Potty pervertism endorsed

Here we go, the male obsession with female spaces, and the fetishisation of our toiletry habits, is now mainstream.

A friend of mine took this photo, of the toilet door of a pub (The Princess of Wales) in Primrose Hill, London.

Yes, unbelievable I know. All the dudes that walk past that door would snigger, they would get the joke. Women on the other hand, are made to feel uncomfortable, and to nervously laugh at the ‘humour’ of sexual harassment. We are forced to do this regularly, nervously ‘laugh along’ at our expense.

My friend has yet to confront the management of the pub in question (in her words, she was too drunk to tackle it last night, LOL), so any additional tips or suggestions would be welcome.

Whilst it might seem to some that we are “over reacting” in being reluctant to share our toilets with M2T, the issue that tranzjacktivists never address is that of FAB safety. Transjacktivists refuse to draw any sort of line as to who constitutes “woman” and it can include those with penises, cross-dressers, a burly truckdriver that declares ‘he feels like a woman inside’ (but looks like a rapist/perv). Anybody. Anybody who declares themselves “a woman” is fine-by-tranz.

We are not being overly sensitive on this, we know the number of perverts out there that are ‘fascinated’ with women’s toilets, as well as all the rapist-dudes out there. Here is a list of toilet pervs that GallusMag collected in just one week’s news. Here is another group not particularly welcome in our space.

Until transjactivists give a shit about our safety, there will be no negotiation.

11 thoughts on “Potty pervertism endorsed

  1. ball buster

    Yes, this is fucking distasteful. Just to illustrate:

    Yes, this non-femininity practicing transwoman allegedly exists, and poses no threat to women. Right, and did I mention I met Jesus? Happy Easter from the kingdom of make believe.


  2. Sargasso Sea

    Depending on the nature of the venue (male : female) I might approach the manager like this:

    I think the symbol on the women’s bathroom pretty creepy. I know that the blokes think it’s cute but it kinda makes women uncomfortable, you know. Do you really want to scare your female customers? It’d be easy enough to get rid of the line and the dude part and besides that, it looks like he has a poop coming out of his arse anyway (pause for laughter)

    I’ve found that this *tone* most often gets results. As an example we were in a family friendly (ha!) space a while ago where a teen boy was wearing the, Free Breathalyzer Test with an arrow pointing to the dick t-shirt. We asked for a manager, asked her if there was a dress code (there wasn’t) asked her if she found his shirt offensive (she did) and asked her if she would ask him to either remove the shirt (he had another on underneath), turn the shirt inside out, or put on his jacket. She was nervous as hell to *confront* this kid who could be her son, but she did it. He chose the last option. Immediate problem solved.

    ALWAYS give the manager/owner at least one solution to *your* problem and follow up. Always helps if that manager/owner is a woman, though.


  3. Sargasso Sea

    Also, apparently, the video from the McDonald’s video went viral and last night it made local radio news in Undisclosed Location, ffs!

    And, Asian Honkey was banned from a very large political site, also last night and on this particular event, for daring to speak up for women born women. She was deemed “immature and selfish” for protecting our space – though the jacktivist wrote, “space”.

    Here’s an interview at the Baltimore Sun with the M2T involved:



  4. ball buster

    s4, I saw that. All I could think to myself is, welcome to womanhood. This shit happens all the time. In fact, there was a pregnant teenager who got jumped by other girls on a transit bus in Seattle; nobody gave a shit except to ask if the baby was ok.

    I won’t even get started on the persistent media reports about “all girls catfight caught on tape” bullshit.

    How can this be a hate crime, when the girls didn’t even know that the victim was m2t? It all started when one girl accused the m2t of talking to her man. Neither of them seem to know that they were beating up a male in a dress. Now, if they had stomped him and called him a shemale, maybe. But there’s no evidence that this is a hate crime against transgenders specifically.

    If this were to happen to a born female, nobody would give a shit. That’s just the fucking truth. Men would watch this video to get a nut off, the sick bastards, but otherwise it would just be a filler footnote in the evening news.


  5. Mary Sunshine

    But there’s no evidence that this is a hate crime against transgenders specifically.

    If this were to happen to a born female, nobody would give a shit.

    BINGO !!!


  6. FAB Libber

    I watched the interview… “I’m afraid to go outside now”
    (um, where is the interview done? Maybe that’s a really big living room?)


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  8. FAB Libber

    I have been thinking a little about how my radfem friend could approach this.

    Firstly calmly (I say that, because if you knew her, Calm is NOT her middle name LOL)

    She should approach the most senior person possible, if the owner or franchise owner is not also the manager, then the chain manager. Chances are high that the person will be male. Also, male pub managers and landlords can be quite sexist (the one at my local is, he is a pig, I do not go there).

    Keep it brief and simple.

    Start with something like:
    I know that this is supposed to be a joke, humour, but it is in very poor taste, and based on the sexual harassment of women. This would make many of your female patrons uncomfortable, even if they do not make complaints to you.

    There is then likely to be resistance, and knee-jerk justification.
    Rather than try to argue the point further, just acknowledge the resistance, with ‘ok, I will see what the Equality and Human Rights Commission will advise on the matter’ and walk away.
    (If anyone knows a more appropriate UK body, let me know.)



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