Eff off Heff

Well done to all the feminists in London on Saturday protesting the opening of Playboy’s new club. Apparently there were about 200 protestors.

The picture is of the full-page spread in the Daily Star (shitrag), and the text is (I have underlined Hef’s dumbass reversal):


KILLJOY protesters failed to see the “bunny” side of a new Playboy Club opening in London.

Glamorous Playboy girls, sporting sexy Union Flag outfits with their famous bunny ears and bow ties, lined the red carpet for the weekend launch.

But the gorgeous girls’ party was picketed by a furious gang of feminists, who heckled VIP guests and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

They shouted “Eff off, Heff” at the millionaire tycoon as he entered the party in Old Park Lane.

Anna van Heeswijk, from feminist group Object, said: “This signifies a worrying step backwards in the quest for equality between the sexes.

“Sexualising and objectifying women as bunny rabbits is not sexy and it is not empowering.

“It is sexist and everyone knows it.”

But partyboy Hefner, who runs the famous porn empire from a mansion in LA, shrugged off their claims as “lame” and outdated.

He said: “Playboy and the Playboy clubs were the end of sexism.

“Women were being held in bondage for hundreds of years, owned first by their fathers and then their husbands. Playboy helped to change all that.

“It’s what the sexual revolution was all about.”

Viagra-scoffing Hugh, 85, sipped champagne with his fiancée Crystal Harris, 25, and a host of celebs including cage-fighter Alex Reid, 35, and Liz Hurley’s ex Arun Nayar, 46.

The venue replaces a club closed 30 years ago and now features a ­casino, cocktail lounge and barber shop.

You are a fucking outdated moron Hef. Hopefully popping all that viagra will kill you off.

28 thoughts on “Eff off Heff

  1. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    I really keep waiting for him to drop dead from all the viagra.
    There was a really revolting exposé on life at the mansion, one of Hef’s former ‘playmates’ spilled the dirt on what went on.
    60-year age gap, quite pervy eh? Just ewwwww.


  2. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    Well, the Slut-Trotters would be too busy declaring how much they love sex and porn, and probably also buy into what old Hef says about empowerment and liberation. 🙄


  3. Sargasso Sea

    I so totally want to write for the Star brand; their penchant for alliteration is alluring.

    Killjoy Anna is a right-on furious feminist!


  4. Hecuba

    Exactly – the above is a real feminist protest not the Slut trot one which is happening this Saturday in London.

    As for s…t Hef – yes he’s one of many real sl..ts – I understand only two or at most three has-been celebrities turned off for non-event! Perhaps the sight of over 100 real feminists frightened the ‘celebs away!’ Hah ha Hef so you claim Playboy club is antidote to men keeping women oppressed – fail. Because Hef you are one of innumerable men who continue to view women as men’s disposable sexual service stations. Hef’s views are same side of coin as men who want to keep their female property hidden away from public view. Hef just wants women to be publicly owned by the men who will supposedly be flocking to this out-dated club.

    No Hef men won’t come to your club they’ll be too busy patronising Spearmint Rhino or Stringfellows’ both of which are seedy lap dancing clubs catering for boys with money in their pockets and who want to prove to other men their masculinity!!


  5. jilla

    That’s my idea of feminists up there. Wow you Brits really know how to get coverage. And while covered. Shows ya.


  6. jilla

    Seven protest photos.

    Look at this rag’s name. That’s how much women’s news matters. No connection between sexual objectification and porn and sex trafficking. None.


  7. jilla

    II’m asking for a torture/porn/satire category.

    Yes. You lucky peeps over in Ye Olde only have to deal with Hef (who I think has been cryonicized) but here, we have Gian Ghomeshi, lefty dood interviewer for the taxpayer funded radio, who apprently agrees with Larry Fl*nt that H*stler mag pix of torture porn were …


    Yes. Q host and card-carrying lefty progressive hooman rights activist male person of colour dood Jian Ghomeshi didn’t disagree. Isn’t that what an interviewer does when someone makes an “ist” comment? Isn’t that kind of shit that a good interviewer hopes the interviewee will lay down? You know, something to really set your teeth on. Go get ’em Jian!

    Nope. Not if he doesn’t disagree.



  8. womononajourney

    I’m so glad you posted this, “Dave”! It’s always so great to see that real feminist work is going down.
    One hard part about protesting a strip club is to not alienate the womyn working there. It’s one reason I’ve been hesitant to protest at a major strip club near where I live, and I’ve heard other women say the same thing. I wonder if others have thoughts on this?


  9. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    Yes, the complaint about the article from those who were there was that it twisted it about to say they were protesting “the bunnies”, when clearly, every placard said “Eff Off Heff”.

    It is difficult to construct a protest that does not ‘attack’ the women working in those places – but it can be done with careful planning and banner wording – thinking things through very carefully.

    Anti-feminists always twist things to make out we protest the women (and that we do so from a prudish mentality). So I guess, make sure some placards mention specifically that you support the women, they are not in the wrong, etc. Keep the focus on the patrons and owners.


  10. zeph

    “But partyboy Hefner, who runs the famous porn empire from a mansion in LA, shrugged off their claims as “lame” and outdated.”

    Outdated, is a feminist issue word. It shows that the only people he is bothering to try and fool are young women who are reproductively useful. At the same time it attempts to flatter them into thinking their lives are different and unique. When they are actually on the same industrial conveyer belt as their mothers. Herd them in, with promises of glamour, as if it really is glamourous to be dressed like a rabbit! Herd them out, after they have given plenty of cheap rides to the boys, while you coined it in. Then send them into the reproductive stalls of marriage. As long as patriarchy (exemplified by clammy old men like Hefner having access to young fertile women) exists, this scam against women will never be outdated


  11. Undercover Punk


    That’s what I always think of when people start talking about *blaming* individuals for a(ny) problem much, much bigger than they are.


  12. jilla

    I’ll bet he’s got canker sores older than her.

    That Daily Male write up where he/they congratulate him for the sexual revolution and freeing women made me think he’s providing new info for his ongoing obit, knowing it’s going to be used pretty soon. Media keep obits on 85 yr old fuckers, and others, so that they’ve got what they need on the moment. They update them regularly, with photos and copy, quotes, names and comments from friends and admirers, and oh a line or two, short, from detractors.

    Let’s give em CHOICE! Set a timing down clock to the day his botox overpowers the viagra.

    Let’s start our rad fem quick and ready Heff obit.


  13. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    Here is my obit for Hef, it’s ready.
    “Rot in the ground you pervy old fucker”
    Short, but sweet.


  14. jilla

    Contrast this, the way men “protest” and the way women do. One destroying, rampaging, burning, beating, threatening for fun. the other, asking for our human right not to be treated as commodity.

    (Move if you want FAB really needed to show you this but no category)


  15. Sargasso Sea

    ::heavy sigh::

    Riots over games. And I wonder what’s become of those young women.

    We know the car is trashed beyond repair.


  16. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    10% Mary?
    A minimum 30-50%. And whilst some will say “but only a few of those menz were trashing cars and windows” – what the fuck were the others doing – just standing around watching them, not stopping them. In this and another video of the riot (over what? a stupid game?) it was only WOMEN standing up to masses of males. And males reckon they are the brave ones – another reversal I would say.

    Menz are destroying everything, including the planet. I don’t want to lower my standards to become “equal” to this lot. Either they become contained, or they need to be eliminated.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Mary Sunshine

    Not reduced *by* 10% – – I said reduced *to* 10% of its current magnitude.

    In other words, one semen-spurter to every ten females.

    That’s enough to ensure genetic diversity.

    BTW, this is the suggestion of my heterosexual daughter!! (who has had no children because she is vehemently unwilling to raise a male child.)


  18. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    LOL – it was early when I read that! Still part way thru first coffee, bwain still not fully engaged.
    I like your (daughter’s) suggestion better… DOWN to 10%. Also the same reason I was not eager to have kids, in case I got one of the mutant-Y ones. Reducing the male population DOES work, the women of PNG did it, and that is why patriarchy treats the mothers of boys with a bit more prestige compared to mothers of girls – to encourage the mothers to look after boys and raise the next batch of raping patriarchs.


  19. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    Update on the slimebag Hef being jilted. He had this issue of Playboy with a feature on the “new Mrs Hef” which were coming out this week. How creepy is that, doing a shoot of your wifey? I guess that is his form of bragging to the boyz “hey, look what I’ve got!”. Anyway, it was too late to do anything, so they quickly issued stickers on the cover with “Runaway Bride”.
    Not Mrs Hef



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