Why were the twins really sobbing?

This is the face of a paedophile. His target is teenaged girls. He had been let off once before with a wrist-slap, but that did not stop him.

Ex-UN inspector Scott Ritter guilty in sex chat case

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter has been found guilty of unlawful contact with a minor following an online sex sting operation.

Ritter, an outspoken critic of the war in Iraq, had a sexually graphic online chat in 2009 with an undercover police officer posing as a 15-year-old girl named Emily.

The 49-year-old was convicted on six of seven counts.

Ritter’s lawyer said his client did not think he was speaking with a minor.

Ritter, a former US Marine, initiated a conversation through a Yahoo chatroom in February 2009 with police detective Ryan Venneman who was posing as the teenage girl.

Mr Ritter then performed a sex act on himself in front of a web camera, despite the officer’s repeated claims that he was 15-years-old.
‘Troubled and offended’

Ritter remained silent as the verdict was delivered, while his twin 18-year-old daughters, who were in attendance in the court in Pennsylvania, sobbed.

“The jury reached the right decision,” Assistant District Attorney Michael Rakaczewski said after the verdict.

“They saw the case for what it is and the defendant for what he is and what he did,” he added.

On Tuesday, prosecutors played a graphic 20-minute video of the exchange between Mr Ritter and Mr Venneman for the jury.

Defence attorney Gary Kohlman acknowledged in his closing argument on Thursday the jurors were likely “troubled and offended” by the graphic chat and video of the conversation.

A decade ago, Mr Ritter was charged in New York with trying to set up a meeting with an undercover police officer posing as a 16-year-old girl.

Those charges – which Mr Ritter claimed were politically motivated – were dismissed after he completed six months of probation.

Yes, I would be sobbing too if it was clear that my father was a pervert with a fetish for teenaged girls. There is a high chance he sexually abused them as well.

The only good thing out of this story is that the video of him fondling himself got played in court for all to see.

10 thoughts on “Why were the twins really sobbing?

  1. jilla

    Yes! I wonder if there will be any follow up? Has there ever been any follow-up about Spitzer’s daughters, who have had to live with their father raping a woman only a few year’s older then they were, and possibly connect it to how he treated them? Of course there’s always the flip side of that coin, which is exactly the same side, magically, that some men think only other men’s daughters are rape fodder.


  2. ball buster

    Yes, I’m sure he can *claim* that all this is politically motivated, but in reality it just demonstrates that even in the highest eschalons of power, there are sick, pedo rape spanking assholes calling the shots. The existence of pedo rape spanking assholes does not mean that prosecution is a purely motivated by politics, although they will claim as such to keep from taking responsibility for trying to *destroy* the lives of girl children.


  3. FAB Libber

    I am just hoping he looked really stupid wanking off on the recorded footage.
    The whole world needs stills of that, to point and laugh.

    Of course, our ‘mate’ ASSange claimed politically motivated set-up too. Yeah. Right.


  4. Nelle

    This would be legal in some states in America-to have “sex” with a 15 year old.
    That’s how fucked up my country is. Men not only feel the need for access to women, but children as well. I don’t care what they say-teenage girls are still that-girls.

    Men are fucking sick. Glad they caught that little bastard.


  5. jilla

    No argument with how fucked-up men and men’s rules about girl children and women’s bodies are, but it’s not legal for an adult male to have sex with a 15 yr old is it?


  6. Nelle

    I’m sorry, I was stating this “would be” legal in our country since we’re so hard on having access to teen bodies that the age of “consent” would sink lower.


  7. T. Laurel Sulfate, Snarkurchin

    Six months of probation…and charges dismissed. Christ. And here I was just getting over this little item being reduced to “weird news:”


    State law in Tennessee prohibits registered sex offenders from re-contacting their victims, but there is no such restriction on anyone convicted of a sex crime before 2007, and still in prison, but who is not yet on the registered list. (Post-2007 sex criminals are automatically registered upon conviction.) Consequently, according to a February WMC-TV report, convicted molester Terry McConnell cannot be prevented from mailing birthday cards to one of his two pre-2007 victims (one reading, “I cannot believe my little tot-tot is already a teenager. You might be tired of me writing this, but I can’t get over how fast you are growing up”). (Prison officials say their limited resources are better used on monitoring incoming mail rather than outgoing.)

    I recently had a woman write an essay for one of my classes about how unfair statutory rape laws are. I told her in class her reasoning was flawed, but she wrote the thing anyway, to “defend” some man she knew.


  8. FAB Libber

    IMHO, statutory rape laws should be extended, because there is a shitload of exploitation aimed at 18-21yo’s by older men. Hef automatically makes that list. As does the ‘devirginator’ on the Tyra show:

    And also, the consent age for porn should be raised to 21 at least. How is it in (some areas of) America the under-21s can’t drink, but they can strip or do porn?



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