Perv of the week: Joel Hardman

22yo Joel Hardman, a student, whose fetish is listening to and watching women using the toilet. In order to gratify his fetish, he donned a female mask and wig, and hung out in women’s public toilets. He got caught in shopping centre toilet.

This is a picture of the creepy perv, just in case you have the misfortune of ever coming across him. I guess if he *accidentally* got kneed in his privates, most of us would not be too upset.

Hardman started his bathroom stalking at the University of Birmingham (where he is studying) before he moved onto the shopping centre. He ‘had previously admitted watching someone during a private act for his own sexual gratification’ (unsure if this was an admission at this arrest, or a previous arrest). What he got for this conviction was a three-year community service order, and placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register (which apparently includes a treatment programme). Basically, a bit of a wrist-slap for his invasion of many women’s privacy and terrifying some of them. Full article below.

But, but, but! He isn’t tranz you say! He isn’t even a habitual cross-dresser.

No, he’s not. But he got his ‘spy kit’ from tranz suppliers. He used ‘female disguise’ in order to get to his victims. And this is one of the main concerns we have about M2T’s demands for access to our bathrooms and other spaces.

A lot of M2Ts do not ‘pass’ as well as they think they do. They just don’t. To most of us FABs, they look like men in drag. How the hell are we supposed to be able to tell the difference between some creepy perv doing drag, and some ‘poor twanzwoman just wanting a pee’? The thing is, we cannot. You look the fucking same to us. What is even worse, is the transjacktivist *demands* that we must accept ANYONE who “identifies as a woman” in our spaces. That just opens the door to even more creepy pervs, who don’t even have to bother spending a couple of hundred bucks on a flimsy disguise. The ladies loo is already dangerous enough without actively inviting any more creepy pervs in there. Hell, even the British Government don’t even give a shit if “woman” has a penis or not.

Here is a sales blub for a (similar, possibly the same) mask he used in order to get close to his victims.

Item: Franny Latex Female Face Mask.
Stunningly beautiful with natural looking features and sophisticated eye make-up palette.

This mask is so real, you can wear it outside in broad daylight with a wig and people WILL THINK YOU ARE A WOMAN.
It is a professional MOVIE QUALITY mask.

One of our most popular mask models. It has a really great looking and proportional face. The material is very high quality, soft, natural latex that is very bendable and feels great against the skin. The mask slips on and off easily and is comfortable to wear for even long periods of time. This mask could also be used on mannequins or for any other purpose you desire. The craftsmanship on this female latex mask is superb. A lot of attention to detail, this mask is as realistic as they come!

Large sized so it fits most.

Note: The mask does not include eyelashes and eyes. You use your own through the mask. A lovely wig will top off your new look.

Sale Price: $ 179.99 plus shipping and handling. [£110]

Nor is it just the bathrooms. Dudes have already donned drag in order to attack women in parks and other public places. So damn right we are nervous about protecting an already risky place, we don’t want to make it any more risky. Transjacktivists refuse to address these concerns, at all.

Article from the Daily Mail:

Student wore a female rubber mask and wig to spy on women in public toilets

A student who wore a female rubber mask while spying on women in shopping centre toilets has escaped jail.

Joel Hardman, 22, also put on a jet-black wig so he could slip into the women’s toilets unnoticed at the Bullring, Birmingham.

The MA student, described in court as an intelligent man, got sexual gratification from listening to women use the toilet – and even made audio recordings.

Hardman, who had previously admitted watching someone during a private act for his own sexual gratification, said he initially went into the University of Birmingham’s women’s toilets.

But one month before he was caught, he switched to the Bullring – which saw 276,000 people visit on the day it opened – because it was ‘busier’.

Hardman was finally caught out in the pale skin mask and black wig by a female shopper on April 3.

She reported to a shopping centre employee that she had seen someone looking like a ‘mannequin’ enter the women’s toilets.

Security officers caught Hardman as he attempted to make for the exit after bursting from a cubicle.

The postgraduate student confessed that he liked to ‘listen to ladies urinate’.

He was also found to have taken three pictures on his mobile phone of women’s feet under the cubicle walls – and even had a bizarre audio recording that appeared to be the sound of a toilet flushing.

Jonathan Purser, prosecuting, said: ‘Many people saw this gentleman wearing a mask and wig. Some were frightened at his appearance.’

Sophia Ali, defending, claimed Hardman was ‘ashamed and embarrassed’ by his actions and that he feared any conviction may affect his Master’s course.

She also added that he was remorseful and accepted he needed help after he was ordered to register as a sex offender for five years.

Sergeant John Mawhinney, from Birmingham Central Police station, which patrols the Bullring, said: ‘Hardman terrified innocent women for his own gratification.

‘Thankfully, security staff were quick to respond and detained him at the scene.

‘It is thanks to their actions and the vigilance of the member of the public who reported Hardman’s suspicious behaviour that others were not targeted.’

Magistrates told Hardman, from Edgbaston, Birmingham, that they had a duty to protect the public.

He was given a three-year community order and placed on the sex offenders’ treatment programme at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

There is an even creepier element to the whole tranz/cross-dressing thing. Just look (warning, very pornified) at the way this cross-dressing and tranz stuff is advertised:
Really crap on the mons pubis btw. WTF is that all about? Have they not seen real live women before? Probably not. Approximation is close enough for the dudebros.

7 thoughts on “Perv of the week: Joel Hardman

  1. cherryblossomlife

    “‘spy kit’ ” LOL!
    Seriously, FAB, I log on here to find out what new gem your brain has coined

    I never thought I’d agree with the Daily Fail, but I do like the way they reported it, especially this: ”
    A student who wore a female rubber mask while spying on women in shopping centre toilets has escaped jail.” That ‘has escaped jail’ is a good way of showing how bad this is.

    Of course the women were frightened of someone in a mask. They would have known it wasn’T a woman behind it. ONLY men are that weird. ONLY men have got that much TIME on their hands. Real women are too busy being oppressed to piss about with masks and shit in the middle of the day.


  2. radfemcrafts

    A trans person I know used to wear one of those masks before he got all surgeried up. His thing is being like a barbie doll which, oh lord, if you could see him…let’s just say he’s known around my house as “boygirl” and that was coined when we were sex-pozzies. Boyfriend. Does. Not. Pass. And no amount of DDs is changing that (I think he’s on his third pair).

    He looked better in the mask.


  3. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    It was thanks to maggie/gideon for this particular article. I was aware of the story a while ago, when it was reported “he was dressed as a manequin”. This article gives more detail and the ‘spy kit’ he was wearing.

    I just think of the women at university having to take classes with this creep, being forced to sit in the same room as a known pervert who probably spied on them in the ladies loo at some point.


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