Hypocrisy – thy name be twanz (part 1)

When I started this blog I was in two minds about F2Ts, after all, they were born female, suffered all the female-specific discrimination that the rest of us faced, having that shared history of oppression. More recently I decided, “fuck it, you are no longer one of us”.

Well, what do you expect a cranky middle-aged woman twanzsquirrel to say eh?

My change of heart really comes from seeing more and more F2Ts online, spouting misogynist crap and being male-identified, as well as upholding the jendah roles – the roles that keep the rest of us in Class Woman, under the boot of patriarchy. The F2T solution is an individual solution, not a feminist or class solution to male oppression. Bully for you, but fuck the rest of us right? Therefore, my furry squirrel gloves are off. You want to be “a man” honeypie? Then sure, I will treat you like the rest of the XYs out there, particularly those of you spouting male-identified misogyny towards the rest of us remaining in Class Woman.

This post was originally going to be entitled “Jendah – yer doin’ it wrong” because it is the follow on from my previous post of “Sex matters – gender is bollocks“, and part of the “quelle surprise, pregnant manz, yawn” series. As parallelexistence said (paraphrasing) ‘what gets to me is that the doctors are baffled and surprised at this story’. So true. As I replied: “LOL, yes “miracle”. Well, any doctor that thinks of penis+vagina, sperm+ova, pregnancy, = miracle, should perhaps return ‘his’ medical degree to the cornflakes packet from whence it came.”

Now that we have the basic biology out the way, yep, it is the female humans that gestate a foetus to term, unlike seahorses who are one of the few rare exceptions in the natural world. So sensationalist headlines of “Pregnant Manz eleventy-eleven” remain part of the mundane in my twanz-squirrel world. All these “pregnant menz” have been born-female “transmen” or F2Ts. Female-born people, doing what nature made them capable of being female-born.

But from TwanzLand, we hear so many stories of “when I was [insert childhood age] I always knew I was meant to be [insert opposite sex]”. Sorry folks, but that is just a form of sexualised body dysmorphia if you are truly unhappy with you naturally sexed body and sexed body parts. You are what you are, just a fact, suck it up. But that really is not what a lot of them are talking about, particularly the F2Ts, when they claim “[they] were never really a girl”. Like most of us, even as children, we noticed boys were revered and treated better than female children, and yep, that sucked bigtime. So what these F2Ts are really talking about is that they recognised the disparity in treatment because of their bodies, in other words sex oppression via artificially constructed gender roles. It is commonly called ‘patriarchy’ and it is what feminism has been fighting against for hundreds of years. You were not the first female to wake up to the favoured treatment of males in this society. No shit.

Unlike F2Ts, the rest of us remain in Class Woman, and the few of us that are feminists are trying to fight this unfair sex discrimination against the female-born, and female-lived. F2Ts, when they pass readily enough, are able to enter the world of men, and avoid a lot of discrimination still in place against females. In other words, defectors. Just like Chaz Bono, now a male chauvinist piggy. Not sure how Chaz thinks she is helping women or lesbians by her manzly dress-up games and male identified chauvinist remarks against females (like the talkativeness remarks). In short, she is not. She is the equivalent of a POC using skin-lightening in order to pass as white. Defector, that does not help those left behind in the discriminated group, and an individual solution only.

That is why I will no longer call Chaz and the other F2T defectors “sister” any more. You are defectors, following a personal solution that does not benefit the rest of us females in any way.

In recent years we now have the meeja sensation of “pregnant manz eleventy-eleven”. As I said above, I remain unimpressed. The main point of this post was to call out the hypocrisy in the whole “pregnant manz” thing.

In TwanzWorld, “gender (and “gender identity”) is supposed to trump biological sex, which is considered irrelevant. Yet here you are, you “pregnant menz” you, ignoring your oh-so-important “gender identity” to participate in biological sex reality. Hypocrisy. If you truly think you are “men”, biological human males, then stop doing what biological females do – ie give birth. You expect us and the rest of the world to indulge your “gender identity” (and deny your biological sex reality), when you turn around and do the opposite of your “gender identity”? Plus you gets lots of meeja attention and book deals for doing what millions of women in the world do every day, without book deals and meeja attention. You get an additional 10 points for Speshul Snowflaking.

Thomas Beatie

Pregnant menz so far have been (although there may be more):

1999 – Matt Rice (an F2T) gives birth to a boy, whilst in partnership with another F2T, Patrick Califia. You are lesbians living in mansuits. Thanks for making lesbianism invisible.

2008 – Thomas Beatie (an F2T) gives birth to a girl. Currently still in partnership with FAAB Nancy Roberts. Again lesbians, but this time pretending to be a nice heterosexual couple, invisibilising lesbianism again. Beatie is regarded as “the first pregnant man” due to legal status of ‘sex change’.

2009 – Thomas Beatie (and Nancy) again, this time giving birth to a boy.

2009 – Cai (an F2T, apparently surprised by the fact that PIV could result in pregnancy) gives birth to a boy. Equally surprised was Cai’s M2T partner, Emily, who gave Cai a good old fashioned dicking when both still had their working parts. All we can say is that, by your own gender role delusion, both of you are doin’ it wrong. Biological reality trumps gender delusion every time. At least you look like a nice het couple eh?

2010 – Scott Moore (F2T) to give birth to a boy (strangely, I cannot see m/any post-birth references, so perhaps it went horribly wrong?). Partnered with another F2T, Thomas Moore. Again, two lesbians living in mansuits making lesbianism invisible.

Scott and Thomas Moore

2010 – Thomas Beatie (and Nancy) again, another boy. For someone who is supposed to be “a man” you sure are doin’ it wrong. Pregnancy and childbirth is a woman thing, just in case you did not get the memo. Oh that’s right, you want your cake and to eat it too. Bloody hell though, three kids so tightly spaced together, what a bleedin’ nightmare.

Pregnant women between 1999-2010:

Millions who did not get publicity and book deals. And most of whom still had to live as women and being treated as second class citizens.

The original “Pregnant Man”:

Was a 1970 ad campaign by London-based advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi for the Health Education Council. The PM campaign was probably the one that put Saatchi & Saatchi on the map. They now have a staff bar located in the courtyard called The Pregnant Man, which was quite cheap for drinks.

Actually, the PM campaign’s message is as relevant today as it was 40 years ago, given the male reluctance to wear condoms to prevent pregnancy in female partners, and to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

As for the rest of the “pregnant menz”, I do worry about the potential shortage of turkey-basters, particularly around the US holiday of Thanksgiving…

17 thoughts on “Hypocrisy – thy name be twanz (part 1)

  1. KatieS

    Great post! The pictures, like the concept is surreal. Also, unconscionable to expose the offspring to levels of hormones like that. There is no research on high levels of testosterone during pregnancy, but there is quite a bit of evidence about a synthetic hormone, DES, that was given to women during pregnancy and its effects on daughters:
    Pretty scary. Why not adopt if you are going to take hormones? No sane reason that I can tell. Why aren’t these F2T’s doctors making a big deal of this?

    Anyway, your quote at the beginning reminded me of when I decided not to stick up for F2T’s as being “one of us” anymore. An “ah ha” moment that’s a rude awakening moment, or what is described as a “snap.”

    When I started this blog I was in two minds about F2Ts, after all, they were born female, suffered all the female-specific discrimination that the rest of us faced, having that shared history of oppression. More recently I decided, “fuck it, you are no longer one of us”.

    It was about complaints of Camp Trans. Apparently a lot of women on T were doing pretty violent things, making threats, etc. When I read a comment by a F2T about raping, about “shoving my trannie cock into . . .” [the women at MWMF]. Snap! Nope, they were no longer “one of us.” Apparently at Camp Trans, the more women on T, the more the violence, threats, etc. escalated. Even the M2Ts were complaining and wanting a “transwomen’s only” space. Research has shown that an excess of T is correlated with more violence in males, more antisocial behavior, etc. Women on T? Nope, not us.


  2. Undercover Punk

    I love sea horses!

    So what these F2Ts are really talking about is that they recognised the disparity in treatment because of their bodies, in other words sex oppression via artificially constructed gender roles. It is commonly called ‘patriarchy’ and it is what feminism has been fighting against for hundreds of years. You were not the first female to wake up to the favoured treatment of males in this society. No shit.

    LOL! Seriously, people. And the “gender” ideals are IMPOSSIBLE to fully and correctly embody (at least on the feminine end of things). These FtMs can’t handle it.


  3. Lilly

    They debunk themself everytime. It’s just pathetic. They want to be male but can’t escape their biology. I’ve seen a ftm ranting about her wide hips and she said: I’m a man now, that are men hips. If reality is too hard for you just change it’s name until it fits in your fantasy world.


  4. Linda Radfem

    Thank you for this. You are right, there is nothing feminist about a woman transitioning to manhood. It’s extreme liberal feminism if anything, which is always more liberalism (patriarchy’s approved ideology) than feminism. In other words, the hell with the collective, what’s in all this for me me me?


  5. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Events such as MichFest have historically accepted F2Ts due to their female-born status. Given the way most of the F2Ts behave online, and the stuff they say (most claim “not being one of ‘you’ people [females]” – then to hell with them! They have chosen the me-me-me option, to hell with the rest of us not wearing a mansuit, and putting in their lot with the dominant class. Why should we, feminists, women still living under patriarchy as women, allow them into private female-only-spaces (not one ‘us’ anymore, so go play with the boyz you love them so much).

    I am sick of them. I think I have just ‘invented’ the zero-twanz policy. How terribly twanzphobic of me.


  6. T. Laurel Sulfate, Snarkurchin

    Amen. Chaz Bono is a blatant sex traitor (I’m tired of seeing such women described as “gender traitors”).

    We pretend, as a society, that this “wish yourself into another body” shit makes sense. Now we have “Otherkin” and the “transabled,” and we deserve them.


  7. Bev Jo

    Thank you so much, FAB! You said this so absolutely well. Wonderful!

    These women and men (trannies) are among the most narcissistic and selfish and self-obsessed I have ever heard about.

    You are absolutely right, Katie, with questioning what the hell is going to happen to the kids dosed with toxic levels of testosterone, which of course mothers aren’t supposed to have. And even if these idiots say they stopped them for a while, of course they are still filled with them or they’d lose their slly beards. Too selfish to adopt though. My dear friend, Katinka, in Sweden, says that Beattie was lauded in the Swedish Pride Parade as a star.

    And yes, I’d like to see again the site devoted to Lesbians describing their FTM exes’ abuse of them. Even the men are scared?

    The pregnancy obsession brings the femininity full circle, like Fems Califia and Loren Cameron (the “before” photos in her book, “Body Alchemy,” about FTMs are clearly Fem) now het again since they are being fucked by “gay” men. A new, bizarre version of fag hags.

    What evil Pat Califia wrought on my community in the late Seventies, introducing porn, sado-masochism, etc. in her “feminist” Samois. And now she’s back with men.

    No, they are not our sisters, allies, or anything like that. Traitors, collaborators, betrayers. “Better to Be Anything than a Lesbian.”


  8. Hecuba

    What a ludicrous situation wherein those F2T’s claim ‘gender and gender identity’ supposedly supercedes biological sex and yet when these biologically born females to Ts become pregnant malestream media proclaims a ‘miracle!’ Reality is these women became pregnant because they engaged in penetrative sex with a biological male and that is how humans reproduce. No man can become pregnant – that is a fact but F2T’s claim otherwise. Perhaps I should claim moon is really made of cream cheese because my claim supercedes factual reality.

    Who benefits from such pseudo claims? Not biologically born women that’s for sure but it benefits men, including the men who claim to be female because it reinforces male supremacist lies ‘gender is something innate’ not created by male supremacist system to reinforce lies women are from venus and men are from mars. How can these F2T’s claim to be ‘men’ when they become pregnant? Oh I know because men can now become pregnant!!

    These F2T’s are not feminist; they are not pro-women – they want the rights and advantages biological men have accorded themselves since time immemorial and what better way than by claiming to be male. It’s called ‘pandering to male supremacy’ and serves one purpose only maintenance of male domination over all women.

    It’s all about adulation of men and male supremacy – biologically born women can be tossed aside because these pseudo men want the best of both worlds – to pass as male and become pregnant!! Not surprised biological female now claiming to be male (sic) Beattie was lauded at a gay pride march – because it’s all about adulation of biological men and their pseudo rights! Such claims are not even liberal feminism – it is individualism and everyone (or rather only certain special snowflakes) have the right to do whatever they wish regardless of the immense harm they inflict on others. In other words it’s all about pandering to men and wanting to gain a tiny piece of male power by proclaiming ‘look at me I’m no longer a woman because I’ve always thought I was a man and now I am a man – except unlike biological males I can also become pregnant!’


  9. cherryblossomlife

    And as has already been mentioned, the fact that nobody gives a shit about the effects of T on these newborns shows that all the policing of pregnant women (can’t have certain cheese, can’t drink, can’t smoke, too much caffeine leads to low birth weight, too much sugar leads to diabetes) has fuck all to do with the mother and baby’s health and everything to do with controlling women–whose wombs are public property.


  10. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Excellent point on the policing aspect.
    Apparently F2Ts have enough male privilege to avoid it (because it serves the male supremacist agenda). Every WBW that remains woman, is subject to the ‘control’ by patriarchy regarding pregnancy and childbirth.


  11. Sargasso Sea

    A new, bizarre version of fag hags.

    Oh my heavens, YES! That is so true, Bev Jo and I thank you for saying it!

    What these girls/women don’t realize is that *becoming* a *man* doesn’t magikly make one less of a gay’s misogynist joke.


  12. survivorthriver

    I heard a FTT interviewed yesterday on our local public radio station, saying that after “he” transitioned that he and his female partner were welcomed into the community by new neighbors in a way that “he” found unbelievable like night and day difference from them as two lesbians going out and shopping for housing. “He” was gloating over the new experience of priveledge, and clucked over the new neighbor man giving him a manly neighbor welcome hand shake. “That would’ve never happened before” he cooed. “He” was unabashedly enjoying the male priveledge. Sex traitor.


  13. Sargasso Sea

    It’s soooo subversive to get away with being a dude! Real men shake my hand just like real men shake real men’s hands! Whoo hoo!

    And how this changes anything for girls and women, I have NO idea.


  14. survivorthriver

    Since you gals have educated me about trans now I’m seeing all sorts of twanzy BS. In addition to the radio interview of “him “, the local newspaper in the same week, featured a MTT who gives talks in kindergartens helping 6 year olds understand why some kids come to school dressed up as opposite sex, to try to help raise awareness. My question to the article author was about more dialog on the issue such as, is this speaker in favor of chemotherapy for GID at those young ages? Was the author aware of the huge profit to Big Pharma from each trans patient? The author’s response (androgynous name, don’t know if female or male) was that the article strictly was about 6 year olds learning to be tolerant of other kids dressing differently. The author totally rejected the possible relationship with a trans speaking to kids and the message that sends. The author said her article in no way related to “Big Pharma”. I’d say from her 2 defensive responses to me when I was just trying to get her to expand on the topic with other viewpoints, that I’d hit a “bingo”. The tranz do not want discussion other than their agenda. I think that this approach would promote young dykes to be channeled into a chemo regimen, at least if their parents had fat insurance money and were really homophobic.

    I absolutely resent MTT dressing up like caricatures of drag queens as if that’s what women look like. Smells like a duck, walks like a duck….another MTQ (male to quackers).


  15. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Well, the M2T giving “tolerance talks” to kindergarten kids is very lop-sided. Certainly there should be acceptance and tolerance for those that dress/act differently to their ASSIGNED gender roles, BUT, the tranz agenda is just to slot them securely into the opposite box.

    Real tolerance is just to let them be, let them do whatever, don’t force them into EITHER of the assigned gender role bullshit. *That* is radical.

    The M2T programme is extremely conservative.
    I also wonder if the “community spirited” talks are actually financed by Big Pharma or a Plastic Surgery – either of those have no problem putting people on the payroll to push their own money-making agendas.


  16. Noanodyne

    To your point that F2T’s are traitors, look no further than “Matt Kailey.” This “man” takes the misogyny of being a “man” very seriously and works very hard to convince young women to transition. “Matt” didn’t just stop with transitioning personally, oh no. “Matt” needs to recruit other women to feel better about a decision that has life-long ramifications. What better way to make oneself feel all warm and snug in one’s delusions and bizarre choices than to convince the young and inexperienced to do the same thing. “Matt” is pretending to enjoy life as a gay “man” (yeah, life as a gay bottom is hot stuff for a lesbian, “Matt,” we believe you) and trying to recruit young dykes into that life. What “Matt” does is no different than peddling Heroin — it leads to a lifelong addiction to a chemical, permanent physical changes, ostracizing by one’s former community, medicalization of a person’s “identity,” and a whole raft of other shit teenagers aren’t equipped to make decisions about. Fuck you, “Matt”. Really. Fuck you.



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