Justice was not served

This 26yo young woman, Gulistan Subasi, mother of one child, was gunned down in her mother’s doorway in March last year.

Today, the dude who pulled that trigger was sentenced to life in prison (minimum 20 years). The meeja is all over this because he is “Britain’s youngest hitman”. He was 15 at the time. The dude who engaged the services of the “hitman”, a 25yo, also got a life sentence with a minimum of 22 years.

So what is Fab Libber talking about then?

Follow the trail. Hitman, dude who engaged hitman … trail ends here. Who hired these dudes? Who paid them?

The young woman, who had a son from a previous marriage, was about to return to Turkey to get remarried. You win the Einstein Award for guessing who was behind her cold-blooded murder, her ex-husband. Well actually, that is a No Shit Sherlock, there is on average a 48% chance that a current or former partner murdered a female. The cops never have to be too clever in solving female homicides. Flip a fucking coin.

Ms Subasi was in London, visiting with her mother, in time to celebrate her young son’s birthday. That will be a nice thing for the kid to remember every year just before his birthday, “this was the day my father arranged for my mother to be murdered”. Ms Subasi answered her mother’s door, to be met with a shotgun blast to the chest. Her mother, upstairs, heard her daughter cry out “Mama”. Ms Subasi died shortly afterwards in hospital.

From a longer article (focusing on the two sentenced):

Despite having never held a gun in his life, Gayle quickly agreed to kill the young mother for a fee of £2,000, although he later received only £200.

The Old Bailey heard that Miss Subasi was executed on the orders of her ex-husband Serdar Ozbek, 29, who feared she would take their son out of the country because she was about to marry someone else.

The court was told that he arranged the killing in telephone calls to London from Turkey. However, Ozbek was cleared of murder after the court heard he was in Turkey when his former wife was shot dead.

Three others were also charged for their involvement, but found not guilty.

So there you have it. You can get away with arranging a murder as long as you are out of the country when you do it. Seriously, what the fuck?!? Is this meant to be justice? Is this meant to be treating domestic homicides seriously?

A brief article below:

Two jailed over ‘contract killing’

A North Kensington man who arranged for a hitman to shoot dead a young mother has been jailed for a minimum of 22 years.

Gulistan Subasi, 26, was gunned down at her mother’s home in Hackney in March 2010, the Old Bailey heard.

On Tuesday, 25-year-old Isaak Billy, of Oxford Gardens, was convicted of murder and making threats to kill a man who would later become a prosecution witness ahead of his trial.

He was jailed for life with a recommendation he should serve at least 22 years.

A second defendant, 16-year-old hitman Santre Sanchez Gayle, of Compton Road, Kensal Rise, also convicted of murder, was jailed for life with a recommendation that he should serve at least 20 years.

Ms Subasi lived in Turkey and had travelled to stay with her mother in Hackney two days before her murder.

She had planned to visit her son for his birthday a few days later, ahead of her wedding in Turkey.

On March 22 last year, she was having a meal with her mother and a family friend when there was a knock at the door at around 8.20pm.

Ms Subasi went to answer the door and moments later, there was a loud bang.

Her mother went to the top of stairs and saw her daughter lying inside the doorway bleeding from a chest wound.

CCTV showed a boy entering an alleyway leading to the maisonettes and knocking at the door before taking a shotgun from his rucksack and pointing it at the house.

The gunman, Gayle, then ran towards the road and got into a waiting taxi.

His calm state meant the taxi driver had no idea what he had just done.

Police discovered that Billy had accepted the contract for Ms Subasi’s murder and secured the involvement of Gayle, then aged just 15, to carry out the shooting.

Billy is believed to have been paid thousands of pounds for his role, and the teenager just £200.

Gayle was arrested after he gave details of his involvement in the murder to a friend.
Billy surrendered himself to police after hearing they were looking to arrest him, and both were later charged.

Ms Subasi’s former partner Serdar Ozbek, 28, of Westbeech Road, Wood Green, was cleared of murder along with four other defendants.

The court heard that Mr Ozbek was afraid that Ms Subasi, who moved to Turkey after their relationship ended, would try to leave England with their son.

9 thoughts on “Justice was not served

  1. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    I was not planning to post anything today, but as soon as I heard this story, I knew it had to be posted.


  2. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    Fucking outrageous, is it not?
    Now more males will follow suit to get rid of their ex-wives, and get a nice little holiday out of the country whilst they do it.
    I am concerned that the bastard got custody of the kid after that.


  3. survivorthriver

    I hope her family can arrange an appeal against this Ozbeck murderer. Crap. It’s also an unimaginable nightmare that the real murderer would get custody of the little boy.


  4. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    Well, there is this *charmer* who, after bludgeoning his estranged wife to death, bundled up her body in the trunk of the car … then the two children were put into the back seat and driven to his place in the very same vehicle, with their mother’s dead body in the trunk. The children saw him put her body in the car from an upstairs window.



  5. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    By coincidence, checking the news just now, I found he has been found guilty of manslaughter (26 years), but cleared of murder. Given that he had pre-dug the grave site, and other indications of premeditation, you really wonder what dudes have to do before convicted of murder? Write a note, “I did it, I planned it”???


    And, as a British Airways pilot, he had considered “crashing a plane” as a protest to the way her lawyers had treated him during divorce proceedings. wtf?


  6. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    Cannot figure out if this guy, who smothered his 6mo baby daughter, has been cleared completely, or just cleared of the murder charge.

    Non-dv, but serial murderer of females:

    Teenage girl abducted and murdered:

    And woman’s remains found after 30-40 years:

    These were just the stories found at BBC news today, without even really looking – the featured stories.


  7. Hecuba

    UK media when reporting this latest ‘tragedy’ (sic) omitted to state that Serdar Ozbek, ex partner of Serdar Ozbek was the male who arranged for Ms. Ozbek to be ‘eliminated.’ Why not? Because apparently the fact the male who actually pulled the trigger was only 15 years old at the time he committed this femicide and media claimed 15 year old boy was a child!! No boy was a teenager not a child but irrespective of that – Ms. Ozbek would not be dead were it not for Serdar Ozbek ordering the murder. Remember teen girls are never referred to as ‘being a child’ whenever a male rapes them – no instead the teen girl(s) are referred to as sexually precocious; she led him on; she gave him mixed messages blah blah blah. Teen girls are always portrayed as having ‘choice and agency’ because whenever a male is charged with raping/sexually assaulting a teen girl even if she is just 13 years of age, she not the male is represented as having control over the situation and inciting the male into unwanted sexual activity. Male boys even teen boys are portrayed as ‘children’ whenever they are charged with a crime(s). See how male supremacy operates – win win for the boys and lose lose for women and girls.

    However, that did not prevent malestream media from weaving a story claiming the 15 year old boy wanted to ‘impress his fellow gang members by showing how ruthless he can be.’ Yes perhaps boy was member of a gang but that was not the reason why he murdered Ms. Ozbek – the reason is because Serdar Ozbek paid him to commit murder.

    What had Ms. Ozbek done to cause poor (sic) Serdar Ozbek to arrange for her to be murdred? Well Ms. Ozbek was going to marry another man and we all know men believe that women are their personal sexual property particularly after a male deigns to marry the woman. So fact Ms. Ozbek was marrying another man was apparently too much for Serdar so he ordered her murder.

    Note to males who want women murdered – always arrange a contract murder preferably by hiring a ‘male child (sic) and then ensure you are out of country when murder happens. Oh but I forget so-called honour murders are commonly committed by young males because the courts will look more leniently upon the young male femicide murderers than if they are older.

    Male who bludgeoned woman to death was clearly a victim of ‘traumatic jealousy’ and hence could not be found guilty of murder. Reason is because whenever males are overcome by their emotions it is their emotions which drives them to commit murder and hence they must not be held accountable. Oh but male women-hater had a grave ready made for the woman – but again poor man (sic) was suffering from ‘traumatic jealousy’ and hence he cannot be held accountable for his actions because that ‘voice in his head’ told him to dig grave and murder ex female partner. Whereas on the comparatively rare occasions when a woman kills her violent male/ex male partner she is immediately charged with murder because women always plan to murder their partners do they not? The fact whenever a woman kills a violent man it is because she has been subjected to years and years of male violence and she rightly believes that if she doesn’t attack him then he will murder her. But one of the most heinous crimes women can commit according to male supremacist dogma is to murder a male – but it is okay for men to attack/murder/rape women and girls they know because these men have always been provoked and/or were suffering from temporary ‘jealousy trauma!’



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