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  1. FAB Libber

    Only because I wanted to put this in:

    £20 test could save women from ovarian cancer

    About 7,000 women develop ovarian cancer every year and two thirds of those diagnosed die within five years – but experts claim a simple blood test could save hundreds of lives.

    Ovarian cancer is the fourth most common cancer in females and campaigners are urging GPs to offer women over 50 the blood test, which could spot symptoms of ovarian cancer at an earlier stage.

    ‘The outcomes for ovarian cancer are not as good as for other cancers in women,’ says Fergus Macbeth, of Nice. ‘It’s symptoms are considered vague and so can be confused with other conditions,’ he says and emphasises the importance of early diagnosis.

    Figures published in The Lancet show that about 82 per cent of British women with breast cancer survive to at least five years after diagnosis, but for ovarian cancer the figure is just 36 per cent due to late diagnosis.

    The £20 blood test is already available on the NHS but offering it sooner could give women a greater chance of survival by speeding up diagnosis and therefore treatment. ‘While the symptoms are non-specific, their persistence can be an important indicator of the disease’, says Dr Macbeth.

    Older women are often misdiagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome when they are experiencing the early stages of ovarian cancer. Other symptoms include feeling full quickly and the need to urinate urgently.

    Charles Redman, a consultant gynaecologist oncologist, says the length of time from a woman experiencing symptoms to being diagnosed is about 18 months: ‘Far too many women are being referred to hospitals for suspected ovarian cancer once their disease is already at an advanced stage.’

    ‘‘Poor early diagnosis in Britain is strongly linked to poor survival rates,’ says Frances Reid, from Target Ovarian Cancer. ‘Up to 500 women’s lives a year could be saved if only we matched the average survival rates in other European countries.’



  2. maggie

    I’m sorry but I call bullshit on this one. I’m a survivor of ovarian cancer (stage one, low malignancy, and not ephithelial – which is the most common kind). The blood test is usless for the cancer I had. Thankfully the patriarchy gave me ‘fertility’ sparing surgery. What they don’t recognise though is that the uterus is a sex organ that just happens to house babies. It’s not a useless organ once the babies are done with – or your considered too old usually post 35 to have children. The uterus contributes to orgasmic response. There’s no need to whip it out in a frenzy, simply because the blood test says so (they’ll always find something ‘suspicious’ on the scan).

    Most often the ‘cure’ for this surgery, even at stage one which is when it’s confined to one ovary, is devastating radical surgery, removal of uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, and remaining ovary. The upshot is that women often need to go back onto hormone therapy even to walk properly again, due to horrendous vulval dryness. There are a lot psychological damages too. Stage one prostate cancer gets a less radical approach (unless you are a black male – statistics show), as does testicular cancer. The menz must continue their PIV. Unfortunately, studies show that like radical breast cancer treatment, many relationships fail after ovarian cancer treatment.

    Actually I would correlate testicular cancer treatment with cervical treatment. Testicular cancer treatment used to be very severe, and as it happened in young men, the outcome in survival rates was poor. This was reassessed and less damaging treatment is now done with excellent survival rates. Now I know causation/correlation rules but in this case one should be suspicious of the coincidence. Thankfully cervival cancer treatments are less invasive, and catching it early doesn’t mean a hysterectomy like the good ole days.

    I think less radical and damaging approaches should be made to women regarding their cancer treatments. Good sensible approaches have been made towards breast cancer surgery (despite the pioneers of this less invasive approach being labelled as murderers), however with regards pelvic surgery it still seems shrouded in the ‘mystery’ of what’s going on ‘down there’.

    Hysterectomy rates are currently dropping in the UK, for the first time in a long time and it’s a good thing as well. Coincidence? Me, cynical? You bet. This blood test, CA 125, has been around for at least 20 years.


  3. FAB Libber

    Thanks for the info Maggie, I had not realised the test had been around for so long. Although, it is good to spread the word, even if not accurate for all types of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is hard to detect, so even if more get caught early, that is better. My gyno was clueless about my premmie menopause, so diagnosis is not their strong suit. And yes, not getting all the other working parts ripped out is something we still have to insist upon.

    In lighter news, Gail Dines has a piece regarding the royal wedding.

    ‘princes into frogs’
    ‘richest welfare family in the world’



  4. jilla

    Something else to know: you can have your ovaries ripped out and still have ovarian cancer develop in the surrounding area.

    And this, from one of my sources:

    This message, or a variation of it, has been resurfacing for years (wherever) people know they can reach large numbers of women. (…) When I seemed to be getting it a lot was about ten years ago and so I put the question to Elizabeth Ross, the CEO of Ovarian Cancer Canada.

    (…) the gist of (her answer) was that the message was, unfortunately, misleading. The CA125 blood test is not higher than normal in half of women who have ovarian cancer and, because it is a test which is not specific to ovarian cancer, it will test postivie in women who don’t have the disease. Hence, it is quite unreliable for purposes of early screening. My understanding is that a manual trans-vaginal exam and ultrasound are more reliable tests.”


  5. jilla

    Good post Maggie. I’ve been fighting this since age 37 “you’re going to die a horrible death”, oncologist. “We’re not collecting women’s uteri like scalps for our belts you know”. Cool!

    I had the sparring surgery then, and another two since. I did a lot of research at the time, phone and letter at age 37, e-mail and phone recently. What I finally got that I could take to the bank was a tape recording of a Swedish gyne academic researcher saying “We don’t do that here for your indications. Tell them to call me”.


  6. Jennifer

    Gail Dines nails royal wedding in one sentence –

    ‘William’s family is the richest welfare family in the world yet you won’t hear David Cameron attacking them for being lazy freeloaders.’

    Re: The £20 blood test – I am always suspicious when a new (sic) test is marketed as a life saver for women because the male dominated medical establishment have a very, very long history of pathologising women’s health. How long before the cost becomes £30 or £40 or even £50 and who benefits from this fee? Why it is the medical establishment as well as the Pharmaecutical Industry of course.

    By the way this claim that 82 per cent of British women with breast cancer survive to at least five years does not mean the cancer has been eliminated. What it means is 82% British women with breast survive at least five years after diagnosis. So a British woman could die five years and one day after having been diagnosed with breast cancer but the male dominated medical establishment will claim she has been cured! Not true.


  7. jilla

    She spends those five years in searing pain, constantly throwing up, mouth, nose and other similar tissue breaking into boils, cracking and bleeding, barely able to move, and urged to smile.


  8. jilla

    From an M.D. whom I know, an activist and civil rights advocate, not just someone on a “doctor” website:

    “The fact is that ovarian cancer is quite rare. The numbers quoted in the brief remarks below are relative, not absolute, (…)

    I believe this perspective is essentially based on fear-mongering, and nothing more.

    To put this in perspective, consider the following: for years gynecologist have urged women to have their ovaries removed, if they are postmenopausal, at the time of other intra-abdominal surgery such as hysterectomy. The argument is been that this will eliminate forever the possibility of developing ovarian cancer. However several recent studies have examined the relative effect on long-term survival of leaving the ovaries in or taking them out.

    As it turns out, the risk of dying as a result of complications from bone fractures, primarily of the hip, is significantly greater in women who have had their ovaries removed, than the risk of dying from ovarian cancer in women whose ovaries are still present.

    “I’m not trying to underplay the importance of cancer prevention. But there is a difference between primary and secondary prevention. Doing the CA 125 test is not primary prevention, because a woman has to have ovarian cancer in order for the test to be positive. There is not one shred of evidence confirming that having this test carried out every six months, every year or every five years would reduce the rates of ovarian cancer deaths.

    “This situation is a more primitive version of the situation surrounding mammography. This extremely widely used testing procedure is promoted as a means of reducing the death rate from unsuspected breast cancer. However screening tests like this are bedeviled by the problem of “lead-time bias”.

    “I and others have mentioned this notion before. In brief, it is the illusory impression that death has been postponed, arising from the fact that a particular cancer has been detected at an earlier stage of its trajectory, when in fact its overall trajectory towards the woman’s death (or not) has not actually been significantly altered. This is because each breast cancer has its own inherent programming; some are very aggressive and fast-growing, and some are indolent and slow-growing.

    “I have occasionally had women come to the office inquiring anxiously about ovarian cancer, citing an article like the one you have quoted, or others, and asking for the CA 125 test to be carried out. If I am unable to dissuade them from doing so by the above kinds of evidence, then I simply carry out the test to help them have some emotional reassurance. On those few occasions I have done so – even in women with symptoms that might in some possible way have been related to ovarian cancer, the test has always come back negative.”


    I’m not very good at saying what I know (anymore) but I’m very good at tapping those who are.



  9. Sargasso Sea

    YAY! Open thread!

    Fab, would you have asuggestion as to which form of martial art would be suitable for an 11 year old girl (and radical revolutionary) who promises to end up being tallish and thinnish with long limbs?

    (P.S. I know zip about martial arts.)


  10. Sargasso Sea

    Thanks Jilla! Do you do martial arts?!

    I’ve just looked at the dojo available to us in Undisclosed Location and which forms they offer.

    I especially like the like the sound of this:

    OKINAWAN KOBUDO – Kobudo (ancient weapons arts) were developed by the people of Okinawa some 400 years ago. When the ruling authorities ordered that “all weapons” be turned over to the authorities the Okinawans went to great lengths to deceive and/or hide the weapons they needed to fight their oppressors. Thus, weapons were called “farm implements,” and the underground fighters trained in the use and proficiency of these tools. In this style our focus is on the Bo Staff, Sai, Tonfa, Kamas, Nunchaku, and Eiku Bo.


  11. jilla

    No. I have physical deformaties.

    Jujitsu because it is not based on striking, which is more male forte because of body design utilizing natural strength at the upper body, but getting out of a hold. Repeat: getting out of a hold.


  12. FAB Libber

    Well, being trained in weapons is a bit pointless, unless you intend to carry farm implements or similar, you cannot bank on finding something to use as a weapon when you are attacked.

    Wing Chun, created by women (but has a lot of dudely stuff added now, like closed fist) and usually has courses for kids (locally starting from age 5), the kids really like it, and they are a bit of a force to be reckoned with by the time they get to the adult classes.

    Wen-Do, a mixture of styles, specifically for women, started in Canada, available outside Canada, although generally short courses more than long haul.

    ETA: both of these have getting out of holds, plus some good serious damage stuff. Wing Chun, most of the locks are actually breaks. I tend to remember and focus on the more damaging stuff 😉

    Further ETA:
    Not that it will really impress anyone here, but Bruce Lee did use some of Wing Chun as well as other styles, and apparently Jackie Chan (according to diki)


  13. Sargasso Sea

    Well, it looks like all we have a choice of is karate, a form of eskrima and the kobudo.

    The weapons definitely appeal to The Kid and they are really kind of everywhere aren’t they? A custom-made belt for example or a special umbrella for those rainy days; especially long knitting needles perhaps? 😉

    We’re thinking maybe doing both the karate and kobudo?

    (I have a progressive physical deformity myself Jilla. Hope yours doesn’t cause you too much grief.)


  14. jilla

    “We’re thinking maybe doing both the karate and kobudo?”

    Gaaa. Next thing we’ll hear about is the mini-van purchase.



  15. FAB Libber

    Just a general observation over the last day or two. Everyone seems to have gone into a frenzy, following several things at once. What I see are a few errors cropping up here and there, so my suggestion would be to refocus on one or two things at a time.

    It doesn’t do our group image any good to get sloppy on facts.
    (several peeps, not just one)


  16. Mary Sunshine

    Excellent idea, Fab. I’ve started doing that a bit just instinctively. And for reasons of personal limitations. (Elderly brain, etc.)


  17. FAB Libber

    Yes, I have a semi-elderly brain, and recognise the limitations (due to current health).
    But also, sometimes focus and direction bring better results than scattering trying to do everything at once.


  18. jilla

    Welcome. About time too. xxxooo So happy to log in here and see this addy.

    Wonder what singer we need to post to summon up Sparks?


  19. luckynkl

    @Sargasso Sea
    I’ve practiced martial arts for over 3 decades. Yes, I’m a black bet. I’ve tried a few arts: Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Chinese Kempo, Soo Bahk Do, Judo and of course, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. My art of choice? Tae Kwon Do. It’s at the top of the list for one of the most respected martial arts. I’ve used it in real confrontations. Does it work? We’ll ask my opponents when they wake up. :p Tae Kwon Do doesn’t use weapons tho. For weapons, I turned to Kung Fu. My weapon of choice? Nunchukas. They fit easily under the car seat and in the back of your pants for easy concealment and access.

    I’ve also been taught boxing by golden gloves boxers, wrestling by state championship wrestlers, and also excel in good old-fashioned street fighting. I mention this because a good fighter combines everything they’ve ever learned in the art of fighting and personalizes her own art. So which is the best art? Your own.


  20. FAB Libber

    A black bet? Unfortunately, I don’t have a black belt in spelling, grammar and proof-reading.

    LOL, neither do I.

    a good fighter combines everything they’ve ever learned in the art of fighting and personalizes her own art. So which is the best art? Your own.

    Good advice. Peeps have their own strengths and way of moving, some things seem easier than others. I might try Tae Kwon Do one day, I hear is fairly good for inflicting damage too.


  21. FAB Libber

    Now, I supposed you are all wondering about “The Dress”.

    Well, I was decked out in an unflattering three-quarter length wrap coat dress, made of the non-finest lavender fleece. The main motif were the various food stains that adorned the front of the garment. The secondary motif, only visible upon closer inspection, was a mixture of black and tabby cat fur, contrasted by the lavender, and unifying the whole ensemble. I too, shunned the hat rule.

    After the ceremony I changed into a flattering outfit of black work trousers, contrasted by the baggy polo shirt in a pale army-green, and trimmed with a white stripe on the collar.

    I looked stunning people!
    Me me me, why weren’t the cameras on me?


  22. maggie

    As part of my royale wedfest avoidance tactics, the curtains are pulled on the neighbours opposite as they have a life sized (yup) cardboard cut out of the couple, I’ve been surfing the rad fem blogs – nine deuce is back btw with a withering critic on Avatar and a wonderful post on the pornification of LA. So hence my post. I know I’d need to move to Mars on a never to return mission to avoid the miserable (they will be 15 years down the line) couple but I refuse to be a part of the flag waving, ‘cheery’ crowd.

    You are stunning dahling!!!


  23. maggie

    And another thing re the cardboard cut out – I wouldn’t mind but this is a respectable neighbourhood. I fear the house prices will take a tumble. I’m off to write to my Euro MP.

    Disgusted from the NW


  24. maggie

    And anyway marriage is a patriarchial institution. Another great reason not to watch it. It is telling that the only journalist allowed into the cathedral was male.

    Other things to spend your far too much money on:

    A plate in John Lewis with the phrase “It should have been me!” FFS.


  25. FAB Libber

    I’ve got the live stream going on in the other tab.

    I reckon the invites said:
    “Wear something rilly tight and uncomfortable looking, and you must top it off with the most ridiculous hideous hat that you can get your hands on…”
    (just got back from laughing at some of those hats, zmog!)


  26. maggie

    Okay I had a look, I’m still alive, and have to say laughter abounds. The gushing of the comentators at the dress was the funniest I’ve heard in a long time. And the hats – I’ll be chuckling all weekend at those. And this when they exchanged vows

    ‘For richer, for poorer’ said. in. earnest.

    Come the glorious day you will be poorer. Biggest welfare scroungers in the UK. Was it me or did Harry look like he was about to throw up? Hangover anyone?


  27. FAB Libber

    I watched (some of) it in a “look over there, big flaming plane wreck” kind of way.

    All this ‘royalty’ stuff is guff. Royal bloodline is based on some of the most successfully bloodthirsty ancestors, yet we call this the height of civilisation! Not to mention, that the right of accession is the most male-biased thing eva. And zmog at the boringinglyest church service (hence I could not keep watching, lest I fell asleep).

    I might go out and buy me a nice shiny pitchfork when the shops open tomorrow. Tiz my duty as a peasant.


  28. FAB Libber

    ‘For richer, for poorer’ said. in. earnest.

    I know! Testerical innit?
    Or maybe ‘poorer’ means: “must do just with only seven pastry chefs rather than the usual fifteen”. Oh teh tragedy! Teh sacrifice!

    I had to let three of my personal pastry chefs go just last week. I can’t tell you what a hardship that was.


  29. FAB Libber

    zmog, I just saw that hat again (which I think is one of Fergie’s daughters, dunno). It looks like antelope antlers ffs! I am in fits just thinking about it again.


  30. maggie

    Beatrice’s hat. Saw a twitter feed that was from someone pretending to be the queen which said (I’m paraphrasing) ‘feeling a little uncomfortable about Bee’s hat’! Glorious.

    Oooooooo I’m so getting me a pitchfork too.


  31. FAB Libber

    Yeah, the ‘highlight’ of the day – that antelope hat!
    I’m sorry, but that was beyond ridiculous.

    The crowds were silly. Queueing up over night and stuff, all for watching about 3 secs of a car going by…

    Pomp and ceremony. Such a ridiculous concept.
    And celebrating the lineage of the successfully bloodthirsty warriors! oi.

    Pitchforks at dawn!


  32. Sargasso Sea

    Thanks Luckynkl! And adding boxing to the mix makes damn good sense 🙂

    Royal wedding wise, I’ll just say this: normally I adore a creative chapeaux.


  33. FAB Libber

    Yeah, but one does not conceal a pitchfork, it is more for waving about angrily.
    And maybe shoving a bit of hay around.


  34. FAB Libber

    Check this, we are definitely in a police state now:
    In another incident, officers swooped on a group of five people, three of whom were wearing zombie make-up, when they entered a branch of Starbucks on Oxford Street. They were arrested “on suspicion of planning a breach of the peace”.
    “We’ve been pre-emptively arrested under suspicion of planning a breach of the peace,” Cutler told the Guardian from the police van, before. “We went to Starbucks to get a coffee and the police followed us in.”

    “We were just dressing up as zombies,” said Amy, who was wearing a “marry me instead” T-shirt. “It is nice to dress up as zombies.”


  35. Sargasso Sea

    Things just haven’t been the same since Lady Gaga came to town; the hats have all gone to hell. 😦

    *PIV Man* can join the endless line of of folks who need to kiss my ass,



  36. maggie

    Actually that hat was brilliant, I think it gave waves of displeasure and embarassment. Why wasn’t she arrested? Zombies – LOL.

    PIV man’s blog is pronographik – so I read but won’t be giving him the *shudder* pleasure of hitting on the blog – shakes head and waves pointy finger at the Daily Mail for promoting such filth.

    I think another letter to my Euro MP is required. Busy day.


  37. ball buster

    He wrote: ‘I’m more of a high stimulation partner than she is, so I got frustrated with her sometimes, but we’ve adapted over the years.’

    Yeah, that’s salon talk for being a fucking rapist. As if the royal wedding wasn’t enough het propaganda for one day, they publish this? THIS!?

    Marry a healthy, attractive woman who cares about her appearance.

    iow, “no fatties.” I’m ok with that. More motivation for me to stay fat. 😛


  38. FAB Libber

    Yeah, I thought the ‘high stimulation’ part was well weird/creepy.
    His blog is porn? Well, hardly surprising.

    It has been very quiet on all blogs. I resorted to watching a dvd.


  39. Mary Sunshine

    Hi Fab,

    I’ve noticed that, too. Likewise on FB.

    Since it has slowed down, I’ve taken the opportunity to get caught up on some household tasks. Just today I was wondering to myself, “when does fabbity ever get to go grocery shopping?” or do laundry … or ….


  40. cherryblossomlife

    I’ll never forget reading the WHole Woman when I was eighteen and seeing that smear tests have not done anything to stop women from dying of cervical cancer. The figures were already dropping steadily when they began mass testing women and continued to fall at exactly the same rate. At exactly the same rate!! Surely there should have been zero deaths from cervical cancer once mass screening began. Greer shows how many mistakes were made at the lab: lots of women who didn’t have cancer being treated, and lots of women who had cancer being missed. As she says, it had fuck all to do with women, and was all about control. I agree with Maggie, I would say the same goes for this test too.


  41. jilla

    Loved the hat. You know what that hat said to me”

    “Thought you could just sweep Mum out the door did ya?”


  42. jilla

    It’s a high holy day for quotes that reek, you know, those things that would never make the cut anywhere but funland:

    “We talk about “women” and “trans women,” as though trans women are a subset of womanhood, and cis women the default (…).



  43. thebewilderness

    I love the hat so much I can barely contain my enthusiasm. If you have something to say then say it loud and clear! She did. There is no ambiguity whatsoever in that hat and the wearing of it.


  44. luckynkl

    I confess I didn’t watch the royal wedding nor have I looked for any pictures of it. I probably would’ve thrown dirty socks at the TV and screamed at Kate to run for her life.

    Speaking of hysterectomies, my daughter had a partial one yesterday. Cervical cancer no doubt caused by the HPV virus. I’ve been muttering for weeks now. I gave my daughter a perfect body and men ruined it. The more I learn, the more it leads me to suspect piv is completely unnatural. Humans are not animals. PIV is completely unnecessary. Sperm impregnates, not penises. So why are women being fucked and bred as if they’re common barn yard animals? Is it part and parcel to the degradation and dehumanization of women to reduce them into animals? Factor in the pain and discomfort all too many women experience, the spread of disease, the thin line between sex and rape, and men’s testeria over the mere thought of their orifices being penetrated. But a penis can just as easily be inserted rectally as it can vaginally. So why isn’t it considered natural to shove it into their orifices? I smell a rat.

    A friend of my partner’s daughter was married about 2 years ago. It was requested that I attend the wedding. I said I’d rather have bamboo shoved under my fingernails and warned the woman, don’t do it. Run while you still can. I was all but dragged kicking and screaming to the church to attend the ceremony. My partner laughs as she recalls I screamed, “It burns, it burns!” :p But the strangest thing happened while I was sitting there frantically looking for an exit. As the bride came up the aisle, I experienced a vision. In the vision, I saw that the church was once a temple for women. A woman stood at the alter. The man came up the aisle with a chalice in his hand. The chalice contained his sperm. The ceremony was about his offering to her. She could accept or deny it. In horror, I realized it had all been reversed and bastardized by men. That’s all she wrote. I ran out of the church.

    I was thinking about all that tonight. I began to wonder about artificial insemination vs. piv. Which method produced more females/males? My hypothesis is that piv produces more males. It doesn’t come out of a vacuum. A doctor once gave me the recipe for sex selection. To up the odds for the conception of a male, deep penetration was mentioned. It gives the Y sperm a head start on the X sperm. I tried to google it to see if my hypothesis had any merit to it. The results were at best, ambiguous, as I knew they would be. In fact, I had a good idea they’d lie – just like they do with regards to the male/female brain. The female brain is larger and weighs more. But you know how men are about size. Don’t bother to google it. Scientists and the medical establishment can kiss their careers goodbye if they reveal that fact. It’s been that way for the last 100 years. Or so I read on my daughter’s SAT test. But oops, the Chief Medical Examiner of New York City once slipped and let the cat out of the bag. I happened to catch that show. He demonstrated it in an autopsy. But shhhh, we’re not supposed to know that. Plus we wouldn’t want to upset the SCAMs. :p Nor are we supposed to know that if an X from 2 different females are fused, an embryo results. Or that all clones are female. Shhhh… we don’t want the public to know that males are completely unnecessary and obsolete. The sky would fall. But I was able to ascertain this in my quick google search. PIV vs. artificial insemination does indeed affect sex selection. Interesting, no?


  45. FAB Libber

    Sorry to hear about your daughter Lucky, she is awfully young to be going through that. I blame the sex-mozzer multi-partner ‘you can have PIV with anyone, anywhere, without consequences’ mentality. And the HPV vaccine does not protect against all strains responsible for cervical cancer. Also, at the same time, you have to ‘question’ the reluctance of condoms in porn. That again, big red flag.

    I had known for a while that invitro fertilisation results in far more females, the first ‘test tube baby’ was female.

    Another hint on sex ratios, probably again harder to find the evidence, is that frequent PIV results in (slightly) greater chance of males, less frequent results in slightly greater chance of females. (I think it is because those Y sperm die faster too) So again, all this ‘regular’ PIV agenda is looking mighty suspect.


  46. maggie

    When male heirs weren’t being produced to carry on the lineage the fault was always the womans. She was considered responsible for determining the sex of the baby. Well science has, the horror, safely knocked that old dickwads tale right out the door. Yet somehow this ‘myth’ still persists in some societies.

    Glad you mentioned the HPV vaccine because if ever there was an example of how funfems and sex possies have jumped onto the PIV wagon this is it. In a parallel world where, rightly, woman is regarded as the default, they would if they had a window onto our world, shake their heads in bewilderment at this. It’s the BOYS who should be getting the vaccine. But we women, ‘bless their little minds’*, have totally absorbed the hyperbole surrounding this emotive issue (helps that a minor cleb dies of the disease), and once again the men get off being medicalised and the inference that all women are diseased addled whores/sluts persists.

    *said by some MRA somewhere, especially those who use the phrase ‘calm down dear’. Can’t imagine Obama saying that to any female representative.


  47. FAB Libber

    Like all little kids at these wedding events, the novelty had worn off after an hour or two.

    Gawd, I can’t believe the number of official parties, pre- and post-, that were held.
    Nice to know that the highest-paid welfare family of the country can afford all this.
    (referring back to Gail Dines’ article http://www.counterpunch.org/dines04262011.html )


  48. luckynkl

    I had known for a while that invitro fertilisation results in far more females

    Aha! So my suspicions were correct!

    Another hint on sex ratios, probably again harder to find the evidence, is that frequent PIV results in (slightly) greater chance of males, less frequent results in slightly greater chance of females.

    It’s the opposite way around. Frequent sex = more females. The reason being: the Y sperm gets no head start. By the time a woman ovulates, both X and Y sperm are sitting there waiting. The X being bigger and stronger, is much more likely to fertilize the egg.

    What you might be talking about is waiting until the day of ovulation. Then yes, the Y gets the head start. But because the woman has to abstain until the day of ovulation, that means less frequent sex.


  49. jilla

    I’m posting this for all of us, but particularly Selah who may want to blog on it. I hope.


    Today, while I read everyone, and some other places like that above, I made:

    –two jars of jam
    –one dozen ricotta cheese ravioli (dough first)
    –two quart jars of pasta sauce with ground bison
    –a plain vanilla cake, which I will ice with chocolate icing, tomorrow
    –a tuna sandwich


  50. Sargasso Sea

    Mmmmm 🙂
    I need to vent sisters so thanks in advance!

    I’m trying to google *rape convictions* and it autofills *statutory rape convictions*

    So many rape-minded pricks, so little time 😈


  51. jilla

    I just googled femicide meaning. (To get the actual dictionary wording).

    Google: “Did you mean: homicide meaning “


  52. jilla

    I just wanted to share this, which I found in one of my “women’s auxiliary” type cookbooks.

    Potluck etiquette:

    Never make a negative comment — including a “face,” as your mother used to call it — about anyone else’s offering. You can be sure, it’s karma, that the person who brought the baked beans smothered in tiny bits of pastel marshmallows is standing directly behind you, and she’s going to cry, and later you’ll find out she has a terminal illness.”


  53. Sargasso Sea

    Ah, Jilla! I have quite a collection of just such cookbooks! (LOVE)

    They are a treasure trove of Feminist Fail and excellent household hints 😛


  54. jilla

    In the Co-op Cookbook, 1946, 2nd ed. 1952.

    “A woman, a dog and a walnut tree, the more you beat them the better they be”.


    “There is only one woman in the world and every man has her for his wife.”

    This book is entirely compiled and written by the women of the Saskatchewan Women’s Co-operative Guild, the women’s auxiliary to the political party which became the New Democratic Party (NDP), Canada’s official LEFT political party..


  55. Sargasso Sea

    I had been planning on unpacking my cookbooks this week, so now I’m totally INSPIRED 😛


  56. FAB Libber

    In blog-maintenance news, I have tinkered on the sidebar yet again.
    The Category search drop-down has now moved below the Comments, and it is together with the text-search box.

    I am trying to keep the Comments as high as possible in the sidebar, because it is easier to see new comments rather than scrolling down all the time. I am thinking of your mouse wheels here!

    But, as importance to newbies, they should be confronted with ‘whatever I feel like inside’.


  57. Sargasso Sea

    This is the the kind of crap I’m getting in my particular trench today:

    I hope you understand that no one is picking on you here. We just want you to get the real understanding about who you need to look out for. It’s not just men, although for grown women that is where your biggest threat will come from. For children, young people, students, physically weaker men and women, that is not the only danger. Thinking only men rape can put you or your children at risk from other offenders, because they are out there.



  58. FAB Libber

    Legally, ONLY males can rape (legally defined in the UK as insertion of the penis into vagina/mouth/anus). All other stuff is regarded as sexual assault, which can be perpetrated by males or females, but males are again the overwhelming percentage of perps.

    If, these idiots are trying to make out ‘women are just as violent/dangerous/sexual predators’ then wrong, males usually represent 80-90% in any category (except rapists, 100%). If they are trying to argue that ‘women can rape’, well, only if one recognises M2Ts as women, and again, it just proves the radfem case that Penis is the Problem, and the maleborn are a big frickin problem, so get them the fuck out of our bathrooms thx, bai.

    The UK prison population has about a 90/10 split, but, most of the females are in for shorter sentences and lesser crimes than males (which you could read as males committing lesser crimes should have gone to jail, but didn’t, because the jails are full of the more violent male crims).

    Whilst it is true that a very small percentage of females will sexually assault children or teens, many of those usually have a male accomplice (the Devon nursery incident had a male ringleader, and he used the promise of romance to about four women around the country to supply him pictures of children). But, although I don’t have the figures, it is maybe once a year we will hear of a female sexually assaulting someone/child, and once a week or more of a male sexually assaulting children (many of them teachers and similar access professions). The trend is clear, because the newspapers really are not shy about exposing ‘evil women’.


  59. Sargasso Sea

    Thanks, Fab. Yes. Agreed.

    And this same woman was laying *stats* on me about a study done on meeja reports of women *sexually assualting* students at school which she took to be representative and better than gov’t stats (as pathetic as they are) 🙄

    And it’s not to do with tranz, but the Slut Walk thing and it’s just the garden variety *women rape too!!1! not my nigel?!!1?1 poor menz!!1!*.

    (there’s hope though because about a 18 months ago I was able to make them see that patriarchy is not just a religious concept. :shock:)


  60. FAB Libber

    What a frustrating proposition.
    Advise her not to go to things like Hens’ Nights (lots of dangerous women!!11!!), the ladies toilets or anywhere else, just in case all these dangerous women rape her and get her pregnant. Maybe the p-word will get her thinking how stoopid her thinking is. 🙄

    I guess that logic won’t get to her. Perhaps try getting her at the emotional level (due to limited brain functioning). Ask her if she feels safer in a frat house surrounded by Nigels, or in a sorority house surrounded by other women her age. If she sees no difference, don’t bother trying to educate her, it is seriously a lost cause.

    Jeezus, even at the peak of my het brainwashing, I was never that dumb.


  61. Sargasso Sea

    This project is very, very ground floor.

    The original *audience* at this particular venue was women who had escaped a fundamentalist xtian fertility-worshiping religious movement a la the Duggar people on the television.

    The original bunch were incredibly strong women and I admire/d their full-on *We’re not going to take this shit anymore!* with upwards of 8 children in tow, or even just leaving them behind with the Patriarchs.

    But it didn’t take long for the college-age daughters (and academic-types) from semi-fundamentalist, or even *egalitarian*, families to kind of take over and it’s these I am dealing with now.


  62. jilla

    Yesterday, a Conservative, right-wing, Christian identifying political party won a majority mandate in Canada. We are in for a new fresh hell, unless we can force another election as soon as possible. Fortunately these neo natzis are so contemptuous of democracy, they will be giving us just cause for a no-confidence vote any day.

    Women lost and will continue to lose:

    Funding Cuts by Harper Government: Election Update

    Federal Election Canada 2011

    List of Women’s Organizations whose funding has been cut or ended by the Harper Government

    1. Aboriginal Healing Foundation
    (cuts affected several healing centres that focused on providing support to abused women, such as the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal)
    2. Action travail des femmes
    3. Alberta Network of Immigrant Women
    4. Association féminine d’éducation et d’action sociale (AFEAS)
    5. Canadian Child Care Federation
    6. Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW)
    7. Centre de documentation sur l’éducation des adultes et la condition féminine
    8. Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada
    9. Child Care Resource and Research Unit, SpeciaLink
    10. Conseil d’intervention pour l’accès des femmes au travail (CIAFT)
    11. Elspeth Heyworth Centre for Women Toronto
    (funding cut by CIC in December 2010)
    12. Feminists for Just and Equitable Public Policy (FemJEPP) in Nova Scotia
    13. First Nations Child and Family Caring Society
    14. International Planned Parenthood Federation
    15. Marie Stopes International
    (a maternal health agency, has received only a promise of “conditional” funding IF it avoids any & all connection with abortion)
    16. MATCH International
    17. National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL)
    18. Native Women’s Association of Canada
    19. New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity
    20. Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses (OAITH)
    21. Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care
    22. Réseau des Tables régionales de groupes de femmes du Québec
    23. Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre, Toronto
    24. Sisters in Spirit
    25. South Asian Women’s Centre
    26. Status of Women Canada
    (mandate also changed to exclude “gender equality and political justice” and to ban all advocacy, policy research and lobbying)
    27. Tri-Country Women’s Centre Society
    28. Womanspace Resource Centre (Lethbridge, Alberta)
    29. Women for Community Economic Development in Southwest Nova Scotia (WCEDSN)
    30. Women’s Innovative Justice Initiative – Nova Scotia
    31. Workplace Equity/Employment Equity Program
    32. Older Women’s Network
    33. Kelowna Women’s Resource Centre (KWRC)
    34. Réseau action femmes


  63. FAB Libber

    ok, thanks Jilla, will sign (whilst giving Canada the evil eye).
    In the UK all womens-only services have been hit hard, some too on things like children’s services, disabled services, etc etc Basically all the easy targets who won’t kick up too much fuss.


  64. jilla

    I am under no illusion feminist fairyness would ensue if we got a lefty government in. I’ll deal with that when it’s even in the distant horizon.

    In the meantime, could I suggest this for the quotes we can’t live without tag?

    From mAndrea, here:

    “And now I’m wondering why funfems (…) do so like to pretend that we’re all equal now and the only injustice left is how we can’t dance around the stripper pole as much as we’d like. “


  65. jilla

    You know, in a rad fem’s busy crazy advocacy-real workday (you know?) it’s easy to miss that quote thread which is PURE GOLD. Could it be a star right in the centre of the panda’s forehead. Or something?


  66. FAB Libber

    Jo Yeates: Vincent Tabak admits manslaughter

    A man charged with the murder of Jo Yeates, whose body was found near Bristol on Christmas Day, has admitted manslaughter but denied murder.

    Vincent Tabak, 33, is accused of killing the landscape architect who disappeared on 17 December after going for drinks with colleagues.

    The prosecution has refused to accept Tabak’s manslaughter plea and a murder trial will go ahead on 4 October.

    Mr Tabak, a Dutch national, lived next to Miss Yeates in Clifton, Bristol.

    He appeared via video link from HMP Long Lartin in Worcestershire.

    Miss Yeates, who grew up in Hampshire, spent the evening of 17 December in the Bristol Ram with colleagues before visiting the Tesco Express to buy a pizza on her way home to the Clifton area of Bristol.

    She was reported missing by her boyfriend Greg Reardon on 19 December.

    Miss Yeates’s snow-covered body was found in Longwood Lane, Failand, by dog walkers on Christmas Day, eight days after she was reported missing.

    A post-mortem test revealed she had been strangled.

    He has pled guilty to manslaughter, but they are pursuing murder charges. Good.
    At the time of his arrest, his family and friends were all saying how innocent he was.
    Guilty plea says they were wrong.


  67. jilla

    Psychiatrist prescribes Cialis to pedophile.


    “Gratton, 46, has been registered as a long-term offender since 2002 when he was sentenced to six years in prison for sex crimes against six children between the ages of three and seven. One girl was assaulted more than 70 times. He had previously been convicted of sexual assault in 1990 and sexual interference in 1991.

    When Gratton used promises of kittens and ice cream in October 2008 to lure two more victims — girls ages 10 and seven — he was living in a northeast Edmonton apartment, attending sex-offender treatment and meeting with a parole officer twice a month as part of a 10-year long-term supervision order that prohibited him from going anywhere children might gather.


    Gratton reported “numerous attractions to children” while he was on parole, said Kevin Horbasenko, a parole officer who supervised him from June 2006 until shortly before Gratton’s prison sentence expired in March 2008.

    Parole officer Kim Nguyen-Lee started meeting with Gratton in January 2008.

    “He was very outgoing, very compliant. He was open,” she said in court.

    Early in 2008, Gratton told Nguyen-Lee he had been prescribed Cialis, a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction.

    “And you weren’t concerned (about him taking Cialis) . . . given his history?” Peter Royal, Gratton’s defence lawyer, asked Nguyen-Lee.

    She said she was not concerned because the drug had been prescribed by Gratton’s psychiatrist at a time when Gratton was involved in a physical relationship with a woman.”


  68. FAB Libber

    She said she was not concerned because […] Gratton was involved in a physical relationship with a woman.
    So many levels of wrong.


  69. jilla

    This really got me. The children of course. The idiot psychiatrist, I can just imagine, going with something like, oh let’s enable this so he doesn’t rape kiddies. The poor woman, who is being used to “normalize” him. This is related to what psyches do with MtTs and women. But I’m not able to articulate it.


  70. FAB Libber

    OK, the levels of wrong are:

    The assumption that a PIV sexual outlet will curb rape (incl child rape), which is basically one of the pro-prostitution arguments of ‘cathartic release’.

    The assumption that a female should used this way, as some kind of therapy (like prostituted women are supposedly/supposed to be used).

    The assumption that sticking his dick into an adult woman regularly will in any way curb his desire to stick his dick into children (because the desire to stick his dick into children comes from his head, not his dick).

    The last one is the big one, and proves how clueless the psychiatrist was, a supposedly trained professional that is supposed to know about mind stuff, it is their bleedin’ job after all.


  71. jilla

    And yet, women are sectioned at the drop of a hat, for not performing femininity properly, being depressed, not looking after some man properly (all the ways) not putting on lippy. Do you know, all that was and is, reason enough for lobotomies, both chemical and physical. And aside, few women realize when they take the anti-depressants, anti-anxiety and anti-psychotics meds this same profession pushes on them, that they are being chemically lobotomized, and the history behind development of these drugs being to replace physical lobotomies when that became politically incorrect.


  72. Sargasso Sea

    Check out the posters for *Slut Walk* Boston and Denver:




  73. Pingback: SlutWalk: Snake eats tail | twanzphobic since forever

  74. Sargasso Sea

    News story out of Washington State about a 16 year old girl who kicked the crap out of her would-be stranger-rapist using the Karate skills she’d learned in the space of one only month.

    She said she had the presence of mind to roll onto her back when she fell, then kicked furiously at the man when he climbed on top of her. She also kicked him in the groin numerous times, and at one point he fell backwards. She said she then jumped up and kicked the man in the face before running away.
    She ran to her friends, and they called 911. During the sheriff’s investigation, the K9 found the wallet and followed the trail to “multiple pages torn from a pornographic magazine.”



  75. Sargasso Sea


    Because only *hot babes* are targets for rape and other sundry sexualized assaults!!1!


  76. FAB Libber

    zomfg, I just got mega spammed by a pro-tranz troll.
    Eight huge comments, in less that an hour, more volume than 15-16 comments easy.
    It might take actual years to debunk. If I could be bothered.


  77. FAB Libber

    I am tempted to trash the whole lot.
    At the very least, it is disrespectful, to go onto someone’s blog, and churn out tonnes and tonnes of crap.

    There was even a crack about the moderation:
    Also, I notice that this is yet another radfem page with a moderation queue.
    Though we are a more targeted minority, trans have many open venues where anyone can join and discuss.
    Radfems have been some of the most fascist people I’ve ever met. It seems to me you’re scared at meeting on any kind of neutral venue, or opening your own.

    Oh FFS, playing the ‘fascist’ card so early? That was comment 3.

    EVERYBODY, yes everybody (get your head around this troll) goes into mod until their first approved comment. All the radfems here have been in mod for their first comment. Did you wait? No, just rambled on with crap crap crap twansplaining without even drawing breath. Fuck you. Piss off.

    As for radfems going to twanz venues? No we don’t bother usually. Yet tranz stalk and troll radfem blogs. What is up with that eh? Stalkers, that is what you are. Typical MRA behaviour too, just try and shout us down.

    Well guess what, I reckon the WORLD POPULATION OF RADFEMS is far far less than the world population of tranz. So who is the REAL minority????



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