, insteading of cuckooing women, stealing their childraising labours, to ultimately work against all females in successive generations. And besides, the survival rate might not be that high if left to the males to raise males, most of them can’t even look after themselves, let alone anyone else.

    Also, ‘genetic investment’ isn’t the be-all end-all. I would have preferred to adopt an unwanted female child, if my circumstances had enabled me. At least with a ready-made, you can guarantee the sex, and not leave it to chance.


  10. ennadai

    I thought all my nephews were lovely and loving little boys. I just adored them, sweet little children until they were about six. Then the malearchy sets in and you can actually watch them in desperation try not to do anything “girls do”. You can see this happening with little boys, in grade one classrooms. At that age, they are just trying to survive. I don’t know what can be done about it, so they don’t turn out like Fab’s expectations, because she’s right.


  11. ennadai

    I absolutely want to see your stats on this. I think it’s just that when little boys are abused, it matters, they are “told” they were abused, Little girls are told they are whiny, lying and seductive. There’s even a case in Canada where the rapist was let off, with the judge saying the 5-yr old girl seduced him. Although it was legally righted, it’s never going to change. That is “why” little girls are put in bikinis; their ROLE from about 18mos old IS TO BE seductive. They are fuckbots from the time they don’t need to hang onto furniture to walk, and the men who rape, sexual assault and terrorize them are more often close family members get de facto pedophiles.

    “but attractive boys are abused as much, if not more often in childhood, than girls.”


  12. ennadai

    Sorry don’t know where my fingers were there…

    “men who rape, sexually assault and terrorize (girls) are more often close family members than de facto pedophiles.”


  13. Thursday's Child

    Dave Squirrel, you’ve got it right. I sometimes liken men to cars. They are both like and unlike cars. With a car, it can’t go anywhere unless you put gas in it. Once you do though, you can get in it and drive where *you* want to go. Men, like cars, can’t go anywhere unless you put “gas” (female time, love, energy, attention) into them. But unlike cars, once they are “gassed up”, they go where *they* want to go, not where *you* want them to go. Men use the energy of positive maternal love, time, attention *against* women in the form of male supremacy, misogyny, rape, when they get big enough to. That is, they convert good energy into bad. The only way to stop that from happening is not to supply the good energy in the first place.
    Women usually only abuse if they themselves have been abused. With men, the dynamic is different. They either abuse or enforce patriarchy in more “gentle” ways whether they have been abused or not because it is the only way to maintain their beloved patriarchy.


  14. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Woooo! A whole pile of comments just out of mod!

    I wanted to revisit what I said earlier, and just clarify a bit more:
    <i.Better to invest only the nine months, than to waste 20+ years on a futile endeavour.
    In other words, it is a ‘cut your losses’ type decision.

    Ennadai, I think it happens even earlier than the age of six, probably around 18mths-2yrs. There are of course exceptions, always exceptions, to any rule. I had a much younger male cousin who was lovely, and basically remained lovely. But, he is an exception, not the rule. Most of the rest of my cousins were typical dudes, including one wannabe rapist. And that one is still a right prick. He was also the most spoilt and privileged out of the bunch too.

    Getting back to the “abused becoming abusers” (acknowledging ML) but taking up a point with zeph –
    I think twice as many female children will *admit* to being abused, but attractive boys are abused as much, if not more often in childhood, than girls.

    The generally accepted figures (off the top of my head) are 20% of boys, 40% of girls. I really doubt that it is just because girls are willing to come forward with this, we know that girls are minimised and not believed, so what here is the motivation that more girls will come forward? There is none. Boys on the other hand, if they tell, they are believed, and their victimhood is taken most seriously.

    Nor do I think, in ‘abused becoming abusers’ that females are ‘more immune’ to this. It is has for a while now, become a popular defence for males to claim they were abused, and hence they turned out to be abusers. Most of these claims are false (men lie, in case no one got the memo), and in human terms, most abused develop more empathy for other abused persons, rather than becoming abusers. And think about it. A significant portion of the female population has been raped, sexually abused, or on the receiving end of male violence. More females than males, significantly more. Frankly, it is more surprising that females aren’t out there gunning down masses of males (yet many mass shootings are male perps, female victims). We females have far more ‘justification’ than males do, to seek out revenge for the wrongs done to us. It isn’t female immunity, it is more that males either lie about the root causes, or are more susceptible to turn from abused to abuser. The actual ‘human’ response is to develop more empathy, which would hint that males generally don’t achieve human status.

    Anyway, chuck these huge ugly cuckoo chicks out of the nest. Don’t waste your time, energy, love on them, there is absolutely no proof that ‘feminist-aware love’ makes even a hill of beans in stopping them join their brothers in oppressing other females. Which is the whole point. In the picture, that brown bird is dutifully feeding the cuckoo chick. That cuckoo chick will grow into a cuckoo, not a brown bird. See what I mean here???


  15. Bev Jo

    Oh Dave,

    This post is brilliant! Yes, males are cuckoos. We’d written years ago in our book and earlier articles about Lesbians and women giving birth to our enemy, to those who may someday sexually assault and even kill them or their sisters. Another aspect is that many of these men will later have the power to incarcerate their mothers in mental institutions and nursing homes. 85% of Lesbian’s who get pregnant have males. It’s like a science fiction nightmare.

    I remember the story of the Lesbian activist murdered by her son.

    Yes, most men, most rapists, torturers, murderers were raised by loving mothers who tried so hard to make them be good. Ted Bundy talked about his loving family. Ted, who worked at the rape crisis center and who was so praised as a good man and feminist. Ted, who raped and murdered countless little girls and women.

    I always say, you never know what they are doing when alone with babies and animals….

    And about the abused becoming abuser? Another excuse for men. If that was the case, then most women would be serial rapists and murderers.

    No, please, feminists who support the men. Listen to the men. They tell us it is biology. They ought to know.

    Yes, stop feeding and supporting the cuckoos who are out to harm you and our kind. Finally, put females before males.

    Oh, and I will say forever, that men claiming to be Lesbians are the absolutely worst of the men.

    Is that “twansphobic” enough? I can go on….


  16. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Well, my twanzphobic tack-on was merely the after-thought to the post. But it serves well, with the likes of Tobi. My gawd, could you imagine being the mother of that brat? ewwww

    I think the high incidence of lesbians having sons is due to the artificial insemination route. They line up some dude to be the sperm donor, duly collect the swimmers, then, in an effort to make sure they get pregnant, do it right on ovulation day. That right there will sway the odds significantly into having a non-female. They need to read up, the recommended is to inseminate ones self about three days before ovulation, and heavily sway in favour of females.

    But yeah, I am so well aware, so many lesbian-feminists, inseminate themselves, have males, and insist that because they are both lesbians and feminists, that Johnny will turn out just fine. Nope. Not at all. Johnny will just as likely turn out just like most of them, regardless of their feminist/lesbian status, which does prove that all this extra special attention to make them turn out right is futile. (Futile seems the buzz word of this post/thread).

    It is more or less a moot point on whether it is nature or nuture, nuture in this case being the influence of wider society, patriarchy.

    To all lesbians, who manage to line up a sperm donor, ffs, make sure you inseminate yourself three days before ovulation NOT at ovulation. I am sure that sperm donor will happily jack off next month. It’s not like sperm is a rare commodity.

    I have to put it bluntly. If you care about female liberation, you will not put your futile efforts into raising sons. They will still turn out to be rotten. Despite best intentions.


    1. sellmaeth

      I’ll just link this:

      “With use of the shift in the basal body temperature as a reference point, a study of the effects of time and type of insemination was carried out on 1318 conception cycles.The sex ratio was found to change significantly during the menstrual cycle both in natural and in artificial insemination, although the trends were opposite. In natural insemination the proportion of male births diminished from 68 per cent six or more days before, to 44 per cent on the day of the shift. In artificial insemination the proportion increased from 39 per cent three or more days before, to 62 per cent the day of the shift.”

      That suggests that there is a difference. I don’t know why – maybe it is connected to how long a way the little swimmers have to swim?


  17. Thursday's Child

    LOL, DaveSqirrel. Actually I said cars can be driven, but men can’t. They can only be filled with fuel.
    Brilliant post! I’m not sure the relevance of my comment to this post was understood.


  18. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Yeah, but I want to drive them off the cliff.
    That was the visual in my head, when you floated the car metaphor.
    Stick it in drive, put a brick on the pedal, and watch it plunge to its mangled doom.

    You can see that I still have ‘issues’ with the ending of Thelma and Louise.


  19. The Masked Lily

    The most cuckoo-like of all is the trans community. it laid a huge, gender-policing egg in the LGB movement and has been parasitic ever since. I used to gingerly try to accept T as part of the umbrella, but after a lot of thought .. no. and after being told by a “transwoman” that I am a bigot for not wanting to sleep with a “woman that has a penis”? definitely no..


  20. DaveSquirrel Post author

    and after being told by a “transwoman” that I am a bigot for not wanting to sleep with a “woman that has a penis”?

    Yep. Plain lunacy innit? Either you are attracted to male bodies, or you are not. Male bodies include penises. I note that they don’t force themselves on males that way (“accept a [trans]woman with a penis, lest you be transphobic”). They generally don’t try pulling that crap on het males, lest they get their heads bashed in. And so terribly strange, that it seems to be primarily females who are ‘guilty’ of the ‘crime’ of ‘transphobia’. Again, they don’t pull that shit on males lest they get their heads bashed in.

    And yep, transjacktivists have been a very parasitic element in the LGB[T]. They snuck in, then managed to take over the agenda of the LGB[T] nest.


  21. Bev Jo

    If you’re not part of the cult, and you let your common sense come through, it is all so clear!

    Yes, off the cliff, Rodent Dave! Oh I hated “Thelma and Louise.” Great that one shot a rapist, but really, what a woman-hating, anti-feminist film! The lesson was to stay home with your man, too afraid to even go out for a weekend with a female friend — or you both will pay with your life. No woman is as stupid as they were shown. One is almost raped and then lets a man fuck her and steal the money that would save them. And no way would there be an armada of police chasing them down — but women are supposed to be too stupid to realize that. What a hateful film, yet so many women with the bumper sticker, “Thelma and Louise on Board.” Meanwhile, the real feminist film gets picketed by Lesbians on behalf of trannies: “Silence of the Lambs.” Not one het scene, yet a close loving relationship shown between the main character and her best friend, suggesting they might be Lesbians. It’s the woman who solves it all, and the enemy is the man who skins women in order to steal their identity. Nen in it are shown as not too bright or dangerous, while the women are brilliant. That film has certainly worn well after 20 years.

    And save the environment, and don’t reproduce! Then there’s no worrying about what if it’s a male. No alien sci fi babies!


  22. DaveSquirrel Post author

    And no way would there be an armada of police chasing them down

    Actually, it is metaphoric – that the ‘full force of the law will come down on baaaad women’ – which is very true. When women transgress, they are punished more severely.


  23. iamnotanumber06

    This is the stupidest post you’ve written to date. Now I’m convinced that this is a crass spoof site to mock radical feminists.


  24. Bev Jo

    Last night I was on a nature walk where the group was taught about a particular small animal, allowed to hold one, and then went to look for wild ones at Mt. Diablo. We found one, admired it, let it walk on us, and then one of the boys in the group threw rocks at it. I said, “That’s terrible,” (meaning I wanted to do more than throw rocks at the litte prick), and a very middle-class-looking white woman said patronizingly to me, “He’s a little boy.” I said, “Girls don’t do that to animals.” There is so much more I wanted to say, about how that is so much of what most boys are like. An African-American woman said that that is why she’s afraid to walk on nature trails alone — because of men. We talked a while about male violence. And there was the common dynamic yet again: Male violence in front of us, and a woman defending the male right to kill animals for whatever reason.

    If only they were recognized for the incredibly dangerous parasites that they are….


  25. DaveSquirrel Post author

    I should have added “just stop commenting”.

    You have no radfem credentials, so why the fuck should we pay any attention to you as to what is radfem and what is not? Care to offer up any RF credentials? Besides the “Hello World” post?

    I get incredibly BORED with critical comments that just swing by to say either “I don’t like that” or “radical feminism, yer doin it wrong”. Particularly with no actual analysis (or credentials) attached.

    Nor am I motivated with ‘pleasing people’, something females are trained to do. I really don’t give a shit.

    I decline to publish any more time wasting comments such as these, not because “oh I am sooo scared of criticism” but because it bores the hell out of me. Either offer up reasonable counter points, or fuck the hell off my blog. I am under no obligation to publish all comments. I am not a public service. Besides, you confuse me with someone who gives a damn with what you think. I don’t.


  26. Thursday's Child

    a very middle-class-looking white woman said patronizingly to me, “He’s a little boy.”

    What the hell is that supposed to mean? That it’s OK for a living thing to suffer at his hands because “he’s a little boy.” Or that you’re supposed to focus on his supposedly “precious” status as a “little boy” rather than his violence? Cruelty to animals is an early sign of a later serial killer. If they don’t do something about this kid they may very well have dead women on their hands a decade or two later.


  27. Sargasso Sea

    Re “Artificial Insemination” and Lesbians.

    Please, wider radical feminist online community, correct me if I’m wrong but it seems that I am the only one with first-hand experience being a Lesbian who has been alternatively inseminated, so I speak as a woman with some authority on the subject.

    Frankly, I am sick to death of the claim that 85% of Lesbians have boy children and the implication that there is some greater conspiracy beyond that of the status quo: women, as a class, being lied to about their reproductive organs.

    The truth of the matter is that it’s a 50-50 shot. Can you play around with vaginal ph and days before/after ovulation? Knock yourself out, but when you are a lesbian who DOES NOT WANT a boy child, you have to face the reality that you have a 50-50 shot of getting one. And it’s the gamble of a lifetime.

    Also, “artificial” implies that PIV is “natural” and I’m pretty disappointed (and kind of pissed off) that I feel the need to point it out.


  28. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Can you play around with vaginal ph and days before/after ovulation? Knock yourself out, but when you are a lesbian who DOES NOT WANT a boy child, you have to face the reality that you have a 50-50 shot of getting one. And it’s the gamble of a lifetime.

    Well, if the ovulation timing does have as much effect as speculated, then as I theorised above, some of that could be due to lesbians primarily inseminating theirselves bang-on ovulation or just after (which would have the same effect), resulting in a greater chance of a cuckoo. Yep, big gamble. Even at the 50-50, (106:100), still a big gamble.

    And looky, Sar-on-warpath, no use of the word ‘artificial’ before the word ‘insemination’. 😛
    You can love me again now.
    And I will strike out the word above…!!!


  29. Sargasso Sea

    And looky, Sar-on-warpath

    Never stopped luving. 😛 But, really, until we have our own (read: female funded feminist) research on the subject I won’t trust any of it.

    And, for clarity’s sake, our insemination process was facilitated by one of the Feminist Women’s Health Center locations (said network founded back in ye olde 1970s by feminists Carol Downer and Lorraine Rothman) with “washed samples” (contaminant-free sperm from an Anonymous donor suspended in an inert medium) and placed intrauterine in a sterile, Lesbian friendly environment.

    Chonky and I (not to mention The Kid) were one of the *Lucky 15ers* I guess…


  30. cherryblossomlife

    Boys do treat animals differently from a certain age. Up until about the age of 2, boys see beauty and life in flowers and butterflies just like girls, but they’re stunted by society at some point around that age. I read that children as young as 18 months identify with their gender. After that, I do believe it’s the social messages they receive to a certain extent. But yes, boy and girl toddlers behave so differently it’s striking.


  31. Bev Jo

    Julia Penelope wrote about the 85% boys and my understanding is that the cause is from the X-carrying sperm being a lot heavier because of having more genetic material. So, if the foul material collected from the male is stored in a way in which the lighter Ys rise to the top, it makes sense there will be males produced. It certainly seems reflected in what I seem among Lesbian.

    But really, I think it’s outrageous for our beloved and courageous Dave to be criticized over which terms she has used about any female choosing to get pregnant. Taking any risk whatsoever to make another male is like giving a death sentence to the planet. There are too many humans as it is! And what are the chances that another male will do horrible, irreparable things? Very good, from what I can tell.

    I do not believe for a minute that it is socialization that causes boys to torture, rape, and kill from their earliest ages. Male animals do it, male humans do it. Men and boys know it. Even many non-feminist women know it. It’s usually only Feminists who try to come up with reasons to explain/defend males from it being obvious that it is simply in their nature to be evil.


  32. cherryblossomlife

    you may be right, Bev Jo, about males being innately evil. Until we live in a matriarchy, there’s no way of knowing for sure.Until we actually are somehow able to cull men down to about 20% of the population, I have to believe there is *some* hope 🙂


  33. Thursday's Child

    In insemination, there may also be an excess of boys produced because the sperm is placed directly into the uterus. I read somewhere once that more X sperm than Y survive a swim up the vagina because the vagina is acidic and X sperm fare better than Y sperm in an acidic environment. However, more Y sperm than X survive a swim through the uterus because the uterus is alkaline and Y sperm fare better than X sperm in an alkaline environment. So if the sperm was just placed on the surface of the vulva rather than all the way up into the uterus, there might be more girls born from the procedure.


  34. Sargasso Sea

    Bev Jo, Dave is a big squirrel and decide for him/herself if my reaction to the “artificial” business is worthy or not in this venue.

    I appreciate that you have observed many, many lesbians giving birth to boys but my observations and personal experience are more in line with a 50-50 ratio just as with non-lesbians. The *research* at the time claimed all sorts of things about X and Y and ph (much of what has been mentioned here) but, in the practical experience of the Center there was not the kind of success with pre-ovulation insemination as was being touted by Fertility Specialist’s research. Mind you, the research FS were doing at the time (and always really) was aimed at AVOIDING females.


  35. The Masked Lily

    I think in the future I hope to adopt, but I wonder..

    How early in a pregnancy can the sex of the unborn child be determined?

    If a woman under patriarchy finds herself pregnant with a male, very early in her pregnancy, and she takes herbs that naturally terminate the pregnancy, is that immoral?

    Considering that we’re losing so many women to FTM trending and rape and murder and human trafficking, would it be wrong to select for a girl?

    I have mixed feelings about it, because it’s sort of eugenic.. But with all the violence perpetrated on women in this world, a male fetus being rejected by a woman’s body in a natural way though induced (I’m against abortion because it’s like rape, the procedure hurts women..) pales in comparison. At least the fetus likely wouldn’t feel any pain


  36. The Masked Lily

    I forgot to add that what I just said really only applies to lesbian parents, because adoption seems the sanest option, and I would never judge any woman for having an abortion.


  37. Sargasso Sea

    really only applies to lesbian parents, because adoption seems the sanest option

    You’re right about adoption being the sure-fire way to have a girl, however, in a lot of jurisdictions in the US lesbians cannot adopt at all or with the proviso that only *one single woman* can be recognized as the legal parent. Just another way that men make the hoops extremely difficult to jump through and it’s getting worse by the minute.

    In our case (more than 10 years ago), and for various reasons, it was very important that both of us be recognized as legal parents and insemination was the only way we could hope to achieve that without quiting our jobs and moving many states away.


  38. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Bev Jo, Dave is a big squirrel and decide for him/herself if my reaction to the “artificial” business is worthy or not in this venue.

    Yes, Dave is a big enough squirrel.
    I took your point onboard Sar, and your homework for this evening is to come up with more lesbian-friendly terms! “AI” is the term used in farming, and as menz don’t see much difference between a human female and a cow, the term crossed usage. I was thinking along the lines of “manual insemination” as the alternative.

    Masked Lily, the simple answer is that is it not wrong. It is certainly not wrong given the current climate of violence against females, it is not wrong given the very long history of female infantcide and selective abortion. Countries like China are approaching 120:100 now. With only a few exceptions, it seems that male domination (politics, violence) will continue whilst the populations are roughly 50:50. The magic number I keep floating is (from countries in Africa, where the males have largely killed themselves off by warring with each other) about 30:70, which is roughly two females per male. Then they seem to be able to be less of a violent/dominating problem.

    And just think… M2Ts should be very very happy with our selective abortions for females… it will save them from “being born into the wrong body”!!! (but truthfully, many of them under the twanz parasol actually like being male, hang on to their dick literally and figuratively, and just play the pretty dress-ups). So of course my statement will be deemed twanzphobic. There is no winning with that crowd. Bunch of whingers.


  39. twanzmooselike

    Blackface stunt could prompt human rights complaint
    By Giuseppe Valiante, QMI Agency

    MONTREAL – A McGill University student said he will file a human rights complaint after witnessing a blackface stunt at a prestigious business school.

    Anthony Morgan was walking by the Universite de Montreal campus Wednesday afternoon when he witnessed around 15 white students from its business school painted entirely in black and wearing colours of the Jamaican flag.

    He said the students were chanting “Smoke more weed,” and that one of them was holding a stuffed monkey.

    He shot video of the students and posted it on YouTube. He also said he will file a complaint with the province’s human rights commission.

    “They used skin colour as a costume,” Morgan said. “But black skin isn’t a costume, it’s part of a person’s humanity.”


  40. twanzmooselike
    Blacks protest White woman hired to head Black Canadian living museum

    “You would never get a man hired as the executive director of a women’s organization. It would be unheard of. It just wouldn’t happen,” he said Thursday.

    “Yet to have a white person as the executive director of a black organization seems appropriate to some people. I disagree.”


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  42. Bev Jo

    It’s happening to women, Lesbians, and people oppressed by racism. A man is the director of a Lesbian clinic in San Francisco, which is now bankrupt and closing. Men have taken over “women’s studies” classes. It is all an outrage and part of the increasing right wing.

    Appropriation of the oppressed by the oppressor is evil and wrong. Stealing identity is one of the worst things someone can do.


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