Twanzphobically re-opened for twanzphobic business…
Don’t forget to update your twanzphobic bookmarks
~ Dave the Squirrel

Later this week I will probably move this blog to another URL, so I will turn comments off the day that I do it (so don’t panic!). This blog is now available to search engines (apparently, “that’s important!”). Anyway, I will let you know the day I decide to move this thing. I have been meaning to do this since March, and now the blog has become quiet, it seems the time to do it.

17 thoughts on “Blogstuff

  1. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Post author

    Behind the scenes there is tidying up to do. For whatever unknown reason, the transfer thing makes two copies of every graphic, and my blog gravatar will take a while to propagate over the internutz.

    Apparently I have to update my blogroll manually, and I will get around to that when I can be assed to do so…


  2. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Post author

    Yes, it always always searchable within itself. However, this is findable by SEARCH ENGINES!!11!!
    I had better kill off searchability on the old one now.

    But “searchable by search engines … very important”.
    Whoda thunk it eh?

    It saves getting shunned by communities…


  3. jilla

    Well yes. We know it works. Same as straightening your ‘fro and bleaching your skin worked for black girls.


  4. Sargasso Sea

    I tried to straighten my ‘fro in the 70s when Farrah Fawcett’s hair was the cat’s pajamas. And then there was Bo Derek of the blond cornrow shortly thereafter…

    I’m not a black woman, but I am a woman of ancestrally dark, kinky hair and have
    had many a spitwad and paper airplane tossed in my general ‘fro dirction.

    Who can guess which woman sported my most favorite ‘fro of all time?


  5. Sargasso Sea

    Oh and I watched the vid that BallBuster posted, so I’m speaking of ‘fros in that context! I loved hearing what those women had to say.

    Also it’s just really nice to be looking at and hearing women ONLY. It’s so rare. But that was just the *trailer* for the finished product…


  6. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Post author

    Now now SarSea, don’t go shattering the myth that all feminists/radfems are all white middleclass women sitting on the sofa eating bonbons… that would never do!


  7. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Post author

    BTW, all my regulars will have to go through the ‘approve’ thing for their first comment here most likely. Although I note that two went through already (WP is fickle sometimes)


  8. Mary Sunshine

    Yay!!! 🙂

    That snail graphic left behind is so perfect a representation of twanz. The cock and balls dragging themselves to their new “home” in women-territory.

    Maybe some day you can work it in here. 😉


  9. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel Post author

    Strangely though, I really don’t think about phalluses much. Mainly ignore.
    My squirrel tail *could* be taken for a phallic symbol? 😉


  10. delphyne

    Congratulations on your new home FAB. Did it take long to unpack the ladybirds?

    I’m sure the neighbours will be round with lots of lovely linkies soon.



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