Today’s bit of twanzphobia is about appropriation (yeah, the title probably gave that away?)

I was sent a youtube link by a friend (who probably wants to remain nameless, let me know).

It is a video presented by a Monica Helms, on “Transgender and transgender-like persons in the US military”. The blurb about this term, on the twanz site[1] where this was found goes:

Monica uses the term “Transgender-like” because the word “transgender” is a 20th Century term, and we cannot say for sure that all of these individuals would identify using that term if they lived today. Most of these earliest transgendered (in varying senses of the word) veterans were born identified as female, and certainly some must have used male presentation simply because the military (and life in general) did not offer its best opportunities to women at the time. Some may have been lesbian women who were cross dressing. But according to Monica’s research, some continued presenting as male even after military service and many presented with lifelong histories of “tom boy” or masculine behavior. A good history lesson for anyone interested in military and gender presentation history.

OK, well that was just a tad understated wasn’t it? “because the military (and life in general) did not offer its best opportunities to women at the time”. More correctly, females were BANNED and FORBIDDEN to be in the military in fighting capacities (but frequently allowed to perform nursing duties on the front lines). Females dressing to pass as males is not a new thing, Joan d’Arc for example.

More interestingly, quite a number of the women in this video were not spinsters/lesbians/dressed as “tomboys” at all, but married women serving in the same unit as their husbands. Most seemed to go back to dressing as females after the war. Certainly some might have been lesbians and “tomboys”.

But the elephant-in-the-room is completely overlooked by this video – that is, the reason why females dress ‘as men’ is very very different to (most of) the reasons males dress ‘as women’. Most of the time, females did not want to “be men” at all, simply they were denied access to a wider life outside the home, in the military, and most jobs. Even writing, most females had to use a male pseudonym in order to get published. That my friends, is Herstory. It is not even remotely twanz history at all.

Contrast this with the reasons why males cross-dress or promote twanzgenderism – autogynophilia, sexual fetish tied to female clothing, the ‘usurpers‘ that are gay males (who keep their dicks) but insist they are way better than actual females, and failed masculinity. Not a one does it to access female jobs that they are locked out of. Simply wanting access to female-only spaces is either part of the sexual fetish, or part of the M2T delusional world (to “prove” they pass as women).

Another pachyderm-in-the-room in this video is that “people” actually are FEMALE people exclusively. This is female-erasure, herstory erasure, and you guessed it, it is being presented by the male-born “Monica Helms”, who is trying to appropriate herstory for the twanz agenda – M2T agenda specifically. Every single time males use the term “people” to refer to a group made up of one biological sex, it is always females that get erased somehow.

Part 2 of this Helms documentary is really the M2T version (with one ommission that should have been in part 1, a female not trans for reasons stated above). Part 2 covers transvestite director Ed Wood, and M2Ts that usually came out as M2Ts after military service. The military seems to be a breeding ground for M2Ts. We get another mini-bio of Helms, as well as ex-military, Autumn Sandeen (M2T of Pam’s Houseblend fame). There is a token F2T, who frankly, still looks like a butch dyke.

Unfortunately, Monica is a bit shy on tackle status (even in the detailed history of his sex life[6]), so at this point remains unconfirmed, but chances are that he is still packing[6]. Interestingly, a he has done a youtube bio of himself, narrated in the third person (companion written bio at [5]). Self-declared achievements include designing the sickly pink/blue/white twanz flag:

Also I note in his credits, he was (among many other things) an advisor on the board of the National Centre for Transgender Equality (which you may recall drafted the recent ‘disaster shelter policy’ for twanz just to make themselves comfy in whatever shelters they please). Helms is also another ex-military (Navy), so no surprise that he is El Presidente of TAVA.

Helms is pissed off with his ex-wife that did not support his twanz life[7]. And obviously thinks he is way better at ‘girly’ things like make-up[5]. Most of his sexual partners have been other twanz, he and they refer to themselves as lesbians[5].

* * * * *

27 thoughts on “Appropriation

  1. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Whilst Helms looks like he has a broomstick welded to his back, he has obviously had a stroke – so that contributes to the very weird look of the narration. Comments about his post-stroke appearance are not permitted.


  2. GallusMag

    Sad about the stroke. Although seldom discussed, synthetic estrogens create a high risk of clots: deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, CVA (stroke). Especially in African American males who have much higher rates of hypertension than the general public.


  3. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Gosh, you know what GallusMag, I did not even think about the synthetic estrogens in all this, but you are so right. Even FABs on the oral contraceptive pill (OCP) run a greater risk of clots and DVT. Synthetic estrogens are most certainly NOT the same as the stuff generated naturally within the body.

    I might add, that ‘we’ are fairly familiar with the effects of synthetic estrogen on the body, because so many FABs have been convinced to take OCPs. What ‘we’ really don’t know, are many of the effects of taking synthetic testosterone, we know some yes, but I think the full extent won’t be known for a while.


  4. DaveSquirrel Post author

    I should have put a conclusion in the above post, but must admit I got distracted trying to find out Helm’s tackle status – which I am still reasonably certain is packing, because he is still fighting for the VA to lay on SRS for any vet that wants one.

    Anyway, I don’t have much objection to the Part 2 video, fine and dandy. But I most strongly object to Part 1, which is a blatant appropriation of women’s history. This is the history (or herstory) of OUR oppression, as born females, and nothing-the-fuck to do with tranz history at all. I get pissy when males erase females out of general history, which happens all the damn time, but here is another born-male, erasing the female-born and female-born oppression, yet again.


  5. parallelexistence

    some continued presenting as male…“tom boy” or masculine behavior

    This fundamental piece of stupidity is what gets me every time. That the whole trans nonsense is based on the exact same gender-role nonsense that (once upon a time) most feminists stood against. And yet it just slides by in mainstream discourse now, unchallenged.


  6. Sargasso Sea

    This is just adding insult to injury.

    To claim that born females who *dressed up* as men to serve in the military and who never identified as boys, men OR trans*anything but women who masqueraded as male in solely in order to join the ranks were “transgender-like” has my blood boiling.

    NO. No you will NOT appropriate our FEMALE experience to further your female-debasing agenda. We. will. fight. you. every. step. of. the. way.

    And, remember boys: it is very unwise to underestimate your enemy especially when they are a group of highly intelligent, well-spoken, non-freakshow, BORN women who are sick and tired of men fucking the planet, our bodies and the minds and bodies of our children.


  7. FCM

    transgender like?

    not even considering women who might be trying to “pass” as male so they could fight, or to avoid being raped…last i looked, the “presentation” of all military persons is decidedly, uh, MILITARY. its the same outfit for everyone isnt it? except for their dress uniforms that is? their regular clothes are utilitarian garb, modeled after mens utilitarian garb but now sized for women. UTILITARIAN, which specifically includes comfort and excludes pain, hassle and risk. this is what many “tomboys” and non-gender conforming women are going for too, when they dont do the femininity-stuff. its not trans-anything. its not wanting to be hobbled. ffs. THE STUPID!


  8. Hecuba

    My immediate thoughts on this male posing as a woman are that his claims echo misogynist Sigmund Freud’s claims. Freud claimed biologically born women suffer from so-called ‘penis envy’ because women wanted to be ‘men’ and that supposedly explained why women were agitating for their inherent rights. These included the vote; holding men accountable for committing violence against women; eliminating pseudo male sex right to any female; increasing age of consent to sexual relations (because age of consent for girls was I think just 12 and this excused/justified men’s right to rape and commit sexual violence against females aged 12 and above); right for all women to own their own property and money and not become femme couverte when she is married (becomes enslaved in effect because she is no longer a human being in her own right but is subsumed bythe male); right of women to be awarded custody of their children rather than father having ownership and control.

    Real feminists roundly debunked Freud’s misogynistic and phallocentric claims because women aren’t envious of the puny penis rather they wanted male supremacy to recognise them as human not men’s adjuncts and they wanted the rights and privileges biological men have awarded themselves for centuries. That is not the same as ‘penis envy’ which is just men awarding their sexual organs godlike status. Women wanted an end to male domination and control over their lives. That is why herstory is replete with innumerable women who dressed as males in order to access work and careers which men had claimed were ‘not suitable for women because unlike men they weren’t human.’ Women who dressed in male clothing are not really male – that is another male created myth and has been co-opted by those who claim ‘I’m really a female in a male biological body and my claim is not essentalist but radical feminists who state ‘gender’ is socially constructed to justify male domination over women are supposedly essentalist.


  9. Noanodyne

    So important to expose their lies and propaganda and self-aggrandizement and history re-writing. Thank you for covering this inanity and bile-inducing bullshit in your inimitable style, DaveSquirrel. You really said it with this:

    “the reason why females dress ‘as men’ is very very different to (most of) the reasons males dress ‘as women’. Most of the time, females did not want to “be men” at all, simply they were denied access to a wider life outside the home, in the military, and most jobs. Even writing, most females had to use a male pseudonym in order to get published. That my friends, is Herstory.”

    That is absolutely NOT like anything males have ever experienced down through history. Fully half of all humans for virtually all of human history have been “denied access to a wider life outside the home.” That’s not your history to appropriate, Monica, it’s women’s history and we are not going to let you erase us to slot yourself in.


  10. Bev Jo

    Yes, thank you so much, Glorious Rodent! These men have so much more money and privilege, and so it’s easier for them to get into print and have their appropriation of women and Lesbians made public, filling bookstores, and wiping out reality and the real history. But that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? — making artificial females to take over real females’ lives and experiences.


  11. enadai

    Yes sad about the stroke, but a recovery enabled by VA health benefits, which most women won’t have. The majority of women his age will not have coverage for speech therapy, physical and occupational therapy and cost-covered disability aids. Female born women will likely have worked in minimum wage jobs without health care or be abandoned by their husbands if married, for someone who doesn’t slobber down one side of her chin.

    Women who have numerous hemorrhagic strokes (women are more susceptible tot that type) will often experience an aphasia where they lose speech, memory, ability to read, learn new things easily or at all, not remember the correct words, have balance problems. More.

    Female born women who have strokes will lose their jobs, the understanding of their family and the public, will surely NOT get even basic rehab, let alone video making assist and lessons.

    Through a series of small strokes I have rehabbed myself twice. I still have major deficits, but I have never worked since, and had no disability income. This fake female who steals our lives should live stroke recovery in the shoes of a female born woman. Fortunately, my single-parent family was very poor growing up, so I learned to do a lot with little. And also fortunately I’m fucking gorgeous. Still. In the pat, that helps. (Oops wasn’t supposed to make reference to anything like that).


  12. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Well, as one who has had multiple strokes, you are more than authorised to say what you will. My great aunt had a couple of strokes when she was in her late 80s, she did make fairly good recovery, and it was only if she spoke too quickly that she could not be understood. She lived on to 96. She was rather lovely.

    I personally, am super chuffed at being upgraded to “Glorious Rodent”. I must put that on the squirrel letterhead. I am “squirrel-like” dontchaknow?


  13. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Nah, I’ve decided I am pan-species, because it sounds trendy!!
    But still “squirrel-like”.
    I might add “skunk-like” to the mix, only because I can cross-utilise the fluffy tails. Practical 😛


  14. thebewilderness

    But of curse! Everyone fits cozily under the trans umbrella. Back in the day no one violated those sumptuary laws in order to be perceived to be of a higher social rank and attain more privilege. No indeed. They were obviously trans like and just naturally coveted those silks and sables.

    I’m so sure that being legally defined as a prostitute if you were an unaccompanied female in public had nothing to do with women donning trousers. Not a thing! They were obviously suffering from lack of a 21st century Trans umbrella to bring them real true freance and peance.
    OK, sorry. Little pissed here.


  15. rebel13

    I have heard horror stories from trans women on how badly their wives treated them and how they would use the threat of taking their children away, or brow beat them with guilt trips. My ex wife did both to me. I survived because I refused to have her threats beat me down. She was not as strong as I was. But, many of my sisters were not so lucky. They had wives who knew what buttons to push and what threats worked the best.

    This dipshit is not a misogynist MRA why again?


  16. DaveSquirrel Post author

    On a more serious note, this lot insist they are just like women, one of us, yet almost always sound like any other dude as far as misogyny goes.
    So I don’t buy their lies.


  17. KatieS

    Hecuba said: Freud claimed biologically born women suffer from so-called ‘penis envy’ because women wanted to be ‘men’ and that supposedly explained why women were agitating for their inherent rights. . . .
    Real feminists roundly debunked Freud’s misogynistic and phallocentric claims because women aren’t envious of the puny penis

    Yes, back then we we called it “penis pity” Shhh, we are polite. We don’t let on just how pitiful. . . 😀


  18. KatieS

    I also meant to add what an excellent post this is.

    People in my family have had strokes and are quite prone to them, depending on which genes they got. This is one reason I’m utterly horrified that they are giving these hormones even to very young children. I have little doubt that they do the gene tests before doing this to the very young, including before puberty.


  19. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Well Katie, the early treatment of pre-teens with hormone blockers, I can only describe as “medical-like medical practise”.

    I want to thank Monica Helms, for giving me the greatest amusement over the last few days. Everything has become [something]-like. It has been the source of great comedy in my mundane life. Exciting-like. 😛



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