More uses for twanz proxies

Following on from RadfemCraft’s Female Proxies in IT, which outlines how the male-born M2Ts are able to effectively ‘be’ the female places in the IT industry, there is another longer term use for M2Ts as female proxies.

It’s called “hide the male violence“.

MRAs have long argued (rather incorrectly) that “women are just as violent as men”. Prison statistics currently counter that wild and wacky assertion, with males making up just over 90% of the UK prison population. Nor are the crimes they are incarcerated for comparable either, given that most of the women in prison are in for non-violent and lessor offences such as drugs, handling stolen goods. Only a small percentage of the female UK prison population are in for more than five years. [I will try to get a current version of these stats, previous information was a few years old].

Given that most places now either have, or are in the process of, implementing official ‘sex designation’ based on ‘gender recognition’, most of which do not require SRS for the change of designation.

This means, as M2Ts in greater numbers gain ‘sex designation’ changes based on ‘gender recognition’, that the male-born M2Ts will be counted in official government statistics as “female”, both in crime statistics and prison population statistics.

Prison population statistics (particularly for serious crimes and long sentences) are already being affected, with numerous male prisoners fighting to get either ‘gender recognition’ or full/partial SRS and other treatments whilst incarcerated. In the US, this will have greater effect due to their health system – incarceration giving the M2Ts access to SRS that they would otherwise have to pay for. Some M2T criminals go down the supposed GID route in order to be transferred to female prisons, either in the view that penal life will be easier in a women’s facility, or simply for access to victims. It has always been problematic that ‘sex designation’ does not require SRS, with “women” (M2Ts) still retaining penises, posing a danger to the FAB female prison population.

Those M2Ts who have already had ‘gender recognition’ or merely crossdress, have the opportunity to prey on female victims by getting closer to their victims, either in female-only spaces or out in general public areas like parks. [I would have provided more links, but have lost all my bookmarks].

For the purposes of (UK) statistics, once ‘gender reassignment’ has been officially reallocated, crimes and incarceration statistics will be recorded as “female” and no separate “transgender” status is recorded.

So that is yet another reason patriarchy loves tranz, particularly M2T.

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Edited to add:

I related proxy-type discussion happened towards the end of UndercoverPunk’s Smith College post, Sargasso Sea said:

Thing is, the trannies want to beat the doors of Smith down for all trannies, not just F2T.

The way I see it, perhaps the primary reason why the menz are *allowing* F2T at all is to use them as proxies in exactly this kind of situation; send the females to knock politely on the door and when the door opens to welcome a friendly, the males KICK it right off the hinges.

And I added, courtesy of a link about Wellesley College from AmazonLaur:

AmazonLaur forwarded me a link that is relevant to this thread.

As SarSea deduced just upthread, the F2T issue is a form of proxy to allow M2Ts into women-only colleges, certainly it seems the entire point of this article written about Wellesley College.

F2Ts are being used as the thin edge of the twanz wedge, to open the way to M2Ts. Here is the paragraph that gives away the tranz agenda:

Much like the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival has become a hotbed of debate about the “womyn-born womyn-only” admissions process, Chevelier says he sees the same thing happening at Wellesley. “I don’t know why a young person who transitioned to being male would want to attend a women’s college,” he told AlterNet, “but I could easily imagine a situation where a young person who transitioned to being female would apply to Wellesley.”

See, the ‘big deal’ in all of this is not really F2T, but M2Ts. The FABphobic agenda is also clear by bringing in Michigan into this – the M2T pet-hate.

Also, given the very few women’s colleges about, why would anyone who “identifies as male” wish to go (or to continue to go) to these women’s colleges, at decision of commencing ‘transition’? For starters, seeing a women’s college on a cv is a dead giveaway of twanz status – so they cannot be that serious about “being men”. If F2Ts had any morals, they would voluntarily withdraw from the women’s college and transfer somewhere else. But they want their tranz cake and to eat it too.

I am getting a little mad at F2Ts actually – they transition (or defect) to ‘men’, to gain all the advantages that males get (assuming they pass as men), but they also want to take women-only places away from FAAB women – who will continue to live as women, and be discriminated in the workplace as women (promoted less, paid less).

I might just have to make a tag/category of “Twanz Proxies”.

5 thoughts on “More uses for twanz proxies

  1. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Post author

    Apologies for lack of links – as I just lost all my previous bookmarks, and had a lot of examples. Gradually I will rebuild my “tranz crims” collection of links. They are plentiful.


  2. Hecuba

    Yes indeed with increase in number of male prisoners being ‘recognised’ as really female and then transferred to women’s prisons, this will effectively reinforce claim’women are as violent as men.’

    Government departments will produce statistics ‘proving’ women routinely rape other women (sic) and no one will know these ‘women’ are in fact men claiming to be women.’ No need for the male criminals to undergo surgical mutilation because their claim ‘I’m a woman has already been accepted by UK’s male supremacist legal system.

    Big win win for men with Josephine and Joe Public not being any the wiser.

    Men’s crimes against women will be hidden and instead focus will be on all those innumerable ‘deviant women’ who are committing sexual crimes against men, women, girls and boys. Congratulations to male supremacist/patriarchal system because they’ve achieved the ultimate – elimination of endemic male violence against women and creation of pseudo endemic – namely women’s violence against men (sic) women etc.


  3. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Post author

    I forgot to add the link that goes with the photo “Transgendered wife makes man swim to death”. Link thanks to WomanOnAJourney at GallusMag’s.

    Have added it to “hide the male violence”.

    Even though this story is reported in the papers as “transgendered wife”, if the M2T has official recognition “as female” then the crime will be recorded as being commited by a (born-)female, and he will be incarcerated in a women’s prison, further skewing the violent crime stats.


  4. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Post author

    I have updated the post at the bottom, to cross-reference UCP’s similarly themed thread.


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