SlutWalk: Snake eats tail

My my, how far we have come, so full circle that the snake eats its own tail!

It all started when some dudely cop advising on campus safety for women “avoid dressing like sluts” (like that was ever really the problem in the first place, and I gather no advice for the campus dudes “stop raping women”, that would be just too easy!). Here is one report, from

Earlier this year, Toronto police constable Michael Sanguinetti told a group of students at an Osgoode Hall Law School safety forum the best way to prevent being sexually assaulted is to, “Avoid dressing like sluts.” Sanguinetti’s written apology and promises of further professional training didn’t appease the obviously offended students. The victim-blaming gaffe sparked a movement and Slutwalk is sweeping the United States and abroad.

“We had just had enough,” said Heather Jarvis, who founded SlutWalk Toronto with friend Sonya Barnett. “It isn’t about just one idea or one police officer who practices victim blaming, it’s about changing the system and doing something constructive with anger and frustration.” Upwards of 3,000 massed on the streets of Toronto on April 3. “The idea that there is some aesthetic that attracts sexual assault or even keeps you safe from sexual assault is inaccurate, ineffective and even dangerous,” said Jarvis.

So the response from the libfem/funfem camp was:

Look at that placard: “I’m a slut, don’t assault me” 😯

Good fucking grief!

Certainly it does not matter what a woman (or girl) wears to become a victim of rape. Simple enough concept.

But we live in the Backlash Times, where sex mozzers are more concerned with making sure dudes get supplied with lots and lots of  “consensual sex”, possibly in a vain attempt to stop rape. Won’t work!

So the brainchild in this sexually available atmosphere, is to reclaim “slut” and, I dunno, have “slut pride” or something I guess. Dumbass concept.

It will not work. At its core, the majority of males put all females into two basic categories, virgin or whore. What the mozzers don’t seem to get is that really, deep down, the dudely-ones consider all virgins just sluts-in-waiting. So, from the maleview, females are all sluts basically, it’s just a matter of time (or trickery, which they love doing, trickerying females ‘out of their virginity’). I digress.

So if we are already sluts and whores to the males, and particularly to the raping males, reclamation of the word is foolhardy at best, and really stupid PR. Plus it won’t change raping males’ view of femalekind at all, hey kids, you have just confirmed what they already think of you. Follow the logic, they rape females because they consider them to be worthless sluts anyway, then you go and reinforce that concept for them. And the majority of them do think all women to be sluts at their core, because where else would that cop get his advice from? In the copper’s brain, he knows you are all sluts, he is just advising not to advertise it to rapists (like that is gunna work, sigh).

Of course, libfem stronghold FaceButt group OMPOW are all over this slut reclamation with gusto!

A better concept for the protest would have been to insist that “no woman is a slut, it does not matter how we dress”.

Getting lost in this sex mozzer feverpitch of heteronormality is the alienation of lesbians, who in not being interested in having sexual contact with men at all, don’t particularly want to ‘reclaim slut’ at all, even though they too are potential rape and sexual assault victims. Nice side serve of lesphobia on the side: check!

Campaign summary:

Rapists’ reaction for the women-are-sluts endorsement:

Overall effectiveness of strategy (we just know it will end in tears):

And finally, the radfem reaction to the entire debacle:

– – – – –
ETA (07 May):

SarSea (or rather, the kid of SarSea) has found examples of how the SlutWalk non-theory has been put into practise. I refer you to the first picture of Homer above, after viewing these…

OK, the first one is highly porn-referenced, and highly offensive. It makes as much political sense as the sign on the march of “I’m a slut, don’t rape me”.

The second uses a female nude, given modern interpretation the pose and placement of the hand is a masturbatory reference. Not exactly sure what point they are trying to make, so I’ll go with “I’d rather have a wank than be raped”. It’s as good as any interpretation.

Neither of these approaches works at combatting the male (& rapist) mentality of seeing females as sexual objects, in fact, these local chapters of SlutWalk have gone out of their way to REMIND the dude-bros that women are sexual objects.

All a dude is going to think viewing the first picture is “I’d stick my dick in it” And I say ‘it’ because it is just a disembodied female body part, hell, they may as well have had a disembodied labia with the words “oh no-no-no you don’t, not unless I enthusiastically say yes, because I will say yes, because I am a slut, and we sluts say yes as much as we can!”.

On the second one, given the pornified beauty standards of today, the dude-bro is just going to think “ewww, fat chick, I’d have to switch the light off to do her”. Except for the chubby-chaser dudes, who would deem her not fat enough and go “ewww, well, if I was desperate I could, but only with the light off”.

Know your target audience people!

ETA (12 May 2011)
Here is the Aussie response to the SlutWalk for Brisbane. From the Australian Sex Party’s FaceButt page:

Whacksock is a male masturbation piece of kit.
Gee, it really sounds like the dudes are getting the message eh? *not*
Why am I not surprised at this entire farce?

ETA (12 Nov 2011)
Thanks to Broadie for making this graphic, it sums up my thoughts exactly!

60 thoughts on “SlutWalk: Snake eats tail

  1. FAB Libber

    I forgot to add the reversal part!

    Men are the real sluts.
    Nor can a female ever be deemed ‘a slut’ without male(s)’ involvement.


  2. maggie


    I wonder what age group a ‘slut’ belongs to? Just saying… Because slut means fuckable. PIV fuckable – am I right? Reclaiming it means you are fuckable – at all times. What all of your life? I wonder what the rest of the ‘enjoying sex’ sign says.

    “Getting lost in this sex mozzer feverpitch of heteronormality is the alienation of lesbians, who in not being interested in having sexual contact with men at all, don’t particularly want to ‘reclaim slut’ at all, even though they too are potential rape and sexual assault victims. Nice side serve of lesphobia on the side: check!”



  3. FAB Libber

    I wonder what the rest of the ‘enjoying sex’ sign says.
    “Enjoying sex does not mean [inviting?] violence.”
    My best guess.


  4. pmsrhino

    Yes. Exactly. Is it that hard to say “We do not deserve to be raped no matter how we dressed. We are not sluts and we are not your never ending source of boners.” No, it’s definitely more empowering to walk around in short skirts and fishnets with a sign that labels you a slut while you try to convince all the men out there that you don’t deserve to be raped. It’s just… weird. And it’s funny because it’s an off putting weird, like I heard about it and was like “Huh… that doesn’t seem like the way to go about this… but I’m not sure how to put this wrongness in words…” Maybe this is just a short coming for me, I started in feminism with the fun-fem sex poz mantra, and I think it’s just been difficult to get out of the vocab and mindset I learned at that time. I’m sure some women in the fun-fem movement think the same way, they feel that this is wrong and not the way to do it, but they don’t have the words or ideas to explain why it’s wrong so they just continue to go along with it because they can’t vocalize a reason not to.

    I’m sorry, some things just don’t need to be taken back. I don’t WANT to take back the word slut. How do you take it back, anyways? These women and the men who use the word slut are using it the same way, a woman who has sex with men frequently. So how are they taking it back? It’s like people trying to reclaim pole dancing as something other than oppressive “sex work”. Women may use it as simple exercise or modern dance, but men will never be able to see it other than something to objectify women and give men boners. Anyone watch any of the recent America’s Best Dance Crew episodes? One of the early groups (and the only all female crew) pole danced. No, really, that was their thing. And the group spoke about how they were reclaiming it for modern dance and it wasn’t meant to be “sexy”. And yet, when it came time for judging the two male judges told them straight up that it didn’t matter that they wanted it to be modern dance and not stripping. Because those male judges, while they watched the women “dance”, could only think of strip clubs while the women circled around the pole spread eagle in their barely bathing suits outfits. Sure, I think women could take the word “slut” and make it something different, just like women could take pole dancing and make it modern dance. But it doesn’t work in a patriarchy nor does it work as an awareness-raising campaign aimed at men, which is whom things like the “slut march” are aimed at.

    “I’m sorry, I think you were trying to take back some sort of tool of the patriarchy but it was hard to hear your point over the sound of my raging boner.”


  5. Jennifer

    Something wrong here – now what is it? Why it is that the focus once again is on women defending themselves from misogynistic slurs rather than putting the focus where it rightly belongs – with male supremacy. Guess who is laughing themselves silly? Why it is the men again of course because quoting radical lesbian feminist the late Audre Lorde ‘the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.’ Focusing on the side issue as to whether or not women are ‘sluts’ neatly ignores the fact it is 99.9% males who are the ones committing sexual violence against women and justifying their actions because the female victim(s) are supposedly ‘sluts!’

    Who’s the real slut? Why it is those men who think women and girls exist for men to sexually consume and women then magically become ‘sluts’ after the male has penetrated the woman’s body. Doesn’t make sense because it is the man’s sexual organ which creates the myth that women are ‘sluts’ if they have come into contact with that puny male sex organ rather than the other way around.

    Another piece of male-centric nonsense is the claim that women and girls must be sexually available to men and if we refuse we are ‘prudes’ but if we capitulate we are ‘sluts.’ According to male supremacist logic all women and girls are ‘sluts’ irrespective of whether or not a female is lesbian because according to male supremacist lies all females are ‘sex’ and nothing else – aka meaning we are all men’s disposable sexual service stations. Not logical or rational – but then male supremacy has never been logical.

    So forget about ‘Slut Walks’ protest against male violence against women because that is the real issue not whether or not any woman is a ‘slut.’ If we believe sluts exist – then look no further than innumerable males who consider it their innate right to have sexual access to any woman or girl, because it is the males enacting such practices who are the real sluts. Hold men accountable for their violence against women – tell men it is time they be held accountable for their sexual behaviour because no woman was created to be used as men’s disposable sexual service stations.

    Word to the wise – ‘slut’ is a nasty term created by men to enforce male sexual domination and control over women – there are no sluts but there are innumerable male rapists.


  6. pmsrhino

    And if anyone is interested in the dance crew on ABDC here’s a video of their last performance including intro video where they talk about their pole dancing:

    Sorry if it’s a bit off topic, but I want to share the ridiculousness. You should have heard me when I watched the episode, because it was the first episode of the new season I got a chance to see and had no clue there was a pole dancing group in it. So the show opens with these chicks on poles and my jaw dropped and I couldn’t stop yelling at the TV about the pole dancing. POLE DANCING? The only women on the stage and they’re POLE DANCING?! It was the only episode I watched, the whole season is just men doing boring man things. I miss groups like We Are Heroes and Beat Freaks. Even Fanny Pack. 😦


  7. FAB Libber

    I was tempted to throw in “the master’s tools”.
    Yep, menz are certainly invisiblisated in all of this. Yet again.

    This whole concept is by the tweenties again, not actually know jackshit about the 2nd wave, and writing the 2W off as know-nothing prudes. These tweenties are so arrogant to think they can reclaim a word (that was not ‘ours’ to begin with) and not a damn clue on the origins or further analysis of the situation.

    New word of the day: invisiblisated 😛


  8. FAB Libber

    Hiya PMSrhino, welcome.
    but it was hard to hear your point over the sound of my raging boner
    LOL, the visuals, they burn!
    …and reclaiming poledancing as ‘modern dance’. pffft.


  9. Sargasso Sea

    I’d say that you have plenty of perfect words to describe what’s wrong with the whole slut walk thaaang, rhino! 😛

    Yee haw!


  10. maggie

    Re PMSrhino’s link to the poledancing. The dancers say that it hurts at the beginning, like burning your skin, “but after a while you get used to it”.

    Have been reading Pornography, Men Possessing Women and Dworkin describes this as happening in degrading sex acts.

    Though the dancers are tres eager to assure the audience that no stripping takes place, why are they half dressed? You need to cover yourself up in a burkini – it’ll stop the burn. Now that would be radical!!!! Burkini pole dancing. C’mon Nigella let’s be ‘aving ye!


  11. noanodyne

    There’s another thread of OMPOW on FB where I’m engaging their stupid arguments:!/OMPOW/posts/157035661026594

    She posted something about women not gettin’ no respect and blacks would never be treated so badly. And I pointed out that blacks never took to the street acting out the stereotypes that whites had of them. Sailed over their heads. So I commented again:

    Your whole point in your post OMPOW was how women aren’t respected. Then you get fully behind the SlutWalk phenomenon. You brought up the comparison to how black people are treated and I completed the analogy for you. Black people did not march in the street acting like racial stereotypes. They marched in the street with dignity. They sat at lunch counters with dignity. They protested with dignity. There’s nothing you can name in the racial-equality movement that bears any resemblance to slut walking. There’s a reason why — it’s a dumb idea. Men treat women as sex objects. Marching in the street as a sex object does zero to convince them that you are worthy of respect. It convinces them that you are every bit the sex object they already thought you were. Nothing is accomplished and men get to laugh at women and continue treating them like second-class citizens. You could learn something from the past if you gave people who came before you any respect.


  12. maggie

    Black people did not sit with ‘dignity’ but sat just like everyone else, with outrage at what was going on. Please don’t do the ‘dignity’ thing. I’m white but would hate that word attributed to me. I’m catholic irish and lived through the ‘troubles’ in N ireland. I never sat with dignity on anything. Just outrage.

    Agree totally that they don’t march acting like racial stereotypes.


  13. noanodyne

    Your definition of dignity is yours alone. I have mine. I see that it could be seen as patronizing, but that’s the trouble with words, they mean more than one thing.


  14. noanodyne

    And anger and dignity are not in opposition to each other. Righteous anger has dignity to it. I’m a dyke and I’ve lived through decades of going to bars, political rallies, marches, and “pride” events where men who dressed in woman-face carried the day. They got all the attention and all the press. It’s been very fashionable to think of them as tweaking the establishment, making conservatives uncomfortable. The regular lesbians and gay men who marched with their church group, or with PFLAG, or with their elected official, or with their work organization were and are routinely overlooked. They were marching with quiet dignity, there is no better word for just being yourself in the face of people who are trying to turn you into a stereotype. Those who did engage in the woman-face japery? They gave their numbers and strength to the trans movement and we see how that turned out.


  15. noanodyne

    And the history of the racial-equality movement is very clear on this point. There was every effort to be a very obvious, visual counter-point to the stereotypes whites promulgated about blacks. The manner of dress and bearing was discussed and debated and decided on specifically to show a different face to the world. They themselves used the word “dignity.” The correlation to what women face now is obvious. It doesn’t mean marching in the streets in business attire. It means a movement that starts with the assumption that women aren’t pieces of meat and demanding treatment accordingly.


  16. FAB Libber

    I totally agree Noan.
    You cannot play along with the slut thing at all, it has to be a demand that no woman is a slut, and they are worthy of respect – and it is our human right to be free from male sexual violence


  17. Selah

    FAB, this post is right on. I have never understood why slut needs to be reclaimed. The truth is that there is no such thing as a slut. That’s what I always say when I’m having a conversation with someone who trots out sluts. I say, there’s no such thing as a slut. Sluts don’t exist. Assholes who think sluts exist, on the other hand…

    This is a newbie question, but I’ve figured out almost all the lingo everyone’s been using except “mozzer” or “mozzie.” What does that mean?

    just being yourself in the face of people who are trying to turn you into a stereotype

    Noan, I love this definition of dignity. It is not something that we “put on” or “act out” but rather being grounded in who we are.


  18. FAB Libber

    Selah, check the FAB-Speak page for any definitions you are not sure of, in my madey-up language.
    Sex Positive > Sex Pozzie > Sex Mozzer


  19. noanodyne

    As I argue my points on FB I see that jilla is completely right that we need the nice rad fems to be in all such engagements as well. I can see that my argument is very likely to confuse and cause hurt feelings. The organizers of the SL’s should know better and have better politics. But the rank and file probably just think, we’re sick and tired of our lot in life and what could be wrong with “girls” getting together and protesting? At least we’re trying to make a point, they think to themselves. Those mean old rad fems just don’t understand us! And indeed, we’re talking across each other (the two groups) AS IF we don’t understand. What better way for the Pat to maintain it’s power.

    And meanwhile, our radfem theories are hard to understand for newbies and our conclusions hard to take, so they’ve fallen back on the fun stuff and I find that I do feel sorry for them. It is they who are taking it in the teeth from their Nigels and the rest of the males who treat them like shit. They have been sold a fake movement in men’s feminism and they really don’t know what to do to stop the shitty way they’re treated. I did conclude my comment by telling them that TONS of young women are joining radical feminism and we’d be happy for them to join us. Set out the extra chairs ladies, we’re about to have guests 😉


  20. cherryblossomlife

    The invisibility of men’s agency of all of this is exactly the problem with Slutwalks, as you’ve pointed out FAB.

    I remember a government run ad campaign against rape in the UK. Do you think it had said “MEN, DON’T RAPE” in big red letters? Nope, it had a girl in a car, obviously distressed, and we were peeping in at her through the closed car window. Underneath the caption read, “NO, NO, PLEASE NO!” then another caption “DON’t enter unliscenced minicabs” :0

    I nearly threw up. Men are the rapists, the *root* of the problem, but they’re edited out of the picture and apparently women just “get raped” . BY whom we will never know, apparently…


  21. jilla

    I said what? “As I argue my points on FB I see that jilla is completely right that we need the nice rad fems to be in all such engagements as well.”


  22. noanodyne

    jilla said something similar in a thread a while back that I was just re-reading recently and that’s what I was thinking of. “Nice” wasn’t the word you used, jilla, it was the point that we need to think about the arguments we use.

    And I think we need to be strategic. Maybe we can strategize in a private convo just for that?


  23. Aileen Wuornos

    The Lisa Simpson graphic sums it up best really.

    These tweenties are so arrogant to think they can reclaim a word (that was not ‘ours’ to begin with) and not a damn clue on the origins or further analysis of the situation.

    Haha, heyyy not every one who is in their early twenties is fucked in the head 😉
    I really hope my city doesn’t have a Slut Walk.

    Slutwalk – head, meet desk.
    Slut walk however, is just fucked. The mental gymnastics involved is staggering.


  24. Aileen Wuornos

    Also, what do the esteemed council of internet elders (aka dudebr0s) think of this Slut Walk phenonmenon? These two comment sum it up pretty nicely:

    We should organize a RapeWalk where we rape the massive group of them.

    I’m sure 4 ch-an would help.


    This video reminds me of how much I hate most women. The way you catch them in a lie about something important, and for the life of them, they cannot articulate their stance because they know they’ve been caught. So they spend a great deal of time and energy focusing on something else equally moronic;

    i.e., SlutWalk.

    “And then he asked if I said ‘No’? Oh my god! What the fuck? That’s like, against my character as a strong woman. He thinks I’m lying!? What the fuck why woudld sdjfsjj sfdjsdf fdsidf ”

    Seriously, 98% of women fucking suck. Another 1% suck.

    That last 1% is full of merit. And even that is given with gratitude.

    It seems the logic of those who pretend to oppose the rape of womyn (liberalist pseudo-feminists aka sex pozzers) and those who pretend to support “genuine” victims (aka the rest of the world) is uh EXACTLY THE SAME.


  25. FAB Libber

    Slutwalk – head, meet desk.
    Slut walk however, is just fucked. The mental gymnastics involved is staggering.

    I know, I know, bruised forehead here too!

    Noan, I guess I take the point about being nicer to the libfems, but it is hard when they are doing snake-eating-own-tail thing.

    And yes, there are a few notable exceptions to the tweenties thing Aileen! It is when the tweenties are arrogant to think they know better (and about to do huge mistakes). I do find the OMPOW group the least politically-aware that I have seen for a long time, they seem to have zero political framework and analysis to work from. Which has shown itself to be dangerous, particularly getting behind such Really Bad Ideas such as this SlutWalk. Because of it, they are wasting their time on this SlutWalk thing – which will not improve anything – and because it reinforces the “all women are sluts” idea in men’s heads, could even be considered to contributing to the problem. What a trainwreck.

    ETA: The OMPOW is not solely tweenties btw, but also has women who really should know better.


  26. FAB Libber

    Aileen, your 2nd comment went into mod due to a certain “c-word” which is now hyphenated.

    The way you catch them in a lie about something important, and for the life of them, they cannot articulate their stance because they know they’ve been caught.

    This comment clearly shows what I have been saying, most dudes think all (or 98% which is close enough to all) women are sluts, and “lying sluts” at that, and it just confirms to them what they already think. It also shows clearly, that the SlutWalk will NOT reach the ‘target audience’ (which is rapist males, as in “please stop raping us”) so is a complete and utter dismal failure.

    These are the two main reasons I am critical of the action.


  27. FAB Libber

    Thanks for the link WJ.
    I had read your post earlier, but at that time was not really up to speed on SlutWalk nor how viral it became (which is when it really crossed my radar).

    The picture is a good example of the ‘pornification of the protester’, and another example of why the concept of SlutWalk is unworkable. The rapist-dudes are not swayed by the message on the YW’s dress, all they are thinking is “hot bod, I’ll wank off to that”. So the result is counter to what the protesters wish to achieve, which is the de-sexualisation of females as a class.


  28. jilla

    As they did with Take Back the Night marches, males will join the SW to get laid, and other males will come along thinking it’s about them, and eventually, there will be no more TBTN marches. Violence against women activist events will be co-opted into violence against “people”. You know them.


  29. truthvscompliance

    Sorry if I posted this already here (on a different post) but I saw in a youtube video – a woman holding a sign that said, “Sluts say YES!” for the slutwalk… *headdesk*


  30. Selah

    jilla, absolutely. You wouldn’t believe (well, you probably would believe) the stink I’ve seen some men (and F2T’s) raise when they are told they are not welcome on the TBTN march. This was back in my undergrad days, men were allowed to the pre-march rally but only women on the march. That was ten years ago though, so I was wondering if the queers had taken over by now, but I just went and checked it out and this year’s was still women-only! Yay, the women’s center at my alum is still going strong!


  31. thebewilderness

    It is frustrating because they have been conditioned to the myths and it is a long hard slog to recondition to embrace reality. I do understand what they are trying to do.
    They are desperate to assert their humanity and their right to act like humans do.
    Consider your audience!
    Asserting your right to be the very thing that abusive men in an abusive culture say you are gets you what? More abuse. You do not end abuse by affirming the abusers world view. You simply reinforce their justification for continued abuse.
    TBTN works because it asserts womens human rights. In large enough numbers for it to be obvious even to men that there will be dire consequences for violating these womens rights.
    Dire consequences is the only message abusers understand. It affects them, and that is the only thing that matters to them. These young women have not figured that out yet. I hope they do. Soon.


  32. FAB Libber

    Well said TBW, that’s exactly it!

    I do fear SW has the possibility of making the problem worse (and no chance of making it better). Which does bring us to the larger parallel over the last 20 years or so, the sex-poz culture, which has not made things better, it made things worse. So affirming the abusers’ view definitely does not work. Rape culture is worse than it ever was.


  33. FAB Libber

    “Sluts say YES!” for the slutwalk…
    Holy crap, *head desk* is right. See first pic of Homer Simpson.
    Welcome tvc.


  34. jilla

    I saw that vid this afternoon! Think that’s when I desperately went looking for something to counter my nausea. Piaf. Now Delphyne. !!!!111onehundredandeleven (ref: Gallus Mag).

    Yes, TBW, they feel the flush of asserting something, they’re just not clear what it is. Oy. I’m praying this doesn’t develop into anything further.

    Selah that’s good news. As far as I know, it’s dead and gone here. The rape crisis centre is a “sexual assault centre” and men are on the help lines. Head desk doesn’t begin to cover it.


  35. delphyne

    Men are invited on these marches too. So – welcome to rapists and sexual abusers when we march against men’s violence against women.

    I feel quite despairing about this. Simpsons piccies sum it up.


  36. womononajourney

    I can only imagine/empathize with how hearing about a “Slutwalk” must feel to women who have been prostituted and/or battered.

    And what about all the women who were called “slut” in high school??

    This march is not for them.

    As for TBTN, I was on the planning committee for the one at my school a couple years ago. The other women were very insistent we include men so as not to alienate them. As if men who are truly allies would stop being pro-feminist because they were not invited to one march.

    Also, one woman wanted to have a sex-toy show a few days after TBTN, so that we didn’t seem like prudes. Because obviously not appearing to be a prude is more important than ending rape that’s occurring everyday on a mass scale.


  37. FAB Libber

    Thanks to the Kid of SarSea, we have a nice little example of how this concept plays out. See post for the additional material below Lisa Simpson.

    After reading the text, I see they don’t quite have a handle on what “slut shaming” is all about.

    Oh, and I might encourage comments to re-interpret the prized examples above. I will start the ball rolling with the juxtaposition of the reclining nude with the text “we have had enough”. So I will go with, “I’m a slut who is off the clock now…”


  38. Sargasso Sea

    And the nice *ransom note* feel of these posters is rather creepy, no?

    I’m reminded of the cover of Jessica Valenti’s book, Full Frontal Nudity Feminism.


  39. Aileen Wuornos

    The flyers remind me of the misogynistic gig flyers the shitty punk bands in my town put out. The one on top bears a disturbing resemblance to one that featured a broken bottle penetrating a dismembered woman, bent over. Ugh. How is this helping womyn?


  40. Aileen Wuornos

    Also, that article that SS found, “I love Sluts” t shirt, where have I heard this before? Oh yeah, out of the mouths of self absorbed, misogynist, entitlement do knead men who jerk off to the depiction of paid rape. Just google the phrase! Ughh, fucking pseudo feminism.


  41. FAB Libber

    And another report:

    The SlutWalks have particularly taken off among college students, given the location of the officer’s remarks and the high prevalence of sexual violence on campus. The US government’s Centres for Disease Control and Prevention found that up to one in four women in US universities report having experienced an attempted or completed rape while in college.

    SlutWalk Toronto continues to be the organisational focal point. Its website – motto: “being a slut and getting pissed off” – proclaims that the word “slut” is being reappropriated.

    “Whether a fellow slut or simply an ally, you don’t have to wear your sexual proclivities on your sleeve: we just ask that you come. Singles, couples, parents, sisters, brothers, children, friends. Come walk or roll or strut or holler or stomp with us.”


  42. rmott62

    As Womononajourney said Slutwalk is not for women who have been abused as children, and their abusers named them sluts so he can know he has done nothing of any relevance. It not for women and girls inside violence from their partners, who are named as sluts over and over till they forget their essence. It not for teenagers teased or forced into sex including gang-rape, named as sluts so they know it must their own fault. It not for women inside hard-core porn, when the consumers and producers say slut is their nature so there is no real harm done. And it certainly not for the prostituted – who are made into the Ultimate Slut, in that their only purpose is to be fuck-toys to be brought and sold for any punter and his sick porn dreams.

    The men who owned and commit the violence and hate are loving every moment that those privileged women reclaim the term Slut – yet more women and girls to manipulate.

    This is extremely triggering for me – for like the majority of exited women from the sex trade – I know inside every cell of my body what it is to made into the Slut. I have that poison inside me – it is named PTSD.


  43. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    Excellent points Rebecca, welcome.
    As you say, the attempt to ‘reclaim slut’ is a futile one, and does nothing to address male behaviour or thinking. There are a lot of males out there that already think all women are sluts, so in reinforcing their already-held belief and opinion of females is not going to change either the behaviour or thinking of these rapist/misogynist males.

    Nor is it a “sex positive” stance, even though this is the rally cry of the so-called sex-positive feminists. Embracing a term like slut just reinforces the “sex is bad/dirty” concept, rooted in religious nonsense. It is a contradictory stance, that makes no sense at all.


  44. jilla

    Hi Rebecca. It’s good to see you posting here.

    I think there ARE young women who are not prostituted who are triggered by being called sluts. So in some ways, this is an action. Teeny baby steps. But they aren’t aware of the feminist analysis of what’s being done to them. They think they can exorcise this word and all its baggage in this ‘reclamation’ way. They use the reclamation of Queer to explain it, logic fail. Gail Dines explains slut cannot be reclaimed, why that is not analagous to reclaiming Queer.

    What worries me very much with these young women is when men rape and sexually assault them (again, and again) they will think and be told “it was my fault” , or it was HER fault (she’s a slut I am not). And if and when she seeks legal redress the police and courts will bring in Exhibit One:

    SlutWalkGirl holdiing up the sign touting her Hot Body.. Because nothing has been changed. Rapists and abusers have not changed. She’s still going to be blamed.


  45. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel

    Check out the aussie reponse to SW. Update at the bottom of the post. 🙄


  46. jilla

    I wanted to put this comment here, so it’s not lost. As usual Delphyne makes such a great point.

    44. delphyne – May 17, 2011

    There are already Take Back the Night marches that run in many countries and that are specifically against male violence and rape, but they don’t generate the same level of excitement and media coverage because they aren’t sexualised. They don’t generate pictures of young thin white women in lacy tights and knickers holding up signs saying “Sluts say yes”. I don’t remember any sex pozzie getting enthusiastic about TBTN, and basically it’s because they’re not offering men an erection opportunity. In fact they kill erections. There’s no danger of that with SlutWalk.

    There’s not a lot of point in women trying to put across one feminist message whilst completely undermining another.


  47. Pingback: Who needs feminism when you have “femininity”? | twanzphobic since forever

  48. DaveSquirrel

    SlutWalk just keeps getting better and better, LOL.

    So their aim is for “a positive rape culture”, rather than eliminating rape? Eejits.

    Later the one who wrote it admitted “it was badly worded”.
    That’s what happens when you have only a partially or very limited agenda in ending male violence against females.


  49. m Andrea

    “we want to promote a positive rape culture” — is that like “promoting a positive lynch culture”?

    And frankly, there was nothing “badly worded” about it, that was exactly what they did mean. They want a nicer cage for themselves, one with an extra cushion and a balcony. They don’t actually want to get rid of their own cage nor do they care that the cage for many women is much more unpleasant and for some women, the cage is a one-way death trap.


  50. BadDyke

    “And frankly, there was nothing “badly worded” about it”

    Typing error, yes, major brain-fart (do it myself sometimes), yes, but BADLY-WORDED. What do they claim they were trying to say that ended up as ‘positive rape culture’?………………..

    “They want a nicer cage for themselves, one with an extra cushion and a balcony.” YES.



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