Internal identities

Meet Dave the Squirrel. He is my “internal identity”.

What, you don’t believe that my internal identity is Dave the Squirrel? How dare you question my sacred, internal identity! That is tantamount to saying I don’t exist! You must acknowledge my sacred internal identity, and ‘respect’ it by using the correct squirrelific pronouns.

Well, hands up who thought my *demands* to having my “internal identity” validated by everyone else was just a bit silly?

Easy to see when the “internal identity” is Dave the Squirrel. It is also easy to see that the requirement for external validation of Dave the Squirrel, a supposedly internal identity, is ridiculous, unreasonable, and a terribly fragile sense of “internal identity” if it requires constant external validation.

In fact, any so-called internal identity that requires any form of external validation, is not an internal identity at all.

I actually don’t care if you have an internal identity or not, it does not matter to me, it is not even any of my business – except – when it affects other people.

And here is when the ‘internal identity’ crosses that line, harming or affecting others, specifically the concept of gender (or “jendah”) as an internal identity:

  • In the expression of your internal identity of jendah, you are putting others at risk, specifically you do not even care about that risk to others. Example: You do not care who else can access women’s bathrooms, anyone who “identifies as women” is ok with you.
  • In the expression of your internal identity of jendah, you encourage others to follow the same path, of questionable origin of the belief system (gender/sex roles as a social construct), and of questionable ethical medical treatments. Examples are the APA and Trans Youth Family Allies. It is your internal identity, so getting others to copy you as a form of additional validation is not ok.
  • In the expression of your internal identity of jendah, medical staff enable potentially harmful treatments and surgeries, affects that can have lifelong implications. There are a growing number of ‘trans regretters‘ who felt pushed into these surgeries and treatments. That is coercion from the medical profession, and it is unethical. And no, I don’t have to trust the APA or other medical bodies as unbiased bodies that know everything – several hundred years ago the top scholars of the day thought (and taught) that the world was flat. Bias and projection (anthropomorphism and sexism) pervade many scientific studies, rendering these studies questionable.

Basically, your ‘internal’ identity of jendah can and does affect or harm others. From that point of view, it is not solely or primarily internal at all.

The second reason your ‘internal’ identity is not internal but external, is that it requires external expression. Whether that takes the form of cross-dressing, hormonal treatment, full or partial SRS, these are all forms of external expression (and are therefore, not internal). If something is internal, it is not external.

If you thought you were a squirrel called Dave or Pope inside, and did not bother with the dressing up like a pope, or having surgery to look like a pope, or insisting that other people refer to you in papal terms, or affect the lives of any other popes or non-popes, then it would be an ‘internal identity’. Ditto on the Dave the squirrel thing. Once it crosses that line outside of yourself, it is no longer internal.

Other people not validating your internal identity is not a denial of your existence. You exist, ok? You have the right to think and believe whatever you want, as long as it does not harm other people.

~ luv and kisses, Dave the Squirrel

25 thoughts on “Internal identities

  1. jessiejellybean

    Just stumbled upon this blog and all I have to say is- Holy Crap! Okay, I’m not going to waste my time with pointing out the science behind the causes of transsexualism, you’ve heard it before but your bigotry and ego is way too strong- it would be like trying showing a member of the KKK scientific evidence showing how black people have the same size brain as white people. But hey, what you think doesn’t really matter because it’s becoming more and more of a taboo within feminist circles to be twanzphobic as you call it, and slowly but surely the transpeople are winning and your cute little blog can’t stop it. Have a nice life losers.

    and by the way dedicating an entire blog to this speaks volumes about what is probably your own unresolved gender issues – people who are truly comfortable with their own desires and expressions of gender and sexuality do not have any need to be bothered or concerned by dissimilar expressions and desires in others..


  2. ball buster

    Brilliant. I was just over at my blog mentioning something like this about the BDSMers. If they’re so “different” then why are they seeking mainstream acceptance? Why do they believe in their heart of hearts all people need to do is realize that what they’re doing isn’t that different from the rest of society?

    Because what they’re doing IS the same as the rest of society. They’re acting out gender AS IT IS ACCEPTED by men and general society. Even going as far as to validate Freud’s penis envy idea by lopping off their dicks. ‘Cause you know, women are just castrated men with fucksockets. 🙄

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  3. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    Hilarious bit of twansplain’ just pulled out from the mod. (don’t worry, JJB will keep going into mod).

    I gather that JJB, citing the KKK example is probably one of the dregs from reddit (seriously, please aim for trolling originality).

    probably your own unresolved gender issues – people who are truly comfortable with their own desires and expressions of gender and sexuality do not have any need to be bothered or concerned by dissimilar expressions and desires in others..

    I have no unresolved gender issues, nor any expression of ‘gender’. It is an artifical societal construct that CURRENTLY pushes pink for girls and blue for boys, femininity and love of shopping for girls, maths and manzly things for boys. It’s a PILE OF SEXIST CRAP. You fucking gender-defenders support this conservative, outdated, stereotyped, sexist BULLSHIT. There is NOTHING scientific about ‘gender’ at all, it is a set of beliefs that perpetuates sexism and female subordination.

    Just in case you have not got it yet, as a feminist, I am against ‘gender’. It is anti-female, anti-feminist at its core.

    Sex is real and measurable. XX (or X0) chromosomes = female, XY chromosomes = male, and another combos are intersex. That there is your scientific part. Has nothing to do with liking to play with barbies or toy trucks when you were a child.

    Sexuality = sexual partner preference (basically). That is totally different to sex roles, or as you prefer, ‘gender’ roles.

    There is no ‘science’ of transsexuality, except for the surgical methods in order to perpetuate this surgical masquerade and unsanity.

    and slowly but surely the transpeople are winning and your cute little blog can’t stop it

    Nice threat asshole. But, the point of the post was actually “do/think what you want, as long as it does not interfere with anyone else”. Guess what? You just fucking proved you WANT to fucking interfere with everyone else. You don’t even have basic reading comprehension.

    Piss off back to reddit to your little weirdo group.


  4. ball buster

    “losers”? Stop copying my insults and go find your own, asshole.

    You’re right, jessiejellybelly, we do have a problem with gender. And that is because it’s used to oppress women and it doesn’t fucking even EXIST save in the delusional self-dialogue of men’s internal ramblings.

    Ah yes, the perpetual comparison to the KKK. Well that’s just idiotic, now isn’t it? Radical feminists are NOT the cause of violence against transgenders, men are. Radical feminists are NOT saying that “cis” is superior to “trans” gender identity bullshit, men are. Radical feminists are NOT using science as a justification for misogyny, MEN are.

    Yeah. Men like YOU.

    I don’t give a fuck about science. Science is used to maintain the status quo, especially that of gender. As you so succinctly prove in your comment blathering about how legitimized your oh-so-special issues are. And how other white men have VALIDATED!!11!!!11! your desperate need for attention and a place to play the Oppression Olympics while Real Women ™ are systematically raped, murdered, and enslaved by the system.

    We reject gender outright, by the way. You’d know that if you started reading what we have to say rather than reacting like a rabid dickhead. Your movement is going the way of the Titanic, and I plan to be sitting on the iceburg for a bird’s eye view of the entire thing.

    I bet you don’t even know how to investigate your panty drawer, nevermind a scientific study. Fucking moron.


  5. jessiejellybean

    maybe gender is partial social construct, and partially in the brain…. that would make sense seeing how many trans people have phantom genitalia before their transition.


  6. radfemcrafts

    missjess, everybody:

    4 pages worth of “morphologically”


  7. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    Gender – the stuff assigned to the sexes male & female, behaviours, characteristics, type of dress, toy preferences = all 100% cultural and societally constructed.

    Phantom genitalia = (a sexualised form of) body dysmorphia, and like other body dysmorphia, should not be treated by indulging it.

    Born as whatever sex one is, just is. Just accept it.
    If, you have a problem with the way society allows you to express yourself due to restrictive gender roles, then protest the roles, don’t reinforce the fucked up system by trying to jump the sex (‘gender’) ship. That puts a sticky plaster over a severed limb. Stupid. Won’t change the system.


  8. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    RFC, do you know this JJB?
    If so, does this KKK shit come as standard with JJB?


  9. radfemcrafts

    Nah, I don’t know him. He’s just some dude on reddit all mansplainy about his brain morphology and limbic nucleaus. He likes to shame feminists into the idea that trans-enmity is a dying way of thinking. Silly dude.


  10. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    I think we should introduce him to Allan Brain. They would get on like a house on fire, and leave the rest of us alone. They might even bore each other silly.

    Nattering on about the brain differences, that is more in line what he tried to accuse me of. Bloody projection again.


  11. jessiejellybean

    Yeah, sometimes i like trolling transphobic jerks- whatever… have fun wallowing in your hate.


  12. survivorthriver

    Yea, let me chime in again, my friend Artemis back in the early 1970’s got in the hands of Frankendoktor who wanted to cut off her breasts and give her testosterone because she was a 300+ pound Harley driving spikey haired outrageous radfem dyke.

    She went through the initial “treatments” but finally called Bullshit! “Why should I cut off my tits and take male hormones just because I’m a strong dyke. they can’t handle that”. Too bad she’s no longer on the planet to take apart Mr. Tranzy.

    I have been sharing this whole trans BS more widely, and there’s a lot of women who just didn’t get the back story for all this.

    Yup, Sex is XX or XY. Period. End of story.

    And, I’m an angleworm inside, too. Wiggling with hilarity at the jessiejellybean who appropriates and assembles a mucous plug of faux science, babble and patriarchal conformity. And expects us to believe WHAT?


  13. ball buster aka murgatroyd

    LOL well gender IS a social construct, which means it IS only in your head. Literally. You know this, though, which is why you struggle to find a neurological reason for it, and by proxy a biological reason. The ONLY biological reality of sex is XX, XY, and intersex that makes up several degrees of XY. That’s it.

    Gender is made up. It’s fantasy land, albeit a socially constructed fantasy land. People can trick themselves to believe it’s real, just like people believe that playing dungeons and dragons will one day open a gateway to an imaginary realm where they are all important warriors. I’m sure we can find a NEUROLOGICAL area of the brain where fantasies like this function, but it doesn’t PROVE that those fantasies have any basis in REALITY.


  14. luckynkl

    It’s all in the brain? So if your brain tells you that you’re really a woman, does that mean you trans boys can now pull babies out of your asses? Whoa. This is good news indeed! Women, you are hereby relieved of the duty of reproducing. The trans boys’ will now take over and carry all the pregnancies and do all the reproducing!

    Now until you can pull a baby out of your ass, trans boy, sit down and shut up. What you trans boys really need a good smack upside your stupid little heads, which house your stupid, retarded little brains, and to be put to bed without any milk, cookies or cartoons until you can tell the difference between fiction and reality. See, the difference between you and me, is I, as a woman, get to decide whether your sorry little mutant ass even gets to exist or not. Your only right is to be born an inch away from a mine or a sister’s asshole. Can’t say women don’t have a sense of humor, lol.

    As a mother of 4, I can tell you god and science had nothing to do with it. No invisible little fairy in the sky floated down and crawled into bed with me. No invisible little fairy entered my womb or crept into my children’s brains. I created my children, their bodies, their brains – not god or science. It’s only a mystery to you boys. It’s never been a mystery to women. Now would you boys kindly stop pretending you are the authorities on something you know nothing about? Stick to what you do know about. Which is basically nothing. Except how to lie, steal and cheat.

    In the meanwhile, I guess I’ll use the men’s bathroom since everyone else will be in the women’s bathroom. Cool. No lines.


  15. ball buster aka murgatroyd

    always glad to lighten up the atmosphere when the tranz trollerz come around puking their propaganda. 😛

    JJB is a in the same class of the MRAs and evo-psychos who keep saying “science explains this!” oh for god sakes, “science” seems to explain everything men need to stay in power doesn’t it?


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