I absolutely love it when transjacktivists try to appropriate our language and terms, and try to adapt it to the tranz agenda. It has me rolling around the floor in stitches.

You may remember one commenter, who signed himself “Ashlie, the transsexual fab“. Yes, I almost wet myself laughing. The FAB term is of course, a non-tranz descriptor, but does so in a way as to not reference tranz, a standalone description if you will.

Anyway, I happened across another appropriation, which I will reveal in a moment.

Radfems describe M2Ts’ “performing women” as insulting as a white person doing blackface. Particularly when they parody us, and perform artificial femininity to the max.

Now the background to our transappropriator is that a few transjacktivists were upset that a film about twanz entitled “Ticked Off Trannies with Knives” had a couple of real women playing the M2Ts. Of the five leads, three were M2T and two were FABs playing M2Ts. I guess I should be amused at FABs playing M2Ts.

A blogger by the name of Queenz of Media reports on what transjacktivist Kellie Anne Busey and a few others had to say about the ‘abomination’ of FABs playing M2Ts on screen (my bold):

They’ve railed at Ticked Off Trannies with Knives because two of the five lead actors were not trans women…mind you three leads were trans women…they equated non trans women playing trans women to minstrel shows where white actors would put on black face…[1]

But that was not why QoM was upset with Busey, QoM was upset because Busey and the others were fans of some FAB actress who used the word “tranny” whilst simultaneously trying to get the word “tranny” to be regarded as horrifying as the N-word. QoM was calling out their hypocrisy.

But lets examine this, these M2Ts are upset because FABs are ‘minstelising’ M2Ts on screen. Forgetting of course, the rather important step of M2Ts minstrelising FABs in the first place! It is a bit like a white person, who mistrelises a black person, is complaining that a black person is portraying the white person minstrelising a black person. Yeah, completely dumb. And totally missing the ‘wrongness’ of the first step in this somewhat circular equation.

They probably should have picketed the 1982 film “Victor/Victoria” as well, because that was a woman, pretending to be a drag queen playing a woman. And dammit, it is rilly offensive to drag queens! To be politically correct, they should have had a drag queen, playing a woman pretending to be a drag queen pretending to be a woman.

Somewhat of a feedback loop eh? Perhaps they should use that for the opening of Dr Who?

Oh no, wait a minute, they did.

Getting back to Busey though, you may remember such recent classics as his critical post[2] on Cathy Brennan (& Elizabeth Hungerford’s) letter to the UN:


Was there some sort of message for trans-questioning radfems I wonder? Oh surely not! Busey is “a follower of Jesus”[3][4], and gosh, no one would ever think that Christians would do anything wrong (try not to mention The Cruisades, Witchburning, or Abortion-providers’ murders).

Photo of a Christian man, pretending to be a woman, who is horrified at the thought of a woman minstrelising a man-minstrelising-a-woman!

Confused? You won’t be! Just drop some acid and play the Dr Who opener 27 times and all will be clear.

* * * * *





35 thoughts on “Blackface

  1. Sargasso Sea

    Just drop some acid and play the Dr Who opener 27 times and all will be clear.

    I don’t know David Squirrelman, that’s asking a lot don’t you think? I’ve *heard* that doing as you suggest may drive a person literally insane.

    But maybe that was your point? 😛


  2. pmsrhino

    Ah, the un-logic. It hurts my brain. 😡 Should have a warning to not read this before your morning cup of coffee.


  3. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Survivor, that sounds like a tabloid headline!

    SarSea, I probably should have updated my phrasing (yes, showing my age in people years and not squirrel years) to “drop some X …”. The 1970 Dr Who opener (and no wonder we thought that stuff was wow in 1970) reminds me of the vid’s they played in techno clubs in the 90s. Everything old is new again. To the kids anyway. They invent everything dontchaknow, including sex.

    The swirly stuff in some of the Dr Who openers was just oil on glass if I recall correctly, something like that. I do recall, even back in the 1960s, that some of the Dr Who monsters “left a little to be desired”. I still recall one “monster” which was just washingmachine soap bubbles everywhere. Even as a kid I pointed and laughed at that one.


  4. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Should have a warning to not read this before your morning cup of coffee.

    Au contraire!
    Starting the day with a laugh is good and healthy. However, I do advise against reading this WHILST drinking the morning coffee. I will not be held responsible for any keyboard shorting-out.

    After the morning coffee, go read GM’s latest post

    *Remember folks, do not read any of these posts with a mouthful of coffee or other beverage.*
    [my legal disclaimer out the way, phew!]


  5. rebel13

    the ‘abomination’ of FABs playing M2Ts on screen

    Transsexuals are routinely played by FABs in the US — model Rebecca Romjin on “Ugly Betty,” Felicity Huffman in the movie “Transamerica,” and episodes of the sitcoms “Becker” and “Two and a Half Men” — just to name shows I’ve seen personally. It’s how the mainstream media helps support the trans delusion that transwomen (especially late transitioners, as all these characters would have been) “pass so well.” If actual transwomen played these roles, it would give a much better picture of reality.


  6. Sargasso Sea

    If actual transwomen played these roles, it would give a much better picture of reality.

    Ya got that right rebel13! At the same time though, what with FABs being more and more sucked into the plastic surgery vortex (speaking of trippy swirlies) it IS getting harder for the *average public* and even me, sometimes, to tell the difference on sight alone.

    Actually I’m thinking of Coco, the former “swimsuit model” and “rapper” Ice-T’s partner, as an example of what I’m talking about. I’m not saying Coco is tranz but that she LOOKS like what tranz are TRYING to look like. Or perhaps better said, she looks like what tranz want FAB women to look like so they can “pass”.


  7. Noanodyne

    Such an excellent point, Rebel13: “It’s how the mainstream media helps support the trans delusion that transwomen (especially late transitioners, as all these characters would have been) “pass so well.” If actual transwomen played these roles, it would give a much better picture of reality.

    All the closet (barely) fetishist, autogynophile, cross-dresser, misogynist males in Hollywood don’t want the slightest glimmer of the truth to come out. Having actual (and good looking) women play those parts completely normalizes it, instead of illustrating with an actual trans* person just how creepy and delusional it is.


  8. thebewilderness


    Scroll to the bottom where you will discover that men have vaginas and women have penises even if they are ersatz.


  9. stone
    Run through the pix there FAABs.

    Men minstrelizing women. They would be shut down and charged if it was Whites in Blackface. Every lefty org in the state would be up in arms, picketing, leafletting, and boycotting the hotel chain, writing letters to the city and demanding a public apology.


  10. GallusMag

    Israel – the trans attempts at censoring your film were the height of hypocrisy. Robert Dinero (Bob as he likes me to call him) wasn’t having none of their crap though, was he? Hahaha.
    Trans are like a steamroller, crushing the Gay and Lesbian community beneath the censorial wheel.


  11. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Hi Israel. Well, I don’t deserve the credit for exposing that specific hypocrisy, QoM does, but it served as a perfect case study.

    Movie trailer. It is weird, because it seems like a trannies-get-revenge film, so they should have enjoyed it. Perhaps they should start the Tranny version of Actors’ Equity then.


  12. rebel13

    It is weird, because it seems like a trannies-get-revenge film, so they should have enjoyed it.

    It’s a bad day in trannyville if they can’t create something to be pissed off about.

    And the trailer? WTF. Okay, guys, absolutely, turn your violence on each other and leave females the hell out of it. But, I mean, you do get that this film completely invisibilizes the way that the necessities of femininity — short, tight clothing, high heels, long fingernails — not to mention the psychological strictures (keep your legs together! keep your voice down! don’t be rude! don’t make a fuss!) and physical differences (females are often smaller and less muscular than males, unlike the “women” in this film who are the same size as or larger than their assailants) are obstacles to women in defending themselves from male violence? You do get that you’re indirectly perpetuating the rape culture by “demonstrating” that “women could fight it off if they wanted to, so they must really want it”?

    IOW, feminist FAIL.


  13. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Spoof film cover alert!
    This will only make sense to those who know about the death threats directed at a couple of radfem lesbian activists, who *dared* voice their concern about female rights being eroded by loosely defined trans rights.


  14. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    oh, ok, for those that missed it, here is the “support” that LGBT activists give to lesbian activists, when they piss off the male LGBT activists

    For those who don’t know the players, Anthony G Casebeer is a (formerish) cross-dresser and LGBT activist, now-former treasurer of the Fairness Campaign. And Monica Roberts is M2T. Jeez, with allies like this, who needs enemies eh?

    Other links:

    Who was that Masked Squirrel me wonders? 😉


  15. stone

    How is this not also a death threat? And unauthorized use of a film title, which sadly would get more legal tread than women’s rights to free speech.

    So much for the gay and transgender bloggers which backed the loathsome Monica Roberts.


  16. stone

    The background shot may be from the film, but that does not change the implied death threat they send in the way they used it, or the copyright infringement by doing so.


  17. wtfhappenedtomyreallife

    I just have to say that I LOVE this blog and I actually made it all the way through Ticked Off Trannies With Knives this past weekend with my husband. He LOVES B-Horror films, which is what we thought it would be. It turned out to be a pretty awesomely bad movie. I thought that a few of the “laydees” were actual ladies. I loved it though. Still don’t want to share a bathroom with them….but maybe would have drinks with a few so long as they don’t bring their boyfriends along to rape and murder death stab us all then have us actually live so that they can murder death stab us all again.


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