Tootsie of the Week: Richard Duncan aka Ally Collina, Miss New Boobs

On an overcast day, it is ‘refreshing’ to see Dickie Ally proudly trot out his brand new boobies! More about the boobie sob story later…

Firstly, we need to look at the current sob story. The photo of the one-twanzwoman protest outside the court. *sob sob*

It seems that Dickie Boy Ally, has found himself at the centre of a child custody case. No, not Ally’s kid, but his new fiancé’s two-year-old son. Firstly, a little romantic diversion, how Ally met his beloved. It seems that Ally’s fiancé and Ally met at the fiancé’s former place of work, a men’s prison, where Ally was incarcerated, and the fiancé was recently dismissed due to shagging the inmates. Two princely soulmates finding solace in each other, how touching! *sob sob, hand me the kleenex*

As I squirrelishly dab the tears from my eyes, I continue with this touching “tail”.

Back to the custody case. The fiancé’s estranged wife is asking the court to safeguard her two-year-old son, not from his father, but from Ally. Nor is the theft conviction (for which Ally was incarcerated) that worries the ex-wife, it is the long history and current incidences of violence that worry the ex-wife. Ally had taken to his own father with a knife or box-cutters, as well as assaulting the fiancé at one point. The ex-wife goes on to say (via lawyers and the legal papers) that Ally’s fiancé’s judgement is impaired around Ally, and that she does not have any issue with the child’s father’s parenting skills when he is alone with the child, only when Ally is around.

So how does our newly-boobed heroine of our tail take all this? That’s right, it’s “zmog, the ex-wife [and the court] are sooooo twanzphobic!!11!!”. Hence the touching protest photo outside the court. *sob sob*

Yet, if you read some of what is contained in the ex-wife’s petition to the court, you will see that the language is neutral, there is little focus on Ally’s twanzgendered status (except to say that it is not the reason for the petition), and focuses on Ally’s past and recent violent behaviour.

“Neither the respondent, nor her attorney, are in any way concerned about Ally’s sexual identity. This is and has not been the point. The concern lies with Ally’s lengthy criminal history and the alleged physical assault that the petitioner reported to the respondent, at the hands of Ally, when he upset her during a visit to her home in Vermont,” the notice states.

“Clearly, [the child’s] health and safety and wellbeing are paramount. Exposing this young child to a person who has been charged with multiple violent crimes, and who has previously assaulted his father using a box cutter (or knife) is not in [the child’s] best interest,” it continues.

“The responded is not, in any manner, attempting to bias the court by referencing Ally as a transgender individual,” Puckhaber wrote.
“[The child’s mother] does believe that [her husband] was a good father to [the boy], until he became involved with Ally Collina. [The mother] is extremely concerned about [her husband’s] lack of judgment with regard to Ally and the minor child, given the events which have occurred in the past given Ally’s criminal history,” Puckhaber wrote in a June 15 objection to the guardian ad litem’s motion to expand parenting time.

Not terribly twanzphobic now is it? Never let that get in the way of a good twanzphobic namecalling! Ally isn’t satisfied with that though, Ally goes on exhibit some twanzmisogyny as well, by insisting “[s]he is not Casey Anthony”, the woman recently found not guilty in the murder trial of her daughter Caylee. To my knowledge Casey Anthony did not have a huge wrap sheet of violence, unlike Ally. So yeah, the widdle glimpse of truth in that placard is that they are not the same, Ally has a history of violence, Casey Anthony does not.

Our newly-boobed heroine has never let reality or mere facts get in the way though. Ally attributed his unemployed status with his boobless status, in the way only a twanzplainer can. Take this online exchange between Ally and a plastic surgeon, trying to hustle for some free boobies!

Pro-Bono Breast Aug.
by AllyInVT, Jun 05, 2010 09:08PM
Hello, My name is Ally and I’m a 25 year old trans women from Vermont. I havent been able to work at all due to my transition and finding someone willing to hire me. I cannot describe the level of improvement in my quality of life that would result from breast implants. Do you have any advice on how i can get a reduced rate for implants? This is not simply cosmetic but something i need to be seen, and treated like the lady I am. Thank you so much for this forum and for the help you give!
* * * * *
by Howard Rosenberg, MDBlank, Jun 07, 2010 01:43PM
The only possibility that may work is to be seen at a university teaching hospital with a plastic surgery training program.

Ally then goes on to post an email exchange between his boobless self and a medical school:

by AllyInVT, Jun 07, 2010 02:08PM
Below you will find a transcript of a E-mail between myself and the senior practice manager at the Dartmouth Hitchcock medical center in Lebanon, NH which is also operated by the Dartmouth medical school of the prestigious ivy league Dartmouth College of Hanover, NH.

~ ~ ~

From: Allanah Collina [mailto:***@****]
Sent: Saturday, June 05, 2010 10:29 PM
To: carolyn.***@****
Subject: Breast Augmentation.

Dear Dr. Kerrigan,

I am writing this e-mail to ask for your help and advice. I am a 25 year old trans women. I am confident in my appearance except for the fact that I have extremely small breasts. Due to my transition I have not be able to find a job for going on 2 years, so money is not where i consider myself to be richest. I spoke with another surgeon and he suggested I contact a University where I might be able to get a reduced rate on breast augmentation. I contacted you because you were the only surgeon on the list that was female and I feel maybe you could understand more what it would feel like to be seen without breast. I thank you for your time and hope to hear back from you.

God bless,

~ ~ ~

From: Barbara E. Rieseberg
To: “***@****”
Sent: Mon, June 7, 2010 8:41:04 AM
Subject: FW: Breast Augmentation.

Dear Ms Collina,

Dr. Kerrigan forwarded your email to me to see if we could help, yet unfortunately we cannot. We are unable to provide free or discounted services for the cosmetic services we provide. We do wish it was better news and hope that you will find someone who can be of service to you.

Thank you for thinking of us –
Barbara E. Rieseberg, Senior Practice Manager
Plastic Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery
Manager, Shared Decision Making Program
Manager, Shared Medical Appointments Program
Administrator, Ambulatory Performance Improvement Dept

~ ~ ~

Dear Ms. Reiseberg,

I thank you for your response but I must say I am a bit offended you would consider this merely cosmetic. Dartmouth is given a gift by the community every time a patient lets a medical student enter the room to, observe and operation, examine a injury/illness, and ultimately enter into the most private and vulnerable moments in a persons life. I find it hard to accept your statement of being “unable to provide free or discounted services.” Dartmouth, i believed was capable of anything.

Keeping the faith,
Ally Collina
CC: DMS Deans’s Office

Nice touch CC’ing the Dean there Ally. Obviously you cannot take “no” for an answer, particularly when it comes from one of those “inferior FABs” eh?

I also love the Freudian slip of Ally’s new chosen name:
Allanah Collina
that really made my twanzphobic day. 😛

Anyway, sometime between June 2010 and July 2011, the unemployable-due-to-booblessness Ally managed to hustle-up some boobies from somewhere. Where he got the dosh for them – whether by returning to his former life of crime, or renting out his bumhole – we will never really know.

All we do know is that Ally is rilly rilly proud of his new boobies, showing them off on overcast days, as well posting “dirty nasty” pictures of himself and his new boobies.

He also seems to have a tatt of Marilyn Munroe on his right shoulder too. Quelle surprise that he idolises manufactured images of femininity and sexuality.

If you wish to see the full series of Ally’s enboobied pornie* snaps, they can be found at the link below. Before you copy/paste the link into another tab, note that *no actual women were directly harmed in the making of this boobified amateur pornie-shoot, even if all actual women are indirectly harmed by pornified female images, even when done by female-proxies.

Actually, this one is my “favourite” out of all of the photos:
*nice* legs there Ally.
And yeah, I did keep a record of Ally’s photos, just in case he ever decides to take them down in the future…

On a final note, the ten-thousand-dollar-question, is Ally still packing penis? Well, hell yeah, given that he was posting his pornie pictures on the HUNGANGELS board, he seems to have found his niche in the home of the she-male fetishists. Probably a nice little client list whilst he’s at it.

You see, Ally’s fiancé is a gay dude who has partially come out of the closet and it is likely that both Ally and the fiancé will be happy enough with the “top surgery” and the female proxy/minstrelling that Ally is strutting about. The fiancé, is still very much a self-loathing homophobe, needing to keep up the external appearances of a heterosexual coupling, whilst quietly enjoying sinking the sausage into the back door.

Ally was probably always a effeminate gay dude, who tried to man-it-up by bulking up, tatting it up, then decided that wasn’t working, so *hey presto* why not go the opposite extreme of the masculinity/femininity dichotomy, buy some boobies, then claim all the discrimination he faced was due to his twanz status rather than his extensive and violent criminal record. Big beefy arms and manz-legs aside.

Thanks to one of my twanzphobic friends for “Ally” (not sure if you wanted to be named, let me know).

Don’t forget to check out our other Tootsies!

– – – – –

Edit 28 July 2011

Well, Ally, Dickie Duncan, Allison Carr or whatever the hell other names he uses, it’s time for more photos!

Yes, well Allison Carr is the name he used on MySpace don’tchaknow, and he is listed as a “cosmetician” on various places. Sweet. Lippy and eyeliner is Very Important don’tchaknow?

Here are a few snaps from his now-private MySpace, courtesy of the waybackmachine, I particularly love the rather “feminine” stance in the first one, what a dame!

No honey, you don’t look M2T at all – really!

Dunno Ally, is that your latest artwork? Frame it baby, frame it!

Gosh, lookin’ a bit surly there Ally, but it is probably due to the smaller boobs eh?

Redeye, it’s a beyatch ain’t it? Use your paint programme dammit!

And now, for the faint-hearted, look away now, because we now publish those saucy pics from the HungAngels site!!! You know, the ones where I was to “cease and desist” with unconvincing bad grammar? Oh yeah, those! Well, prior to today, I had only reproduced the badly lit tattoo one, but I think my fans (and perhaps the family court) really need to see Dickie Ally in his full hawt glory!

I’m easing the fans into it, really I am, because lawd knows, everybody is rilly interested in seeing someone sit in the hairdresser’s or tattooist’s chair, no, rilly!

Ummm, not the fuck sure what this is all about, but moving on…

Well… “classy!” is all I can say! The original alternate name of this photo was “Marilyn”, and I’m going with a “haircolour fail” there Ally, because Munroe never ever had cartoon-yellow hair. Oh well.

Tah-dah! Yeah, raunchy hawt there Dickie. Nice manz-legs too btw, don’t matter if you shave them, they are still manz-legs. Of course Enquiring Minds just have to know why you want to cover up the tackle, esp when you are so very proud of it and want to keep it (and particularly because you posted it on HungAngels). Never mind about all that though, these are probably the worstest fake boobs I have ever seen, wtf is up with the triangle shape?

Give it up Dickie. Give it up.

Now, see what actually happens when you threaten me, considering I only originally posted one very lame-ass photo from the HungAngels? You went and made me post moar moar moar!

Or perhaps I just haz a problem with the word “desist” – it means “post moar” doesn’t it? Yeah good, I thought so.

Oh, and stop googling yourself, my friends tell me you are still coming up in search queries. The narcissism will never end…

92 thoughts on “Tootsie of the Week: Richard Duncan aka Ally Collina, Miss New Boobs

  1. Sargasso Sea

    May I be the first to suggest that anyone who thinks that trans are simply poor souls trapped in the *wrong* body go have a serious look around Hung Angels?

    And for those who don’t seem to understand the need for female-only space remember that the men who post on boards like that are also gaining LEGAL access to same FEMALE-only spaces. Seriously, do you want a person like Dick Ally in your once legally protected space? I didn’t think so.

    It is a myth that all (or even most) M2T have had *bottom* surgery.


  2. myrtle

    All together now: autogynaphillia.

    Hope Mrs. Former Prison Employee’s lawyer has asked the judge to send FPE, Ally and his assorted boyfriend(s) for HPV, AIDS and Syphilis tests.


  3. GallusMag

    Hey what’s all this slut-shaming going on? 😛
    You all just don’t appreciate your natural -er, I mean “cis”- lucky lucky whore bodies!

    Seriously tho I can’t believe he singled out the only female surgeon “because you have breasts and know how it feeeels”. *Puke
    I wonder how many “prison trannys” go hunting for female doctors and demanding free breast implants upon their release. I bet a lot. We should do a survey.


  4. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    It was the “Allanah Collina” that had me rolling around in stitches.

    It is a myth that all (or even most) M2T have had *bottom* surgery.

    So it seems, thus far* I think all of my tootsies are, like “Julia Serano” proudly hanging onto their penis, and how dare we discriminate against “women with penises”. Just like our last tootsie here, it matters not to them if they still have their dong or not, how far along they are on their woman-minstrelising journey, they kick up a big stink if they are not allowed to use the female bathrooms.

    “woman with penis”
    Seriously, most sane people can see the logic-fail in that one. Just as many who commented on a thread about two M2Ts duking it out in the female bathroom did.
    Link from KatieS here:

    * I am about to break with convention, and go for a tootsie with a mangina. LOL


  5. pmsrhino

    Yeah, it must have been so hard for Ally to get a job without those precious boobs. Dog knows I would have never landed my office job if it hadn’t been for my wonderfully feminine boobs. Nevermind the college degree, the years of experience, the proficiency with computers and programs associated with my work. Nope! It was all about these sweet, sweet boobies of mine.

    Man, being a woman is awesome, right guys? I mean, don’t we all have TOTALLY SWEET jobs that pay well enough to live simply because of these wonderful BOOBIES?! XD

    Seriously, I can’t roll my eyes back into my head far enough for this shit. I have girl friends who “suffer” from the dreaded “A-cup disease” and yet they manage to find work just fine. And I’ve long considered my larger cup size to be a DETRIMENT to my job since it often gets to the point where clients or co-workers treat me like just a pair of tits and nothing more (also makes it difficult to dress “professionally” for interviews since most shirts automatically look extra “slutty” simply because of my bust size). Is it possible, Ally, that you just weren’t qualified enough (or mentally stable enough) for those people to hire you? Is that even a possibility? Because in my experience, my boobs are not a free pass to anything I want.

    But then again I live in FAB Land where shit isn’t all roses and sunshine.


  6. myrtle

    “God Bless.”

    What a man-ipulator.

    But the worst part is, the male institutions that fall for this, give them legal right to washrooms, women’s shelters, women’s health funding, women’s token positions in universities, disability income, and housing etc. All appointed for them by OTHER MEN.

    “I’m transgender (…) “.

    You’re a freak, a bug and a danger to women and children.


  7. parallelexistence

    I made the mistake of looking at that hungangels website, and Oh-My-Word. Not just the fantasist delusions, but there is some seriously nasty abusive and degrading stuff on there, I actually feel ill. Bloody hell.


  8. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    I know, I know, PMSrhino!
    I think that is why I got obsessed with Ally’s nouveau boobies this week, because he seems to think that either an A-cup or manboobies is some sort of hurdle to a career, conveniently forgetting his criminal record, history of violence, and most likely, a severe personality disorder on top of that. But no, our toots this week seems to think it’s all about the bra size.

    But, in the space of a year, Ally is packin’ man-titties. From *sob sob* unemployed and unable to afford such *essential* alteration, to flaunting the newly acquired funbags at every opportunity. And yes, they are funbags, they are not there by nature’s design, and purely on show for minstrelling. And some really bad amateur pornie shots.

    Where did you get the money Ally?
    In the alley perhaps…?


  9. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Awww Lilly, he is just another of those crims dressing up (albeit, this time to surgical extreme) in order to avoid the cops. He really needs to be a bit nuttier or delusional to qualify as one of my tootsies!

    Your comments went into spam because they were two the same I think. Anyway, found them there.


  10. Chonky

    Those thighs of his resemble mine in a way. ewwww. Sans all that hair.
    ‘cept my thighs are attached to REAL lady bits. Yay me!


  11. Sargasso Sea

    Did I mention that the when I viewed the larger version of Dick/Ally’s infamous *legs* that it appeared to me that our young, emboobified protagonist had the words which make up his username at H*ng A*gel tattooed right above what would have been his *pubic hair line* had he had any pubic hair.

    I really DO NOT want to know what’s tattooed right above his ass, thank you.


  12. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Behind Ally’s hands? Why, HIS woman-PENIS of course silly!
    Good spot there Sar, can only see the middle bit “nasty”. The handle he uses over there is DirtyNastyFilthy (but with random capitalisation, like the psycho he is).


  13. myrtle

    Imagine the terror she must be feeling that some idiot judge is going to say No worries Dadums will make the right choice for his child. Gavel. Next.


  14. Hecuba

    That photo of man in frock Ally – the one which shows him totally naked is a stereotypical male pose. I suddenly realised on the rare occasions when men have photos taken of themselves naked – yes totally naked they always have their hands placed over that site wherein rests that wonderful sacrosant male sexual organ – the penis. I an of course referring to naked images of men which malestream media deems to be suitable for ‘women and horses to view without being frightened.’ After all women and horses mustn’t see the male sexual organ in so-called family media must they but women, horses and of course men are commonly treated to totally naked images of women because there is nothing to frighten the horses is there?

    Whenever images of naked women are taken by malestream media notice how the woman/women are never facing the camera full frontal – instead they are usually shown either half sitting or lounging on a bed/or other furniture – the women never ever stand confronting the camera – that is a male stance. The positions women take in malestream photos are designed to titillate the male viewer because it is essential the female never ever displays autonomy instead she is positioned as though she is inviting the male viewer to do what? Well whatever he wants actually and the aim is to present to the male viewer a female who exists just for him.

    Okay so man in frock Ally has attempted to pornify himself as a ‘female’ but he doesn’t succeed. Instead he can’t erase his male authority – he is a male posing as a female and he doesn’t succeed. Why? Because of his hands – those hands are hiding something and no it isn’t the female sexualised body it is the male sexual organ which men automatically hide because they don’t want all and sundry to see their puny sex organs. Remember the myth of the magical phallus only exists because it is commonly hidden out of sight or else when it is evident it has been either surgically enhanced or induced with large quantities of viagra.

    But overriding this male’s immense arrogance and hubris is the fact legal system will once again ignore the rights of the child because children continue to have no rights and instead it is the right of the male biological parent and not forgetting any other male who can make the claim ‘I will be a good mother figure (sic) for the child despite my proven history of male violence.’ Reason is being a good father even when the biological male thinks he is really female always outweighs the mother’s desire to protect her child from further harm. So once again it will be a win win for men including men who think they are women (in your dreams boys) and another lose lose for women’s and children’s rights.


  15. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    I am not so sure that women and horses would be so terribly frightened if they saw more phalluses about, but it could be detrimental to their health by the amount of laughter generated from such exposure.

    Stallions especially would be would be doing Crocodile Dundee impersonations of “what, you call that a penis? This is a penis!”

    Ally gives himself away in that stance primarily by the ‘grab’ instead of pornied-female ‘caress’ that they are scripted to do. Besides, his audience there at the hungangels would lap up the sight of dangly bits with faux boobies. Even the shot of him grabbing his manboobies, the hand gives him away as dudely. Oh dear, Ally really needs to study the pornie script just that little more closely. As you say Hecuba, he still has not got that full-submission thing down yet, which is the big turn-on for most dudes.


  16. KatieS

    Seriously tho I can’t believe he singled out the only female surgeon “because you have breasts and know how it feeeels”. *Puke
    I wonder how many “prison trannys” go hunting for female doctors and demanding free breast implants upon their release. I bet a lot. We should do a survey.

    And then warn the female doctors!


  17. myrtle

    As if her breasts are going to ‘feel’ anything like his breasts. Oh maybe she goes around all day, thinking oh I just FEEEEEEL like my breasts. Perhaps, like the second vid on that couple posted over at GMs she takes little breakies from telling people they have inoperable cancer to flit into nearby examining rooms and pinch and plump her breasts. Where do they come from these freako vacuous scum.


  18. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Absolutely fucking perfect!
    The narcissist has googled himself, and found Twanzphobia! Now, let’s see him try to sue, considering he posted the pictures on a public forum. What a dickhead you are Collina. Yeah, you’re keeping your dick – both of them, including the cranial one.

    Submitted on 2011/07/20 at 22:16

    All Images of Ally Collina you have illegally reproduced and distributed are owned by eyezek MSF Photography, with the exception of the press photo from the article. this is a demand that you CEASE and DESIST in posting all photo’s of Ally Collina owned by MSF Photography and that you immediately remove them from your site. any reproduction, unauthorized distribution or posting of such photographs will result in legal action against this site, it’s owners, operators, employee’s and volunteer’s.

    zmog, I am such a big meanie for posting collina’s email addy and IP.
    Well, that’s what you get for being a giant dick trying to threaten me. Nah, I’m not a scaredy-cat like you expect most FABs to be.



  19. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Oh and Duncan – they ARE the worst looking fake boobs.
    WTF is up with the triangle shape? Jeezus. Have you not seen real female breasts? Probably not, considering you are gay. Real breasts don’t look like that you freak.


  20. Chonky


    Get ’em FAB.

    I love you ladies!, and incidently, I am totally in on some ass whoopin’. After all, we chinks are mathematicians as well as martial art geniuses! 😉

    Also wears glasses


  21. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Yes. Those rilly rilly look like pro shots. Tip: Buy yourself a light kit loser.
    I know, they are some of the worst amateur photos I have seen for a long time. My gawd, he is trying to claim they are professional?
    It does prove that twanz are indeed delusional if he considers those professional. LOL


  22. GallusMag

    My fave is the shot that hones in on his hott sexxay incisions on his hott sexxay implants. Poor prison tranny bastid. Thought balloon over Dick’s head: “I love that two year old soo much I think I’ll start an account in mah real (fake) name at Hung Angels two weeks before my boyfriend’s court date! Cause I love him so much tooo!” Jesus, any female would be petrified for anything that made her look like less than Betty Crocker in the slightest during a custody battle. But not men like Dick. Dick is probably spamming Good Morning America demanding an interview.


  23. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    I know, they just fail on basic female training don’t they?
    Must be all that male entitlement (and the dong) getting in the way.
    More funny was his attempt to sue me (I’m broke btw, so don’t bother) I assume to rustle up some more dosh for pwetty laydee things – it won’t be a mangina though, he’s way too all-manz for that, nope, he will keep his beloved member.

    And libfems, get your head out of your butt, and realise exactly WHO these laydees are, that you want to defend so much. They behave exactly like every other dude, except wearing a dress and some lippy.


  24. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Yeah, it was a cheap nasty boob job, for a cheap nasty boob…
    (man, this is endless fodder)
    And I took a site backup tonight as well. Remember folks, you put it online, it’s out there forever…


  25. Linda Radfem

    What did Casey Anthony ever do to him? That was such a male behaviour to appropriate her story and buy into the anti-Casey misogyny, in order to further his own interests. Clearly he also has no understanding of the relationship between gender and labour. Dude, you need to be prepared to do a lot of shitty, low-status work for free, or for crap wages, if you want to know what it’s like to be a woman in this world. I’m guessing you don’t do any of that. I’m guessing you expect great money for little effort – just like a man.


  26. KatieS

    Yes, I had the same reaction, Linda. Using a tragic story like Casey’s for his own purposes is just wrong. Would you want a person who would do that to be around your child? Would the courts see this as a favorable attitude?


  27. Linda Radfem

    Exactly, Katie. Courts see violence as violence, whether it’s a man or a woman. Being trans does not give you a free ticket to be violent, and has he even stopped to consider if it is in this child’s interests to be around him? Violence or no violence, there are a lot of things to consider here, and I’m guessing the only things he has considered are his own feelings and nothing else. Does he not even see how suspect it looks for him to be fighting for access to a child that he has no relationship to? It is an extension of these guys wanting access to women; now they want access to our children too, to motherhood.

    I also don’t buy this shit about feeling like a woman inside; they just want to feel like they are inside a woman. One of those reversals.


  28. rebel13

    I’m not totally sure, but I think lawyers know how to use apostrophes. And capitalization.

    Just sayin’.


  29. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    I’m not totally sure, but I think lawyers know how to use apostrophes. And capitalization.
    Just sayin’.

    LOL, ya think?

    Do you think we should give dear-Ally a lesson in punctuation? Sadly, it would cut into his narcissistic googling of self, and dear me, we should not interfere with that should we?


  30. myrtle

    Spot the howler in this recent comment on Ally’s story:

    “Michigan posted at 8:58 am on Fri, Jul 22, 2011.

    (blah blah blah) Some people who want to vilify her do so out of fear of the unknown because they know nothing of what it means to be transgendered. Neither do I, but what I do know it must be extremely difficult to feel as though the body you are in seems foreign and acceptance something oh to difficult thing to find in a lynch mob society.

    Indian proverb: Before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his moccasins.


  31. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    oh dickie, dickie, dickie…

    You know what dickie, it is more important that a child is protected than it is for you to play “I’m a woman, therefore I must have access to children” schtick.

    You have physically assaulted people, including your own father with a knife, that is the part that the mother of the child has the problem with. You are a violent pyscho. Get over it.

    ETA: I just read some of the comments. Not everyone is convinced that twanzwomen get speshul snowflake status to do whatever they want. Which seems to be what Dickie Collina wants “hey judge, ignore my violent past, I am a speshul snowflake”. Hopefully this sort of blatant crap will hurt the twanz lobby.


  32. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Dickie is in the news again:

    I see that the first commenter (who is NOT me btw) picked up on the fact that Dickie named the parties involved (see photo). The reason the newspaper did not publish the names of the parties is due to child protection you moron Collina. But that does not stop you, does it Collina??? You don’t care who you hurt or trample on to get your way. Other commenters on the various articles have noted that you are trotting out children for your agenda.

    Six words Collina: callous disregard for anyone but yourself


  33. GallusMag

    He says it wasn’t his fault he maced that cop BECAUSE HE WAS UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS at the time. Ohhh, well then Ally, it wasn’t your fault. Could have happened to anybody, why did they even file charges against you??? Next time say you were doing drugs because you were so unhappy to be born in a body without breast implants. And speaking of Dick Dunkin’s silicone sacks- according to the recent photographic record Dickie’s real motivation for all this attention seeking is to show off his fake tits. His myspace page says he wants to be famous. Hey Dickie, why don’t you try actually doing something with your life instead of exploiting a two year old in search of attention?


  34. GallusMag

    Oh and guess what Vermont peeps- the reporter was incorrect. Dickie still has a dick. He never got a “sex change operation”. He’s just an average dick.


  35. GallusMag

    Q: Why hasn’t Dickie demanded free sex change op from some unsuspecting female surgeon over at Dartmouth?
    A: He loves his dick. That’s why he posts naked pix of himself on “Hung Angels” two weeks before his custody hearing.

    Speaking of which- if he agrees with you, why isn’t the child’s parent protesting right along with you Dickie?


  36. Sargasso Sea

    From a certain “One Love” on that thread:

    As the parent of the child that was holding the sign yesterday I need to say something…. Maybe my son does not understand all of the aspects of what was going on yesterday, he does understand that he was holding a sign telling the world that he loves his Auntie.

    And it goes on and on about how the kids are confused and how Auntie did some dumb things when she was younger and blah blah and sis boom bah.

    I have half a mind to drop a link over there… Stop me! 😛


  37. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    if he agrees with you, why isn’t the child’s parent protesting right along with you Dickie?

    That is THE most important question of the day there Gallus Mag. Ex-prisonguard fiance seems very thin on the ground for the “protests”.

    I had to use scare quotes around protests, because clearly that is not the main purpose, publicity hounding is.


  38. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Hey, I just updated the post with moar pictures!!!
    Because, that’s what “cease and desist” means doesn’t it? It means “post moar!” 😛

    Have a nice day Ally, and don’t let the narcissism bite you on the ass on the way out.


  39. Sargasso Sea

    Yes, Ally, these are but two of the photos I saw myself at Hung Angels before you scrubbed them.

    Why you would be adverse to them being promoted on the internet is beyond me! Just a few short weeks ago you seemed so proud of them.

    But guess what? You can’t have it both ways; if you’re going to *be* a woman you have to check your damn male entitlement at the door. No born woman would dare expect to have visitation rights with a child not her own with photographs like yours posted, even for a second, on the internet.

    Snowflake. Unicorn. Ally.


  40. parallelexistence

    One of the things that bothers me about all this stuff, is the trans groups trying to drag more and more male pathology into the concept of human sexuality and gender as “just another fun identity to play with”, and demanding that it be accepted.

    Also, wandering a little from this specific case, there’s a more general thing with the trans activists making sure that they are disproportionately represented in women’s, (or leftist, or “alternative”) spaces – look at who posts on a site like the fword. How many of them are female ? How many are women who are black, immigrant, disabled, lesbian ? How many are trans/BDSM/whatever fetish ?


  41. GallusMag

    @Parallel- ” trans activists making sure that they are disproportionately represented in women’s.. spaces”
    It’s unbelievable. Destroying female spaces is priority #1 for Genderists. Pam’s House Blend, Bilerco, LezGetReal, Feministing, Shakesville, Fword, etc. All have been taken over by female proxies. Invading, colonizing, destroying female spaces- any space where females may seek refuge from male supremacy. My heart goes out to females looking for lesbian or feminist spaces online, and IRL. Radical Feminist spaces are the last female spaces left, and they constantly attack us, ignore our boundaries, post using fake female identities, any means necessary to destroy places for females to gather and organize.


  42. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    One of the things that bothers me about all this stuff, is the trans groups trying to drag more and more male pathology into the concept of human sexuality and gender as “just another fun identity to play with”, and demanding that it be accepted.

    You must have been reading my mind this morning, parallel. I was thinking exactly the same thing after reading GM’s
    and also RFC’s

    They keep pushing the envelope as it were, expecting everyone to accept more and more perverted stuff and call it “normal”. Well, it worked for porn – where it started out at the light end like Playboy, now we have torture porn as pretty much standard.

    As for the proxies in women’s spaces, yep, online feminist/women’s spaces have been under colonisation for quite some time now, the UK’s F-Word being a prime example. And, once they were in, not a harsh word against tranz is allowed to be spoken by FABs, but twanz are free to hurl any name-calling they want to at FABs. A perfect example of why we twanzphobic radfems won’t even let them in the door. Whatever happened to feminism for born-females???

    The other thing about real-life groups (and I have not been to many of late) is that these groups are formed privately, and they should have the right to set limits and to refuse those who are not inline with the group’s objectives (and yes, even trouble-making FABs have been excluded). However, M2Ts demand entry into all women’s spaces, as if they were public spaces. They aren’t. They are private spaces. Just like my living room, I can choose whomever I want to come in or stay out. Only the cops waving around a search warrant can over ride that.


  43. Linda Radfem

    The issue of trans- access is also being used by lesbophobes to justify their lesbophobia. Twice in the last week or two I have been involved in discussions around whether or not to implement a trans-inclusive policy for a women’s refuge. The responses from two of the (straight) women who work their full-time have been along the lines of “Well we accept gay women so why not trans?”. Because they’re like totes the same thing!

    I can’t tell you how sickening, and how disturbing, it is for me to be exposed to this shit. Like a lesbian is somehow less of a woman than a straight woman. Like lesbian is some kind of base line criterion – “Well, if we can take lesbians we should be able to take pretty much any old rubbish!”. That’s the kind of thinking that informs such commentary. Straight women who have probbaly kept their lesbophobia under control for years, now have a way to express it and bring it into their practice framework.


  44. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Hah hah, the narcissist Alley Cat strikes again. Yet another tear-jerker article in the Advocate.

    Here is Dickie’s comment:

    Name: Ally
    Date posted: 7/30/2011 1:37:01 PM
    Hometown: Collina

    To everyone who is saying the father is having supervised visits at the childs mothers home… well thats not true. He has un-supervised visits with the child, the only stipulation being that the child must spend the night at the fathers mothers house (childs grandmothers house with the dad). The father has never been charged with a criminal offense or violating a court otrder. this order is simply in place because the the father is dating ME!. The mother and her attorney have stated in early motions that “ally’s transgender status will be confusing to the child. AND ONE THING THAT NEEDS TO BE MADE CLEAR IS THAT THE FATHER NOW HAS THE MARITAL HOME AFTER THE MOTHER ABANDONED THE HOME AND QUIT HER JOB AND HAS SINCE MOVED HER SON 5 TIMES SINCE NOVEMBER 5TH, 2010. ALSO THE MOTHER ASSAULTED THE FATHER ON NOV. 5TH AND SHE ADMITTED IT IN COURT RECORDS. AS FAR AS THE MOTHER CLAIM ALLY ASSAULTED THE FATHER WITH A RAZOR, THOSE ARE NOT TRUE. AS THERE ARE NOT POLICE, MEDICAL OR EVEN PHONE RECORDS T

    In response, a “Davina” of Squirrel Hill, says:

    Name: Davina
    Date posted: 7/31/2011 7:44:12 AM
    Hometown: Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, PA

    What a charming pair you are Collina. Perhaps your fiancé has never actually been charged with a criminal offence, but that is not the entire story is it? He was a prison guard, screwing you and other inmates, and was either dismissed or forced to resign because of it. Hardly exemplary behaviour, and activity that is discouraged due to the power difference and open to abuse. His ex-wife rightly got upset at his infidelity, regardless of the sex/gender of the other parties, and left him. Being the primary caretaker for the child, instead of your fiancé putting the son first, and allowing the ex-wife and son to live in the marital home, he selfishly sets up house with you, and you then turn around and blame her for her lack of permanent home. What is really offensive is that your fiancé is obviously gay, yet to the outside world is maintaining the pretense of a heterosexual relationship because of your presentation as a woman. He should have the balls to live an openly homosexual life.

    How brilliant is Davina (obviously confused about her sex, but not her gender as squirrel) for pointing out the “happy het families” game that Dunkin and his fiancé are playing. Where are those balls for living an openly gay relationship eh?

    The alphabet needs to know that one of the letters actively undermines the first two letters.


  45. rebel13

    I used to live in Pittsburgh, one neighborhood over from Squirrel Hill! It’s a lovely place, several good bagel places & a Barnes & Noble. Wonder if that is still there.


  46. fabflowers

    i found this post under the tackle status page – lol, thanks for the laughs, Fablibber. i wanted to agree with you all about how radical feminist spaces really ARE the final frontier for wbw and lesbians to go now. it’s damn shocking how these minstrels have ruined women-only space for so many of us. i’ve started to follow many rad-fem blogs here (have not started my own yet because i’m a baby at this feminism 101 stuff – early 30s in age) and i’m starting to learn which ones have been taken over by the twanz morons and fun/libfems who just aren’t getting how dangerous these men are to us.

    i was enjoying a few posts over at shakers until i saw the minstrel invasion and realised yet again there are but a few dedicated rad-fem blogs left. thank you Fablibber, GallusMag (where i first appeared with my original handle, “awakening”), Noanodyne, CherryBlossomLife, Ballbuster, Miska and Linda Radfem, (i know there are others, cannot name you all!) without your blogs i’d go insane with the patriarchal invasion of our web spaces. not to mention i was on a suicidal journey of confusion having been almost brainwashed by this cult myself. sisters, you have literally saved my life!

    thank you for being voices of reason and not giving up.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. DaveSquirrel Post author

    You are welcome fabflowers.
    btw, I have “fully twanzitioned” now, I am now DaveSquirrel. Sometimes I like to be Dave Twanz Squirrel and angle for speshul snowflake status, as the mostest oppressedest twanz squirrel in the world.

    I must update the tackle status page, there are a few still packing that need the world to know. And this widdle twanz squirrel is just the sort to tell everyone.


  48. Nicky

    Oh my god, I almost chocked on my dinner after seeing those pictures. you should have placed a warning label on those. It’s the reason why twanz people are also trying to invade and colonize the intersex community as well. They want to steal the sympathy and be able to by pass the gatekeepers to get what they want by pretending to be intersex and pretending to have some magical intersex condition that no one has ever heard of.

    It’s why vast majority of intersex people such as myself are distancing ourselves from these twanz people because we don’t want to be associated with them. We don’t want intersex to be classed with these twanzpeople. We don’t want them to abuse, harm and force parents to send their intersex kids and infants into the operating room against their will.


  49. DaveSquirrel Post author

    It’s why vast majority of intersex people such as myself are distancing ourselves from these twanz people because we don’t want to be associated with them.

    Oh Nicky, you are not alone! No one wants to be associated with them!
    And many seem to do this whorey-shit, as if that is what being a woman is all about.
    The additional photos were added later, after Collina’s “cease and desist” crapola. He was the one who posted them to a public forum ffs, then carried on as if they were private and “art photos”. zmog, “art photos”?

    Collina is our resident ‘meeja ho’. Who then complains that people talk about him AFTER he actively sought meeja attention.


  50. Nicky

    Oh yea and many think claiming intersex will give them some type of excuse or alibi for why they are that way. I have seen some try to pretend to be intersex in order to get sympathy or try and get pass the gate keepers. I have seen many twanz people trying to claim to be intersex and poking their heads into many intersex groups with claims of some magical intersex condition. Many of those including Zoe Alan bwain as well.

    As for Collina, I’m not surprised the state is not investigating Collina. People like Collina would never ever be allowed near intersex people because intersex people like myself would not want people like Collina around us.


  51. twanzmooselike

    Oh my god in that pro-bono suck up, Collina says he needs breast not for cosmetic reasons but so he can be treated …

    “treated like the lady I am.”

    This phrase blew right by me before in the smorgasbord of buffoonery here. It’s the EXACT phrase ridiculed by the Little Britain comics, one of whom by the way (the writer?) is a gay male.


  52. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Yes, we are familiar with Zoe Alan Bwain. Five years ago he was twanz. Then he suddenly decided he was intersex and had some miraculous spontaneous change into “a laydee”. He is noteworthy only by his TL;DR posts, babbling on and on and on about various intersex conditions, none of which are ever relevant to the topic at hand, which is twanz. But he tries his damnedest to conflate the two topics. When confronted as to why he (as a supposedly intersex person) aligns with twanz, he comes up with some cock and bull story of, well I can’t remember exactly, but it was about as convincing as my cat telling me he was a dog.


  53. Nicky

    Yeap I am very familiar with Zoe Alan brwain. Zoe has been on many intersex forums and many intersex groups claiming to have every intersex condition under the sun. He claims to be speaking for every intersex people, when in reality intersex people don’t want nothing to do with an intersex poser such as Zoe Alan Bwain. When I challenged Zoe Alan Bwain on his so called intersex condition, I got called out as a bigot for challenging him on his so called intersex claims and accused me of being mentally ill. Zoe Alan Bwain has been on the web cutting and pasting facts that are meaningless and that suit his so called agenda. One of Zoe Alan bwain’s infamous claim is that he believes that transsexuality/transgender is a subset of the intersex community. He even believes twanz people have an intersex brain which vast majority of intersex people dismiss it as junk science. Zoe Alan bwain peddles his crap because he can’t get over the fact that he is twanz, in deep denial of his twanz and hiding it under the guise of pretending to be intersex.


  54. Bev Jo

    Oh Nicky, and everyone here, can anyone get through to Carolyn Gage? She had an fb thread about radiation from Fukushima, but as soon as Zoe Alan Brain saw me post there, he started baiting me by saying he was one of the people I wanted dead. I drew him out by acting like I didn’t know what he was talking about, but he went on with his convoluted theory about science and brains (which, sadly, Carolyn agrees with). After I protested, she told me to stop and apologized to him. He must have loved that.

    It sometimes feels hopeless if radical Lesbian Feminists can’t see through these men. I don’t understand how they are getting so much support. When I commented to a liberal friend about how a trannie at a local almost Lesbian dance couldn’t get any Lesbian to dance with him any more, she said, “Awww….” in sympathy.

    It is so clear to us and to others. What can we do to reach other Feminists and Lesbians?


  55. twanzmooselike

    You see? Sometimes all you can do is laugh and go away. They are the ones issue the death threats, they are the ones bashing each other in the streets and bars, making endless mindless videos about themselves, creating delusional fictions starring “ME” and posting people’s private addresses on the internet. Lovely trail of crumbs.


  56. fabflowers

    thanks for the welcome, Dave, i will remember to use the correct squirrelific pronouns and work hard at it so i don’t commit twanzphobia! 😀

    so true about these minstrels and garnering sympathy. even i’m shocked that fabs actually give them this attention… it’s mind-boggling. when so many of them are behaving like this Collina twit you just have to wonder how our sisters are being duped? i myself started to clue onto the fakeness of it all when i was deep in it and the double-speak drove my rational mind to tethers before i finally screamed enough! don’t other women get this feeling too? i’m so thankful i’ve found you all and i now have hope there are still some sane folk in this world.


  57. DaveSquirrel Post author

    *ahem* it is a moar speshul twanzphobia, it is twanzsquirreliphobia.

    I think more women will wake up the more they are exposed to M2Ts (or rather, the drag queens and cross-dressers demanding to be treated like laydees). Then I think they will see the deMANding nature of the game. Same ol’, same ol’, but in a dress. *yawn*


  58. Nicky

    Just look at it this way, the more people see for what twanz people are, the more people will realize what their true agenda is. Even in the Intersex community, they are starting to realize that if they ever want protection and rights, their best bet is to dump the twanz crap and start looking out for themselves and not allow the twanz people to piggyback off the intersex community.


  59. Pingback: Wake up and smell the repressed homosexuality and twanz-wannabe | twanzphobic since forever

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