The default human is FEMALE

Yeppers, it is another one of those Patriarchy reversals going on. Club Dude like to try and insist otherwise, by use of language with examples like “MANkind” and “huMAN” insisting that it is inclusive of females (when usually it is not) and trying to set themselves up as the default category of human, and females as the incomplete humans.

Cherryblossomlife covers the basics in this comment, primarily the system of determining “not male” as a system of categorisation:

why does no-one mention the chromozomes.

From the moment of *conception* you are designated an X or a Y chromozome to go with your other X one.
Females= XX Males=XY

Now what that trans empire is claiming (in the trans “literature”) is that there is in fact a *continuum* of sex. Apparently, you aren’t firmly in one box or the other like all other primates. Apparently, mating is an irrelevant footnote. According to them we all exist on a continnum ranging from XX through to XY and trans happen to fall somewhere in the middle.

Now actually there is an element of truth in what they say when it comes to intersex (not trans), but not in the way they mean.

All human beings begin with a female form (which is why men have nipples) In the case of intersex, the Y chromozome is introduced but doesn’t develop in the usual way.
What this means is- and this is important- *all* *intersex* *are* *male*

But many of them are assigned female identity at birth. The reason for this is that the patriarchy believes Male=Penis. So if a human being without a penis exists, it must be a woman, right?
They’re males who happen not to have a penis.

What is interesting about this is that women, females are *always* fully XX. It is males and intersex which are variations of XY, but it doesn’t change the fact they’re *all* males.

A transactivist once asked me “What are you going to do when they eventually find a transexxual gene, hmm?”

I’ve no doubt they will “find” one considering the vast amount of financial resources going into trans “research”

I told her “THe existence of a transsexual gene does not *negate* the existence of females (which is what trans-women are hoping to prove). It just means there’s yet another variation on XY males”

Automatically assigning female identity to intersex makes me so angry because it buys into the patriarchal myth that women are nothing but penis-less non-people, defined in relation to the original prototype=men.
Real science proves the opposite to be true.

To which I replied:

What is interesting about this is that women, females are *always* fully XX. It is males and intersex which are variations of XY, but it doesn’t change the fact they’re *all* males.

Actually (a slight amendment) is that they are all *non-females*. Which proves that the default human as female (not the patriarchy reversal). Basically we are the pure ones, without contamination. The contaminate is the Y.

So chromosomally-intersexed persons cannot be purely female. One chromosome condition is Turner Syndrome, with a single-X, these are sterile females (there is no Y), also Triple-X Syndrome who are also female (no Y). Other chromosome conditions are XXY (rarely XXXY, XXYY etc). All these latter chromosomal intersex are contaminated by a Y chromosome, and it can be said that they are not “pure females”. No purely-female has a Y-chromosome, it is a non sequitur, but males can have feminised characteristics due to additional X chromosomes. Other causes of intersex conditions are Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, and these are XY males that fail to respond hormonally to androgens.

Simply put, the default category is female, and male is the variant.

Yet due to ambiguous genitalia, those with “not enough dudely dick” are thrown into the “pink pile marked girl“. The category female becomes the catch-all for those not deemed manzly-manz enough. Because of this, some humans with a Y are raised as girls, which is one reason why we don’t have a problem including this group as women/female (if they themselves want to be) because they have faced the same life-long discrimination as us XXs, so most of the stuff that affected us has affected them (except fear of pregnancy, but even they may not know that for a long time).

Size matters, except when it doesn’t. Menz forever babble on about the size of their organ, and a ‘bigger is better’ mentality permeates through society as well. Yet there are a few exceptions to this ‘bigger is better’ that the dudes like to keep under wraps. Here’s the chromosome line-up:

Can you see the “Mighty Y”? Yep, it’s like one of the smallest in the set. Look at that gigantic X parked next to it. I reckon it could take it in a fight. I know I just want to squish it.

I had to chuckle at one bit of wishful thinking here:

Instead of being the Rodney Dangerfield of chromosomes (as some have called the chronically disrespected Y), the male chromosome is actually more like Woody Allen: despite its unassuming veneer, it wields unexpected power.

Eh. I could put one drop of food colourant into a glass of water and it would taint the water. Contaminating power probably is not something they really want to brag about.

And the ova is the largest cell, whilst the sperm is the smallest.

And ouch! It burrows and forces its way in like a parasite, or an annoying mosquito. Yeah, I just want to squat it.

Plus dudes make them by the millions, using a quantity-over-quality approach. Anyway, they are tiny.

It is a feat of mental gymnastics to deem male as the default category, when everything shows that the default is really female, and male is the variant, the non-female.

34 thoughts on “The default human is FEMALE

  1. FAB Libber

    I probably did not add much more to this than the original exchange over at FCM’s between cherryblossomlife and self. It was worthy of a standalone post though.

    And the size matters stuff, well, nice little post-hijack by self. Although, visually, seeing the size comparisons of these things still helps in revealing that the male cannot possibly be the default, and is little more than a contaminate.


  2. FAB Libber

    They do look like a crochet project just begging, don’t they?
    It might be a race between radfemcrafts and ballbuster…


  3. Mary Sunshine

    The words of Valerie who has inspired me all these years:

    by Valerie Solanas

    Life in this society being, at best, an utter bore and no aspect of society being at all relevant to women, there remains to civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females only to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and destroy the male sex.

    It is now technically feasible to reproduce without the aid of males (or, for that matter, females) and to produce only females. We must begin immediately to do so. Retaining the mail has not even the dubious purpose of reproduction. The male is a biological accident: the Y (male) chromosome is an incomplete X (female) chromosome, that is, it has an incomplete set of genes. In other words, the male is an incomplete female, a walking abortion, aborted at the gene stage. To be male is to be deficient, emotionally limited; maleness is a deficiency disease and males are emotional cripples.

    [snip] ….

    Being an incomplete female, the male spends his life attempting to complete himself, to become female. He attempts to do this by constantly seeking out, fraternizing with and trying to live through an fuse with the female, and by claiming as his own all female characteristics — emotional strength and independence, forcefulness, dynamism, decisiveness, coolness, objectivity, assertiveness, courage, integrity, vitality, intensity, depth of character, grooviness, etc — and projecting onto women all male traits — vanity, frivolity, triviality, weakness, etc. It should be said, though, that the male has one glaring area of superiority over the female — public relations. (He has done a brilliant job of convincing millions of women that men are women and women are men).


  4. jilla

    Now you’re rockin’. You are one of the FEW who has the educational background to lay this down. Go FABitty!


  5. FAB Libber

    I am just really on a current mission to expose all the reversals (of P), because it uncovers the real truths. Even Solanas listed some of the reversals (ok, so not a new concept to feminists). But somehow I want to myth-bust them one-by-one. I possibly need to make a “reversals” category.

    My background is not in medicine, but I seem to be able to grasp a reasonable working knowledge of lots of subjects. Last month I went to the emergency room with chest pains (which I knew was not a heart attack, but the pains were very severe and went on for days). I got lots of tests proving it was not a heart attack (yeah, I knew that, so what is it?). As soon as they determined it was not a heart attack, they just sent me home. I eventually diagnosed myself as having pains from the spleen, probably as a result of an infection which I had a few days earlier (and yes, I told them about the infection too). So even having a medical degree/training does not seem to mean that they know sufficient.


  6. FAB Libber

    Also, something I forgot to mention in the original post (doh!), is that all the other chromosomes look like Xs in one way or another. The Y is the mutant, misformed and misshapen chromosome in all of this.


  7. FAB Libber

    I also forgot to put in a quote from the site that prattled on about the Woody Allen Y.

    X AND Y CHROMOSOMES started off as a matched pair hundreds of millions of years ago. But the Y shrank to a nubbin, whereas the X maintained its integrity.

    It’s a nubbin. The X maintained its integrity.


  8. jilla

    I’d like to see more debunking of this “range” theory the desperate profs trying to keep tenure and not actually have to do anything remotely scientific keep throwing out to these naifs who are willing to believe anything. The Church of X=Y.


  9. ball buster

    Wonderful, wonderful post! I knew from junior high biology that females were the default. I remember sitting in class smirking triumphantly at the male students. 😉

    Yes. Crochet project commences!


  10. cherryblossomlife

    ” but males can have feminised characteristics due to additional X chromosomes.”

    Intersex males with an additional X can appear more “feminine” than actual real whole women!!!
    “Feminized” characteristics are man-made anyway and as rad-fems have been pointing out, being feminine and being a woman i.e an XX adult human female are two entirely different things.

    For example, body hair. Intersex adults often have less body hair than XY men, and sometimes less than women, but at the end of the day, who knows how much body hair is normal on a woman when society insists women get rid of it all in order to make men appear more masculine. To reflect them to twice their size, as it were.


  11. Miska

    Haha. I’ve always found the Y chromosome funny too, when you see what it really looks like. And I’ve got a graphic which uses that image which I’ll post at the scum blog eventually. Medicine is full of patriarchal assumptions. A book that I found really interesting was Woman: An intimate geography by natalie angier, because it gets past a lot of the assumptions that medicine has made and believes about the female body.


  12. luckynkl

    Those who are truly intersex are called hermaphrodites. They have both XX and XY cells. All others need not apply. A Y chromosome renders one male, regardless of how many X’s an individual may have. Sex has to do with reproduction, not genitalia, not the brain, or any other nonsense. I mean, do plants have genitalia or brains? Gosh, how we can tell the boy plants from the girl plants? “Woman” just distinguishes the human female from females in other species – such as lioness, doe, cow, filly. It’s really not a hard concept. But men apparently have the intelligence of doorknobs and don’t get it. Or more likely, just don’t want to get it.

    That said, hermaphrodites are about as common as two-headed goats. So extremely rare that I see no reason to chase that rabbit down that hole. But to listen to SCAMs, they’re on every street corner. Basically, it’s all a diversion. To divert from the fact that 99.9% of SCAMs are just regular old XY males with kinky fetishes.


  13. jilla

    Whooeee! Luckynykl. About time you.

    “Kinky fetishes?”. I say psychopathic, perverted, women-hating and child abusive fetishes. See GALLUS today.


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  17. Nicky

    It’s interesting being born intersex, I’m medically listed as a biological indeterminate gender. Which to medicine sees me as neither a boy or a girl


  18. DaveSquirrel Post author

    Well, intersex (particularly indeterminate) is very much the exception in a dimorphic reproductive species.
    Under patriarchy, we are told in various ways that the default human is male, and female biology etc is seen as “defective”. In actual fact, it appears that the default human – from the development point of view, also by chromosomes – is actually female. All the rest, meaning male and intersex, can be categorised as “non-female”. So the two basic categories – female and non-female.


  19. DaveSquirrel Post author

    In simple bio/chromosome terms ‘non-female’ – however, a number of intersex are raised as girls, so do share a fair bit of our experiences, so are included under the FAAB banner in terms of socialisation/experiences. M2Ts do not have that at all, no matter how much they rewrite history and love the colour pink.

    Intersex raised as males are also in bio/chromosome terms ‘non-female’, and do come under the MAAB banner. But we recognise that because of the condition, generally do not carry the same male entitlement complex because of ill-treatment growing up, again, the socialisation factor.

    But this post was really only addressing the one aspect, chromosomes & hormones, not the socialisation aspect. And most intersex, if they have fertility, usually only have fertility as a male.

    The non-female factor does come into play with how well and how quickly transitioners can appear as the other sex with hormone treatment. For F2Ts, very quickly, showing that the body quickly adapts to ‘non-female chemical messengers’ for want of a better expression, and some of those effects are permanent, even after stopping T. For M2Ts, much harder to get rid of that ‘non-female chemical messenger’ in the system, to use a very problematic term ‘male contamination’. Late transitioning M2Ts rarely pass, very young M2Ts have a better chance of passing.

    The FAAB/MAAB terms were developed by us, specifically to encompass intersex raised as girls, and to exclude M2Ts raised as boys. That was to cover the socialisation aspect, rather than the technical chromosome aspect. Intersex are the exceptional case, and it is really up to themselves to ‘identify’ however they want to identify, or whether they want surgery or not. But we are happy to include those raised as girls (and continuing to live as women) under the FAAB banner if they wish to be. And of course we are disgusted that trans hijack the congenital condition of intersex to further their political agenda (they also hijack what it means to be female too, so we have that in common).


  20. Nicky

    Like me I was raised among the girls, even though being born intersex, i didn’t fit with the boys or the girls. Medically, they see me as neither and a biological indeterminate gender. Which is why I was raised by the girls and seen with the girls because being born intersex, they never saw me as one of the boys or one of the girls.


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      At a guess, that ‘lumping you in with the girls’ is because patriarchy didn’t consider you male enough for your assumed role of male domination over females. It primarily comes from patriarchy thinking that the default is male, and everything else is ‘not-male’, which includes a large number of intersex as well as all females. The patriarchy assertion that the default human is male, and everything else is not-male, is just another of patriarchy’s reversals.


      1. Nicky

        Which is why Males see intersex as non male or worse a freak of nature. Which is why Medicine likes to dump all the intersex with the females because they see intersex as less then a male in the male dominated society. Which is why in Normal men, they think they are the default form, but fail to realize the the embryo is at the default female form.


  21. Nicky

    Reblogged this on Living Kallmann's Syndrome and commented:
    This is a very interesting post and anyone who is interested in embryology, DNA science and biology in general should know that the embryo is at the default female form. It’s when at the curtain time where the embryo changes to either female, male or intersex. I like the blog post that DaveSquirrel made and and I am a huge fan of her feminist writings.


  22. Diana Hartmann

    the phrase “the default human is female” is originally from the genetics professor Dr. Davis Page from the Whitehead Institute. He studies the human sex chromosomes and genes that play critical roles in the making of sperm and eggs and he´s lectures are very mind opening (a few of his lectures are on u-tube…). I am very sad to say, that you missed on half of the story. Not only is the default sex “female” but also – the biological “trigger” for the male development ist called the SRY- gene (sex determinig region of y-chromosome). A gene that is very loosely connected to the y-chromosome and therfore also can spontaneously detach from the y-chromosome,”wander” and connect to a x-chromosome . A fact, that happens more than we can all imagine.
    It is the SRY-gene that tells the body to develope testis. If this gene is connected to a x-chromosome then the body with a xx-chromosome pattern will also develop testis and develop a “male” body. XX-men do look mostly entirely like “normal” men do and can sometimes even father children eventhough they are “genetically female”. So A. De la Chapelle printed many papers on the issue an they are worth reading. Not every male body is the bearer of a “male” chromosome pattern.

    Then on the other hand, if the SRY-gene is not active in the xy-chromosome pattern of a human being then this human developes a “female” body and can also develop (streak) ovaries and a uterus (swyer-syndrom). The “cases” of intersex you have featured are people who do have a xy-chromosome pattern, do develop testis and their bodies however can´t manage to respond to the testosterone their testis are excreting, so their bodies develop to more or less “female” in a lack to appropriatly respond to the given endocrinological signals – the default sex is female! No human being is born without a sex and male sex must be biologically activated in some kind of a way. The male sex does not develop “on it´s own”. Without this biological activation, the body “stays” female.

    The issue on the Turner-Syndrome has changed over he past few years. When you see – the other chromosomal variations like xxy, xxxy, xxx, xxyy and so on say somthing important: the x-chromosome never comes alone. Page found out that the x-chromosome is not a stand alone chromosome but is connected to a very very very small partical of a broken y-chromosome that is indeed connected to the x-chromosome. In those days way back when Turner didn´t have the technology to deepen the issue and the modern scientists til today weren´t very interested, until Page came along.

    I for myself am “46-XX chromosome ovotestis” female assigned with an “ambiguous” body with very radical feminist opinions. And please don´t forget our (intersex) sister 46 XX´ers: with CAH or late onset CAH, PCOS, MRKH and all the others with intersex/DSD “conditions who were not “privileged” to be born with a xy-chromosome pattern and still have to deal with the fact of being excluded from the intersex issue (because “real” intersex people are only xy(sic!)) and also being excluded from the “womyn´s” issue because of the mare that “real” womyn do not virilize.
    Thank you!


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      Well, this post written over a year ago, was not written as full coverage of intersex – but primarily to point out that the default human is female, and everything else is non-female – it was to counter the malecentric point of view that males are the default human.

      you missed on half of the story. Not only is the default sex “female” but also – the biological “trigger” for the male development ist called the SRY- gene (sex determinig region of y-chromosome). A gene that is very loosely connected to the y-chromosome and therfore also can spontaneously detach from the y-chromosome,”wander” and connect to a x-chromosome.

      Which does not negate my stance that the default human is female, and all others are variants of non-females. The ‘contamination factor’ (of other than female) if you will.

      There are a lot of different intersex conditions, and a number of causes for intersex conditions. Some intersex conditions are not noticed until puberty. Intersex is really a book within itself, beyond the scope of blog posts, unless I/someone was going to dedicate a blog to it.

      As I responded to Nicky, we don’t have a problem with intersex who are raised as girls being included as FAABs, they are (raised as girls), and that is why we came up with the term. Intersex are the outlying case, and it is up to them how they wish to identify – female, male, or neither/intersex.

      Ultimately the identification as female or male only has relevance because of sexism/misogyny, and our fight for liberation from male domination.


  23. Robert Miller

    What people seem to not realize is that there is a difference between physical sex and gender, especially when talking about the trans community. I have gender dysphoria, it isn’t fun, but physically I am a male, chromosomes and outward appearance. Testosterone has done it’s damage. But my sexual identity isn’t completely male. I prefer to be female but fight the urge to transition for my wife and kids. Sometimes I even think of staying in a male identity but finding a way to modify my genitals with SRS without the transitioning(not likely to happen with the standards they have in the US). Still, I find myself to be different, stuck between male and female. It’s like the person that I am is at max 40% males and at min 60% female and wishes my body would show that.

    Some trans groups or individuals may distort the fact a little bit or just don’t know the actual science behind our own biology and their condition. Society has for a long time had the patriarch and that started to shrink in the early 1900’s when women started to fight for their right to vote. Like most things with a major change in culture it can take a long time before certain stigmas go away. Take black people for an example. It took nearly 100 years before we legally allowed black people equality. Once segregation was ended and we no longer forced separate bathrooms, schools, etc. it still took decades before black people could hold the same status as white people and there are still people today that see black people as sub-human or inferior to whites. The same thing is going on with “gender different” people.

    Trans type of behavior, meaning that one sex emulates the gender role of the opposite sex, is found in various other species on this planet as well as homosexuality. We may not know the cause of homosexuality or gender identity disorder but it does exist. We don’t know how the brain works in full detail and it could be something to do with development of the brain and how it was constructed based on hormones or some other developmental influence. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t human and don’t fit within society. Many cultures outside the US have a place for those who identity as the opposite sex than what they are. Realistically it shouldn’t matter what sex a person identifies as and we as a society shouldn’t be trying to tell them how to identify based solely on their physical sex. We should allow them to live in the gender role they feel. Better yet, we should eliminate the strict gender roles we place on our species. Why can’t males wear skirts or dresses or something like that? Why do we have to fit in these boxes? Many of my self prohibitions are based on dealing with the stigmas of main stream society, that and the fact that my wife who usually is pretty open minded can’t work past the facts of my condition and desires. I’ve even had to stop therapy because every time I go to help deal with my gender issues they push me towards transitioning. I’m not ready or willing for the sacrifice I would have do deal with if I transition.


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      What people seem to not realize is that there is a difference between physical sex and gender
      Yes. Sex is a reproductive category, ‘gender’ being short for gender roles, which feminists many decades ago recognised as part of the system of subjugating females under patriarchy.

      I have gender dysphoria […] It’s like the person that I am is at max 40% males and at min 60% female and wishes my body would show that.
      Robert, the statement of saying you have ‘gender dysphoria’ does basically conflict with your earlier (and correct one) about sex/gender. The 40/60 ratio thing… well… not an option when one recognises that sex is different from gender.

      In reading between the lines of what you said, I do believe you are merely rejecting the ‘gender role’ of male – nothing wrong with that, a good thing in fact – but rejecting the gender role of masculinity, in no way makes you female/woman. And if that is the underlying reason, then you will find that surgery/treatment will not ‘cure’ you, you will most likely become another of the ‘trans regretters’, going onto regret the surgical mutilations done. Besides, as an adult male ‘late transitioner’ it is really unlikely that you will ever be mistaken for female, so a failed mission from the start.

      If you come to see that it is really having a problem with masculinity and the ‘gender role’ of male – why not actually do something useful, instead of wasting vast sums on surgery – why not learn more about feminism, and become a pro-radfem? We seek to eliminate all these gender roles. I think if you see what the actual problem is, then this will be the logical choice for you.


  24. delphyne

    You don’t feel female Robert, you feel a delusion that you’re female. It’s an important difference.

    Female is a physical reality, not an “identity” as you call it. Your wife is female, you as a male are not, no matter how strong your feelings.

    You also don’t have to wear trousers. Go ahead and wear a skirt if you want to. Just don’t believe that a piece of material or wanting to wear a piece of material makes you female, because it doesn’t.


  25. sellmaeth

    “Instead of being the Rodney Dangerfield of chromosomes (as some have called the chronically disrespected Y), the male chromosome is actually more like Woody Allen: despite its unassuming veneer, it wields unexpected power.”

    So, the Y-Chromosome is an icky child rapist? Interesting.

    @Diana Hartmann:

    “XX-men do look mostly entirely like “normal” men do and can sometimes even father children eventhough they are “genetically female”. So A. De la Chapelle printed many papers on the issue an they are worth reading. Not every male body is the bearer of a “male” chromosome pattern.”

    There is proof that XX men can father children? Is that inheritable, or do they father normal, XY sons? (Because I think it would be much preferrable if men had a normal set of chromosomes instead of that degenerated little thing, which I read somewhere even shrinks with every generation.)


  26. Bridget Cameron

    What does it matter if you are a boy or a girl, or if you are transgender or homosexual because of differences in the hypothalamus, due to the predominant hormones circulating around the brain in utero? Society puts too much emphasis upon gender, and this is evident in laws and religions which are biased towards men and that demean women. This change to patriarchy is only a recent addition to human her/history, commenced at the advent of monotheisim, when the goddess was abdicated ( the council of Nicea 325 AD is one example when the triple moon goddess, maiden, mother and crone, was replaced by father, son and holy spirit), and its replacement with one male god head, about 3.5 thousand years ago. Masculinity is relatively new to evolution and was born about 400 million years ago. We all start our female and then at about 6 weeks, genital differences become apparent, a boy has an x of 2000 genes from his mother and a y of 90 genes which he gets from his father and every boy and man on this planet has pretty much exactly the same y( which makes the testes, and they make testosterone that make the clitoris grow into a penis and give male sexual characteristics like extra hair and bone and muscle mass, and brain wiring that is more left hemisphere dominant). Simply put, the default category in all humans is female, and male is the variant. The x in a boy makes estrogen and progesterone, and is the prototype of his sex, as it is the majority of his sex genome! A boy is an x with testes, that is the difference! Compared to girls and women, in which have 2 x’s of 2000 genes each, and ovaries ( which make estrogen, progesterone and testosterone), uterus, breasts, clitoris, inner and outer lips, vagina and a prostate gland too, which most books don’t even show, and wiring in the brain which is more integrated between right and left hemispheres. Castrate a man and he grows breasts, as the high levels of testosterone are bumped off, and his x which makes feminine hormones, estrogen and progesterone kick in! However, all of these things are irrelevant, as it doesn’t matter what gender you are, or what you perceive yourself to be, as our 23rd pair of chromosomes( what makes our genital gender) are just one tiny fraction of our genome, and we are more than our biology! We are all human, trying to make the most of this thing called life, and if we got over gender differences- most are societal based, and demarcations are made economically, politically, religiously, legally- then we would get along much better! The truth of the matter is that we have a role in making this world a better place, not arguing about so called sexual differences,and competing with each other! Let’s get rid of gender in law and religion, then we would see a more fair world!


    1. DaveSquirrel Post author

      You seem to get (most of) the mechanics, but not the politics of it. Sex is real, gender is a prescribed set of behaviours based on which biological sex category you are born into. Under the current political climate, all the sex-based protections for females are being eroded away in favour of ‘gender’. Much of it bad news for females, who in many places, do not have the right to female-only spaces (changing rooms, toilets, refuges, homeless shelters, prisons).

      Please get up to speed on the politics, and cease this ‘live and let live’ attitude. Females have a right to privacy, dignity, and safety. If you are not on-board with that, don’t bother returning.

      Liked by 1 person


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