Not everything is twanzphobic, get a grip

Chrissy Lee Polis, 22, M2T attacked in McDonalds last week.

Firstly, I do not condone the beating that Polis received at the McDonalds. However, it does not seem to be the twanzphobic!!11!! attack that the meeja, libfems, and the Balimore Attorney’s Office make it out to be. For if it is, then absolutely anything can be considered twanzphobic.

Since SargassoSea posted the link to this story, it was clear that there was “something more” to this story than met the eye. For starters, the mobilephone video footage only begins after the physical attack has started, and therefore does not document what set the whole thing off. FABs do not go around beating up people (usually other FABs) without some sort of underlying reason. In some cases it is due to being under the influence of drink or drugs, but usually an attack is sparked by some sort of perceived threat.

Reports indicate that what kicked off the whole thing was that one of the attackers (presumably 18yo Teonna Monae Brown, the elder of the two) got angry due to perceiving Polis as flirting with Brown’s boyfriend. In the world of teens, jealousy is rife, and this explanation makes much more sense than a random ‘transphobic’ attack on an M2T. FABs are not known for launching ‘transphobic’ attacks for the sake of ‘transphobia’ (root cause actually homophobia), this is the domain of males. It is males who cannot stand the thought of being ‘tricked’ by an M2T masquerading as a FAB (again, that is homophobia as the root cause).

The FAB-on-FAB heterosexual rivalry is common among teenagers particularly, and it is one of the main causes of fights between females of that age group. Jealousy is rooted in insecurity. Of course my personal belief is that no dude is worth fighting ‘for’.

So basically, we have a situation whereby, at least initially, the victim Polis, was taken to be another FAB, and was dealt with in an extreme retaliation of jealousy. So congrats Polis, you (initially) passed as a FAB. In fact, if the attackers actually knew that Polis was M2T, then likely the attack would not have occurred, because Brown would have seen an M2T as no real threat to her relationship to her boyfriend. This my friends, is actually the OPPOSITE of twanzphobia, as the victim was mistaken to be a FAB. Later discovery of the M2T status of Polis does not magickly change this into twanzphobia.

But wait, there is more!

We factor in race into the equation. Black dudes are well known for their pursuit of white women, as it hierarchy-climbing in nature. This is why the attack was so incredibly vicious, why Brown felt so threatened, she perceived Polis to be a white woman, trying to ‘take her man’. It does not make the attack any more right, but at least we understand where Brown was coming from.

Black women also face the double-whammy of sexual and racial discrimination, that is basic femininism-101. So the knee-jerk reaction from the libfems, automatically declaring the incident to be a ‘hate crime’ and ‘transphobic’ is ignoring the reality of the perceived threat to a black woman, the powerlessness of black women as a class, and a working knowledge of what constitutes a hate crime, is racist in nature. Also, the victim was white, and whilst I do not play along with the Oppression Olympics game, the racial element can not be simply swept away by erasing their colour, and declaring them as privileged over an M2T, the so-called cis-privilege bullshit. You cannot do this when the M2T is white, because this cancels out any ‘privilege’ that the black women are deemed to have. If the M2T was black, then perhaps this might be a different story, but I am generally uncomfortable with declaring any group of women privileged over any other, not in the true sense of the term privilege. Any privilege that a woman has is bestowed on her by the individual or group of males she ‘belongs’ to, and can be taken away in a heartbeat. Otherwise, white women would not be raped, would they?

An understanding of the nature of hate crimes is also needed. Hate crimes (in the criminal sense) can only be perpetrated by those in a more privileged group to those in a lesser group. Two rival gangs of a racial minority fighting it out is not considered a hate crime, even though they may technically hate each other. And regardless of how much one adheres to the Oppression Olympics, black women are not suddenly and magickly transported to some sort of privileged group, just because it turned out (later) that the victim was M2T. That is just stupid, and ignores the reality of black women’s lives.

Is it any wonder then, when a bunch of predominately white libfems come out and declare this incident both a hate crime and transphobic, without understanding the true nature of the additional threats/reality that black women face, that black feminists write off white feminists as being racist, and throwing black women under a bus. I heartedly concur with black feminists on this, the WFs are being racist. There too is the additional layer that the libfems are ignoring, the criticisms that black feminists have always had against white feminists within the feminist movement. Some days I am ashamed to be white, when white sisters are doing this shit.

At least radfems like Ballbuster are on the case. BB’s first post on this incident highlighted the fact that the McDonald’s beating, an incident that resulted in relatively minor injuries, eclipsed the previous story in which a missing young black woman was found dead.

Transwomen also sit around and gloat about how they pass so well, nobody can tell that they’re male.  So, with this in mind, how can they claim crimes against them are motivated by hate against transgenders, when they pass so well the people assaulting them don’t know it’s a transwoman?  Are the crimes against women less repugnant, because they aren’t fucking around with gender?

Which sums up my earlier point, Polis the victim was mistaken to be a FAB, and was retaliated against because of it. Ballbuster goes on with a follow-up post, that of the white M2T having his humanity (and previous membership of Class Male) being recognised, whilst vile, racist misogyny is heaped upon the two black teens.

Do you see how EVERYONE immediately grasps the HUMANITY of a transwoman, but the same outrage or indignation when women and girls are victimized is completely absent?  That’s because people *see* and *know* that it’s a MALE wearing a dress, and men are seen as the default human beings.

The racist misogyny directed at these two black teens makes me sick.

A predominately libfem group on FaceButt also jumped on the bandwagon, declaring the McDonalds incident to be a hate crime. In the post, they link to this story, where the disturbing video can be viewed.

A typical response from the libfems, M2Ts are regarded as ‘more worthy victims’, and the race element is erased. At the time I grabbed this screenshot, there were 50 comments, all denouncing this as a hate crime, and some garbage about protecting ALL women, all in typical lightweight analysis form.

This throwing the black teens under the bus in favour of a white male-born disturbed me so much, that I could not get to sleep last night. I had to get up and post this response to the OMPOW thread (ok, it was a quick response, and it was 04:30, so I perhaps could have done better. Apologies too radfems, I had to couch this in libfem-speak and terms.)

EVERYONE who labelled this a ‘hate crime’ and ‘transphobic’ is a RACIST.

Whilst I do not condone this assault in any way, it is not a ‘hate crime’.

The victim is a WHITE transwoman, the attackers are two BLACK women. A hate crime can only be regarded as such when one group has power or privilege over another. Black women do NOT have any power or privilege over any other group, that is feminism-101. Two minorities involved in altercation does not constitute a hate crime. By using the term in this way, you are diluting the effectiveness of the term for genuine instances of hate crime.

It has been indicated that the cause of this altercation was due to jealousy, and whilst that is a stupid reason in itself (no man is worth fighting over), it is by no means unique as a catalyst for retaliation.

This actually means that the transwoman was actually taken to be a born-woman, and the attack on the transwoman was as if she was a born-woman. So it is not transphobic in origin, even if later it was recognised that she was a transwoman.

Two very basic rules in feminism:

1) Do NOT throw one group of women under the bus for another group of women.
2) Do NOT throw non-white women under the bus for any white person, male or female.

Is it any wonder that black feminists are highly critical of white feminists, particularly white middle-class feminists?

This facebook group clearly has little grasp of even basic feminism. For that reason, I am unliking this group.

Yes, I had to lead with the racism in that way to get their attention in Libfem LahLahLand. Their heads are so far up tranz butts it’s not funny. As I have outlined above, I have detailed how this racism has been played out. They are really fucking clueless as to the history of feminism, and how this shit ultimately creates division among black and white feminists. I wonder too, how many black feminists were also part of that group, reading that crap, and knowing on some level that white feminists were shafting them again? Hopefully BFs won’t write off all of us, I am outraged at that group, so much so I could not get to sleep.

Since I posted my criticism on OMPOW (which I have not yet unliked, because I want to see if any of this sinks into their heads), so far all bar two following comments denounce me, this one is typical:

Fab Libber has a wonderful way of twisting words to support their opinion. It is probably good they are un-friending this group.Labeling the majority of us racist is pretty funny for such a narrow minded person.

Well, at least I am not male-identified like you suck-ups are.

UndercoverPunk backed me up (thanks UCP) and one other woman whom I don’t know (but I am going to message her and thank her for that, even if she did not quite get the racism playing out):

Fab Libber has a point [name removed] although the racist could have been left out, people are not researching this entire story. This was originally reported as a jealousy issue. One of the girls thought the girl that got beat up was hitting on her man. That does not constitute a hate crime it constitutes stupidity and someone that can’t keep her hands to herself. The 18 year old has done this before to another patron of the same mcdonalds.

Although I find all crimes are really based on hate. But under the law this is not considered a hate crime.

So thanks for that.

Anyway, thus far, the majority of LibFems remain in LahLahLand, their racism and automatic preference for the male-born over the female-born remains firmly intact. And I remain really pissed off. And as twanzphobic as ever.

(Newbie readers, go to the twanzphobic page for more analysis)

ETA: GallusMag has an even better post up about this, check it out.
Also, belated thank-you to Noan who also joined the OMPOW thread.

36 thoughts on “Not everything is twanzphobic, get a grip

  1. FAB Libber

    They key points to this are:
    1) how the male-born, even when part of Class Woman, still get better treatment & understanding
    2) how all the various oppressions that black women face are erased by the reporting this incident, and their subsequent treatment (the 2nd post at Ballbuster’s will bear this out, as well as how in order to exercise the racism directed at these girls, misogyny is used)
    3) how self-denied racism can play out (none of them will cop to it)
    4) how twanzphobia, directed at women, any women, is a really stupid concept
    5) how young libfems are completely ignorant about feminisms internal struggles and past history
    6) how male-indentified libfems are
    7) how much I am disgusted by all of the above

    (I am sure there is more…)


  2. radicalesbian

    but I am generally uncomfortable with declaring any group of women privileged over any other, not in the true sense of the term privilege. Any privilege that a woman has is bestowed on her by the individual or group of males she ‘belongs’ to, and can be taken away in a heartbeat.

    Are you saying here that white privilege doesn’t apply to women? If so, then this is a good example of why black feminists would (rightly) accuse white feminists of racism. If not, then I don’t understand what you mean. Please clarify.


  3. FAB Libber

    Privilege as it applies to women is something that is bestowed, and can be taken away just as easily, it is not something they actually have in their own regard, it is not automatic.

    I am coming from a place (in very simplistic terms that does not fully explain the subleties) that sexism is universal to all women, no matter what their race, and this is the primary “ism” that affects all women. Yes the additional layers or intersections of the other “isms” (like racism or ableism or whatever) factor in. When a white woman uses those other -isms against another woman, then that is doing the master’s bidding, whether she knows it or not. But at the end of the day, she is the master’s servant, not the master herself.

    Luckynkl once explained it best using the house slave vs the field slave analogy, in that example, the house slaves are not privileged in the true sense, at the end of the day, they are ALL slaves. So too, at the end of the day, all women are women, some have more benefits than others (like house slaves), but the term privilege used within this context is counterproductive, and is not an exact replica of male privilege.

    We must acknowledge our commonality under the system, whilst also recognising the differences too (the intersecting oppressions), but misfocusing by excluding the common underlying sexism, is not going to get us anywhere as Class Woman. Note that (in BB’s 2nd post) the racism directed at the teens was mainly misogyny in form. But that is an example of the house slaves having a go at the field slaves, using slave slurs. Meanwhile, the master of ALL the slaves, laughs his ass off, because whilst the infighting continues, no-one is going to rebel against him, which is where this all should be directed. Not sure if that clarifies it better, probably not.

    And, one of the key points of this post was in acknowledging the additional intersection of race, but also the the concept of M2T whilst claiming to be women, still demand to be treated better than all other women (and everyone was supposed to look the other way on the racial factors). The M2T grew up as a white male, and one issue here is that he wishes to retain all that privilege, even though he claims to be exactly like all other members of the oppressed class Woman. On many levels he does retain most of that privilege, because of his special status as M2T, and that is being used against other women, and worse in this case, black women.


  4. FAB Libber

    I actually hate getting into intersectionality, it is a bit of a minefield, and I am not always that good at explaining it.


  5. luckynkl

    The link to this incident was already deleted at least once by One Million Pissed Off Women. But you should know by now what happens when SCAMs and the women who love them are told “No.” They ignore it and shove it down our throats. The thread you stepped into was the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve seen this incident posted at the site. The ones before it were deleted. I’ve seen a number of entries referring to SCAMs deleted, not just the ones referring to this incident. I’m beginning to think the 3 women who started One Million Pissed Off Women are actual feminists who don’t take kindly to SCAMs trying to hijack the show. The founders seem to want to light a fire under women’s ass to get them riled up about the war which is being currently waged on women in the U.S. by the godbags and gov’t. The defunding of Planned Parenthood and the stripping of women’s reproductive choices is what set them all off. Pray tell, how does this affect SCAMs?

    In case you haven’t noticed, SCAMs could care less about women’s issues. That’s because they’re male and it doesn’t affect them. So every time women start to have a conversation or initiate any kind of action, SCAMs interrupt like 2 year olds whining, “Pay attention to meeeeee, mommy.” Which is seriously, what young children do. Any time mommy’s attention is diverted from them for even a second, they act up and pitch a fit, rendering conversation with other adults impossible. Most notably, female adults. Children learn real young not to interrupt daddy or his friends. Sound familiar? Isn’t this precisely what SCAMs do? Apparently SCAMs suffer from Peter Pan syndrome. They remain forever 2. They demand attention and act up until they get it. Which translates into a bunch of narcissistic little boys who can’t imagine a world where they’re not the center of women’s universe. Cute when they’re 2, but not so cute in an adult male. Unlike 2 year olds, you can’t put adult males in time-out when they act up.

    If the sexism/racism is nauseating you on that thread , then I suggest you steer clear of some of the other sites who are reporting this incident. The misogyny and racism is over the top. I don’t think I have to tell you what words are being used. But basically the poor widdle white boy is being oppressed by black women. Excuse me? White men are oppressed by black women?! Talk about a reversal! Blech. There’s nothing I fear more than stupidity. Except maybe stupidity armed with nukes.


  6. Undercover Punk

    Using libfem language is SO annoying. And SO necessary. Nice job, FAB! This is stuck up my ass now. I’m pissed!

    Also, IMHO, having a non-male view of what “privilege” is and how it operates is no more “racist” than it is “lesbophobic,” “ableist,” or “classist.”


  7. joy

    I don’t even think it’s cute when they’re 2. I flick them in the forehead when they act like whiny, entitled brats. Otherwise they’re never going to learn.


  8. jilla

    Indeed. Nice job.

    Where are the OMPOW when a woman is attacked by men as she goes about her life. Oh right, they’re helpfully pointing out that she shouldn’t have been there, is known on campus as a skank, and anyway the kind, helpful, lefty-org founding/husband, son, colleague/co-ed male THEY know would NEVER do this. Nu uh.


  9. radicalesbian

    I understand that all forms of oppression stem from patriarchy. That is basic radical feminism. And I’m not claiming that every type of privilege/oppression is the same. But the fact remains that some groups of women are privileged over others (black over white, rich over poor, etc.). Sex-based oppression doesn’t cancel out race-based oppression or vice versa. White women are victims of misogyny; Black women are victims of racist-misogyny. The point of intersectionality is that these phenomena can’t be separated. Of course, it would be to all women’s benefit if we could unite to fight men, but this isn’t going to happen as long as those higher on the patriarchal hierarchy deny the realities of those lower on it.


  10. FAB Libber

    I just want to revisit intersectionality, just in case my views still are not clear.

    Intersectionality is good for an analysis phase, a conscious-raising phase. But for practical application in getting rid of the problem, not so much, particularly when it pertains to women. The problem is, if feminists get stuck in intersectionality, it becomes counterproductive, highlighting the differences over the commonalities. We see this division all over the feminist blogosphere. It does not unite, but it does a nifty job of dividing.

    Another problem with intersectionality is that it (in blogland anyway) breaks out into two forms; The Oppression Olympics and The Privilege Pissing Contest; both these competitions broke out in the feminist blogosphere a few years ago, and some are still hanging desperately on to it. The problem is, because it is competition based, there begins the follow-on result of trying to hierarchy the oppressions (think of it as trying to assign ‘points’ to different oppressions, total up, most points ‘wins’ the game, but that is all it is, a game). Does not do jackshit for really resolving the problem. But is a nice little distraction from the main game, to overthrow Master.

    Having multiple oppressions yes indeed makes one’s life harder, much harder than some others. I actually have a little collection of them going on, and combined, yes, they make my life rather sucky. But, I am white, so somehow all the other stuff is magicked away? What it means in reality is that my life sucks more than some, but less than others. That’s it. I am not interested in putting my own personal circumstances on some sort of League Table of oppressions. At its root is sexism and misogyny.

    You can also see this by the way patriarchy deals with these other intersections. The govt (finally) declared “racism bad”, which worked out nicely for the non-white dudes, but little changed for non-white females. “Homophobia bad” nice for the gay dudes, but somehow lesbians got left out (compare the average wage of gay dude to lesbian). “Ableism bad” well, most times that I have seen disabled dudes get far more resources available to them over disabled women. The list goes on, but you get the idea. The common denominator in classes of intersections is that females are always at the bottom of the heap, no matter which heap you are in. And if you occupy multiple heaps, yes, your life is shittier than others. But the dudes will always have it better, regardless of the heap(s) you occupy.

    ETA: I cross-posted with you radicalesbian.


  11. FAB Libber

    Sex-based oppression doesn’t cancel out race-based oppression or vice versa. White women are victims of misogyny; Black women are victims of racist-misogyny. The point of intersectionality is that these phenomena can’t be separated.

    Beyond theoretical analysis though, and understanding how the more oppression boxes one has ticked, how does it practically resolve anything? In my previous I outlined that whenever each oppression group is declared “bad”, it only benefits the males in those categories. I regard it as a practical red herring in other words (but not dismissing the more oppressions you have, the suckier your life is going to be).


  12. FAB Libber

    Undercoverpunk & Noan are doing well on the thread.
    Noan @ FB:
    Search YouTube for “beatdown” and you can watch hours — yes, hours — of beatings of girls and women by other girls and women. Ever heard a peep online or in the streets about any of those events? No? Then ask yourself why this beatdown is… so vitally important. I’ll give you a clue. There’s a powerful political lobby in this country and it isn’t working for women. When I see this organization up in arms every single time a young girl is beaten in exactly this same way, then I’ll believe you actually give a damn about women.

    This prompted me to think of another example as to why intersectionality is not practical. The basic rule of patriarchy is that you cannot piss upstream, lest it be dealt with severely. Had these been two white teen girls, then there still would have been outrage (no, not racist, but you can bank on plenty of trailer trash comments). To make up for the lack of racist comments (because there are women happy to be patriarchy’s proxies, even libfems), there would have been plenty of MRA comments pointing out how “women are just as violent” etc.

    So what we are really talking about, in practical terms, is which flavour is your misogyny? You can bet your bippy that had it been two white teen girls, they would have been declared transphobic, trailer trash, and lets not forget that new favourite, cis-privileged! And, none of it matters if it is true or not, there will always be some other ammo added to the mix. That, is the distraction technique.


  13. radicalesbian

    Having multiple oppressions yes indeed makes one’s life harder, much harder than some others. I actually have a little collection of them going on, and combined, yes, they make my life rather sucky. But, I am white, so somehow all the other stuff is magicked away?

    No, this is exactly my point. One doesn’t cancel out the other. (Maybe you get now that this is what I was saying, since we cross-posted.)

    Beyond theoretical analysis though, and understanding how the more oppression boxes one has ticked, how does it practically resolve anything?

    The practical application is recognizing that we can be blinded by the privileges we do receive, which ultimately weakens our movement for women’s liberation, since it alienates women lower on the hierarchy. We have to be careful not to unintentionally replicate the patriarchal dynamics that have been drilled into us.


  14. FAB Libber

    The practical application is recognizing that we can be blinded by the privileges we do receive, which ultimately weakens our movement for women’s liberation, since it alienates women lower on the hierarchy. We have to be careful not to unintentionally replicate the patriarchal dynamics that have been drilled into us.

    I agree. We are not far away from each other in this, and true, that we should not compound the problem for others that may be less fortunate. Most of this stuff (in the practical sense) is realised in the consciousness-raising phase, but is not practical in the dismantling stage. It might be that we are disagreeing as to when intersectionality is useful, and when it is not. I don’t dismiss the other oppressions as being irrelevant, they are (particularly to the individual, but also the class). But, getting distracted in dealing with the other parts (in the curing phase) is less effective, plus we see that the measures taken in other oppressions when it relates to women is nullified. The males of each category have at least some protection, the females don’t, so it still comes back to sexism in the end. And I am fairly uncomfortable with the term privilege when applied to any group of women, due to the conditional nature of such ‘privilege’. There has to be a better description (is possibly my main objection here).


  15. FAB Libber

    GallusMag really shows me up with her superior posting, doesn’t she!
    Fantastic post, everyone go over and read it!


  16. jilla

    radical lesbian, some of us here are not white. I won’t go further on an open thread, but you are not speaking to white women only, nor are those who are white neophytes on this issue.


  17. noanodyne

    I think the combination of your post, FAB, plus Mag’s and ballbusters’ multiple posts are a powerful triumvirate of radfem coverage of this issue.


  18. FAB Libber

    Should that be triumfemate perhaps? LOL
    (I had to look it up, my latin is not that good)

    “(from Latin, “of three men”) is a political regime dominated by three powerful individuals”

    Hence the RF modification of ye olde dudecentric latin… 😉


  19. FAB Libber

    radicalesbian, we can open up the whole intersectionality thing onto a separate thread if you want. I am not trying to shut you down or anything, but if you want to hash it out in more detail, fine.


  20. Selah

    The practical application is recognizing that we can be blinded by the privileges we do receive, which ultimately weakens our movement for women’s liberation, since it alienates women lower on the hierarchy. We have to be careful not to unintentionally replicate the patriarchal dynamics that have been drilled into us.

    I have to agree with this. I can speak to my experience as a fat woman. I waited almost a year to start posting here in the radical feminist sphere because of some anti-fat sentiment that I came across early in my exposure to radfem blogs. I won’t name names, but it was extremely painful to hear that coming from women whose other words were so life-giving and liberating for me. It was reading BB and some others talk positively (or at least neutrally) about fatness and their fat bodies that I came to regard this as a community I could become part of.

    I think where intersectionality matters the most in practice is that we make sure our words and actions don’t contribute to the oppression of others who experience oppressions we don’t. Just as I expect my radical feminist sisters not to say hateful things about body size, I should be expected not to say hateful things about race. And when one of us slips up (which we inevitably do) then we should be able to call one another on it and be met with listening and respect rather than have it devolve into bickering. But it’s the person with the privilege who takes the responsibility not to make it a derail, not the person with the oppression.


  21. Selah

    FAB I commented before I read your most recent comment. If you want to make a new post, feel free to delete my comment and I’ll re-post it there.


  22. jilla

    No An nails it. This was a great team effort, all three of these posts add something to the whole. No one rad fem can present all the arguments nor should she try. We come from such different backgrounds and all have something unique to throw in. We’re firing off each other.

    Thanks so much for all the work you do Fab. Heh. Bet you never thought your little bloggy idea would take off like this.

    The rad feminist blogosphere hasn’t rocked like this for quite some time.


  23. GallusMag

    Great post Fab. Great breakdown of the racist misogyny. I hope you sleep well tonight, you deserve it. 🙂
    And thank you for your kind comments about my little post. I was going to do a big posts about it but people started sending comments asking me about it so I just spewed. Glad you liked it !


  24. FAB Libber

    Here too is a comment by Lishra made over at shakesville:

    I had put off watching the video until earlier today. So horrific. Definitely not a ‘fight’, but a one-sided attack.

    Here’s a video of Chrissy recalling what happened to her (… it’s another part of the interview at the Baltimore Sun link. Although the ‘story’ is being portrayed as two black teens having ‘bathroom panic’ about her being in there, according to what Chrissy says, it doesn’t seem like her attackers knew she was trans. Chrissy says that the whole thing began because one of the women thought Chrissy was hitting on her boyfriend. Also, in the video of the assault, the attackers are calling her ‘bitch’, and (from what I could tell) say ‘she’ and ‘her’. It’s only towards the end of the attack that the man operating the camera say something indicating that Chrissy was not female.

    While there’s no doubt what happened to her is totally unacceptable, it also doesn’t seem to have been about her being a trans woman, based on what Chrissy described. From what it looks like right now, her attackers thought they were beating up a female person.

    Here’s a partial transcript of the interview video (up to about 30 seconds in)…
    Chrissy: Well, I went to go use the bathroom and the guy told me that I needed to order something before I could use the bathroom. Well, by time I got there I was really needing to use the bathroom, so a guy approached me, asked me how I was doin’. So I said ‘not now’, and went to go use the bathroom. Come back out, and the girl spit in my face and she pushed me and said, “Are you trying to talk to my man?” I said, “No, I didn’t even know that was your man at all.” So the other girl came up and spit in my face and started ripping my hair, throwing me on the floor, kicking me in my face. […]

    Thanks Lishra.


  25. cherryblossomlife

    FAB, I really appreciate all the effort you’re putting in to not letting teh menz and teh transactivists get one over on us. When you analyze anything they say or do it always falls apart and their motives (and underlying misogyny) is always outed.

    I recently signed up for a petition website that sends me regular e-mails asking me if I’d like to sign for various political causes. Usually they send something like “Russian environmental activist beaten and raped and her children threatened because she opposed the building of a highway through a virgin forest. Please sign the petition to force the authorities to find the mobsters.” [and you get about five signatures]

    Today, I choked on my coffee when I saw ” Trans woman beaten in Macdonalds. The footage made me cry. Let’s stop the hate (or somesuch).” with already *3000* signatures.

    When something happens to a trans woman or a man and the whole world is concerned. When something happens to a woman, everyone just nods and moves on.


  26. Mary Sunshine


    Don’t get too discouraged. It’s a craze. Like Justin Beiber. People who have to latch on to the latest craze in order to have a peer group.

    This is not to invalidate anything that you just said. It helps me when I see these things in several different contexts at the same time. Most people are simple minded, including the ones who sign petitions.


  27. jilla

    Social media fosters stupidity. I do recall we were taught how to discern the truth of something we were being told. Then many years later, to analyze ads and media. Where has all that gone? Everything now is feelings and beliefs.

    Stormy you and a very few others are capable of staying to science and facts. We rely on you.

    But not too much. We would like you to get some SLEEP!


  28. maggie

    I agree with Mary. The ’emotional’ outpouring for Chrissy world wide has been vomit inducing. But no more than the ’emotional’ outpouring for the tragik death of princess Diana.

    Both were awful things but people do loose perspective and get caught in a wave of sentimentalism and frenzy. I had to correct a blog that allowed a comment that expressed disgust at the death of Chrissy. Yes, death, and that’s how rumours start and how other people end up hurt as well. Reminds me of the paediatrician whose house was attacked because the ‘mob’ thought he was a paeodophile – turned out to be a she.


  29. Jennifer

    Yet again men’s issues are seen as the only ‘reality’ even when the issue is hidden under the term ‘transphobia.’ I know it’s already been said that whenever by chance (because it is chance) that yet another woman or girl has been subjected to male violence in any shape or form this is reported by malestream media as ‘an isolated case’ and the male centric world is not shaken one iota. But when the issue concerns men – yes even men who have decided they want to be women – then men and their apologists become hysterical.

    Thank you FAB, Gallus Mag and other radical feminists who have sifted through all the lies and shown that the Emperor is indeed not wearing any clothes. Yes what those two women did was wrong but they were used as pawns in order to prop up the white male supremacist system.

    ‘Black women also face the double-whammy of sexual and racial discrimination, that is basic femininism-101.’ Exactly FAB.



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