Newsflash: radfems are so square, man!

… along with being sex-negative prudes, conservatives, mainstream, far-right, the establishment, and hairy-legged. Well, ok, we definitely cop to the hairy-leggedness! Because most of this crap is pure reversal.

So, who says this stuff about us?

  • MRAs who are basically mainstream conservative in their belief of ‘proper gender roles’.
  • Tranz who are less mainstream, but still bloody conservative in their belief of gender roles.
  • Genderqueers, who play mixy-matchy with ‘gender’, but still have to pay some sort of homage to it in order for it to be considered ‘queer’. You cannot pastiche it without reference to it.
  • Sex-mozzies, who are all into bdsm, a ‘sexuality’ that is rooted in domination and submission. The occasional reversals of the usual tops/bottoms does not count when it predominately holds up the existing gender role paradigm.

Well, that’s quite a list, not terribly complete, but it would be fair to say that all non-radfems actually hate us. This isn’t exactly the point of the post, it was just a preamble to show that we are not in fact part of the mainstream or conservatism or much else.

I had a lurker delurk today, with the question:
Just wondering, why do you use the word dyke?

I instantly thought, well, that’s a bit weird, considering in most feminist circles at least, they should know the etymology of the word. I then thought that perhaps they were a het libfem doing ‘gender studies’ or something. After my initial reply, I then checked out the poster’s tumblr and figured out that they were from the genderqueer/lesbian current subculture, and that the assumption was it was ‘their word’, that they invented, reclaimed, whatever. The further assumption being that radfems were a bunch of hairylegged sex-negative conservative prudes (yaddah yaddah). Well, at least they got the hairylegged thing right, that’s something.

The twenty-somethings, they are ever so cute aren’t they?

Sitting in their little world, assuming all sorts of stuff like ‘old folks don’t know shit’ and ‘we iz so terribly clever!’.

Here’s the deal though:

  • EVERY generation thinks they ‘invented’ sex, and that old folks are so conservative and prudish about it
  • Since the 20thC (primarily post-WW2), EVERY generation has participated in the youth rebellion thing, primarily by dressing weird

What they seem to forget (probably because they don’t bother studying much history) is that most of us now-oldies, did all that ‘youth rebellion’ stuff back in our day. Believe it or not, we were actually young once! (shocker, bubble burster!) And most radfems would live in some sort on non-mainstream way. Certainly, the hairylegs give us a bit of a leg-up in being non-mainstream, LOL. Not sure what my fascination with hairylegs is about today.

Actually, slight derail for a mo, how can we be both ‘conservative’ and ‘hairylegged’ when it is expected that all females should conform to the mainstream standard of hairyless barbie dolls? Ah, our critics have never been ones to use logic as one of their strong points.

Anyway, you rebellious young’uns actually have absorbed and taken on board a lot of mainstream myths about radical feminists, even though you reject the mainstream. Oh dear. Because it will lead to bwain meltdown eventually, as your logic centre will never be able to reconcile it.

Getting back to rebellion. Rebellion is not generally sustainable in the long term, it is generally just a catalyst, and sometimes (not always) forms part of a revolution. Revolution is where it is at, which is redefining and restructuring the existing systems. Revolution is where the radfems are coming from, not to just rehabilitate the existing system. This is one reason why we are in opposition to all the other groups, we don’t want to ‘repair’ gender (libfems), we don’t want to ‘play around’ with gender (genderqueers), we don’t want to reinforce gender (tranz, MRAs, establishment), we want to ERADICATE it completely. No trace of your precious gender or gender roles left. Gone. Completely. Goodbye gender!

So radfems are pretty much out there on their own.

With rebellion or revolution, you actually have to know and understand the wider context of how the establishment keeps power structures in place. As I mentioned in my other comment, you have to understand The Big Picture, the mechanisms by which the establishment use all the tricks of the trade in upholding their agenda. You have to analyse and dismantle it. Doing all sorts of kooky weirdo things in college or as a tweenty gets overlooked as relatively harmless to the establishment. Once you get beyond that age, it will be nearly unsustainable, as probably half of you will end up with a three-bedroom in the suburbs, because the establishment will not tolerate you playing silly dressups beyond that. There will be only a small handful left, living it beyond the uni years, and who live in alternate culture. The majority of these will probably be the dykes, who really hate doing the artificial femininity thing.

The point is, all the weirdo dress-up youth culture has a limited shelf life. You would know that if you had lived to see wave after wave of this stuff. Sure, each one has its own brand of weirdness, depending on what they are reacting to at the time. These youth rebellions have been going on for decades. Tell me, has it changed anything yet? Nope. The establishment is still firmly in place, if not more conservative than ever. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

You need more strategic planning, solid theories, evidence, public relations and a whole host of other things for the system to change. Sitting around at the local pub admiring how cool and edgy you all are just won’t cut it.

Go and read stuff, radical feminist stuff.

And fer cryin’ out loud, stop assuming that radfems mirror some pearl-wearing conservative laydees’ auxiliary of the local church.

None of them have the hairy legs for starters.

Spotters Guide: NOT RADFEMS

no, no, no … these are NOT radfems!

3 thoughts on “Newsflash: radfems are so square, man!

  1. FAB Libber

    I forgot to mention, as horrifying as the thought is to the tweenty set, they too will be oldies one day, and that day’s youth will label them conservative, even if they aren’t. The new youths will think themselves edgy and cool, and the once-tweenties will chuckle at the dress-up rebellion and see it for what it is.
    Rinse, repeat.


  2. Undercover Punk

    Awww thanks, FAB! And I love *this* post!! Putting queer dress-up in CONTEXT is key. And surgical modifications are no more than advanced, or extreme, dress-up.

    The point is, all the weirdo dress-up youth culture has a limited shelf life. You would know that if you had lived to see wave after wave of this stuff.

    Their arrogance is almost startling, isn’t it? I mean, for the youths, you might be able to understand their limited worldview as a function of immaturity. But it’s not JUST a youth movement. The entire IDEOLOGY is dependent on the notion that they are UNIQUE and, therefore, will be effective at changing social norms –no, not social norms…uh… I don’t know what– changing “something” where others have failed. In that respect it’s pretty similar to the funfem delusion that *they* can change MEN where the previous waves of feminism have failed. Oh yeah, you’re sexxxier than those nasty radfems, so that’ll surely convince men that you are human. Riiiiiight. The arrogance!!



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