Cha-cha Chaz – not a dude!

Our F2T twanzicon here at TSR is the ever-public Chaz Bono, formerly Chastity, formerly a dyke, but now supposedly a manz in a het relationship. Pictured above in rehearsals for the TV programme, Dancing with the Stars.

Yesterday’s Daily Mail posted a story, vaguely on Chaz’ part in the programme, but mainly about her cheeze buying habits at a local supermarket.

It’s news!!! Yep, Chaz buys cheese! Now wait a minute, I don’t recall any other ‘news’ stories about anyone else buying cheeze, what’s going on? Well, reading the Chaz story, we find:

His professional dancing partner Lacey Schwimmer revealed last week that Chaz has managed to lose 5lbs in the first six days of rehearsals.

She told People magazine: ‘He’s lost five pounds in six days. It’s so great. He says he’s not eating any differently, he’s just dancing.’

The ample supply of cheese Chaz bought today, however, may not help him achieve a Kirstie Alley-style turnaround.

The former Cheers! actress, who made the finals in the last season of the show, shed a considerable number of pounds thanks to the extra exercise, coupled with healthy eating.

Ah, it’s about overweight celebrities losing weight on DWTS is it? Just like the two stone that (dumbass ‘sexologist’) Pamela Stephenson lost on the similar UK programme “Strictly Come Dancing”

Coincidentally, both Alley and Stephenson are about the same age, 60. You would think that women of 60 could just let it be, and let nature take its course, but apparently not, a 65yo great-grandmother gets breast augmentation and goes from an A to an F, so she can date males young enough to be her grandsons. Not just the boobs of course, women apparently have to watch for “nickles” (knee wrinkles) and go for surgery if, shock horror, their knees are wrinkly (and I thought I had heard it all). We pause a moment whilst I return my rolling eyes back into their sockets.

Yep, the news is full of it. We track celebrities to see what they are eating in order to ‘stay slim’ – and yikes, look at some of those calorie counts, well below 1,000 – that is starvation diet levels in order to ‘stay slim’. The ‘gold standard’ is the bikini body, and female celeb’s are constantly judged as to how well they look in a bathing suit. Woe betide any female celeb’ that doesn’t make the cut, even just months after the birth of a baby (sometimes I have even seen stories of weeks after).

Yet we never get the same level of body obsession reported in the meeja about male celeb’s, like Ricky Gervais (not far behind Chaz in terms of size)

Gervais could be Chaz’s brother, no?

Anyway, it is clear that meeja scrutiny is primarily reserved for females, and that same scrutiny filters down to all females on a day-to-day level.

Getting back to Chaz, so why the departure from ignoring overweight dudes?

It is because everyone, including the meeja, know and are treating Chaz fairly much like any other female. They know that this twanzjendah ‘manz’ thing is just baloney, and cannot help but to report on HER just as if she wasn’t wearing any ‘mansuit’. All this gender malarkey counts for shit, biological sex is where female oppression really resides, covered up by gender roles. Most F2Ts do the gender dress-ups in order to escape female gender roles. No way baby, you are stuck with it.

In the Chaz/DWTS story, they prattled how ‘he’ [sic] was the first transgender person on the show. In the same story, they mentioned David Arquette was also on the show. Damn, they could have gotten that other meeja-whore, DragQueen Arquette. And speaking of DragQueen Arquette, the man-standards of beauty critique are used here too. What born-female could get away with having such a horseface and not have it commented upon?

See. The standards of meeja reporting are along SEX lines, NOT gender lines.

The meeja don’t believe you. Neither do I.
M2Ts are treated differently to FABs and F2Ts.

We cannot escape our biology.

39 thoughts on “Cha-cha Chaz – not a dude!

  1. DaveSquirrel Post author

    The M2Ts always claim to win at the Oppression Olympics, that they as M2Ts have it “much much worse than born females”. Which is bullshit, and this story proves it bullshit. Horseface Arquette never ever gets picked on for his hideous looks, yet Chaz gets scrutinised for a couple of chunks of cheese, and the hint that he’d better lose some weight?

    The only Gold Medal the M2Ts are going to get is the Gold Medal in Bullshit.


  2. DaveSquirrel Post author

    And another thing. We keep getting told NOT to judge the appearance of ‘poor widdle twanzwomen’ yaddah yaddah. See, it’s right here in this Twanz document.

    Tuff shit. Because born-females are subject to it from kindergarten.
    If they want ‘womanhood’ so much, they can damn well put up with the whole fucking lot.


  3. rebel13

    I’m all for sexual equality and everything but I’m not sure I want to see Ricky Gervais in a bikini.

    And shame on you for MOCKING the VERY SERIOUS MEDICAL PROBLEM of NINKLES. Why, it makes some women afraid to wear dresses with hemlines above the knees!

    I think I shall write the UN about this.


  4. radfemcrafts

    Kelly Osbourne’s another one who received a ton of press for dropping weight on DWTS. Obviously she too is a woman. I have a feeling your point’s stronger than we think given probably none of us watch these shows or follow the press around them.


  5. twanzmooselike

    What!? Write the UN!1!!11!!! When did you plan this?!!11

    TYPICAL cis-cheesy behavior. Did you think giving us short notice would get you off the hook? I have to get a pedicure, manicure, eyebrows waxed, nose hairs ploughed, beard pluched, boobs fluffed. NO condisderation at all for the REAL needs of a feminine-like woman.

    My god the inhumanity.


  6. DaveSquirrel Post author

    The bit that the M2Ts cannot seem to comprehend, is the pressure, since girlhood (more obvious now) to ‘be pretty’. It has an effect on all females growing up, whether they participate or not.

    Then, growing older, the double bind – if you do not participate in all the (timewasting and super expensive) ‘beauty’ crap, you get a hard time for not conforming. If you do conform, and waste time and money on this crap, then you are judged as frivilous and obsessed with your appearance. Can’t win, the system is designed that way.

    The M2Ts don’t get that either, because a huge portion of them are self-obsessed narcissists – and I actually think that is part of the appeal of ‘playing woman’, is to indulge in all the appearance stuff. ie That’s what they think ‘being woman’ is all about.

    That appearance obsession is outlined by “Gregory Gorgeous“, whereby he is proud to be “better looking than your girlfriends”. We yawn and go bully for him. Yet, he’s in a bit of a nasty surprise when he gets a bit older, and his unwrinkled skin starts getting wrinkles. Of course, Gregory Gorgeous will probably just revert back to full time manz about then – something that we born-females cannot do. We cannot escape the ROLE ASSIGNED to us. Chaz has tried, but clearly, has not escaped the female prison, as outlined by the cheese-gate shopping incident (zmog, she’s buying cheese!)


  7. Rainbow Riot

    Thank you for noticing how the media is treating Chaz like a woman. I thought it was strange, but I didn’t really make the connection. Also, ZOMG BUYING CHEESE IN PUBLIC!!!1 HOW UNLADYLIKE! HOW WILL ‘HE’ EVER LOOK LIKE KIRSTIE ALLEY NOW???!
    I actually find it sad that a perfectly acceptable dyke felt the need to go twanz. I think the problem is lesbophobia on an unprecedented scale. It’s okay to be bisexual (as long as your main relationships are always with men), it’s okay to be a gay man or a fake woman packing penis, but if you’re a butch lesbian then you just “want to be a man, really.” I wonder if butch lesbians are being pushed to transition?
    I hate that our identities as FABs are under attack – we are not allowed to be ourselves; we are forced to adopt a male-centric identity: either we must perform “femininity” or “become men.” Both options are unacceptable and damaging IMHO.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. cherryblossomlife

    OMG doesn’t it look weird when you substitute a person with a womanesque appearance buying cheese for a person with a mannish appearance doing the same. I’ve never EVER seen pictures of male celebrities shopping and and then have the article comment on their weight.
    This post was really insightful


  9. GallusMag

    It’s the same double standard with freedom of speech. Male Trans write article after article, blog after blog about women. What women are like. What is womanly. What are female characteristics. What it “feels like” to be Female. But females aren’t allowed to write a single fucking word in response to them. If they do it’s a fucking “hate crime”. Disbelieving in Jesus is one thing, but disbelieving in Gender? Holy shit they’ll talk about bashing you in the head with a Louisville Slugger. They’ll say your lack of faith is like an act of murder.
    I’m getting comment after comment at my blog about how it’s a “hate crime” for me to report on the males who have widely written about how they sneak into the MWMF. Everything in my report comes form the men themselves, including the photos which they posted publicly to publicize their anti-woman activism. And yet it’s a HATE CRIME for me to write about their public actions. Sheila Jeffreys was right. It really is McCarthyism. One of the trans featured in that post wrote on his own blog how shocked he was that I allowed him to post so many comments in response to my article. These guys are shocked when, unlike them- who do not permit women to speak and comment, who INSIST that females NOT have the right to speak and comment- a blogger like myself lets them speak. Totally shocked. Because to them females interrupt their gender fantasy when they allow us to speak. We must be silenced at any cost.
    These guys have no intention of being female. They don’t want to be “Gennies” or Cissies” which are the words they call females. They want to fetishize the sex-roles they force us in to and invented. They want to fetishize and appropriate our bodies. AND they want to hold onto their male privilege, which they do.


  10. DaveSquirrel Post author

    These guys have no intention of being female. They don’t want to be “Gennies” or Cissies” which are the words they call females. They want to fetishize the sex-roles they force us in to and invented. They want to fetishize and appropriate our bodies. AND they want to hold onto their male privilege, which they do.

    Yes indeed GM, for most it is based on some sort of fetish, either the autogynephilia or worshipping the gender roles forced upon females (by males). And yes, they still retain their male privilege, because most do not pass that well. Even the Law agrees that they are still males, the speed with which pro-trans legislation has been issued has been astounding – I keep reminding everyone that it took females 80 years (sometimes longer) of highly visible protest just to get the vote. Tranz just click the finger, and laws that over ride born-females are put into place overnight, no protests needed. That is male privilege.

    And this whole report, about Chaz, proves that F2Ts may THINK they are escaping the female subjugation, but they are not. Horseface never ever gets any criticism (except from me) about his appearance. If he was FAB, he would get lots of stories about his ugly face or hideous make-up.

    No, M2Ts don’t want to be ‘gennies’ (genetic females) or ‘cissies’ (‘cis’-females) at all. The only ones being sucked into this gender lie are the libfems who support M2Ts as ‘one of us’. They are not. They never will be. Even the Daily Mail knows they aren’t really female.


  11. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Hi Rainbow Riot, just got your comment out of mod.

    Yes to what you said, it is definitely a lot of lesbian erasure going on – the Chaz ‘story’ is a prime example, when she goes from being a dyke in an openly lesbian relationship to ‘a manz’ in a heterosexual relationship. Goodbye open lesbianism. This is 101 people! And that is one of the prime reasons that ‘transgender’ is a bad thing for the LGB[T] community, all that visibility and acceptance is being written away.

    As for FAB invisibility, yes there again. We are told constantly (by twanzjacktivists) that ‘poor widdle twanzwomen have it much much worse than FABs’. This is bullshit, because we can see that M2Ts really don’t have the wider policing that FABs are subject to. Horseface being Exhibit A. And yep, I am being really nasty, judging him on appearance, but we FABs have it every fucking day of our lives. It is policing of FAB lives, so that we adhere to the femininity mandate and the fuckability mandate. Some of us really object to this double standard, and want to be able to BUY CHEESE, lots and lots of CHEESE. And let ourselves go into blobs if we want. Certainly, we don’t want to slap on an inch-thick coat of ClownFace. And buy CHEESE whilst we are frumping around without ClownFace.

    I routinely buy cheese, without ClownFace, and look frumpy at every opportunity. 😛


  12. fwancis

    Gotta love this caption for another photo on the Daily Mail article: “Casual: Bono, who recently underwent a female-to-male sex change wore a blue T-short and green shorts”. What an informative comment for the fashion-followers among us (although I would have added that Chaz also seemed to be wearing “green shoes”). This type of relentless fashion commentary looks so bizarre when a man (ostensibly) is on the receiving end, because they just aren’t targeted the way all female celebs are at all times. Gee, I wonder why “he” seems to be the exception?

    On the other hand, it struck me how empty the caption is of commentary – where are the suggestions of what the celeb’s inspiration must be, the speculation as to why they chose this outfit, the minute descriptions of clothing type, colour, pattern, texture, the analysis of what it all MEANS? I think this is the point where the Daily Mail accepts Chaz’ preferred jendah. She is considered female enough to be a target for fashion commentary, but male enough to avoid the ridiculous analysis in favour of ridiculously redundant flat descriptions (this was not done for the benefit of anyone who can’t see the image; otherwise, all the captions would be in this style). The combined effect is pretty jarring.


  13. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Yes fwancis, the captions on that Chaz article were fairly… stoopid overall. The captions are:

    * On the cheese run: Chaz Bono took a day of Dancing With The Stars rehearsals today and paid a visit to his local supermarket in Beverly Hills

    * Stocking up: He stocked up on a variety of cheeses during his shopping trip

    * Casual: Bono, who recently underwent a female-to-male sex change wore a blue T-short and green shorts

    * Ready to rumba: Chaz seen here in rehearsals yesterday with professional dance partner Lacey Schwimmer

    * Working out: George Clooney’s ex Elisabetta Canalis and dance partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy leave rehearsals

    * Hard at it: David Arquette seen leaving the DWTS studios today after practise

    * Vote for us: Kristin Cavallari and dancing partner Mark Ballas were not taking time off on Labor Day in the U.S.

    OK, so where was the ‘fashion commentary’ on David Arquette??? His shopping habits? None of the males got that. The only time I have ever seen fashion commentary done on males is at a wedding, and usually only if the groom or wearing something unusual for a wedding (like opting for a blue tux or something). Other than that, nada on male fashion as a routine part of an article.

    But Chaz, supposedly a male, we get told ‘blue t-shirt and shorts’, as if we couldn’t bloody see them. So no, the DM don’t really believe Chaz is a dude.


  14. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Don’t make me shudder Mary. Fat-free anything is horrid. I won’t even buy the watery crap excuse for milk (skim milk, semi-skim) – what a rip off they are too, if you don’t want that much fat, just water it down yourself! Anyway, even the ‘full’ milk is fairly much skimmed milk to me. I know what real milk is, I was brought up on cow’s milk, without any nasty things being done to it.


  15. Mary Sunshine

    It’s time for me to stock up on cheese for the winter, before the snow flies. It won’t be fat free.. 😛 I love that cheddar that gets *oily* the longer you leave it in the refrigerator.

    Cheese is a wonderful way of preserving the harvest of the hayfields. One year, I made myself some hard cheese from my own milk. I kept a Jersey, so the milk was very rich – almost 7% b.f., double what the Holsteins do.

    No twanz cheez for me, pleez. No “cheese food”, nothing cheez-like.

    C!s cheese. It’s a concept. (dunno if you filter for the c-word.)


  16. DaveSquirrel Post author

    You are bloody lucky I don’t filter the cis word, LOL

    I believe the alternate name for Holstein is Friesian (the name I know them by). But we mainly had Jerseys around my neck of the woods. Which could be why I find commercial milk akin to ‘skimmed milk’. Although my district was more sheep farming than cattle, we did have both.

    Oh, and there is no ‘girliness’ really required or ‘allowed’ on farms, such a ridiculous concept. I’d like to see some of our tootsies on farms – there’s a laugh. Can you imagine the heels, trapsing through the paddocks?

    Someone, over at UCP’s (I think) said (paraphrasing), “gender – what does it really matter if you are alone on a desert island?”. All these dress-ups and femininity and the like, matter for nothing alone on a desert island (or a farm for that matter).

    I had cheese tonight btw, quick, someone inform the Daily Mail. Woman eats cheese!
    It was (full fat) brie! It was gooooood. The cheese talk got to me.


  17. twanzmooselike

    American Eating Contest: Male wins Mini Cooper car for eating like a pig.
    “23-year-old first-timer Jonathan Squibb managed to eat his way through 203 delicious chicken wings, 23 more than the runer-up. Squibb‘s prizes were a brand new Mini Cooper and a very good meal, of course. he said he’ll be back next year to defend his title.”

    Obese males pork out and WIN BIG!!
    Mini Coopers !!! Hawt Women !!!!!

    Chaz: A FEMALE BORN WOMAN buys cheese:
    Horror story of the week.


  18. DaveSquirrel Post author

    OK, but I am getting a big disconnect (not about the blatant sexism on reporting the shock horror eating habits of a female vs male) but on how-the-fuck is a bigboy like that going to FIT into a Mini Cooper? Do they poke him in with a big stick? Enquiring minds just gotta know.

    Nice handle btw, twanzmooselike.
    Very twanz. Very squirrel-amicable.


  19. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Here we go, a rare story about a male and weight loss in the paper.

    He has a before and after photo only because he was on a TV programme “Biggest Loser”. There are several photos of him. NONE mention his wardrobe, nor any food buying habits. They merely mentioned the amount of weight he lost, and left it at that.


  20. Mary Sunshine

    Woo Hooo !! Cheese is on special this week at Food Basics. 😀 There’s one side of the fridge that’s reserved for my winter stack of cheese blocks. ** trundles off with her shopping jeep **


  21. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Careful there Mary. You could be photographed by the local papers for “buying cheese”.

    Strange how the papers don’t really care when some dude loads his trolley with jumbo bags of potato chips eh?

    Just females.


  22. FeistyAmazon

    “I actually find it sad that a perfectly acceptable dyke felt the need to go twanz. I think the problem is lesbophobia on an unprecedented scale. It’s okay to be bisexual (as long as your main relationships are always with men), it’s okay to be a gay man or a fake woman packing penis, but if you’re a butch lesbian then you just “want to be a man, really.” I wonder if butch lesbians are being pushed to transition?
    I hate that our identities as FABs are under attack – we are not allowed to be ourselves; we are forced to adopt a male-centric identity: either we must perform “femininity” or “become men.” Both options are unacceptable and damaging IMHO.”
    – Rainbow Riot

    Rainbow, you’ve hit the nail on the head, and YES, Butch Lesbians ARE being pushed to transition, especially those associated with Butch/’ve discussed that on many a blog) and those who date newly out formerly married women, or bisexual women. Actual pressure to ‘conform’ and present as male. As well as many young potentially Butch Lesbians/women/queer ‘girls’ ect. who are under INCREDIBLE pressure to ‘man up’ and present as more male/genderqueer/breastbind/use male names and pronouns/take ‘T’ and/or schedule themselves for breast removal surgery. Each step they take is not enough, cuz the power is percieved as being totally seen as male. It’s a real oneupmanship, and I’ve been to groups where so many are working hard on resisting that pressure, and some cracking under it because it’s the hip, in thing to do.

    You would not believe the resentment I had when Chaz was chosen as Celebrity Grand Marshal to be in the SF Gay Parade! It was shortly after seeing Chaz’s sad and rather disgusting documentary, and how pricky s/he was and treating her girlfriend, as a dude, in the kitchen, outright emotionally abusive, and then the part about supporting a space for ‘transkids’ supposedly, those children with gender identity disorders who wanted to be the opposite sex, or at least treated that way, with the hormone blocking at age 10, and to be scheduled for opposite sex hormones at age 16. THAT bothered me the most, and why I think Chaz is so dangerous.

    Chaz dressed down like just about every FTM I’ve ever seen in SF, they go grunge, not handsome like most Butches, who have real pride in their appearances, but wearing a t shirt and jeans to have one of the biggest honors in the PRide parade? If it was an outright Butch being celebrated(hey about someone like k.d. lang, and then have her perform for us?), she’d be dressing up in her suit and tie or tails or something extraordinary. But Chaz dresses like another day in the supermarket buying cheese? What respect did that show the SF Gay/Lesbian communities? NONE!

    And yeah, for all these ‘queer girls’ wanting to date someone they say in their ads: Butch/FTM like we’re interchangeable parts, or show pics of themselves at women and trans parties, KNOWING that FTM’s are NOT bio dudes, can’t get ’em pregnant, and hope that the testosterone hasn’t taken over too much that there still is a ‘woman inside’ of them they can count on…sort of like a Super Butch(like one FTM told me), more macho than Butch, or as some of us have seen, really NOT Butch, and the only way they can be is if they transition, cuz, like Chaz, THEY WERE NEVER REALLY BUTCH IN THE FIRST PLACE! And counting on that they haven’t had the sex role socialization or the penis weapon all their lives and all the assumptions of privilege bio dudes have, and they’ll NEVER have to worry about pregnancy with their FTM boyfriends. Or ex girlfriends now an FTM. But so many leave at that transition point cuz they’re DYKES and the trans communities shame the spouse, Lesbian girlfriend for doing so, and not sticking it out!

    But really, my theory is that Mama and the media wouldn’t accept her dressing in suits and ties and butching it up, so the ONLY way she could do so is by transitioning! Cute as a Lesbian, ugly as a dude!


  23. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Hi Feisty, welcome.
    You have covered a lot of things, but I think that the one ‘phallacy’ that stands out is either butches forced to transition, or that they are the ones transitioning. From what I have seen, it does not seem to be the butches. Although, I really dislike the butch-femme distinction within the community, because it is rooted in a binary dynamic. I also see many claim to be butch, and frankly, if they are, then I am. I think most of us are in the unadorned ‘middle’, neither femme nor butch, and I think that most of us really just want to ‘be’ whatever we are, without adhering to a binary. Most, if not all of us, unadorned, are plainly ‘natural woman’. No ‘femininity’ crap added.

    But certainly you are 100% right, that as a dyke, Chaz was attractive, and as a dude, even by het woman standards, a real loser bottom of the barrel pick. But the other problem is, if you look closely, you can still see the dyke underneath, basically covered by something just as bad as clownface, and that is manface. That is sad.

    Anyway, the moral of the story, is just be how you are, without pretending to be anything else. That is why twanz is rubbish, and clownface is rubbish. It is all societal crap.


  24. Rainbow Riot

    Feisty Amazon, I actually didn’t realize the extent of the issue. I think the only reason I put two and two together is that as a teen I was seen as “that ugly girl who is probably a dyke” and I came to see myself as butch, because I was in love with my feminine best friend. In time I realized that I was not butch, I was just not feminine. I’m not dapper enough to be butch! 😉

    I did have serious thoughts about becoming twanz as a teen, though. Because I was led to believe that my female body was not good enough, or that it didn’t “match” how I felt inside, because I was not “feminine.” Thank you for pointing out the extent of how this is effecting women.

    DaveSquirrel, I agree that we should all be ourselves, and not get caught up in labels that mimic binary roles. It took me a long time, but I have begun to accept that I am not butch, femme or twanz, but a female person. No clownface or manface needed.


  25. DaveSquirrel Post author

    “dapper”, LOL now there’s a word you don’t hear often!

    I have begun to accept that I am not butch, femme or twanz, but a female person. No clownface or manface needed.

    Yes, I think most of us who reject femininity slot into ‘this is what a natural female person looks like’. No role playing, no binary, just pure unadulterated female. Twenty years ago, the pressure to be seen as either a butch or femme within the lesbian community put me off. I just wanted to ‘be’, not dress up as one thing or another. Probably because I am feral female, don’t like dressing up at all (hence, rather easy to reject femininity, that takes way too much effort). I would never be dapper!


  26. The Masked Lily

    RE: butcher being pressured: I’m not really butch, I suppose tomboy would be the best word to use, and even I’ve felt the pressure (not that I’ve ever, ever wanted to). It’s a homophobia thing, it’s more acceptable to appear heterosexual than to express any lesbian desire. So non-“feminine” women are told, since we have “masculine” (haha no) desires and hobbies (sports, not wearing makeup or “girl clothes”, attraction to women) that we must really be boys inside. Sometimes in moments of anxiety I used to wonder if they were right and I was messed up.

    The whole “transkid” things scares me to death. There’s a quota of behaviors that could get a baby dyke put on T. If I were a kid today I might’ve been. Don’t like makeup or frilly dresses? Getting in fights with boys (defending girl friends) and pretending to be an action hero? Climbing trees and getting muddy and sporting short hair? Nowadays I’d probably have been squashed into the twanzkid category. Kids are impressionable. I’ve always been female and never identified as male, nor would I ever want to :s but if a psychiatrist had singled me out when I was a little girl and told me I must really be a boy inside? It would have been damaging, for sure, and makes me terrified for girls today.


  27. The Masked Lily

    Not that ~*~*~IDENTIFYING*~*~ as something turns you into that thing. I’m FAAB and even if the jendah police had gotten me that wouldn’t have changed a thing. Just to be clear.


  28. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Well, “identity” is bollocks really. Female sex is a mere fact, no matter how you express yourself or dress or anything else. That is the whole point. Females are still oppressed due to the mere fact they are born female. I believe Cathy Brennan has done a guest post at radfemhub on a similar theme.

    Luckily for me, I had a sort of feminist-aware mother, who let me do / be whatever I wanted, without worrying about if it was girly enough, or boyish.

    If I was born 40 years later, with a less aware mother, I would have been most likely, a ‘twanzgender child’, which is bollocks.


  29. fabflowers

    “DaveSquirrel, I agree that we should all be ourselves, and not get caught up in labels that mimic binary roles. It took me a long time, but I have begun to accept that I am not butch, femme or twanz, but a female person. No clownface or manface needed.” – Rainbow Riot.

    thank you for writing this. i took my time in realizing this too but i wasn’t too late and it’s thanks to blogs like this one and others that are helping me and so many other women realize there is NOTHING wrong with us! the whole trans-trending cult and it’s weird influence on a pc-gone-mad society is what is wrong.


  30. Daniel Thompson

    Just wondering how you would thank a person who is a veteran but also tell them they are shit for being transgender? If anyone could chime in, it would be great!

    Side note: “Couldn’t you just choose to not thank that veteran for their service?” OF COURSE but that’s just… unkind! Veterans should be thanked but could you possibly hold in your desire to word vomit on a trans person? Ehhh probably not (judging off OP). So then… How would one do that? Like… in exact words. If it helps, imagine I’m a transgender veteran or something lol.

    And if you find this at a later time (to readers) and find it ENLIGHTENING about transphobia, do share.


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      “Daniel” you are a female. Get over it.
      Try coming out as a lesbian, rather than a dude. You don’t get to join/mimic the oppressor’s side, then come here and lecture those of us still fighting for Women’s Liberation. We are the ‘veterans’ of Women’s Liberation, and pro-lesbian as well.

      Oh, FYI, not everyone is American! Certainly not me, and not most of the commenters here, so your narrow, nationalist, viewpoint, is rather silly to the rest of the world. Most of the rest of the world won’t be ‘thanking’ you either.

      If you decide to grow up, stop lecturing women old enough to be your mother, and come to your senses, we are more than happy to welcome you back to Team Lesbian, and Team Woman.

      Now go off and google ‘de-transitioners’ and do some research, written by those who have escaped the twanz CULT. Perhaps do some reading as to what you are doing to your body?




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