Jendah: The emperor's new clothes

Gender is the emperor’s new clothes. It is invisible, it is hard to describe, we are all meant to go along with it, even if it does not exist. But it is a mass delusion, forced upon us by those in power.

I have already outlined that ‘gender congruity’ (and its partner, inconguity) is the term of wankers, because it makes this ‘condition’ between the ‘brain gender’ and the ‘body gender [sex]’ sound ever so important and real.

Gallus Mag has a new post up outlining the proposed new diagnostic criteria of all this gender wankery, which includes dumping the old GID (Gender Identity Disorder) for a less stigmatised GD (Gender Dysphoria). All part of the establishment’s PR campaign to make it sound less like illness, and more like a minor correction, something that is bona fide, real, genuine, authentic. Well, lah-dee-dah, I can see what you are up to there quacks, protecting a tidy little packet of income for the future, as children get put on hormone blockers to delay puberty, then get lined up for SRS, and are then tied to the medical profession forever in order to maintain this state of unnaturalness. But we should not hold it against the psychiatrists, the plastic surgeons and big pharma, after all, it gets hot in the summer, and how else can they afford that new pool, or fourth luxury vehicle with aircon? Oh noes, I feel ever so sorry for them now!

Good. No conflict of interest there then! We can really see them sticking to their hippopotamus oath of doing no harm.

Picture of the Hippopotamus Oath.

We have the psychiatrists leading the charge on this, you know, the ones that went to med school to learn about treating disorders of the mind, yet with jendah, this is apparently something that cannot be changed, it’s innate, it’s invisible, but it’s real!!! Their belief that jendah should be encouraged, aided, celebrated as normal, whereas any other condition they treat as a condition of the mind. After all, if a patient declares that they feel like a pope inside, are they going to treat it, or indulge it?

I am not sure when the majority of the population will wake up to these lies about gender role conformity and supposed normality and innate natural behaviours. Like this one:

A8. Over the past 6 months, how intense was your son’s desire for the sexual anatomy of a girl (e.g., sits to urinate, pretends to have breasts, would like to have a vagina)?

A8. Over the past 6 months, how intense was your daughter’s desire for the sexual anatomy of a boy (e.g., that she would like to have a penis or to grow one; stands to urinate)?

Here I was thinking that toilet training was a learned skill, that toddlers had to be taught to use the potty (raising another curious question, aren’t all boy toddlers really girls, in that their first potty training is sitting down? Quick, let’s hack off their penis then!)

A4. Over the past 6 months, how intense was your son’s preference for the toys, games, and activities typical of girls?

Which reminds me of a male cousin in the 1960s, he really really wanted to have a tea set. Yet he managed to grow up, join the army, get married and have a couple of kids. Had his really strong wish for ‘girly toys’ be taken as a sign of transgenderedness (like it is regarded now), then he would have been put on hormone blockers, castrated, and urged into SRS. The transgender concept is regressive, not progressive, and highly conformist to the artificial gender roles assigned to biological sex. A pile of crap in other words, and has no business being promoted in medical journals as a favourable disorder, whoops, I mean dysphoria.

After second wave feminism, the strict ‘genderisation’ of toys was at least partially overturned. However, we have a backlash against the second wave, and toys now are hyper-genderised. Just walking into a toy store today you can tell instantly where the ‘girls toys’ section is, you will be blinded by the pinkification glowing like some sort of visible nuclear radiation zone.

These days little girls are dressed from head to toe in pink, their rooms painted in pink, their toys are all ‘girly’ and pink. Any wonder that a significant number of them will reject the mandatory pinkification thrust upon them. It does not mean they are ‘really little boys’, it means they reject these stereotyped, artificial, cultural fucking bullshit of jendah.

We are lead to believe, from the medical profession, from transjacktivists, from the government even, that all this jendah stuff is innate, a natural and totally invisible ‘essence’ that can’t really be described?

And tell me, if all this jendah stuff is really so innate, why do M2Ts need hypnosis to ‘become the woman they rilly rilly are’? If they really ‘are’ the woman they say they are, that it is innate to them, then why the need for this training eh? Because it is mimicry, based on stereotyped jendah roles and behaviours. Most actual biological women don’t perform that crap to that extent. But again, tranz are promoting stereotypical jendah roles. I tell ya, transjacktivists are just the laydees auxiliary of the MRAs, both groups heavily promote supposedly innate and stereotypical behaviours (that they just can’t help).

Here is the synopsis of the Hans Christian Andersen short story of The Emperor’s New Clothes (nicked from diki):

An Emperor who cares for nothing but his appearance and attire hires two tailors who promise him the finest suit of clothes from a fabric invisible to anyone who is unfit for his position or “just hopelessly stupid”. The Emperor cannot see the cloth himself, but pretends that he can for fear of appearing unfit for his position or stupid; his ministers do the same. When the swindlers report that the suit is finished, they mime dressing him and the Emperor then marches in procession before his subjects, who play along with the pretense. Suddenly, a child in the crowd, too young to understand the desirability of keeping up the pretense, blurts out that the Emperor is wearing nothing at all and the cry is taken up by others. The Emperor cringes, suspecting the assertion is true, but holds himself up proudly and continues the procession.

So, the Emperor (who only cares for his appearance & position, knows it is a delusion) = Tranz. Check!

The Emperor’s ministers (go along and enable the charade) = the medical profession, the government. Check!

The Emperor’s new clothes (invisible mass delusion enforced by the powers) = jendah. Check!

The little kid who cries out that the Emperor is as naked as a jaybird = radfems. Check!

The rest of the crowd (gradually) acknowledging the ridiculous scam = libfems, lesbians, and regular FABs. Check!

That’s right. Radfems are increasing their numbers because many libfems are waking up to the jendah delusion.

The jendah delusion is based on bullshit, and we have the medical profession upholding (and celebrating it), the government rapidly legislating for it, and transjacktivists still claiming that they are the mostest discriminated-against little snowflakes. No wonder the new diagnostic criteria looks a (bad) joke.

The whole situation would be laughable if it did not have such dire consequences for all the females on the planet, upholding the belief in jendah is just another way to discriminate against the sex class of female.

Although, here at Twanzphobic Since Forever, we may continue to point and laugh at his tinky-winky. 😛
Because deep down, I am a big meanie radfem…

49 thoughts on “Jendah: The emperor's new clothes

  1. jilla

    It took years before some psychs were willing to do a take-down on their profession vis a vis brain destroying drugs prescribed to children and babies. When is some ethical psych going to step out on this one? (I’ve heard there are one or two.)


  2. jilla

    Saw that. Has SJ made a public statement about that? (So much to follow.)

    I’m concerned about questioning young adults who are reading all this. We have to make it clear to them what’s going on, before their parents trot them off to the MengelePsychs. Some people think if there’s a professional designation that means the person knows what they’re talking about, and in the case with the medical profession, think what psyches tell them is what’s taught, and has some relationship to science. I’ve actually heard someone say “Oh but he’s a doctor”.


  3. jilla

    I suggest a heading change for the APA revision statement:

    “APA proposed criteria for chemical treatment of children who play with the wrong toys.”


  4. FAB Libber

    LOL, I like your revision. Points out the really obvious.

    Luckynkl brought up the strategy here:

    Which falls under more of public awareness campaign. It is something we have to keep doing, highlighting the mutilation (and post-op effects) factors. We as radfems have no power in government (and most govts don’t even have equal representation for FABs, let alone feminist/radfem voices). So raising public awareness of the medical establishment’s profiteering and mutilations is one way forward.


  5. Sargasso Sea

    As I said at Gender Trender, I and all of my friends when I was a kid would have been *diagnosed as suffering from Gender Dysphoria* had these proposed guidelines been the accepted craziness of the day.

    And as far as I know only a small fraction of us are lesbian/gay today. In other words, they are pathologizing children’s natural exploration of the social (genderized) world around them.

    There is no curse strong enough to express my disgust at this merde.


  6. Sargasso Sea

    Oooo, I agree with Lucky’s strategy (as one of perhaps many to come?) for the immediate situation.

    Yes, focus on the mutilating capitalists!


  7. ball buster

    Beautiful post. They purposefully obfuscate the difference between gender and sex as though they’re synonymous. Uh, no. Gender is not real. It varies from culture to culture, too, which means their gender expression should be more varied than the typical Western model. I mentioned on Selah’s blog, if the tranz folks were really serious about feeling like women, then why aren’t they born with the innate desire to wear a burka, a nun habit, or bind their feet so they look like lotus petals? If gender is truly universal, then those inclinations would also be “inborn.”


  8. jilla

    So much opportunity, so little time.


  9. FAB Libber

    Thanks BB, although I thought the real highlights of my post were the picture of the hippopotamus oath, and the fact that in summer it gets hot, and how are those poor plastic surgeons going to be able to afford a huge inground swimming pool in order to cope? 😛

    The Yaake dudes, apparently that get-up makes them more marriagable material. The transjacktivists would have us believe it is all innate, and so obviously *not* cultural in construction. Yeah, right. 🙄


  10. survivorthriver

    The DSM-V is eliminating “pediatric bipolar” as diagnosis, but adding a boatload of “Oppositionnal Defiance Disorder” and some other really sketchy labels. Eli Lilly has made bazillions of bucks off Zyprexa to treat pediatric bipolar offlabel as it was. Zyprexa causes average 80 lbs weight gain in first year, permanent diabetes from pancreas damage…lifelong insulin dependent diabetes results. Oh! Guess what? Eli Lilly’s second most profitable drug family is diabetes medications! Voila! Is there any recompense to those years and years of drugged up children who had the nefarious and nonexistent “pediatric bipolar”? Another Emperors New Clothes story there.

    Where is the “evidence-based” scientific backing for modern Mengelepsych? NOWHERE. There are a lot of anti-psychiatry groups that we might be able to look to for ridiculing this latest Gender horseshit?

    The best is Alliance for Human Research Protection. Are these children who are studied, labeled and treated being abused by psychiatry? I’ll bet Vera Sharav at that site would have the dirt on this one, I’ll ask

    My childhood friend, a butch dyke from birth, had a longterm partner named Artemis. Artemis was an Inuit stolen from Alaska and adopted into white rich yank family. She was very butch dyke. In her early 20’s she was one of the first dykes groomed for a f2m treatment at the University. She started on their hormones and got feeling really ICKY on testosterone. Then she questioned that just because she wore short spikey hair, rode a Harley and at 300 lbs could punch out any dude and she worked in the union trades, why should she have mutilation surgery, AND take the hormones that made her feel ugly things. She got out just in time. She’s passed on now, RIP. These money-raking dokter clowns who are hand maidens of Big Pharma international drug cartel.

    The Invisible Obvious which this post has so brilliantly elucidated points to the cultural psychosis of the psychiatric profession.

    Personally, I am tri-sexual but celibate now I’d say. I get off on trees….I mean I wasn’t just climbing trees for the view, I could be alone up there, wrapped around a branch and trunk and feeling close to nature, and….as a girl I didn’t have words for how much I loved certain trees, especially curved low hanging branches. Well, others here have attractions to washing machines and bumpy roads, probably a lot of cyclists could chime in….

    This Gender BS has got to be ridiculed far and wide. The shrinks are “Out of Control Labelling Disorder” prone. They have no science, they’re just pharma whores. oops, is that a bad term?


  11. ibleedpurple

    From wikipedia:

    Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) is described by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) as an ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior toward authority figures which goes beyond the bounds of normal childhood behavior. People who have it may appear very stubborn and angry.

    Common features of Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) include excessive, often persistent anger, frequent temper tantrums or angry outbursts, and disregard for authority. Children and adolescents with this disorder often annoy others on purpose, blame others for their mistakes, and are easily annoyed. In addition, these young people may appear resentful of others and when someone does something they don’t like they often take revenge on them. In order for a child or adolescent to qualify for a diagnosis of ODD these behaviors must cause considerable distress for the family and/or interfere significantly with academic or social functioning. Interference might take the form of preventing the child or adolescent from learning school material or making friends, or placing him or her in harmful situations. These behaviors must also persist for at least six months.

    Normal manifestation of puberty and childhood rebellion = mental illness. Is this supposed to be a joke? What will those psychiatrists NOT do in their quest for a completely homogeneous society? And the first paragraph basically sounds like a pathologization of deviancy. This is horrible shit. (You will not be surprised that here in Germany the number of forced pyschiatric hospitalizations has steadily reason for the last 30 years. Especially older people without any social network are primarily committed to mental institutions because they “disturb” the social order, e.g. by being unable to manage their own life.)
    It also reminds me of these incredibly charming books about how people not conforming to a basic middle class behaviour were insane which led to the opinion that all artists were insane and all genius was insanity. Those books were often written by eugenicists, sometimes with the suggestion that “born criminals” (those immune to reform) should be killed. And don’t forget shock therapy- in Alabama psychiatrists were so resistent to have it abolished that the court eventually decided on a law that prescribed such a complicated procedure that no one actually wanted to go to the trouble to administer shocks anymore. And this all despite brain damage being a proven result of shock therapy. I guess if people are too brain-damaged to fight back the therapy was successful. The same is true for lobotomies.
    You know, I could go on and on- about the long long years during which the brains of children which were murdered during the Third Reich were examined without any trouble and only buried at the end of the last/beginning of the current century (!), the woman who needed a bed to sleep after having escaped from her violent husband and was admitted to a mental institution where she could only escape by pretending to return to her abuser and other things such as these. Many psychiatrists are happy when you conform. Full stop. I think that the therapies they will subject gender-nonconforming children to actually create transsexuality through indoctrination into gender norms and hormone treatment. I can only recommend anyone to read this to get a good overview on so-called GID:


  12. Undercover Punk

    We are lead to believe, from the medical profession, from transjacktivists, from the government even, that all this jendah stuff is innate, a natural and totally invisible ‘essence’ that can’t really be described?

    Seriously. DESCRIBE it withOUT using reference to masc/fem stereotypes! That’s what I want to hear. It’s the same damn thing. No clothes!!

    And btw, CBL talked about blaming the pharma cartel for Jendah’s legitimacy on her “onsen” post last week– it was awesome!


  13. Hecuba

    Who benefits from this latest piece of pseudo pyschological rubbish? Why it is men and the male supremacist system of course. There’s a very long herstory of how medical male establishment uses medicine and science to maintain male supremacist myths over women.

    Any woman who deviates from male supremacist definitions of ‘appropriate and submissive feminine behaviour’ is deemed to be “mad and bad.” That is why Gender Dysphoria has been created because it maintains male domination over all women.

    Why has the UK government swiftly endorsed and passed legislation concerning primarily men who make the claim ‘I’m really female and you must recognise my right to be defined as female.’ Answer is because it maintains male domination over women and doesn’t upset the male supremacist hierarchal order. Women are still fighting for right to be accorded their human rights but UK government claims transsexuality/transgender is ‘real’ and anyone can change their identity provided they want to be known as either female or male. I still want to be recognised as a martian but my saying that makes no difference to the hierarchal male supremacist system we all live in. I continue to be subjected to sex discrimination and misogynistic insults because I like all women born female are female and that means I am not human according to male supremacist dictates.

    The multi national pharmaceutical industries will swiftly devise even more dangerous drugs to treat those females and males who are diagnosed with gender dysphoria and gain even more profit from subjecting innumerable females and males to dangerous drug treatments.

    It is all on a continuation of maintaining male supremacist system and one example of male supremacist lies are the claims made by certain male physicians/male scientists in the 19th century who stated women’s and non-white men’s brains were inferior to white men’s brains. Such lies were later shown to be lies but for a while they were used to justify and maintain white male supremacy over all women and non-white men. Remember too Aristotle that dead white male believed women were not human because we supposedly ‘had wandering wombs.’ Utter nonsense but no more nonsensical than gender dysphoria.

    Gender Dysphoria reinforces what many women and men accept and that is gender is supposedly innate and hence women are from venus and men are from mars! Remember everyone certain subjects are ‘male’ and others are ‘female’ that’s why girls can’t do maths because maths is ‘male!’

    So much effort is being put into proclaiming ‘girls love pink and boys love blue!’ Because challenging beliefs that ‘gender’ is biology not male supremacist dogma means challenging male domination over women and male supremacy will use any means to maintain its pseudo rights and power over women.


  14. maggie

    Excellent post Fab.

    Look a protest is needed. We need to change our passports, regardless of our sexuality, to male. I’m up for it – £80 well spent I believe to demonstrate the ridiculousness of this. I would love Julie Bindel and Sheila Jeffrys to do the same. That would shut the transjacks up. We could accuse them of misandry, go on a march and wear t shirts proclaiming ‘this is what a man looks like’.

    Obviously this sort of action would set children pointing at their TVs crying ‘but they are women’. Of course their libfem parents would simply reply “no dahling you’re wrong, that’s clearly a man – his passport says so.”


  15. FAB Libber

    Under UK regs for jendah reassignment, you must live as the “opposite jendah” for two years.

    As this is airy fairy crap, we could indeed say that we have “lived like a manz” for that time. Yeah, I am up for subverting this crap, to point out the bullshit of it.

    Call me Dave.


  16. Mary Sunshine

    I could say, call me Harvey, but I don’t think the Canadians have caught up with you Brits yet.


  17. FAB Libber

    Are you saying you are a six foot tall, white, invisible rabbit?
    (the young ‘uns won’t have a clue to the reference)


  18. FAB Libber aka Dave

    We should all change our screen names.
    Mine now reads: FAB Libber aka Dave

    (note, if you change your screen name, you will go into mod due to the WP settings)


  19. Mary Sunshine

    Hahahahahahaah!!!! 😛


    Ok, are you seriously going to go trotting all around the radfem blogs as “Dave”???!!!!!

    I want to see this before I take the plunge.


  20. survivorthriver

    The honest truth is that my true childhood nickname is Charly, which I scrubbed when the perfume came out. So, I’ve got a “legal” moniker to join the fun in having fun with the jendah delusions.

    I am really into this. I mean, it would be high comedy to deal with the driver’s license dude, the passport dudette…and politely request my GLBTQ new name!

    GagLibrettoBossyTinyQuintessential new name change! I’m in


  21. survivorthriver

    Please excuse my complete screw up with the LGBTQ initials, I was just thinking of all the hilarity about a mass re-naming jendah confusion.


  22. maggie

    Hi Fab aka Dave,

    I wish to change to maggie aka Gideon. A gentle reminder is needed as to how to do this. Thanking you.

    Maggie aka Gideon


  23. maggie

    Jilla dear, I would be most pleased if you could knit that jumper in BLUE. Now I’m not totally au fait with knitting but I believe that you need to get the tension right. Is this not the case? I wouldn’t want all your good efforts to go to nothing. Dear.

    Maggie aka Dave.

    Trying her best to adopt mansplaining, entitlement and a touch of arrogance. How am I doing?


  24. FAB Libber aka Dave

    Maggie, the grey strip navigation at the top:
    My Account, Edit My Profile, Display name publicly as, then save (update profile)
    But you will go back into mod on all the blogs you have been previously approved to.
    ~ Dave


  25. FAB Libber aka Dave

    No, I don’t even want a knitted version.
    See, anyone can “declare” that they are a man, no need for faux jewels. Just dress as a dude, then declare yourself one. Just ask Chaz.

    I am assuming that the dudely pay raise comes after this declaration of manzhood?
    Yes, I am Dave Libber now. Now, gimme my pay raise!

    Revision to the Radfem Sekrit Plan: We can end sexism by all declaring (and identifying! as menz). So cool. Job done.


  26. FAB Libber aka Dave

    Dave sounds more manzly.
    Kayden, I notice now you have your manzly personae, you type in two-syllables. Well done, you and Chaz can get together over drinks and discuss how to perpetuate manzly stereotypes. Good job buddy (< hah, see, me speaketh dudely, and I adjusted my imaginary jewels whilst typing it)


  27. FAB Libber aka Dave

    I wonder if the twanz lurkers are insulted yet?
    We are doing our best. 😛

    Because, given the definition of twanzgender, and no actual requirement to modify your body, just a self-declaration of internal gender, then the concepts of “man” and “woman” without the beloved sex role (gender role) stereotypes is a bit fucking meaningless, innit?

    “woman” becomes ‘adult human female’
    “man” becomes ‘adult human male’
    and jendah gets exposed for the societal bullshit that it really is…


  28. Sargasso Sea

    Well, brothers you know how the galz get his-steric when we assert our huMAN RIGHT to be MEN.

    The silly little poppets. 🙄



  29. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    Who cares, my needs come first.
    *priceless* LOL

    Although Gideon, you stuffed up on the second one:
    Where’s my pay rise. I’ve earned it.

    No, not earned it … entitled to it!


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