Laydee-making: pass or fail?

Gosh, I know I have dropped the gonads on being twanzphobic of late, so this post seeks to address the oversight.

Regular readers will know me as the ‘helpful’ sort, so this is a helping post. I do have a small but (marginally) loyal twanz following – to help you out, all the twanz posts are in the “twanzphobia” category, no need to bother yourself about any run-of-mill issues that affect FABs at large. 😉

I spent the morning reading a blog called “Acquiring A Vagina” (AAV).

Catchy title, due to the obvious catchiness, I will partially overlook the creepiness of the acquisition of a bodypart, particularly a female bodypart in this misogynistic society. You get points for the soundbite nature, but lose all those points for the Hannibal Lecterism and fetishisation. Yeah I’m strict, that’s a picture of me above.

A newish trend in M2Ting is to watch what radfems say about the female experience, which is probably quite sensible, given that we don’t sugarcoat it and tell the truth. Some still listen to the funfems or libfems on this, but because both groups being so male identified, don’t give out a realistic picture other than via the male view of what female is about. These M2Ts aren’t quite ready for the truth, and the author of AAV, “V”, possibly does not love radfems, given the hilarious graphic [1]:

You get points for humour, particularly the “man bum stubble” references. Here is what V says on researching the womany ways, primarily the realities of womanyness. I have snipped a little out. [2]

Well, let’s start with the obvious – you talk to other women about their experiences. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to give a very complete picture, since you’re probably interacting with them as a male and people have many private issues which they won’t want to share.

So your next stop should be the strongest voice of female experiences, Feminists.

Sadly many pre-transition trans women have been systematically trained to believe that feminists are whining lesbians who really want to be men and who are too angry and irrational to say anything worth listening to. That opinion is complete and utter bullshit.

Feminists are adept at exploring oppression. Merely dipping your toe in feminist waters will give you a decent idea as to the kind of discrimination and oppression that women face on a daily basis. Dive a little deeper and you will begin to understand the structures which keep this culture of discrimination and oppression in place.
Feminists are also really good at sharing their experiences, from tales of workplace sexual harassment and discrimination, to dialogue about being raped and how that experience affected them.

Learning about this can help trans women separate whether they are suffering discrimination because they are trans, or because they are women.

Those who do not bother finding out what life is going to be like after they switch over may be in for a rude awakening and be very, very disappointed to find out that life as a woman isn’t all pampering, frilly panties and hot lesbian encounters. They may be shocked to discover how hard they need to work to gain half the respect they had as men and they may be disillusioned when a man doesn’t magically turn up and pay for everything for them for the rest of their lives.

Anyway, V gets a few points for at least attempting to find out the realities of being womany in this womany-hating world. But only a few points, due to not be discerning  enough as to where you will find The Truth (radfems). Never mind, a goodish start nonetheless.

Where V falls down on the job of being a native-dweller of LaydeeLand is the language used throughout the blog. Again, I cut a little slack for being casual/humorous at times, but there are a few faux pas in there that will out an M2T.

  • Bless you Westpac, for paying for tranny minge.[3]
  • They will give you a functional, okay looking cooch [3]
  • I personally won’t feel complete as a woman without my beloved, bearded clam [4]
  • upon viewing my growler [5]
  • Haven’t had hormones since Wednesday and my tits ACHE [6]
  • The continuing saga of the Princess and Beaver [7]
  • and I got a really good look at my fancy new quinny [8]
  • Dilation continues to be a pain in the, well, cunt [9]

The list above give you an automatic FAIL, yes, even “tits”, that is terribly dudely. Specifically cunt is an auto-fail without exception, even though V attempted to use it either semi-humorously or ironically or whatever. It is still not allowed under any circumstances due to “cunt” being THE most derogatory word that males use against females.

The next list is ‘sort of’ acceptable among FABs, but generally not among radfems:

  • Tomorrow I get the bandages off my fanny and I’ll get a bit of a look at it. [7]
  • OMFG ELECTRIC SHOCK IN ME LADY BITS [8] (editor’s note: should be “parts” not “bits”)

Acceptable referrals are: Vagina, vulva, clitoris, breasts (radfem approved)
Acceptable slang: Vag, clit, lady parts, boobs, “the girls”.

Whatever you wish to call man parts, or “the junk” is entirely up to you, as we will call them whatever we like (we are not appropriating your manhood).

A couple of further things.

I’ll need to stay on estrogen supplements for the rest of my life though and I will probably start cycling progesterone (the pregnancy hormone) in order to gain the hormonal equivalent of a menstrual cycle (sans the bleeding, but ++craziness from PMS).[6]

Ignoring calling progesterone the “pregnancy hormone” because it is a key hormone within the normal menstrual cycle. This is wrong on so many levels; “craziness from PMS”, holy shit dude, joyously appropriating both the negative sterotypes attributed to all menstruating women, but also to the numbers of women who actually do suffer badly with PMS. It isn’t a joking matter, and it extends to water retention and bloating, migranes as well as mood changes. Appropriating our experience in this manner is minstelising, and really fucking OFFENSIVE. Go up to a black person and call them the N-word, and see what the reaction will be. Same fucking thing. Nor does menstruation maketh the woman, as post-menopausals know too well. Which is a nice segway into the next bit:

This is the culmination and completion of everything I’ve ever wanted in life. I’ve been waiting for this very moment since I blew out the cake candles on my 6th birthday and wished to be a girl. [10]

But you were NOT treated like a girl. Big fucking difference. Being raised and treated like a girl has an effect on females, and permeates the way we think, feel, respond, carry out our day-to-day activities. This continues too into the reproductive years, whereby PIV is not the carefree enjoyable experience for most FABs, due to fear of pregnancy all the time. For some dykes today this becomes way too much, and they start identifying with ‘male’ to escape the oppression of females, particularly butch females.

And finally, you have a touch of the man-flu too. The post-operative pains for which you were given analgesics. And this bit:

Every once in a while I’ll get the inevitable “You get the fun of being a woman without periods, blah blah, being a cis woman sucks more.”
NO. Just fucking…NO. It felt like I’d given birth to a very large and very angry porcupine who went back in afterwards to check for his lost pocketwatch and have a cup of tea and a chat to my prostate. [8]

You know, I have been through a number of abdominal surgeries on my retained (not removed) ovaries, without analgesic (because most don’t work on me). And gawd knows how many other gynae procedures. It is unbelievable pain (ovaries), it’s tender, and it also takes ages for the intestines to settle back into their position. Your gonads are not the be-all end-all on the pain scale, and in your op they were removed, not retained. Also appropriating a birthing experience when you never have and never will go through it is also insulting to those who have been through it.

And a final bit of dudeliness:

I’ve been lucky – my penis was large, uncircumcised and my scrotum baggy and stretchy. This meant that during surgery the surgeon managed to create a 7.5 inch vaginal canal; which is about the best depth possible. I also have a very wide pelvis, which means that my vagina sits precisely where a cis vagina would sit and there is no contact with the pelvic bone/opening when I dilate.
If I continue to dilate rigorously and my natural skin flexibility extends to my vaginal walls, I could even reach 8 inches of depth in 4-6 months time [9]

Size fixation. Although the FAB vagina will change size during childbirth or arousal, frequently a penis will hit the cervix which you don’t have, and it is not pleasant either. Very not pleasant to quite painful. Judging by your post-operative pain threshold, you could not handle the pain.

But, the neo-vag is purely a fuck-hole, for sex with males. Most FABs don’t get that much out of penetration, esp after a few minutes of thrusting, clitoral stimulation is where the pleasure lies. Truthfully, a lot of the urge for penetration is merely biological hangover for impregnation, which can also be overridden too (being a base urge).

Having a neo-vag constructed for the purposes of having sex with males also reinforces the concept of females being masturbatory aids for males.

Although I have been fairly lenient in some areas of the grading, V gets an overall FAIL.

– – – – –

52 thoughts on “Laydee-making: pass or fail?

  1. Mary Sunshine

    Good grief.

    Oh well, I leave them to their fantasies. The realization of male fantasies is the world we live in. Female freedom is nowhere on the horizon.


  2. FAB Libber

    I thought the genitalia picture was too good to leave out, it is way funny.

    Definitely wrong on the radfem one though, being the ballbusters we are supposed to be, most of us would be in the majority vote to hack off those dangly bits.

    Maybe I will put in a live link to the blog so that V finds the way here?


  3. FAB Libber

    Well, there were a few glimpses of sanity in amongst the misogynist baggage.
    Anyway, just a whim I guess. 😛


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  5. jilla

    What delusional lives these sorry people lead. What is it they’re doing in those psyche sessions. A lot of figurative dick sucking I’d imagine. Yeh. That too.


  6. dubsH

    My personal favorite was:
    “To not feel this incredibly potent self-loathing, to be ‘normal’ and to grow up without this crushing burden of guilt and personal hatred would be so…freeing.”

    Wait, is that what it’s like to grow up as a FAB? Freeing? hahaha!


  7. ball buster

    Unbelievable. Without a shadow of a doubt, men CAN NOT see women outside the lie of gender. Almost everything he’s saying is typical of what all men say about women like “stop whining, women don’t know what pain is until they’ve been in MY shoes!” assholishness. Pretty typical.

    I’ve been told by dudes, straight to my face, that women “whine too much” about being pregnant. Of course, they don’t know shit about being pregnant, but I suppose that doesn’t stop m2ts from dismissing it anyway – even though they *say* they truly do identify with women. Oh hell no they don’t.

    Cramps during periods are bad enough for many women, childbirth is like shitting your guts out. Literally. One of my kids was over nine pounds. I demand he shit a nine pound bowling ball before telling me I don’t know what pain is.

    Along with abdominal surgeries to that (I am cringing with a phantom pain my womb region after reading that by the way ), I’d say m2ts have a LOT to learn about pain.


  8. FCM

    it *is* some kind of new fad apparently, for the m2ts to read radfem work which allegedly causes them to identify with born-women MOAR!!!111!1 wtf? after i kept getting pingbacks and shit from plastic girl, i checked out her i mean HIS blog and i kept seeing this advice: read radfem work so you can be more stealth in FAAB spaces and/or among FAABs. this bothers me very much. i am seriously tempted to go private, just so these fucking soulless infiltrators will *not* learn anything from us that might help them pull one over on another FAAB. its fucking chilling, is what it is. and as much as they like to pretend otherwise, these assholes are NOT actually trans-critical. they are ridiculing each other for outing themselves, and trying to make sure it doesnt happen to others of them, in the future. at our expense.

    also, yes, i thought that graphic was funny. i am not sure why he left out the anus though, as its kinda visible from that angle…perhaps they believe that women (and therefore post-op m2t) dont have them…you know, being inhuman, and just fuckdolls for men and all?


  9. jilla

    Yes, that’s what I was thinking today too.

    Let’s stop giving them pointers. Not that you can’t tell them out anyway (and I save why for private, where we can all nod and scream with laughter) but because having any kind of convo with them is not my idea of a way to spend my time. I want to continue reading you all, the book discussions, strategizing, analyzing the thinkers, but I am not interested in this once-removed dialogue with them. As far as I’m concerned they are the equivalent of Nazis to Jews, and I do not want them in my head or space.

    I really don’t care if they all die of estrogen fuck hole rot. (ref: the Reuters story). In fact I will be very happy when they do, if that’s the only retribution we get. I take it back the moderating comments I made to NoAn the other day. Kill the fucking bastards. They are men, and they are after our children? No quarter.



  10. FAB Libber

    Hey, don’t worry, I am not actually serious about ‘helping’, it is just a framing device for the post. I like to pretend to help LOL.

    Sometimes it is harder to tell on the internet, which is difficult anyway. But, usually their egos will get in the way – that belief that they are passing really well, but there is usually some slip up or other.

    The ones to worry about are the late transitioners, the het ones. They are the most dangerous pervs in FAB spaces. Due to late transition, usually easier to spot anyway.


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  12. cherryblossomlife

    From his blog
    “One thing that constantly amazes me is the sheer numbers of trans women who not only do not thoroughly research SRS, how the operation is performed and the results, but also do not research what it’s like to be a woman!”

    Why would they need to research? THey *are* women, aren’t they. WOmen don’T need to research what it’s like to be a woman, so why on earth would a trans woman need to..

    Unless, of course, he doesn’t have the first clue what it’s like…

    See I knew even *they* knew they weren’t women.

    THat last diagram angered me so much. What has chopping off a penis got and making a makeshift vulva got to do with being a woman? Is he seriously saying women are men without penises? What a misogynist.

    ANd if trans women are women
    then I, a woman, am a trans woman… Voila! No more cis-privilege


  13. maggie

    That blog has buyer’s remorse written all over it. Buyer’s remorse is a form of cognitive dissonance. Pre purchase the buyer has lots of options, post purchase there are only two. Either live with it or get rid of it. If buyer lives with it they have to live with something they know to be a wrong decision but they continually convince themselves the purchase was good.

    I’m a trans woman too. And jeez he even had the nerve to say that his laydee parts were better than some he’d seen on the women he’d dated. Just a whole load of women hatred right there. And cognitive dissonance by the bucket load.


  14. maggie

    Sorry that should be

    yes Cherry I’m a trans woman too given your logic

    Obviously I’m not a trans woman who lurks on radfem blogs!!!111!!!


  15. GallusMag

    FCM I’ve had similar concerns. What Plastic Girl doesn’t realize is that the ONLY way he can be an ally to females is by ceasing to be a transsexual. He must stop performing the cluster of submission behaviors known as femininity, or at least stop the practice of attaching certain behaviors to females, or to even the appropriation of female-“NESS”. He must cease his ridiculous and offensive quest to “fit into womanhood as one of them”.
    He must speak out as an EX transsexual. Not necessarily as a “regretter” but as an activist towards a social revolution among men, overturning male dominance, and overturning the practice of domination (otherwise known as masculinity). He may have already cut off his balls and be tied to a lifetime of hormone replacement but he can educate other men against making the same mistakes and especially speak out about the increasing practice of sterilizing children and subjecting them to a lifetime of dangerous synthetic hormone substitutes. He could also lobby against male violence against his own kind, for example making male restrooms safer for men who wear dresses and make-up or who naturally appear female”ish” so that women don’t have to absorb increased danger of male violence so guys like him can avoid it. He should start using pronouns based on sex and not “gender”. These are some of the things he will do if he is really understanding radical feminism. But he won’t, as you say because it’s all about more effective appropriation to the purpose of making genderism more EFFECTIVE and sucking the attention of radical feminists away from women and towards him, instead of dropping the genderism ONCE AND FOR ALL and renouncing it. Only gender adherents can be “trans”gender.


  16. FAB Libber

    Absolutely CBL, either they “are” already “women”, or they are not – no need to ‘study’ to “be” a woman if you are one already. A bit of a hole in their theory eh.

    The other thing is, they say they want to “be women”, yet they are at the same time special snowflaking themselves by claiming special status as transwomen. That is the other big hole in the theory.

    That’s right, special snowflake is now a verb!!

    – – – –

    Too right Mag.
    I never actually see any trans do any activism (hate campaigns against radfems does not count as activism btw), and yet, they have got all these government sanctioned rights already. How did that happen? I don’t recall any mass protests or visible activism…


  17. GallusMag

    It is happening because upholding sex roles (gender) is extremely important to the (male) powers that be. These laws aren’t to protect transsexuals, but to codify sex roles. Because sex roles (gender) enforce male domination and female submission and maintain male supremacy.


  18. FAB Libber

    Gender didn’t even exist as a concept thirty years ago, except as “sex roles”. Now it is a legally enforced “reality”.

    Now, if I was the sort to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist, it is mighty coincidental that ‘gender’ was born not long after the second wave started dismantling the sex roles…

    Which, as you say GM, the powers that be are using trans as a pawn in their little shoring up of male dominance game. Trans are useful to them, for as long as they are useful, then they will be thrown under a bus. (Medically, they are already being thrown under the bus anyway, right now)


  19. cherryblossomlife

    “TRans are useful to them, for as long as they are useful”

    Exactly. At the end of the day, the patriarchy loathes women above all other groups, but it has never been keen on non-masculine males and would like to diminish them as much as possible too.
    Women, from our non-privileged position have learned from bitter experience that they only give concessions to us when it benefits men-as-a-group. We can see that something is up in the way the patriarchy is kow-towing to trans women’s demands. Trouble is, trans women really DO believe they are more oppressed than women and THAT ignorance may ultimately be their undoing.


  20. FAB Libber

    the patriarchy loathes women above all other groups, but it has never been keen on non-masculine males and would like to diminish them as much as possible too.

    Very true. One way to eradicate ‘non-masculine males’ is to turn them into ‘non-males’ aka, M2Ts. Which is also part of patriarchy’s reversal system of ‘anything that is not manzly-manz enough, gets chucked into the woman pile’, whereas I showed that reversal in “the default human is FEMALE“.

    M2Ts see radfems as ‘the enemy’ because we will not support their delusion that they are women, just because they are failed males in the masculinity belief system.

    On one level they could be our allies, if they would get their heads out of their skirts for just a moment and realise that they are being used by patriarchy, and patriarchy actually hates them as much as it hates us, and is only catering to them because they serve the patriarchy agenda. It is also very military thinking, even though M2Ts are male-born, they are actually regarded as “acceptable losses” by patriarchy.

    We cannot regard them as allies whilst they reinforce all the feminity bullshit (undermining feminist work), or whilst they try to appropriate the -NESS of femaleness (LOL), or regard themselves as special snowflake women, and can only be allies – as GallusMag says – when they speak out about the gender system of biological sex discrimination.


  21. feministatsea

    Cogito ergo vagina? I think therefore I am a vagina? Seriously?

    Also it’s positively freudian to equate women with penisless men and we all not what a misogynist douche bag he was.


  22. noanodyne

    This seems problematic:

    On one level they could be our allies, if they would get their heads out of their skirts for just a moment and realise that they are being used by patriarchy, and patriarchy actually hates them as much as it hates us, and is only catering to them because they serve the patriarchy agenda. It is also very military thinking, even though M2Ts are male-born, they are actually regarded as “acceptable losses” by patriarchy.

    All they have is gender. Without gender, there’s no such thing as an M2-anything. Some of them have figured that out and that’s why they’re trying to claim the sexed brain thing. Others of them have thrown in with the patriarchy full force to get gender proclaimed as the holy of holies (and if someone isn’t conforming just so, they’ll have to get drugs and surgery). Neither group is going to create good allies for us. And I don’t see any evidence that the patriarchy hates M2T’s per se. M2T’s might get mowed down by the same thresher we do, but it’s not because they’re M2T’s, it’s because they’re in our spaces and roles. The patriarchy obviously loves them. I agree that it sees them as useful tools, but it’s because they are destructive of us and are really allies of the patriarchy in that. Look at Iran. Look at the Hollywood movies and TV shows that trumpet their wonderfulness. Look at how quickly they’ve gotten all these rights (you’ve pointed this out many times) and how seriously they’re taken by the medical establishment. M2T’s are patriarchs. The men at the top of that hierarchy may not want to fuck them, but they like having their little minstrels and court jesters around to make fun of and harm women. And the little minstrels and court jesters are happy for the roles, because at least they’re not actually women. They say pretty much that very thing when it’s just them talking to each other. And we all know they think they’re better than us.


  23. radfemcrafts

    Yes. I am all about the Noan comments today.

    M2T’s might get mowed down by the same thresher we do, but it’s not because they’re M2T’s, it’s because they’re in our spaces and roles. The patriarchy obviously loves them. I agree that it sees them as useful tools, but it’s because they are destructive of us and are really allies of the patriarchy in that.

    Exactly this.

    I think I know kind of what FAB is saying–like the radical profeminist blogger person, he seems to get it and act as an ally. But he’s so much of an exception that I have to trot out the phrase almost everyone in the world hates except me: He really is the exception that proves the rule.


  24. FAB Libber

    I don’t disagree with you Noan, but the ally thing is only if M2Ts change their ways (which I really doubt, because they are male-born). So the ally thing was really a one-in-a-billion shot. Currently, they are definitely NOT allies.

    The M2Ts need to wake up and see the way that patriarchy uses them for fun and for sport (who are the ones killing M2Ts, it is not radfems btw, it is dudes). M2Ts get a few bigger crumbs thrown at them (over the tiny crumbs that male-indentified fabs get), only because they serve the disruptive purpose. But just like the male-indentified fabs, I cannot see them changing or waking up to what is going on. So the ally thing is unlikely to happen.

    However, I do have a tranz reader base here, so I throw them the idea to think about. It might happen (but it probably won’t). There are a few M2Ts out there with a bit of sense, but most have their heads stuck up their own skirts in narcissistland.


  25. FCM

    Julian real is a fucking entitled prick with a rape mentality. Just like all men. I have repeatedly asked (told) him not to contact me, or to comment on my blog, but he does it anyway. It’s kinda his thing. The rule survives.

    Also, to say that non-gender conforming males could be our allies BUT FOR this, this and this seems pointless to me. All the qualifiers overwhelm the original claim, because they are impossible, or so improbable that it will likely never happen. It also ignores the MAAB problem: that they were assigned male at birth based on their perceived ability to cause female-specific harm, then groomed as rapists and oppressors of women for their entire lives. And they don’t see it. This is a significant problem, and I believe its an insurmountable one.


  26. FAB Libber

    I am offering a belated moderation apology to the tranz crowd on a comment upthread (although I have not actively moderated any comments of that nature before).

    The part of the comment above (which I have now scored out) is:
    I really don’t care if they all die of estrogen fuck hole rot. (ref: the Reuters story). In fact I will be very happy when they do, if that’s the only retribution we get. I take it back the moderating comments I made to NoAn the other day. Kill the fucking bastards. They are men, and they are after our children? No quarter.

    Pointing out that this part of the comment is referencing discussion elsewhere, not here. And I probably should have moderated it out of the comment. This type of moderation is something I have not yet done here.

    For the record, I will in future mod out any murder-wish comments that occur here, because I actually do not want to give tranz the ammo against radfems. Death-wishes against rapists and femicidal males will be allowed to stand. This is inclusive of any rapist or femicidal male, whether they are wearing a dress or not – that is the loophole, ok? If you are a M2T rapist/femicidal murderer, you don’t qualify for a free pass because of your M2T status.

    The response to the comment was picked up by the apparent author (“Vagina Acquirer”) and who now has a tumblr site:
    For the record, this is his reponse:
    [Text in graphic reads: Kill the fucking bastards. They are men, and they are after our children? No quarter … BRING IT MOTHERFUCKERS]







    Which again, gives Mr Vagina Acquirer yet another big fat fail in the laydee stakes, resorting to using ‘motherfuckers’ (women cannot ‘fuck’ mothers dumbass, plus it is male speech). ‘Cunting’ (making a verb out of a noun of the C word, is still male speech). ‘Woman up’ (is the transposing of ‘man up’, is highly gender-roled and masculine/feminine binary based, and is also a very male thing to say). ‘Then come and fucking get me’ (is also a really male thing to say, because FAABs actually are schooled in the danger of males, which you would know if you were FAAB, and generally do not go around baiting dudes in such a direct manner. You think you can get away with it because we are female and pose little actual risk to you).

    So again, Mr Vagina Acquirer, you get a huge huge FAIL in the Land of Laydees. Your inherent male attitudes will out you each and every time. You are also proof that you hate females as much as any other misogynist male out there, it matters little that you are wearing some cute little feminine outfit whilst doing it.

    Now, I have actually done the retraction on what should have been moderated out. Where is Mr Vagina Acquirer’s retraction for (again) calling us cunts, further calling us motherfuckers, etc etc?


  27. Mary Sunshine

    Conversation with any males gets us nowhere.

    I wish that no males had ever been born. That’s not a murder threat, that’s a heart-felt wish.

    A pox upon all of your houses.


  28. FAB Libber

    Actually, the prime concern of the “pro-life” (anti-abortion) crowd is the saving of potentially male babies. They have no such concern for saving female foetuses at all (after all, shouldn’t they be focused on places like China & India?), but they don’t. And the story of the village women in PNG bears that out, the only place where the sex selective males are aborted, and the gawdluvvers are all over it like a rash.

    There are grounds for being concerned about males being inherently violent, the continual rape and murder of females because they are females, and their continued murder of other males. Worldwide, it is MALES who are doing the vast majority of all this, and all crime as well. So a reduction in the world population of males (via selective abortions) is a valid proposal.

    On the one hand M2Ts insist that we recognise them as “women” and just like us. However, their behaviour mirrors most of the other males out there. This is partially what I was trying to address in this post, and some of my others like the ‘TWs in jail’ stuff. I am giving M2Ts the opportunities to behave like the females/women they claim to be, but they don’t, they behave like every other misogynist dude on the planet. Their claim to be ‘one of us’ has a very hollow ring to it.

    When I say behaving like females, I do not mean camp and exaggerated ‘feminine’ mannerisms or dress, I mean take on board what is happening to girls and women everywhere within the male dominated system of violence, instead of bleating on about how M2Ts are such special snowflake women and everything should be all about them. And stop behaving like your misogynist brothers ffs.


  29. Mary Sunshine

    Trannies have made murder threats against Margie Jamison again and again and again. But hey, that’s OK. She’s black and female. Fair game for any prick. Including all the pricks who claim to be women. Just based on that alone, no murder threats against M2T’s warrant any apology.

    And: males are always telling separatists to die in a fire. Males are murdering the Earth and all her of femaleness. Occasionally, they murder each other, but not nearly fast enough.

    Pricks deserve NO consideration whatsoever.

    Females who protect them are undermining the survival of all females.


  30. jilla

    Only MALES, which MtT trannies are, actually practice femicide with impunity.

    And get a fabliberationist to apologize for it.

    The majority of murdered women are murdered by males. No one gives a damn what the males were wearing, or what drugs they take. The majority of men who murder women, and women’s children, never pay for their crime against females pr ever apologize for it.


  31. FAB Libber

    Please don’t be mad at me, I have taken that stand/policy for a strategic reason, given the main thrust of this blog (‘twanzphobia’). Look again at what I actually said in the second part of the bolded bit:
    because I actually do not want to give tranz the ammo against radfems

    Specifically, I don’t want a blog (fairly) dedicated to unpacking tranz to have any ammunition ultimately against radfems and the anti-tranz stance, on it. It also then debases all the really good analysis, being able to be written off as ‘transphobia’. Do you get the strategy in all this?

    It is not because I am sucking up to tranz. I find the whole justification for tranz’ing to be 100% bullshit. I believe them to be ‘women inside’ about as much as I believe that I am a panda inside (see current sidebar photo).

    Also, I am separatist at my core. I cannot stand being around 99.9% of the world’s males for any length of time, even a few minutes gives me the creeps, because of their ingrained entitlement issues, which the online tranzjacktivists seem to have in abundance also. This post is pointing that out: you can take the penis off the male, but you cannot take the male out of the male. Tranz are actually going to have to *prove* that they are true allies to females, rather than just taking their lip service for it, and that is part of the stuff I actually want to expose.

    This also does not mean a free pass, because proven (M2T) criminals and nutters can still be called out directly and specifically for that, I am just saying “no” to more generalised stuff (without context). If it has context within a particular thread, then yes, the gloves are off (excluding general tranzicide etc). The issue of male infantcide and selective abortions is separate to the tranz thing, and should for clarity, be kept separate.

    I am asking y’all for the co-operation in this, so that the blog as a whole is not devalued (written off a genuinely transphobic), because that is what will happen to it. You are offering on a plate, ammo to be used against radfems in tranz unpacking.



  32. FAB Libber

    ps: general non-tranz male-icide is still fine, but pls try to keep that also off the tranz-specific threads…
    (my twanz fan base tend to only read the twanz threads … there is another clue)


  33. Mary Sunshine


    I’m totally, totally with you on this. Strategy? Hell, yeah! Because the only males that females legally *** barf *** oppress are TwanzShitties.

    My rage is general and overwhelming.

    It is directed against twanzshithead hisself. And all males. And all the females who make excuses for them. Not against you.

    Can’t speak for Jilla, but that’s how I read her feelings.

    My internalized blueberries are taking a walk on the wild side …

    I may send you a link. 😛

    Plus, femicide is a staple of the porn industry so males who choose to retain their label have no grounds for charging radfems and seps with terrorism, because their terrorism against females is totally mainstream.

    It’s their trojan horses who get, on a technicality, to bring females up on charges.


  34. jilla

    Oh. Yes. this is related. More “Lay-dee” making strategizing. It’s so profitable. But if you want it somewhere else, please do move it.

    Pharmaceutical companies are intricately intertwined with every aspect of contemporary medical reality, and they increasingly drive the social process of medicalization in order to establish and dominate markets for their drugs and devices. In addition to funding the majority of clinical research, organizing it
    to generate an evidence base that favors their innovations, and influencing the regulation of pharmaceutical drugs and devices, companies still spend substantial resources on direct attempts to shape the attitudes, dispositions, and prescribing behavior of physicians.

    (Full article) sheds new light on our picture of the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and physicians by examining a novel form of physician-directed communication produced by one prominent corporation. An interpretive, thematic analysis of ORGYN e the unique, full-length magazine published by the Organon Corporation between 1990 and 2003 e reveals two overarching messages it communicated to physicians during that period.

    First, it offered a compelling picture of the “good work” obstetricians and gynecologists do, which involves enabling women of reproductive age to control their fertility through contraception and infertility treatment, and providing symptom relief and preventive benefits to older women by increasing compliance with hormone therapy regimes.

    Second, it included pharmaceutical technology in every aspect of the doctor’s work, portraying pharmaceutical corporations as the physician’s “natural partner”, and women patients as passive, disempowered objects of medical practice. Through these consistent messages, the print magazine ORGYN represented one important set of mechanisms by whicha pharmaceutical corporation helped drive and sustain medicalization. The article ends with a consideration of the implications of ORGYN’s messages for companies, doctors, women patients, and the study of medicalization.


  35. FAB Libber

    OK Mary, yes, it’s absolutely true that ONLY the radfems get (seriously) accused of being the twanzphobic ones, even though it is hetero dudes bashing, raping and murdering tranz. [Tranz] not seeing this connection could actually be read either as fairly stupid, or very scared of [other] males. Because seriously, tranz should be taking up the twanzphobia with the ones doing the most lethal and most proven hate against them.

    Jilla, the medical link, kinda on topic sort of. The BigPharmas profit hugely from the tranz thing, thereby influencing the medical establishment, and tranz really DO have the approval from both the medical establishment and the government, in spite of what tranzjacktivists maintain (that they are the most discriminated-against group on the planet, they’re NOT).

    And this is all covered by radfem theory too. BigPharma churning out drugs and pushing them, which includes widespread drugs such as hormones – actually including the oral contraceptive pill, which is promoted due to a PIV-centric agenda – gets expelled by the women taking the pill via urination, ends up the water supply, ends up in the food chain, and interferes with the natural sex hormone levels of humans. This can lead to visual sexual characteristic changes in humans (particularly ‘feminisation’ of males), which does not worry tranz too much, but should really worry the hetero dudes sticking their dick into everything, it could lead to some males also being ‘diagnosed’ as tranz or intersex due to the hormone levels in the food/water supply, and around and around it goes.

    Tranz, I will actually give a clue here, on strategies!
    If, as you want, is to make ‘moar’ tranz via children being diagnosed via GID etc, that will severely hamper your Special Snowflake status, you will be as common as blowflies at a BBQ. But, I guess you will just change you platform and tactics to suit, as you do, every other five minutes.


  36. FAB Libber

    Jilla, there seems to be a trend that the Y chromosome is getting smaller and smaller anyway, and yes, there are wider effects than just the appearance, it affects the endocrine system generally (which is another thing that most of these young’uns don’t realise when they start popping all the estrogen/testosterone as if it were nothing).

    LOL SarSea, yeah, poor snowflakes, they will become the masses if they aren’t careful. Maybe it’s the old “less is more” thing, particularly if one wants to retain snowflake status.


  37. noanodyne

    I absolutely hate giving them any quarter, but I completely support this policy, FAB. As I work on that other project of ours, I’m very aware that someone could do the same thing using our stuff, but right now they have so little to use and we absolutely want it to stay that way. The differences between us couldn’t be any more obvious on the face of it and that’s what some observers (lurkers, newbies, fence-sitters, curiosity-seekers, etc.) need to see: a really obvious line of demarcation. Lots of trans say the same sick shit MRAs and racists say and never call each other on it; that is a major weapon for us and I don’t want anything to lessen its power.


  38. FAB Libber

    that is a major weapon for us and I don’t want anything to lessen its power

    Yep, thanks Noan, that is exactly it.


  39. noanodyne

    Well, I didn’t get why you referenced something to me in that comment in the first place Jilla and I don’t understand this continued bullying. I haven’t done anything to you and there’s no reason whatsoever for you to act like this toward me. This isn’t about you, it’s about FAB’s policy, period.


  40. jilla

    Sorry No An. I guess we have differing ideas about what’s bullying. I sure didn’t mean to bully you. Don’t mean to. Can we carry on?



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