29 April, a day to remember femicide

On the 29 April 2011, the day that Kate Middleton was married to Prince William, at least two women were murdered.

Although details of the relationship between victim and perp are not known, the fact of the quick arrest of a suspect around their own age would indicate partner, former partner, or similar acquaintance. The police aren’t entirely stupid, they know the odds, the odds are roughly 60% that a woman will be killed by a partner or family member, with the next pool of suspects being friend/acquaintance.

The usual statistic for DV homicides of females is an average of two per week, here we have two in one day. And it is a holiday weekend which is not over yet, it is possible that more women will be killed. Several women were also killed over the previous holiday weekend, Easter (I should have noted their names too).

The first of the women to be found was Christine Peters, a 31yo mother of six, found dead (from stab wounds) at her home at 4.30pm on Friday. A 29yo male has been arrested on suspicion of her murder. A tribute for Christine found here.

The second young woman, was Kelsey Marie Shaw, 17yo mother of a 3yo daughter. She was found at her home, also around 4.30pm, and died later in hospital. A 19yo male has been arrested on suspicion for her murder. A tribute to Kelsey found here.

Seven children will now grow up without their mothers. As well as the loss suffered by their other family members, parents and siblings.

It is likely (extrapolating from statistics) that several hundred women were also beaten or attacked by their partners on that day too, but they survived.

Femicides by partner or ex-partner have not changed much over the last ten years, at the very least, there has been no distinct downward trend, and the range is 89 to 118 murders per annum (not including other family members), with an average of 97 per annum (still roughly two victims per week). Adding in other family members (which includes dishonour crimes) the average is 134 per annum, which is over two (2.57) women per week in total by partners, ex-partners, or other family members.

Source info: HO website page, and main data file.
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Male violence against women and children. It just has to stop.

17 thoughts on “29 April, a day to remember femicide

  1. FAB Libber

    The forget-me-not graphic will become a new standard for the femicide category, in lieu of any other picture. Also, it is purple, (one of!) the standard AVAW colours.


  2. Sargasso Sea

    (have to run right now but thanks for the links to the stats. perfect timing as I’m in the heat of battle elsewhere. I’ll return with a stat I ran into earlier today which relates to this ongoing tragedy :()


  3. FAB Libber

    They are UK stats. I am still drawing on the Home Office official stats for this. Some things are still a little buried within the HO stats, like the “other family member” is not sex-specific (but we know it will be around 80%+ male family member, just from understanding the problem).


  4. zeph

    Very poignant post, thanks.

    Just to add that many women die under suspicious circumstances but will never be part of the statistics, because things like suffocation can get recorded as heart attacks. It would also be interesting to see how many women die of household accidents. Car accidents can also be used to cover up murders. I suspect that the majority of murders are never identified as such.


  5. Sargasso Sea

    In searching for rape conviction rates* in the US (again there aren’t many/any more current the late 1990s that I can find; bush administration put an end to such foolishness it seems) I ran across an MRA dood at a site called fathersmanifesto(dot)net who claims:

    “Children who grow up without their fathers are 8 times more likely to be rapists than children who grow up in families.”

    Aside from the obvious bullshit in this statement (and I didn‘t bother to click the ‘proof’ link), wouldn’t that be a FANTASTIC reason to stop killing the mothers of children then Mr. Rape/Murder/Femicide Apologist?

    * somesister did an awesome numbers breakdown awhile ago regarding reported rapes vs. convictions but I can’t simply cannot remember who did that legwork – anyone recall? Please?


  6. FAB Libber

    The MRA dood makes little sense, you could pull that apart in a number of ways.
    No idea on the rapes vs convictions (are you talking reported or total estimates?). The Fawcett Society usually has stuff, including stats and papers on a lot of these topics. Most relate to the UK though.

    I did a general page of rape stats


  7. FAB Libber

    As I was doing this post, I was contemplating adding this family death which was also over the weekend (not necessarily Friday). The reports were very sketchy at that time. Now there is a little more information, particularly with the key phrase “We do not believe there is any risk to the wider public” which is cop code for domestic homicide, iow, don’t fear folks, there is no madman on the loose.

    A family of four, husband, wife and two daughters aged 18 and 11 found dead at their home. Names not yet released.


  8. Sargasso Sea

    Again, thanks Fab for your time. Always.

    The UK stats are actually something very important (they are current for a predominately white, western, *first world* country; I intend to go through them very soon and load them into my dykedykedyke gun 😛


  9. ball buster

    “Children who grow up without their fathers are 8 times more likely to be rapists than children who grow up in families.”

    Right, so if that’s the case (which I really don’t believe, because of the story I *just* posted about a father *teaching* his sons to rape); then why isn’t he out telling all the Other Men In The World to stop being dead beat dads? Why isn’t he taking up Other Men to provide money (or SOME kind of resource), involvement, and emotional stability in their child’s life? Why is he fighting WITH women, the mothers of their children, instead of doing what they can to make their kids’ happy?

    MRAs are such selfish, nasty assholes.

    Men don’t want shit to do with their kids unless *they* get something out of it. They really don’t care about their kids at all. I agree with Zeph that socialism can ONLY work under a woman’s rule. Women are the only ones who are invested in taking care of shit, men aren’t. Men could care less about the elderly, children, disabled, ect.


  10. jilla

    Me too thanking you. U.K. stats are great, and you’ve done it right. I even prefer to give solid work like this than just patch meal from the country or jurisdiction I’m discussing. No one can refute it, or say, oh well, that’s not comparable. It is.

    I’ve been busy voting. Sorry I didn’t speak up sooner.


  11. jilla

    Hugs to you BB. It sounds like you’re hurting today. And I agree with every word you’ve said. Oh these pooooooor fathers who just love their children and the meany wife is preventing him from seeing them/having a relationship with them crap. They never knew they were fathers until they leave divorce court, and they have to beg the kids to have anything to do with them, because the kids reaction ranges from Who? to I don’t wanna. Oh and ever notice, as soon as dad has visiting rights, it’s the girlfriend does all the kid work?


  12. FAB Libber

    It looks like the family of four were all murdered, however the cops are still saying “no need to panic” which is unusual when they have yet to arrest the perp, or if it is not a murder-suicide situation, so can only think they do know who it is. And it sounds like it was a grudge against the husband.

    Yes, the suspect has been named, so they had like a perp 99% in mind.

    An example of vendetta between males, and females getting caught in the crossfire (even though knife was the weapon used, metaphor and all that)


  13. jilla

    There are so many. Someone’s daughter. Someone’s mother. Brilliant young women, old women, girl babies, teens. No woman of any age, status, is ever safe. There are so many categories of DEAD for FABs.


  14. cherryblossomlife

    I have heard so many anecdotes of boys been taken to their first prostitute by their father (to test whether he’s gay or not). PIV with a prostitute is rape insofar as she has been coerced into the transaction by poverty, or she might even be a trafficked woman. Fathers teach their sons to dehumanize women.
    How many married men regard their wives as subhuman? A Lot. How can that teach boys not to rape? It’d be better off if the man was out of the picture.
    There was a case in England where two boys tortured another two young boys to the point of death. It was horrific to read about. It turns out their father would force them to watch grotesque horror movies with him.



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