More PIV propaganda

Thanks to Jennifer for the link to this propaganda, and really badly justified propaganda it is at that.

This bit of PIV propaganda is aimed at post-menopausal women, you know, the time women have figured out that PIV is about as pleasurable as sticking a carrot up your nose, and a time when some women will get the confidence to say “no” to their husbands for the MANzatory PIV pony. It is also a time when Mother Nature gives most women the *hint* with vaginal dryness. But oh noes! We haz modern medicine to over-ride Mother Nature, so lube up laydees, and ride that PIV pony!

Women’s eNews are the ones urging the post-menopausals to saddle back up, quoting all sorts of ‘official’ studies. Let’s take a looky:

Headline: Post-Menopause Sex Is Great in So Many Ways
Strapline: Sex after menopause brings more than pleasure. It lowers blood pressure, boosts immunity and reduces pain, according to a mass of evidence that has been piling up in recent years.

OK Women’s eNews, convince me, I dares ya.

Here’s some really really good news. A recent up-tick in research on post-menopausal women’s sex lives has revealed a treasure trove of benefits.

Much of what we are learning comes from female physicians and scientists, especially from the Mayo Clinic, who have done pioneering work on women’s sexuality after menopause. These include Dr. Janice Swanson; Dr. Mary Gallenberg, who studies testosterone therapy for women; and Dr. Jacqueline Thielen, who studies the differences between women and men’s sexuality.

But plenty of other researchers are also making contributions and here’s a sampling of their collective findings.

OK, so you have thrown around some important-sounding names and stuff, but I remain unimpressed.

Frequent intercourse can be associated with lower blood pressure in stressful situations such as speaking in public, according to research published in the 10th edition of the book “Biological Psychology,” edited by James W. Kalat (Wadsworth Publishing, 2008).

Ah, I see, “sex” as you are defining it is sexual intercourse, why am I not surprised? But, I gets a little confused, what if I am about to do something stressful, and no dude is around to sink the sausage? And how exactly is the penetrative element providing the stress relief? Am I so distracted by the annoying thrusting that I just forget what I was nervous about? Ah yes, perhaps that is it. Pinching myself on the arm might have the same effect though.

Researchers at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., have also found that having sex once or twice a week is linked to higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, or IgA, which protects against all types of infection.

Well, assuming that the sausage-owner is disease-free (and not bonking other men/women on the side), and what about stuff like HPV linked to cervical cancer? So, I dispute the claim that PIV “protects against all types of infection”. Playing a bit fast and loose with the truth there I fear.

In another study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, it was found that having sex twice or more a week reduced the risk of a fatal heart attack by 50 percent, compared to those who had sex less than once a month. For that study, scientists followed 914 people for 20 years. This work was reported by Carl J. Charneski, Ph.D., and Francis Brennan in their book, “Feeling Good is Good For You” (Rodale Press, 2003).

Reducing the risk of fatal heart attack by 50% sounds good. I am a little concerned that the study “followed 914 people” – are these all female people, or did it include male people? As it’s very rare for medical science to study or give a shit about women having heart attacks, the 914 ‘people’ is probably code for 914 males.

Not only that, sex strengthens pelvic floor muscles. It produces the same benefits as doing Kegel exercises and it builds the capacity for more pleasurable orgasms. It also helps strengthen the bladder, which may help some avoid bladder surgery.

Why can’t I just do Kegel exercises? Surely Kegel exercises would have far more benefit against urinary incontinence that riding the PIV pony, because those muscles are not routinely used in PIV. And the ‘more pleasurable orgasms’ thingy is probably only relevant if you have your uterus still in situ.

Sex reduces pain. An orgasm releases the hormones oxytocin and endorphins (the brain’s pain and anxiety reliever) so that pain declines. This means that the pain from arthritis, headaches and most other pain is reduced, according to a study published in the Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine.

Oxytocin has other benefits too. Its release promotes deep, rapid-eye-movement (or REM) sleep. Good sleep is linked to such benefits as maintaining a healthy weight and lowering blood pressure.

Ah, so here you finally let the truth slip out, it is the orgasm giving all these benefits, and frankly given the success rate of women having orgasms as a result of PIV (alone) is minimal. But you don’t mention that do you? In fact, you are recommending the LEAST EFFICIENT and LEAST RELIABLE method of women achieving orgasms. So how fucked up is that?

At a conference on aging a couple of years ago, I heard a psychologist say women who ignore or repress their sexual needs are more vulnerable to behaviors like smoking, overeating or taking prescription drugs to relax.

The need for sexual contact lasts a lifetime. Older women may feel anxious due to changes in their bodies that have come with advancing age. Yet, there’s plenty of advice for vaginal dryness and other sexual issues older women sometimes have.

Many lubricants such as K-Y Jelly alleviate dryness very well and are available at any drug store. They are applied to the labia and penis before penetration to assure easy entrance and pain-free thrusting.

Gosh, we can’t have women doing unlaydeelike behaviours, or putting on weight! Teh horrors!
But wait, there’s moar! Mother Nature has given you the hint that PIV is not necessary, so just ignore what your own body is telling you about the need for PIV. 🙄

It’s also important to communicate your changing needs. Few men understand what it takes for a woman to come to orgasm. Don’t be shy. Your lover wants to satisfy you but can’t if you’re not open about what’s best for you. Only 20 percent of women can have an orgasm through vaginal penetration. Most women need direct stimulation to the clitoris.

With all the benefits and pleasures of sex after menopause we can be assured that sexual activity is life-giving and a pleasure to enjoy throughout our lives.

Ah, finally you admit to the “only 20 percent” thing, after babbling on for an entire article of the benefits of PIV, which aren’t the benefits of PIV, they are the benefits of ORGASM, least likely achieved by PIV. And so you do actually know about the clitoris, the only organ in humans with just one purpose, sexual pleasure.

Why is this article not promoting manual, or self-stimulation of the clitoris to achieve all these benefits? Or cunnilingus perhaps? No manz required for any of that.

There is no reason on earth to promote the least likely method of orgasm, particularly with the possible need for artificial lubrication, unless you are either stupid, or promoting male domination via sexual penetration.

This has to be the badly executed and most transparent of patriarchy propaganda that I have seen for some time.

33 thoughts on “More PIV propaganda

  1. FAB Libber

    I forgot to mention – there is absolutely NO REASON to convince females to engage in PIV with such a prolonged and pervasive propaganda campaign. Those few women who do enjoy it, good luck to them. But no reason to convince those who don’t want to do it, or go against what their own bodies (or minds) are telling them.

    And males can get these benefits of orgasm WITHOUT penetrating females, or effectively using females as a masturbatory device. They usually have two hands.


  2. veganprimate

    Oh, I hate when they use “sex” as synonymous with “orgasm.” They know that most women don’t orgasm through intercourse, so they throw in that little tidbit towards the end. But what’s wrong with women masturbating? Why must we have males give us subpar orgasms that we then have to pay for by letting them bone us?

    I actually orgasmed via intercourse with one dude I was dating. It was a fluke b/c we just happened to fit together in such a way that his pubic bone pressed on my clitoris. Well, after that happened, THE VERY NEXT TIME we had sex, he didn’t even try to manually stimulate me. He abandoned it immediately. And having orgasms via intercourse was more difficult for me, and I was pissed off that now I was doing so much work for that little bit of benefit.

    Men do just as much as they feel they have to do to keep you coming back, and no more. If they do more, it’s b/c they are getting enjoyment out of it, and your enjoyment is secondary.

    This particular dude referenced above performed cunnilingus on me only 4 times in 6 months of dating. I dated another dude who performed cunnilingus on me constantly. In neither case did the dudes care about whether I liked cunnilingus. The dude who did it all the time did it b/c he really liked doing it.

    Compare that to women performing fellatio. Despite the sex-pozzies who wax rhapsodic about it (and I suspect they are being disengenuous), most women don’t find it enjoyable or fun. They are doing it ONLY b/c it pleases their men.

    What I find bizarre about the recommendations for women to have more sex b/c it benefits them is that they are downplaying the part that does benefit them (the orgasm), and making sure to include the part that benefits men (the PIV). There are so many compromises and coercion that happens with women regarding PIV. I just wish someone would come along and recommend orgasm (not PIV), and specifically make a reference to masturbating.


  3. maggie

    It seems now that masturbation is a dirty word, who’d have thought that in this day and age of supposed “post feminism sexual funfem enlightenment”.

    What about the benefits of hugging, doing things together like walking, having a conversation and separate bedrooms? I bet that reduces stress more than having to continue with mandatory PIV (personally that in of itself it enough to cause my blood pressure to rise).

    But no, no, no, the PIV pony must ride and ride until it’s flogged to death. Exhausted.


  4. FAB Libber

    Specifically girls and women are told not to touch themselves “down there”, which is part of the het grooming process – not being instructed on masturbation the girl assumes PIV must be the way to take care of the ‘urges’. If more girls were instructed on PIV (and cunnilingus) they would not be engaging in PIV and putting themselves at risk for disease or pregnancy. So basically, withholding key info about female bodies, is part and parcel of the het grooming process. Just think of the numbers of girls, who, having already experienced orgasm via masturbation, try PIV, realise it does very little for them, and NOT go back to it (unless they deliberately want to get pregnant later). We would end up with a huge portion of females that choose spinsterhood and lesbianism. And one hell of a lot less unplanned pregnancies and teen pregnancies too.

    Note too, this article only references clitoral stimulation within the context of a heterosexual encounter, and also inferring that he does the stimulating – as it is not considered ‘proper’ for a woman to touch her own or stimulate herself (and gads! solo! unthinkable!!!)

    As you rightly bring up VP, most dudes really could not care less about the female’s orgasm, as long as they get theirs in. If they half care, they try to mimic the shit they see in porn. Actually, as porn became more popular, the chances of a woman having an orgasm in a hetersexual encounter dropped to ‘accidental’.


  5. FAB Libber

    this day and age of supposed “post feminism sexual funfem enlightenment”
    Yeah, the funfems seem to forget about masturbation too. Rather strange, since they profess to be the ‘experts’ on matters sexual. But no, they always have to push the “with dude” agenda.


  6. FAB Libber

    Jilla, I have copied your links over to the “Elderly Women” thread.
    My fault you could not find that thread again, so I have given it ageism and erasure of old women categories.


  7. jilla

    I meant it to be where it was. Sorry I didn’t explain.

    The whole idea of older women being always accessible for sex raises the threat of rape to older women, even in care centres. Up until recently, older women were not considered sexual objects. That has changed with “medical advancements” such as this article promulgates. It won’t only be “consensual” sex in one’s own home.

    I don’t like the idea of segregating elder women’s issues. When we do that, we add to the herding and invisibilizing of older women.


  8. Sargasso Sea

    Up until recently, older women were not considered sexual objects. That has changed with “medical advancements” such as this article promulgates.

    Good point, Jilla. We should expect that with the mainstreaming of older women being *good for fucking too!!1!* that the incidents of sexual abuse against older women will go up; witness cougars and MILF crap from the dude-bro camp.

    Which, of course, is not to say that men/boys have not been raping females of ANY age for ever but that we should expect to see things like more 18 year old idiots trying to *flirt* with us a the market (and expect us to be flattered and giggle at their every word) which is sexual harassment like any other.


  9. FAB Libber

    No drama Jilla, as the links still reside here also. They were still relevant to the EW thread.

    Up until recently, older women were not considered sexual objects. That has changed with “medical advancements” such as this article promulgates. It won’t only be “consensual” sex in one’s own home.

    I am not sure that it will dramatically increase the rapes such as the nursing home ones (those rapists have both a fetish and seek out easy victims), it may a little I guess. The main thing that will increase nursing home type rapes will be how far the rape culture goes. However, within marriage there will be a hell of a lot more pressure to continue duty sex.


  10. maggie

    Sorry to disagree FAB but it’s not a fetish to rape older people. Rape isn’t about sticking it into someone who’s hawt. The way I see it rape is all about power.


  11. FAB Libber

    I realise the opportunistic nature of rape maggie, however, rapists serially targeting older women is gerontophilia – it has its own porn ffs. Just like paedophilia. And just like the paedophiles, they gravitate into working to the places that will give them access to their victims.

    Check the list:

    The way I see it rape is all about power.
    It’s not just about power, adding the layer of fetish to the type of victim gives a deeper understanding.


  12. FAB Libber

    The ‘gradual decline of immune function’ and the presence of other diseases in older women may contribute to their predisposition to HIV and other STIs. Reduced vaginal secretions, thinning of the vaginal mucosa and the higher incidence of tears and abrasions ‘lead to increased susceptibility to STIs, especially HIV,’ the authors report. Menopausal women taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are at risk because oestrogen is ‘thought to enhance the pathogenicity of many urogenital organisms.’ Also, HRT in combination with progestogens will ‘compound epithelial thinning,’ increasing the chances of acquiring an infection through an abrasion.

    So basically the WEN article is about promoting quite risky activity in post-menopausals, particularly when all the benefits they are claiming are available by other means (masturbation, kegel etc). And all the risk and danger is via PIV.


  13. jilla

    I had so many things on the page today I decided to let the original story go as a basket-case write up by a totally inept reporter, or committee.

    Now, later in the day, and having eaten half the fridge and even actually baking and cooking some things so as to really do that in style, I read SarSea’s link, and am moved to comment.

    DRAMA!! NOW!!

    There are so many obvious wrongs here. Count the ways. Most egregious to me are the fact that only SOME of his colleagues were disturbed by this.

    And were told they have no sense of HUMOUR, by gawd.

    And, this guy is HOW OLD? 78? But no one retires him. Insurance companies, medical schools, pharma and device industry, FDA and who knows the fuck else, continue to pay him his annual couple million salary. I’d bet.

    This is one shitty profession. And no please don’t tell me how great your doctor is, he or she only wants him out NOW that we all know. It’s going to be business as usual, starting right away.

    Think of all the ways we have been sexually abused, raped, fucked over and harmed by these assholes while (whover, your doctor and mine) their colleagues look the other way BECAUSE they know they have done it too, will do it, can do it, and their colleagues will cover for them.



  14. FAB Libber

    I just wanted to expand on what I said about gerontophilia and paraphilias in my earlier comment. The parallel with paedophilia:. In other words, think of the gerontophiles with the same degree of contempt as you would with paedophiles (wanting to string them up by their balls etc), rather than using the fetish as any kind of excuse-making.


  15. survivorthriver

    I am still snorting over “PIV as pleasurable as sticking a carrot up the nose”. Oh My Goddess!

    I am so glad you all dissected this research, and yes, you are SO RIGHT FAB LIBBER it is all MEN men men men!!!! I looked this up in the original study reported in the Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health, this is called the Caerphilly study and it is 914 MEN. Carl Charneski and Francis Brennan should NOT have interpolated these results to WOMEN. PERIOD!!!!! Now I’ve got to find out how to write them zee nastee letter.

    (Free research services gals, anytime)
    Sexual intercourse and risk of ischaemic stroke and coronary heart disease: the Caerphilly study
    S Ebrahim1, M May1, Y Ben Shlomo1, P McCarron1, S Frankel1, J Yarnell2, G Davey Smith1
    + Author Affiliations

    1Department of Social Medicine, University of Bristol, UK
    2Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Queens University of Belfast, Northern Ireland
    Correspondence to:
 Professor S Ebrahim, Department of Social Medicine, University of Bristol, Canynge Hall, Whiteladies Road, Bristol BS8 2PR, UK;
    Accepted 8 June 2001

    Objective: To examine the relation between frequency of sexual intercourse and risk of ischaemic stroke and coronary heart disease.

    Design: Cohort study with 20 year follow up.

    Setting: The town of Caerphilly, South Wales and five adjacent villages.

    Subjects: 914 men aged 45–59 years at time of recruitment in 1979 to 1983.

    Main outcome measures: Ischaemic stroke and coronary heart disease, all first events and fatal events.

    Results: Of the 914 men studied, 197 (21.5%) reported sexual intercourse less often than once a month, 231 (25.3%) reported sexual intercourse twice or more a week, and the remaining 486 (53.2%) men fell into the intermediate category. Frequency of sexual intercourse was not associated with all first ischaemic stroke events: age adjusted odds ratios (95% CI) for intermediate and low frequency of sexual intercourse of 0.61 (0.32 to 1.16) and 0.71 (0.34 to 1.49) respectively compared with the reference category of high frequency. A graded relation with fatal coronary heart disease events was observed in events recorded up to 10 years. The age adjusted relative risk (95% CI) of fatal coronary heart disease contrasting low frequency of sexual intercourse (that is, less than monthly) with the highest group (at least twice a week) was 2.80 (1.13 to 6.96, test for trend, p=0.04) which was not attenuated by adjustment for a wide range of potential confounders. Longer follow up to 20 years showed attenuation of this risk with odds of 1.69 (95% CI 0.90 to 3.20), contrasting low frequency of sexual intercourse with the highest group.

    Conclusions: The differential relation between frequency of sexual intercourse, stroke and coronary heart disease suggests that confounding is an unlikely explanation for the observed association with fatal coronary heart disease events. Middle aged men should be heartened to know that frequent sexual intercourse is not likely to result in a substantial increase in risk of strokes, and that some protection from fatal coronary events may be an added bonus.


  16. survivorthriver

    Ha ha, now I’ve written the original PI of the Caerphilly study, Dr. Shah Ebrahim to ask him if he gave permission for his study to be used in the Charneski/Brannon book as evidence for post-menopausal WOMEN’s sexual and heart health outcomes, AND have addressed this topic by comment to Women’s eHealth where the Caerphily study was again cited last week by Marie Cameron (on to skewer her individual next) related to post-menopausal health:

    The Caerphilly studied 914 subjects but they were all MEN. How can you responsibly extrapolate a study based on all men to post-menopausal women? Additionally, the research males reported sexual intercourse. Only 20% of females have an orgasm with sexual intercourse. Would masturbation have provided similar health protection benefits to males? How can sexual intercourse be promoted to women if it does NOT include clitorial stimulation and orgasm. Perhaps female orgasm might be linked to better heart health? Please show any research on that? Please, try to be more accurate in your reporting. I’m really stunned that your science-based editorial team did not pick this up. Totally irresponsbile, women’s sexual health is so important, and there are frankly, much more questions that arise from your article than are answered. I’d be happy to go into more detail about some other concerns with your scientific method here. The Caerphilly study was reported in: J Epidemiol Community Health 2002;56:99-102 doi:10.1136/jech.56.2.99
    Reading inaccurate research reporting like this is as pleasant as a carrot up my nose. Snort.


  17. FAB Libber

    Ah yes, it was a good guess (and guess it was) that the “914 people” would at the very least, be mainly MALE ‘people’. Jilla follows the medical beat more than I do, and I think it was her that told me that most of the cardio studies are either majority-men or mainly-men, and little ever gets studied SPECIFICALLY regarding women and cardio issues, because it is considered a ‘man’s disease’.

    The cardio benefits for the males would be EXACTLY the same if those men masturbated at the same rate as the intercourse was noted. There is no magickal connection between heart and genitals that ONLY recognises PIV, the “benefits of PIV” is purely the benefits of orgasm. Any of the huffing/puffing workout during PIV that is beneficial could be achieved by running up and down the stairs about three times.

    I should probably write a proper article for Women’s eNews to counter this crap. But then I would have to write seriously, which I have not done for quite a while!


  18. jilla

    I think they pay Fabbity.

    This is brill: “The cardio benefits for the males would be EXACTLY the same if those men masturbated at the same rate as the intercourse was noted. There is no magickal connection between heart and genitals that ONLY recognises PIV, the “benefits of PIV” is purely the benefits of orgasm.”

    We’d need to see the full study to know what they found. Maybe Ebrahim can provide it to a group of elderly women for our Cognitive Enhancement Meetings. (We think it would make a nice change from jigsaw puzzles of English meadows).


  19. survivorthriver

    Full study can be viewed here (free subscription for archives from 2006 back to issue 1):
    The Caerphilly study was reported in: J Epidemiol Community Health 2002;56:99-102 doi:10.1136/jech.56.2.99

    It was hard to track down because Marie Cameron mispelled author’s name in addition to misrepresenting his research, so it took a lot more sleuthing to find original study. Luckily I worked in medical research off and on over 20 years.

    I think this has nailed it on the head – Politics of PIV vs Reality of Orgasm. We’ve also got to keep nailing on the 40% of American women who have “hyposexual desire disorder” and Big Pharma trying to come up with a pink pill. Fuckers, trying to come up with a pill to make PIV more….acceptable. Really, if 40% off women don’t want it and 10% of women are lesbian….that’s a stiff dose of reality for the menz.

    That Womens eNews also had a piece on sex trafficking on the same issue with commenters saying “that’s why prostitution should be legalized” and I had to slice and dice on that a while. Grrrrrr.


  20. survivorthriver

    I received this email response from the author of the Caerphilly study, Dr. Shah Ebrahim, bless his heart, yes, he misspelled extrapolate:

    Thanks for your mail. There is very little literature on sexual behaviour and heart attacks or strokes. These authors you mention are wrong to extrapolte from men to women. They don’t need to ask permission as the paper is published and cited – and no, they did not contact me. With regard to your other questions, it would be nice to have answers, but I don’t have them. Best Shah


  21. maggie

    Where are the studies to show that 40% of women have hyposexual disorder? What was the approach – PIV sex only? (I bet it was.) It would be interesting to see what age group is studied because it should include all women from the age of consent onwards.


  22. FAB Libber

    Thanks for tracking down all of that ST.
    When I get a mo, I may write a complaint/article for WeN.

    It is nice that the medico’s that did the study say that a survey of males should not be projected this way onto females.


  23. survivorthriver

    Let me rout around and find the hyposexual desire disorder stats and get back. One of my hunches is that women who have been sexually abused and/or raped, what I call gender trauma, are 1 out of 3 or 4 women in this country, and that seems like a key intersectionality to explore regarding the “disorder”. My hunch is that these with HDD masturbate and like orgasms, just don’t prefer PIV. That’s my personal hunch, with personal experience driving hypothesis.

    FAB Libber: I posted Dr. Ebrahim’s disclaimer on Marie Cameron’s WeN article today, and she had also misspelled Charnetski as Charneski, another blooper. Yes, I am pleasantly relieved that Dr. Ebrahim would come right out like that instead of saying some blibberblabber such as, “currently we have no….blibber….so any potential….blabber…cannot be dismissed until further blibber….”

    Let’s make them say “female orgasm” in public as many times as possible.

    I’m really grateful to you all, love the sting analysis, spot on.

    Hey, how do I get a password to be on the Watchin the Wachers? Any sort of verification I go through is fine. My only online presence is a professional position as a Development professional at local environmental nonprofit, other than that I’ve been an unpublished novelist/poet, and general ranter on comment sections under this name.


  24. survivorthriver

    That’s a 2006 link to meta analysis (yes, realize would have to delve into each and every study, but briefly this states:

    “Epidemiological studies have found that approximately 24-43% of women complain of low sexual desire in the preceding year. The percentage of the population meeting diagnostic criteria for HSDD is probably much lower. ”

    My question is, does the low sexual desire indicate lack of interest in PIV, or to masturbation and or to orgasm.

    Still, 24-43% of women complaining of this is a huge swath of women, add lesbians into the mix and are we talking about a quarter to third of all adult females here?

    I have not been able to find a single medline reference relating history of gender trauma and sexual desire disorders….any links to share on that here? Thanks.


  25. FAB Libber

    My question is, does the low sexual desire indicate lack of interest in PIV, or to masturbation and or to orgasm.

    This is the critical point, because most of what these studies term “sexual desire” is the desire for PIV. Rarely do any studies concurrently or individually study female masturbation, which would in many ways counter this perceived ‘low sexual desire’.

    Also factor in that many women are brought up being discouraged to masturbate, so may not because of that prior conditioning. If there was no such female-stigma to it, many who dislike PIV, instead of being ‘assexual’ would actually masturbate.

    At the end of the day, most women who are groomed into thinking they are heterosexual, find PIV a boring chore (eventually). PIV is held up as ‘true sex’ and anything outside of that, that does not include PIV is basically regarded as non-sex. The fact that most women get bored with PIV is evidence of how unnatural ‘regular’ PIV really is to women. This is also another reason we are seeing such a push to get women into SUBMITTING to PIV again, articles like this PIV-propaganda post in women’s forums.


  26. survivorthriver

    Ha ha ha FAB Libber,
    I call PIV “kiss grope fuck” routine. Predictable, boring, routinized, disconnected, plasticized….I can feel the sass rising.

    While menz have surreptitiously pushed women into accepting porn-based sexual activities, this has also increased women’s disinterest. I mean, cum on my face? You First Dood.

    It also makes me laugh when socio-biology “gotz to spread the seedsz” excuse used, because the world is AWASH and drowning in seed, does not need anymore. Socio-biology would now indicate they spreadz it on the groundz.

    So, I would re-term the “female hyposexual desire disorder” to “Bored with PIV Attribute”. Not a disorder, an attribute of a properly functional femme.

    We all know menz are illogical, the more emotional of the genders. (True, familiar with Gottesman at U.Washington research there?).


  27. ball buster

    Oooh the “spread the seed” is a bunch of fallacious bullshit. Of course, they never recommend men pay child support or otherwise protect said offspring to ensure the child grows up happy, healthy, and safe. Nope, it’s just about men fucking around, and erasing 18 years of child rearing and human development that ultimately affects the quality of life for the children far into adulthood.

    We’re more complex than the end result of a male’s orgasm, but whatever. Men will only view women through the lens of their wallets, egos, and orgasms.


  28. survivorthriver

    Got some feedback from sexologist in Vancouver, B.C. Brotto. Here are my questions and her answers, some new tidbits for us:

    4) Since the erroneous link between women’s post-menopausal health and PIV sexual intercourse is now widely spread amongst popular literature, how can legitimate researchers correct the scientific fraud of using MALE studies extrapolated to FEMALE health?

    **Only by studying women.

    5) Does HDD reflect more accurately a boredom with PIV sexual intercourse routines?
    **If you read the work by Esther Perel (Mating in Captivity), she would agree with this position.

    6) Has the pornification of our culture effectively turned women off to sexuality with men? How has the prevalence of pornography, requests by males to duplicate porn practices, affected womens HDD?

    **Great question but I’m not aware of any literature that has examined this directly. I imagine that these studies are published in Psychology of Women’s Quarterly or Sexualities.


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  30. elkballet

    “The way I see it rape is all about power.”
    No we cannot remove sex from rape. Rape is not JUST about power, it is also about sex. If we refuse to accept that rape is also about sex then we just further perpetuate the propaganda that all sex is great and great for women and just a great positive thing in general. We have to be willing to talk about the fact that sex is something that can also be horrific and used against women.



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