Fresco gets partial SRS

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Much ado about nothing in my humble opinion, but here is the dwama surrounding a 746yo fresco in Italy.

From the Daily Mail:

Restorers accused of ‘castrating’ 746-year-old fresco called The Tree of Fertility by painting over its phallic fruit

Art restorers have sparked fury by touching up a 746 year old fresco called The Tree of Fertility and removing some of its most prized assets.

The painting by an unknown artist was discovered in an Italian cave and illustrates a tree from the branches of which are hanging dozens of very realistically drawn penises.

Underneath the tree, waiting for the them to fall, a small crowd of women are gathered, with two appearing to be ready to fight over one of the twenty five ‘fruits’.

The work is said to be a symbol of fertility and controversy erupted after restorers appeared to ‘castrate’ the tree by removing or painting over several of the phalluses.

Many critics have complained that the fresco’s spirit and intention has been destroyed.

The intriguing work of art was discovered in 1999 in the Tuscan town of Massa Marittima in walls which adorn a local spring known as the Fountain of Abundance, carved out of solid rock.

The restoration work was carried out by art experts from nearby Siena and lasted two years with the work being unveiled last week to gasps of astonishment at how it had been changed.

Although the colours are now as bright and vibrant as they were in the Middle Ages there is anger at the fact that the original appearance has been dramatically altered.

Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera ran the story under the headline: ‘Restoration castrates the Tree of Fertility’ while others said the fresco had been ‘censored’ after ‘losing its fruits’.

Chief restorer Giuseppe Gavazzi denied there had been any intention to remove the penises that have disappeared and said: ‘It’s possible that the aggressive nature of the chemicals used made them disappear.

‘It was not a deliberate act. People have to remember that the fresco was already in a very poor condition when we started work on it and the restoration was carried out accordingly.

‘We are very pleased with the final result.’

However Gabriele Galeotti, from the local Massa council stormed: ‘What the restorers say is absolute nonsense. As far as we are concerned they have compromised the authenticity of the fresco.

‘The work was intended as a symbol of fertility with the penises being crucial to the intention of the art but now these have been removed and the message is therefore no longer there.

‘We intend to make a formal complaint to the local prosecutor so that he can open an investigation into this disrespectful slaughter of an artistic work. There was obviously no intention to respect the original artist.’

At first I thought it could have been the work of a rogue band of phallic-hating radical feminists, but doubtful, as they are more likely to get rid of all of them, having the view that it is male fantasy that females would be worshipping penii.

It can only be the work of some twanzwoman art restorer, who decided that the tree needed helping along by getting rid of some of its penises. Some of those fruits obviously felt like women inside.

At first it is difficult to spot these “penis fruits”, click on the picture above to view it full sized.

I couldn’t see then until I enlarged the picture, here are the relevant enlarged sections, with the “fruits” encircled.

OK, so I did managed to lasso 25, if you count the knob-only and ballsack-only ones on the righthand side. And was it really the fashion, 746 years ago, to dip your knob in ink?

Nobody seems overly concerned that the women’s faces are basically obliterated, just that zmog, some of teh penises might be missing!

The fresco says a lot about the male artist and his obsession with the mighty-penis. What he missed in his exuberance in phallus rendering was the point that more than two thirds, if not most, of his beloved penii are redundant, useless and surplus. Yep, eight women (they would be the FAB females btw) only require between one to eight of these so-called mighty members, to do the job of getting pregnant, making the remaining, totally pointless – flashy ink-dipped knob or not.

Biological reality has a habit of getting in the way of male fantasy, no matter what form it takes.

16 thoughts on “Fresco gets partial SRS

  1. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Oh, and “very realistically drawn penises” is a bit of stretch isn’t it?

    And aren’t the birds going to peck at the peckers whilst still on the tree?


  2. Sargasso Sea

    And just exactly where are these two women “appearing to be ready to fight over one of the twenty five ‘fruits’.”?

    I see a couple of women looking in an ewer. Maybe they are making dick stew to share with everyone?


  3. Sargasso Sea

    Oh! And we once had an Italian neighbor who literally thought his wiener was MAGIC!

    He must have grown up in Massa Marittima.


  4. DaveSquirrel Post author

    LOL, yeah, possibly Dick Stew.
    Here is the close-up of the “getting ready to fight”. They do look to be tugging on each other’s hair, but apart from that, they look to be cooperatively collecting for the Dick Stew. Maybe their hair was oily, and hair oil is an essential ingredient to the Dick Stew?


  5. Hecuba

    This fresco is another example (of which there are numerous examples) of phallocentricism, or worship of the penis by the default human species aka men! Radical feminists have known about men’s obsession with phallocentricism and debunked such claims. As regards claims ‘restorers are castrating’ the mythical penises – utter nonsense but then men are obsessed with their penises – witness men’s obsession with porn which is phallocentric and reinforces men’s lies that penises are ‘sacrosant’ which is why women must be constantly in thrall to the puny penis.

    Fresco is another example of many wherein reproduction was perceived (and still is perceived) as something which only men can enact – in other words the penis is the organ which creates the foetus! Women are just empty vessels waiting for the male-created child to be implanted into their bodies. Reminds me of fact men’s ability to produce millions of sperm is a wasteful endeavour unlike women’s biological make-up – but male supremacy has always told lies and myth of mighty penis is just one of many.


  6. survivorthriver

    At its center, the pear, the fruit, is egg-centric, within folded velvety layers of secretness. The amputated penis hanging on tree in substitution of the fruit of the womb, is a true Freudian slip. How apparent….how a pear ant….that the more dominant power of actually giving life to seed and carrying it to its sweetness and fecundity is the target of the phallic hack job substitutions on the boughs. Mounting your limp meat hook on the symbol of the creation of life – the tree – a “marking” and repugnant projection of the completely empty fear-my-phallus-ain’t-big-enough manliness, and completely total and justified real fear of a woman aroused, a woman infuriated, a woman in primal ring-of-fire deadly focused articulation of “how dare you”, how fucking dare you for how many fucking years. This artwork is primitive display of the subjection of women who formally held their wombs aloft on boughs of family trees that nurtured existence and bound family survival until some sell-out jackoff doods started selling their farms, their women, their children to some alpha-joke who promised a piece of the action with superior metal wheels from Assyria or some other military industrial complex cluster mind fuck. The original capitalism. Yea, well alpha dood now poisons and fracks our water. For decades, our boys are soaked in hormone-mimetic chemicals that create six-toed frogs and sterile baby boys. Yes, our daughters soaked as well and add birth control pill making them simulate early pregnancy a whole life long with cancer risk and lack of libido because you frigging feel like you’re PG. My 20-something daughters friend re-counted 4 out of 5 mid-20’s couples she knew today were infertile, and needed something something from the sperm bank, a little in vitro medical bill to deal with. Way to go alpha male, frackin jackhole joke of the dying planet. Penises are not sacrosanct, the earth is, eggs are. Penises are jackhammers, they should merely be put to good use with energies expended towards community good not self-gratification. Isn’t it ridiculous that men plump their feathers on the images of women paid to smile, faking anything like pleasure, teaching their wives and daughters how to lie with their bodies to use men, ain’t it grand, that most men don’t know when women fake their pleasure? Poor porn-riddled idjits, they’ve been bought and sold pretty bad and think they’re an alpha because they can bust their wallets on $5 starbucks and $10 whores? The historic day some dood sold his mom or sister, after the midwives delivered him and all his ancestors, and average man sat through 900 years of the Burning Times when women were on the spit of life, thanks, men ought to be really afraid of female ire, the devious kind fueled by flaming fury and cunning.


  7. survivorthriver

    Yes, that was a jolly romp of a post fit for an Argentinian charcueterie.

    And, how about that quick-thinking woman who managed to get the manhood processed down the food disposal after his -ectomy? I’ve heard zip follow-up on that story, don’t think the medja wants to leak that tactic too widely.


  8. KatieS

    “Chief restorer Giuseppe Gavazzi denied there had been any intention to remove the penises that have disappeared and said: ‘It’s possible that the aggressive nature of the chemicals used made them disappear.”

    Ummm…. does anyone know where I can get some of these chemicals?

    My dream: To start a women-only business producing a mace-type self-defense product using these chemicals. Obviously useful as a rape prevention product or for the occasional penis found in women’s restrooms, MWMF, or other women-only spaces.

    Call me grandiose, but I see that beyond those humble beginnings there is political potential that would ultimately result in world-wide matriarchy. 😀


  9. survivorthriver

    I like your idea KatieS. It could be a fun campaign. I’m looking for bear spray for my 19 year old college daughter that’s moving into a dicey neighborhood today (!). I’d love to patronize your business “Women’s Business”. Let’s invent oodles of products. I think our bras could be engineered to have a small pocket with it’s ready chemical “shot”. I’d love to see the ads of how well these products work. I would also think a stinky DYE like they put in bank cash bags to soil and mark the stolen cash is the stuff we’d put on their face. Let’em wear purple dye for a few weeks. I also think it’d be great to have tasers for all occasions. You know, taser with night light, taser with penknife…a Swiss Army Taser Tool. Can we not invent “female” based deterrents similar to Rape Axe? I hope your store carries those as well. There could be a neat self-defense education public service PSA and marketing campaign. It’d be a fun way to highlight the violence against women but from the solution side. We could post testimonials from flip cam reports of women who fought back and escaped.

    Be grandiose, KatieS, worldwide matriarchy deserves it! When does your store open? I’d love to see dispensing machines in high risk neighborhoods of women’s self defense products. Problem is the assholes will probably take whatever we get together and use it against us, so we need STEALTH. I guess if women are instructed how to BITE off the dick when it’s inappropriately displayed or threatened with damages….just BITE. Would that not end rape soon?



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