Snowflake: Fail

I forgot to add this bit to my last post, however, it was worthy enough for a post on its own. But read the other post first, then come backto this one.

So anyway, V, the ‘vagina acquirer’ (has a ring to it, don’t you think?) also mentioned this:

In many ways, the negativity that your peers have for transgender people while you were pre-transition is the worst punishment of all. Making frozen smiles and forced laughter whenever the subject of ‘trannies’ or ‘perverts’ is aired. Being forced to ally to their hatred for fear of being revealed as ‘one of them’ and being further ostracised

zomg. How do you think most interactions between females and males go down? Forced smiles so that our face will crack, pretend laughter to show our ‘alliance’, at the day-to-day misogynist comments that happen.

Dudes are dangerous. We have to play along most times, or there will be consequences. Either we lose our jobs, or they physically attack us, there are many consequences to not pretending to go along, to show allegiance to Club Dude, or to pretend to be ‘one of the boys’.

This is one of those raised-as-female-since-birth things that you just don’t realise. You may have had a taste of it if you were deemed an effeminate male, but homophobia is based on misogyny – the real deal, males usually still get other privileges that we never do. Homphobia is the watered-down version.

So I give the Special Snowflake a big fat FAIL on this one.

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10 thoughts on “Snowflake: Fail

  1. ball buster

    What’s fascinating to me, is that m2ts say they’ve identified and experienced life as a female all their lives, yet are JUST finding this shit out. Funny that, you’d think if they “felt like a girl” since childhood, that they’d be prepared for this simple shit we go through every fucking day.


  2. Selah

    That quote you published really stirs my rage at the patriarchy. The entitlement just drips off of that comment. To insist on being a woman, and then to blitheley claim that the behavior described means this person is more oppressed than women, when the behavior described can in fact sum up my entire fucking life as a girl and woman makes me furious. I used to feel very “live and let live” toward trans folks. Like, whatever they want to do in private is totally fine. But if you want to simultaneously co-opt AND erase my experience? Holy fucking shit NO. GTFO!


  3. FAB Libber

    To be fair, within the original context, this was not a direct comparison.
    What he missed was the direct parallel to being FAB, which I helpfully pointed out 😛


  4. FAB Libber


    It’s true that is is more difficult for us, given the constraints to tell the truth, when the anti-feminists hold no such values, and just lie their asses off, or decontexualise, or misrepresent etc.


  5. jilla

    Oh this is connected. Kills one=wants to become one.

    I’ll leave it to Fab to sort it out. I’m feeling particularly unable to express myself cogently today, hence brevity in another thread, and here.


  6. FAB Libber

    Well, killing one and wants to become one does just about cover it.
    However, the utter stupidity of maintaining the delusion should kill Stevens anyway – if surgeons did not remove the complete tumour, then the estrogen therapy should fatten up the tumour again. His choice.

    He might get his own post though, just for future reference and easy searching in the future.


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