Excuse me, which way to the Squirrel Bathroom?

It is completely Squirrelphobic to deny me use of a bathroom that is not inline with my internal squirrel identity. Sure, at this stage of my transition, before surgery, I still look a bit like a human female wearing a clip-on fluffy tail, but why should I be forced to use the human female bathroom when clearly, my internal identity is that of squirrel?

Thankfully be-penised M2Ts don’t have this problem, it is fine and dandy for them to use the female bathroom, regardless of their legality, or actually starting legal action against the business where this grave injustice occurred. Gosh, you may even get a big-assed apology out of them as well!

So I might follow the be-penised M2T lead on this one, and meself lawyered up. See it makes no difference if I scare the shit out of other squirrels using the squirrel bathroom, as long as I am catered for with my internal jendah identity. You see, I don’t really care if I still look really human, it is more important that everyone else indulge me in this. After all, it is my internal identity and all.

* * *

The management of Dennys in Maine USA caved to Bruce “Brianna” Freeman’s demands that he use a bathroom designated for females:

In 2007, Brianna Freeman — previously Bruce — of Lewiston, was a regular customer of Denny’s restaurant. During visits there, she had regularly used the women’s bathroom without objection and had even met with the restaurant manager to explain her situation. But, that October, the manager told her that he had gotten a complaint that she, a male, had used the women’s restroom.

Wow, Bruce I mean Brianna has been “living as a woman” for some time then eh?

According to Brian Mesley, a spokesman for Rockport-based Realty Resources Hospitality, “we recognize and support Ms. Freeman’s gender transition over the past three and a half years.”

So basically Bruce Brianna waltzed into the women’s bathroom, fully certain that he was entitled to be using that bathroom, because in his mind he was transitioning to “woman”. He probably looked like this when he tried it, at the “start of his transition”:

In three and a half years, Bruce Brianna must be all done then?

The manager told Freeman that since she had not yet undergone a transsexual operation and wasn’t considered a biological female, she would have to use the men’s room in the future.

Freeman, who wears women’s clothing, makeup, jewelry and perfume, has said that using the women’s bathroom was part of her medically recommended gender transition process.

The first phase of that process is hormone therapy to boost estrogen and block testosterone. The second phase, where she was in her transition when denied access to the bathroom, is assuming the role and lifestyle of a woman. The third phase of her treatment will be a surgical procedure to complete the transgender process.

“Will be”, always nice to know that there are laydees in the women’s toilets packing penis. Rather comforting!

For Freeman, the bottom line is, “for me and other transgender patrons is that Denny’s has welcomed us to use the restroom that is consistent with how we live our lives.”

“That makes good sense,” she said. “Any other rule is just not workable for anyone.”

Luckily Freeman had a legal eagle sparrow working for him, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders attorney Janson Wu. Wu had to be downgraded from eagle to sparrow for this defence:

because of her sexual orientation

Umm, I don’t recall any sexual orientation in the incident, it was a jendah thing right? Oh well, at least the courts swallowed it. Unless of course it was another Freudian slip by Camp Twanz indicating that M2T “transition” is indeed in the rhelm of sexual fetish?

In the joint release, Wu said he and others in his organization are “happy to have had the opportunity to work with business leaders to make Maine’s business establishments open and welcoming to all potential customers.”

Well, I guess the hetero-dudes are happy not sharing a bathroom with any “Nancy Boy”, and the M2T twanz are happy, because they get to play laydee – “oooooh looky I’m peeing in the laydees bathroom just like a real girl !!11!!”. Management are happy that they won’t have to payout another lawsuit.

Now, who was I forgetting in all this?

zmog, yes, those silly women who already use the women’s toilets. Well, they can just suck it up, just like everything else men inflict on them. Go back above, it was actually a complaint that ‘a male was in the women’s toilets’. So perhaps not all potential customers are hunky dory with this arrangement. The legal budgie was wrong and misleading, shocker, coming from a lawyer!

Of course, those silly women need better brainwashing on the matter, so why not start the whole process a bit earlier, like in school:

The student was born a boy but identified with girls beginning at a very young age, so school officials worked with the parents to allow the child to use the girls bathroom. But the situation dissolved when the grandfather of another boy at Asa Adams School objected to the special arrangement.

Orono officials eventually offered the transgender child access to a private bathroom, prompting the parents to file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission.

So again, the only people missing from all of this are the girls, expected to share showers and toilets with a boy, because “he feels like a girl”. Give it five minutes and all the horny teenage boys will be claiming to be girls so they can go in to perv. You know I’m right.

Lawmakers in Maine did try to stop this, by amending the current Maine Human Rights Act:

The bill would add a paragraph to the Maine Human Rights Act that would make it legal to designate a bathroom or shower facility “to the use of members of the designated physiological sex, regardless of sexual orientation,” according to a draft provided by Fredette.

But the bill was outvoted:

The controversial bill would have shielded public institutions — including schools — and businesses from discrimination complaints filed by transgender individuals upset with policies restricting their access to bathrooms, showers or locker rooms.

But the bill failed on a 61-81 vote Tuesday night after emotional debate that touched upon the topics of gender identification, sexuality, bullying and personal privacy.

So standby girls and parents of girls, it is okey-dokey by the wisdom of lawmakers in Maine that the girls tolerate boys in their showers and toilets. Apparently the girls are not entitled to “personal privacy”. Nice to know that 40 years after second wave feminism, females still are not regarded as fully human, or deserving of full human rights. That’s only for the dudes. And the dudes in dresses.

Well, it could be worse, I could feel like a pope inside

And remember folks:
Any so-called internal identity that requires any form of external validation, is not an internal identity at all.

14 thoughts on “Excuse me, which way to the Squirrel Bathroom?

  1. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    I was too lazy to re-write, but another thing the Denny’s (parent co) spokesdude said was:
    “Her transition and this lawsuit presented a new issue for us,” he said, and “we believe the resolution in this case will work well for all of our customers and preserved the dignity and safety of all.”

    What about the dignity and safety of females? Don’t we fucking well count in your equation?
    Apparently not.


  2. rebel13

    No, we don’t. I’ve actually brought a complaint to the Maine Human Rights Commission for housing discrimination and they are full of shit. So I’m sure they will be just TICKLED to rule that a little boy gets to use the girls’ bathroom because of his “gender identity.” How much you wanna bet the poor kid was getting bullied by the other boys and figured the girls’ room would at least be safe? But could the parents, teachers, and admins deal with the bullying? NO they could not. So much easier to indulge in a frank delusion and try to convince everyone else to go along with them.


  3. myrtle

    Lovin’ the Pope. Cha cha cha.

    Really time we lawyered up AND started sending out FAQS about sex and gender to the judges and legal profession who apparently never took a biology class.


  4. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Freeman is apparently another of those “late transitioners”, early 40s when this happened (aged 45 in 2010).

    Yeah, so he probably did look like one in the photo above. Probably why he is a bit camera shy I guess.

    My words to Freeman are: If you seriously think you are a woman, get rid of your fucking penis BEFORE you attempt to go into a female bathroom. Don’t pretend like you are “female like the rest of us” with that bit of kit between your legs. Lop off the dong. Now.

    The money he got from the lawsuit should cover it… motive perhaps?


  5. allecto

    I rilly empathise with u Squirrel! Once when I was rilly rilly queer and at a queer conference, I said to a group of fwends that I felt like I was a twans cat – that I had always rilly been a cat in the wrong body and that I wondered if any vets or ser-johns could gimme serjory to make me look more feline like + that I required access to .feline only toylets. I was kinda mostly jokin and a bit comin down from a big nite out, but I was horrified when a twans MtSS (male to spechal snowflake) got rilly rilly offended by my twans species die-lemma. The MtSS said, in front of the hole group, that I was rilly rilly offensive and that I shud rilly take the MtSS more seriously and not take the piss or undermine twans internal struggles. I was (jenuinely) deeply ashamed at the time, because I was going out of my way to prove my loyalty to twans MtSS, but of course I failed mizerably:( but, twanz squirrel, I am so happy that I have met another twans species online who rilly getz my internal struggle 🙂


  6. FabLibber / DaveSquirrel Post author

    Howdy Allecto, welcome, nicely twanzphobic inaugural comment here at Twanzphobic Since Forever. 😛

    Question: Isn’t Speshul Snowflake the default category for most/all males, they are all MtSS !

    One of my really early posts, probably February/March, I mentioned the dude that thinks he is a feline, and has had massive body mods (in order to look ridiculous!)


  7. GallusMag

    Seriously tho, the trans should be fighting for the right for men who “look female” to use the men’s room. I guess there’s no excitement if you’re not forcing your way into female spaces though. It’s all about the autogynephillia.


  8. zeph

    Yes, keep men out of women’s bathrooms! What they are wearing makes no difference.
    I wonder what they would do if large numbers of women dressed in suits turned up at their posh London men’s clubs with a load of placards demanding membership because we identified as men. Also Eton and Lords cricket club would be good targets, give them a taste of their own medicine.


  9. rebel13

    FTR, I don’t think that’s really allecto.

    And yeah, the whole furbie thing, otherkin, whatnot — sometimes I think the whole world has gone crazy.


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