So, you really think you are a woman do you?

Cool! Never let it be said that we aren’t extremely helpful here at Twanzphobia, so we want to help get you prepared beyond the pwetty dresses, the heels, the lippy and the hair-do’s!

Basically, we here at Twanzphobic Since Forever want to give you a bit of a reality check. Oh noes!

Firstly, you big shocker is probably going to be the extent of the Rape Culture. It is just a tad out of control. An 11 year old girl is the target for pack rape, and most of the sympathy went to the rapists. Or the father that actively encouraged his sons to rape a 16yo teenage girl, again, most sympathy went to the ‘poor boys’. Or the teenage cheerleader, raped by three males, refusing to cheer the rapist, ends up getting a $45k judgement against her for bringing a ‘frivilous law suit against the school’. Of course, risk of being raped does not start with being a teen, girls are sexually abused at twice the rate of boys, and there are even cases of baby girls being raped and murdered.

You might not worry because you are beyond your teens now. Of course, it does not end at teens either! Women of all ages are raped, by males of all ages. Even as women, the rape victim can find herself in jail rather than the men who raped her. But wait! There’s moar!

Your twilight years are not guaranteed to be rape-free either. And apparently gerontophilia is par for the course, they certainly are not isolated incidents. Being dead won’t exactly save you from rape either, in fact it might actually be the reason you end up dead.

So from cradle to grave, as a female (or even looking like a female), the chances are not remote that you will be raped or sexually assaulted within your lifetime (or even after death). Comforting, isn’t it? What’s more, it looks like even more excuses will be available to rapists, particularly serial rapists, to get them off the charges.

Beatings! Gosh, I just know you are now clinging to the fact that beatings are only because of transphobia!!! Even when it is clear that both the victim and perps were convinced he was a she.

Sadly no. Gee, even just standing in line at McDonalds can get a FAB punched several times. Watch this video, hat tip to Mantis.

Or, you could think about getting a boyfriend, who will get away with beating you then throwing you naked in the street. Gosh, he sounds like quite the catch! Or how about getting yourself a hubby, surely he won’t kill you in your sleep? Or the friendly neighbour?

I guess women could try to get a bit of justice, it is just a little difficult to trust the cops when they are not adverse to the odd bit of rape, or even tazering (even when they outnumber the woman like 20-1).

So the lippy, the heels, the pwetty dresses, and the pronoun infringements are really the least of you worries. Nor is it likely to be transphobia either, but plain ol’ garden-variety misogyny. Welcome to womanhood.

Now, get with the programme, or get out the fucking way.

10 thoughts on “So, you really think you are a woman do you?

  1. ball buster

    Oh jesus, that video is telling of what American culture is. We can’t afford to pretend that we’re any better than any other country until the violence against women gets under control. God, I hope they find that asshole and take his kids from him. Imagine how he treats them at home. 😐


  2. Hecuba

    But, but but etc. all the above evidence are either lies or else they are isolated incidents because it is MTFs who are the ones really suffering such terrible (sic) violence. Biologically born women aren’t the ones being subjected to routine male sexual violence – that’s all lies!!! I can almost hear these hysterical reactions from those biological males who claim they are really women in disguise. Not forgetting of course their apologists/followers.

    Just one example of how and why so many males continue to commit sexual violence against women is the case concerning a well-known male actor who subjected a young woman to sadistic sexual violence and his excuse? He was affected by a drug he was taking for medicinal reasons. So of course male supremacist law acquits him of committing sexual violence against a young woman. But never mind the case didn’t concern a MTF who had been subjected to sexual violence by a person/persons did it so we can forget that. No far more important is the issue of those MTFs suffering trauma and discrimination because we nasty rad fems don’t believe they are really female.

    Remember the focus must always be on men and their problems/demands/rights and never, ever on biological born women’s right not to be subjected to male sexual violence.


  3. FAB Libber

    Actually, I should have finished the sentence, because I just realised the other way it could be taken.
    I meant, what are the odds he beats her too.
    Not that because he had a wife, they would not take them away (although, they always try to ‘keep the family together’ no matter how much of an abusive asshole he is).

    Although the picture is not that clear, it looks as if the teen was maybe 17?
    What kind of abusive asshole does it take, to spontaneously beat a 17yo girl like that, and in front of all those witnesses. When they have no problem doing it front of witnesses like that, it is a sure bet that his wife gets beaten too.


  4. FAB Libber

    Hecuba, the actor dude link is in there (although, I don’t know how famous he is, I had not heard of him, LOL).

    Check out this story; husband stabs wife fatally, then(!) he decides he could not live without her, and kills himself. Frankly, he should have come to that reasoning before stabbing her.


  5. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    Thanks Gideon, worthy of a post of its own. The transjacktivists keep denying that pervy dudes want access to the women’s toilets. They want “in” for “anyone who identifies as a woman”, which allows all the pervs free access.

    Note that the mask this perv used, is available on the tranz supply websites.
    The tranz credibility plummets to new lows…



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