Bloody minstrels

This one is for Lucy, and all other tranz sympathisers that seem to be completely oblivious to the minstrelizing and mockery that some sectors of the twanz community perpetuate. Hey there twanz-luvvin’ libfems, this one is for you!

Over at Undercoverpunk’s post on menstruating, an event that is uniquely female, I made the following comment in my most mocktacular Dave the Squirrel style:

[…]did you also know that there are TWs who obsess and minstrelize female menstruation? They stick tampons up their butts or manginas, some even cut themselves for the full blood effect on sanitary pads. What is missing from their little minstrel games are the cramps, which I *could* help them out with, by punching them in the guts half a dozen times. Well, *we* do want their *experience* to be authentic after all?

To which generated the following response (quoting moi above) by one “Lucy Cage”, obviously a twanz sympathiser and lightweight-feminist:

“What is missing from their little minstrel games are the cramps, which I *could* help them out with, by punching them in the guts half a dozen times. Well, *we* do want their *experience* to be authentic after all?”

This is horrible, violent, upsetting stuff. I’m appalled. Punching someone in the guts because they aren’t straightforwardly male or female? What’s wrong with you all? Have you no humanity? This reminds me of the Youtube clip of the transwoman getting beaten up n MacDonalds: is that kind of behaviour OK with you? I have friends (identified on their birth certificates as female) who don’t have biologically straightforward bodies: some struggle to fit what boxes have been provided for them to fit into; some use drugs or surgery to try to become more themselves, less complicated. So you’d punch them too, would you? I know that there are men out there who would, and who have. This is not a ‘game’.

Rather cute that she has the finale of “This is not a game”, when I was specifically denouncing a twanz game (and fetish). One that specifically minstrelizes and mocks the uniquely female bodily function of menstruation, and makes it into one of their little “sissy games”.

Lucy has a bad case of the reading comprehension fails, particularly when she quotes a key passage, and not only fails to address what is wrong with the twanz minstrelization of female bodily functions, but tries to twist it into “gender presentation” issues, or ‘sexual ambiguity’. Nowhere in my comment did I say I was going to go out on the street and randomly beat up ‘sex/gender ambiguous’ or even twanz persons – but I did specifically address the males who were making a mockery and game out of female menstruation. It is the same mockery and misogyny of Drag Queens (who are generally part-time, and make their money from parodying females and the role of femininity that we are forced to endure). Except that the menstrual-minstrels mock our biological functions for fun and for fetish. It is all a game to them.

It is a fetish in that it feeds their delusion of femaleness, they think/maintain they are just like biological females, and are willing to engage in deluded (and somewhat dangerous) behaviour in order to indulge that fetish and delusion.

These are not “poor widdle twanz that really fweel like women inside” at all. It is probably a variant of autogynophilia, in that there is frequently a sexualised component of their rituals and delusions, example:

For a while I was attaching weights to the strings on my tampons and letting it hang through crotchless panties while I did naughty things to myself. It feels good to try to hold it in. Gravity is your friend!
And I thought that I was the only one to do this. I used to attach a couple of weights to the string then walk arround in high heels pantyless under a long skirt just to feel the weights swinging back and forth.

And this:

I luv to tie a long string to my tampon and tie the other end to my big toe.
Then I lie on my bed all dressed up and play with my little clit and start to pull on the string by moving my foot.
The feeling I get in my pussy is great !

Nor do even they sincerely believe they are ‘women’ or female either:

To simulate a period a sissy would use maxi pads in their panties for 5 to 7 days each month, and possibly as well wear a tampon in their sissy pussy for the same time.

And this:

I also just love to have my period its such a girly thing to have,and after all us sissies have to be prepared to accept bigger thigs inside us(giggle,giggle) when we become grown up sissy girls dont we.

See, even this lot do not sincerely believe that a faux-vagina (or mangina) is the same, and refer to it as a “sissy pussy”.

These clowns also stick tampons up their rectum, a place they can easily get stuck due to the moisture-absorbing qualities of tampons.

I have also seen on forums where these menstrual minstrels will take the “game” further by cutting themselves and putting blood on the sanitary pad (some just use red coloured liquid).

So my dear deluded libfems, do you see where you are misplacing your sympathies and compassion? To those who would mock and ridicule us and our bodily functions. They most certainly do not genuinely believe that they are women/females ‘just like us’ at all – this is a lie they spin in order to garner your support. Has it never occurred to you that (at least some) twanz might just be lying, as many non-twanz males do? Don’t let the dress, lippy and heels fool you. It is a trojan-horse.

Of course, fetishing female bodily functions is not unique to some M2Ts either, the non-twanz pervs cannot get enough of it. And of course, M2Ts are not exceptional either in this regard.

As a postscript, the term “cis-woman” that was objectionably thrust upon us, don’t you just think it may have had its roots in this whole “sissie” thing?

If anyone wants to read more on these menstrual minstrels, then the thread where I pulled the quotes is here below. Please open a new tab to view it:

A related post over at Privilege Denying Tranny: Period Envy

10 thoughts on “Bloody minstrels

  1. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Post author

    I had been meaning to do this post, Lucy’s delusion prompted me into action.
    Nice little tie up with the cis/sissie thing eh?

    Oh yeah, it is my first post at the new addy. Of course it just had to be twanzphobic! 😛


  2. Lucy Cage

    AND? So what?
    I didn’t know about fetishes involving menstruation, but now that you’ve enlightened me, I still say what of it? What people do freely with their own bodies does not hurt me. I’d rather concentrate on dismantling the power structures that keep women and other sections of the population oppressed than obsess over what other people do privately to their bits!


  3. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Post author

    Could you get any thicker Lucy???
    I’d rather concentrate on dismantling the power structures that keep women and other sections of the population oppressed than obsess over what other people do privately to their bits!

    This sort of (minstrelizing) crap does contribute to female oppression, based on female biology. It is part of the power structures that keep females oppressed. And the government backs tranz btw, the 2004 Gender Recognition Act over rides the little protection we have as biological females in the 1975 Sex Discrimination Act. So the government place TWs higher in the scheme of things that FAABs. It is little to do with “what people to do in private” than part of a larger picture of discrimination against females.

    Males laugh at females, and most females seem totally oblivious to the (male) in-joke. Until you get that, you will get nowhere-fast in female liberation. You are wasting your time in other words.


  4. luckynkl

    “What people do freely with their own bodies does not hurt me. ”

    Good, then you should have no problem with women refusing to bring any more males into this world. Voila! No more men. No more tranz. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it you little fucker.


  5. GallusMag

    “I have friends (identified on their birth certificates as female) ..” This comment tells us everything we need to know. Lucy has no idea about current political sex politics and the fact that males can get birth certificates re-issued as “female” now because female is “just an identity”, not a reality. And that sex based protections for females are being eliminated by this means. Doesn’t know, and maybe she doesn’t give a shit.


  6. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Post author

    Yes indeed GM. We have had a bit of a cross-posting fest between here and Undercover’s two threads, covering everything from the legislations to real world implications.

    There are real world implications for females for this ‘menstrual-minstreling’ right through to all the gender legislations that the government enacts (over-riding our tiny bit of sex discrimination and protection laws). It is all part of a continuum. All part of the patriarchy machine.

    Lucy maintains she is a feminist, but clearly, born-females are not a priority. All her little gender-trendy-bendy queer friends are. Well, par-tay on, but don’t call it feminism.


  7. Noanodyne

    Menstrual minstrels HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

    Who’d a thunk it? Men, that’s who.

    Lucy, for once in your silly little life, stick up for real women and stop worrying about the fake ones.



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