The government indulge you, but do they really believe you?

In a word no! The HMGuv are twanzphobic (and sexist) too!

Just doing a bit of spot reading of the (UK) Gender Recognition Act 2004, and it seems there are a few exceptions to the GRA2004.

No. 16(a):

Peerages, etc:
The fact that a person’s gender has become the acquired gender under this Act—
(a) does not affect the descent of any peerage or dignity or title of honour

Hereditary Peerages in the UK only go down the male line. If no male heir, then the peerage becomes “extinct”.

Therefore, if a gender recognition change has happened, then a male can still scoop up his beloved hereditary peerage with his immaculately manicured hands.

And a female of that line of decent, even if she were to get the “add-a-dick-to-me” surgery, wave around her GRC, whilst scratching her faux balls, would not be able to claim the hereditary peerage.

So you see, HMGuv are just as twanzphobic as the rest of us here, and believe that biological sex trumps any airy-fairy gender nonsense.

Of course, HMGuv remain as sexist as they ever were on the subject of hereditary peerages.

14 thoughts on “The government indulge you, but do they really believe you?

  1. FAB Libber

    Which reminds me, what does the Royal College of Arms do with all this?
    Males have their coat-of-arms on a shield, females on what they call a lozenge shape.
    Here at Twanzphobic Since Forever, we ask The Hard Questions.


  2. Sargasso Sea

    The answer to the Hard Question: What the hell is a “lozenge shape”?

    IS >>> a thin rhombus otherwise known as a *diamond*

    Glad to be of service.


  3. FAB Libber

    Ah noes, the Hard Question is, should a hereditary peer who has had GR, entitled to take up HIS hereditary peerage, put on HIS letterhead, a lozenge or shield shaped version of HIS arms?

    The answer is:
    If biological sex is recognised, then shield-shaped, collect peerage, and bullshit to feeling like a woman. Plus, titles also go by biological sex, so the Duke of AiryFairy remains Duke of AiryFairy, even if decked out in pretty evening dress and heels.

    Of course his elder sister, who has had the add-a-dick-to-me and got a bit of paper, must only use the lozenge, is not entitled to the dukedom (not even as Duchess, because that is a by-marriage deal), even though first-born and as first-born “male” would normally be entitled to the title.

    mwahahahah, the UKGuv is way more twanzphobic than we are here…
    suck it up!

    But, it remains about maleness and femaleness doesn’t it?
    Gender remains flapping in the breeze because the upper class and therefore govt, don’t recognise jendah BS.

    And that my friends, is enshrined in UK law. Jendah don’t mean jackshit, and biological sex is the trump.


  4. FAB Libber

    LOL SarSea, yes, I did know what the lozenge shape was, even though it is a silly name. Kate Middleton had a fancy shape, not the standard lozenge. Had it all of five minutes, now ‘her’ (the Middleton) arms are quartered with William’s. Apparently Pippa can still use it, being a “Middleton Spinster”, LOL. I think the only person who cannot use it in her own right is Mrs Middleton (not sure, it’s a guess, but that is the normal way of things).

    It all makes for pwetty pictures.

    And pooooor confused twanz, inheriting titles, and not knowing which shaped arms to use on the letterhead. The dilemma! See, my advice here is that if you really “feel like a woman” then cop the disinheritance. mwahaahahah


  5. cherryblossomlife

    Well this just proves how the British government try to oppress women whenever they can.
    When it comes to men wanting to have an F on their birth certificate in order to invade female spaces that’s fine, but men are STILL allowed to keep their male privilege.

    F2T however, must never be allowed to receive privileges of becoming “men”


  6. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    Hi kiwifem, welcome.
    Yes, there has been ‘talk’ in the UK about changing the rules of succession, but that is all it has ever been, talk. I won’t be holding my breath.


  7. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    After several decades observing what has been happening with the backlash, and seeing the same old shit over and over, yes, pessimism and impatience sets in.

    As far as the battle with tranz goes, we have definitely lost a lot of FAB-only rights (all tranz rights seem to be at FAB expense). In the UK they got the Gender Recognition Act 2004 – do you recall any mass street protests by tranz in order to get it? No, that is because they did not have to. Unlike all the other rights for women, they had to take to the streets and fight for (voting, 2nd wave feminism).

    As for the rules of succession/inheritance, I don’t really care about it that much, given that I am probably 4 billionth in line to the british throne. I only brought it up to illustrate that such sexism still exists.

    Optimism is definitely a young thing, sure nothing wrong with that. Just know that you are in for a long hard fight for female equality, and you will never see it realised in your lifetime. Most of us here did not become feminists last week, we have been fighting in the background for decades.


  8. Sargasso Sea

    Most of us here did not become feminists last week, we have been fighting in the background for decades.

    Feminism isn’t *fun*, it’s emptying the ocean with a teaspoon or like trying to teach pigs to fly. It’s a cause that we wish we didn’t have to champion yet we continue to do so anyway believing that one day the spark will catch fire.

    It is frustrating to do this work but if we do not keep the theory (and practice) alive then the spark will never even have a chance.

    Feminism is about facing womens’ reality head-on and our reality NOW is that we are rapidly losing the ground our big sisters (and ourselves) fought so hard to gain.

    Pessimism comes with the territory. 😐


  9. jilla

    Calling us pessimistic is part of the package used to discredit us that includes old, prudes, man-haters, fat, ugly.



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