Tootsie of the week: Dragqueen Arquette

Meet one of the lesser-known of Arquette Acting Dynasty, Alexis Arquette, born Robert Arquette, is the second youngest of the five – Rosanna Arquette, Richmond Arquette, Patricia Arquette, and youngest David Arquette. Yeah, every second mediocre actor seems to be an Arquette, I digress.

Here’s a visual round-up of the Arquette clan

Yeah, I know, they totally fucked up the girl-boy-girl-boy-girl line-up in that photo if they truly believed that Alexis was “a girl”, didn’t they? And prob’ly Alexis shouldn’t clomp around in heels if he really wants to “pass as a girl”.

Actually, lets see how well Alexis blends in as “a girl” with a look at the sister photos:

Patricia and Rosanna Arquette

Rosanna and Patricia Arquette
So far so good, the baseline for female Arquettes established, then…

Rosanna and Alexis Arquette

Alexis and Patricia Arquette

Mmmmm, m’kay, nice touch with the see-through dress over those manzly hips, but *whatever* Alexis.

Rosanna, Alexis and Patricia Arquette

Yup, just the Arquette ‘girls’, nope no dragqueens here, nah-uh. In most of the photos Rosanna and Patricia look downright uncomfortable standing next to their nouveau-sister, and as professional actresses, even so-so ones, you would think they could fake acceptance a bit better than that – or maybe that is them faking as much acceptance as they can muster?

Anyway, Robert/Alexis Arquette has been in numerous films, with a number of roles playing transvestites. The name Alexis comes from a role he had in a film at age 16. Arquette has been big in the LA gay scene, and was probably the Belle of the Ball dragqueening it up in the local gay scene.

Like most dragqueens, he has an ego bigger than those trout-pout lips (honey, they don’t look good on anybody) and film makers managed to squeeze at least some of his narcissism in the 2007 documentary Alexis Arquette: He’s My Brother, which was following 18 months in the life of, and alleged sex change of Arquette.

In the documentary and other interviews, Arquette gets rather touchy when asked if he is still packing penis, and he has always shied away from the topic like your average tabby does from bathwater. So we take that as a “yes” then. Because lawd knows, narcissistic dragqueens would not hesitate to tell us all about the twama of getting a mangina installed. Chances are that the op was limited to getting silicone sacs installed in his chest. Officially, we are all supposed to indulge this now full-time dragqueen as ‘woman’ or ‘transwoman’, with his penis and mockery of born-females. No wonder the two Arquette sisters appear uncomfortable standing next to him.

With that many films under his belt, you would think he could finally afford better quality wigs…

* * * * *

[1]  (more photos)

19 thoughts on “Tootsie of the week: Dragqueen Arquette

  1. cherryblossomlife


    [I’m quite proud of that one. Is it an original? No, it can’t be.]

    Anyway, SOME of these men in make up look okay when their alone in the photo, but as soon as you put them next to a woman they just look ridiculous and out of place. They’ve all got MAHOOSIVE faces for a start, and no amount of “making up” can change that.


  2. DaveSquirrel Post author

    LOL, that is the first time I have heard reDICKulous, so you may just have invented it!

    Yeah, the delusion is shattered when minstrels stand next to actual FABs, and in the case above, the sisters of the ministrel. It would be even more pronounced if none of them wore make-up at all, the minstrels usually look fairly male without the trappings of make-up and ‘femininity’. Ewww yuck, I just had a vision of what he would be like in the morning, without his tacky wig and make-up, not a pretty sight.

    (Referring to Sar’s comment) – in that last photo, ignoring the need for heavier pancake make-up to cover the shadow, he really would not want to walk up to a pane of glass with that expression – the suction effect would be sooooo great.


  3. rebel13

    It’s unfortunate, I actually think in some of the photos he looks “better” than Rosanna! :/

    It’s still clear who is what, or what is who, though.


  4. DaveSquirrel Post author

    in some of the photos he looks “better” than Rosanna! :/

    Not sure that I agree “better” really. Rosanna does minimal make-up, and it is the lack of matte or powder that makes her come out shiny and weird looking in some of the photos. Most people come out shiny looking in flash photography particularly without powder. Plus, it does not help that she looks as if she does not want to be there in all the event photos (particularly standing next to faux-sister at the events), whereas she looks more relaxed and natural in the holiday snap.


  5. GallusMag

    At least he doesn’t claim he’s a woman. I heard him say recently “I’m not a woman! I’m a transsexual.” I respect him for that. He knows that women actually exist, lol.
    P.S. Tackle report= intact.


  6. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Oh, is that him at 1:06 in?
    It was such an appalling video and tune, I just could not make it much past that.

    And yep, he is already on the Tackle Status page, first one in fact, bumping dear narcissistic Alley-cat into second alphabetical slot. Alley-cat might sue me, oh noes!

    Not sure if the “I’m a transsexual” info is correct though GM, after all, there was the doco on his ‘sex change’ and everyone now calls him ‘a woman’. I can’t be bothered sifting through all the crap to confirm it though. Once was enough.


  7. enadai

    They are ALL so ugly. Couldn’t they use vaseline on the lens, wear veils, paper bags or something. I am grinding my teeth down just logging in here.


  8. rebel13

    Not sure that I agree “better” really.

    Well I meant “better by Hollywood’s redickulous standards” of course. The way that drag queens think they look “better” than garden-variety dykes. Because they do all that makeup/false eyelashes/push-up bras/foundation garments that we can’t be bothered with — or Rosanna either apparently.


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  10. The Masked Lily

    They look so uncomfortable standing next to him, understandably. I’d forgotten how beautiful Patricia is and Rosanna is too (not that it matters, but they look lovely and down to earth here..furthering the contrast..)

    It must be scary to have a brother like him. M2Ts are as angry as any other men(or more so) and he towers over them..



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