Jendah-defendahs are bananas

Gosh, every time I try to give blogging a bit of a rest, some bit of internutz stupidity or horror crosses my path. Today was another of those days.

Over at FaceButt, a radfem posed a question about the gender socialisation of children, innate or socially imposed?

Here is one response:

There’s some really good recent research on chimps. Young chimps were treated identically since birth and when they reached a certain age were offered a range of toys. Boy chimps preferred tools and vehicles, girl chimps dolls and soft toys.

You really have to be fucking kidding me. Male chimps just automatically went for tools and vehicles? And the female chimps automatically went for dolls and soft toys?

FFS, get a grip jendah-defendahs.

I have seen the odd chimp documentary, and all the tool usage (which was generally poking a stick into a tree to get ants) was done by female chimps, not male chimps.

So by this jendah-defendah’s logic, these female chimps must rilly be twanz!!11!!

What a pile of projected anthropomorphised crock, and wishful jendah-defendah thinking. I await the next instalment of jendah unsanity, whereby male chimps automatically preferred blue and trousers, and female chimps automatically preferred pink sparkly princess outfits.

Without further ado, I present FabLibber’s handy guide to

“Girl” chimp, who will probably grow up to be a dyke chimp, after all, that is NOT a pwetty pink bicycle under her butt.

“Boy” chimp, obviously, no amiguity here, not only dressed as a cowboy, he has mechanical objects strapped to his feets! The skates ensure he won’t grow up to form one sixth of the Chimp Village People. It is safe to say he is a het “boy” chimp.

Another “boy” chimp obviously, gambling, smoking, wearing a baseball cap. Everyone just *knows* that laydee gamblers have their hair done, lots of cleavage showing and wear lipstick, and are probably named Belle.

This chimp, from the top of this post must rilly be Jendah-Queer, wearing pink and packing a pistol – because the pistol is not a laydeelike pistol with a pearl handle or anything.

Ahhh, nice to know we have not progressed much from the good ol’ 1950s and 60s.

Ballbuster has a follow-up post on jendah training and research studies.

13 thoughts on “Jendah-defendahs are bananas

  1. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    Gosh, as soon as I typed that, I had to get the YouTube:

    And yes, I did do the hand choreography whilst playing the vid… 😛
    The cat was not amused.


  2. jilla

    Well I am amused. LOL Although not enough to play the vid. Your cat and I rolled our eyes at each other.

    Poor wee chimps used to back someone’s cereal-box sciency creds.


  3. Sargasso Sea

    The video serves as a reminder that not all gays can dance after all! 😛

    Leather Boy (who really looks like he could shake his moneymaker given the opportunity!) though reminded me that this song, the first reporting of AIDS in the US and the film Cruising all went down within a 3 year time period. 1978/1981/1980 respectively. Just for what it’s worth.

    I also remembered that my mom offered up my brother (at around age 5) as a test subject for some psychology experiment in the early 60s at UCLA, I think it was. The story goes that he was put in a room full of *gendered* toys and that he immediately grabbed an army jeep and ran it back and forth over a barbie doll. The conclusion was that he was a normal boy! My mom was embarrassed. 😐


  4. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    Wasn’t it your brother that turned out to be the big loser?
    Might have been a sign of things to come. Barbie’s revenge or something…


  5. ball buster

    Bwahahahaha! I love that picture! I googled that study, and it’s a bunch of bullshit to justify the 24/7 gender and het grooming. Also, the influence humans have on animals is undeniable. If pets can learn how to talk and a chimp can be taught sign language, then obviously chimps can learn gender and act accordingly. Duh. No revelation there, although I’m sure they’d love to frame it in such a way that gender is biological.


  6. jilla


    I feel so sorry for that Husky, trying to make an oooo sound with that shape jaw.

    The best talking animal I ever saw was a Budgie whose cage was next to a short-wave radio. It did the languages, the time signal and the static. I’m telling you I could not hear it without laughing so hard my sides would just ache.


  7. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    LOL, did you notice the husky responded better to the woman?
    She didn’t do it right for the dude, LOL.


  8. jilla

    How many times have I seen dogs that are terrified of males. Just ballistic terrified.

    Best of all the talking animal vids was that poor cat, trying to find the right thing to say to avoid further water and suds torture.


  9. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    Did y’all like the way I worked the jendah-queer chimp in there?
    I am seriously not queerphobic enough.
    I hope this post starts to address the balance 😛


  10. jilla

    It’s all in how you look at things Mary. If something’s not working out, just change your perspective.



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