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  1. FAB Libber

    Up to 10 now. 😦
    So, from the mozzer position, how exactly would legalising prostitution stop this?
    They are living in fairyland if they think that the murders of prostituted women will stop or even slow down. Potentially it actually means more women killed, because more women would go into a legalised ‘profession’. Also, the more women that go into it, the more the prices for ‘services’ will go down.


  2. Nelle

    Legalized prostitution will not save prostitutes from the rich johns, just the poor ones. They can still be killed by the rich johns.


  3. Sargasso Sea

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Breast cancer fundraising bracelets that proclaim “I (heart) boobies!” are not lewd or vulgar and can’t be banned by public school officials who find them offensive, a federal judge in Pennsylvania said Tuesday in a preliminary ruling.



  4. Sargasso Sea

    Mom drives van into Hudson, killing self, 3 kids

    NEWBURGH, N.Y. (AP) — Police say a 10-year-old boy escaped through the window of a minivan as his mother drove herself and three children into New York’s Hudson River. The mother and three children died.
    They say the boy swam to shore and a woman driving by picked him up and took him to the fire department.
    Police say Lashanda Armstrong drove the minivan into the river in the city of Newburgh at about 8 p.m. Tuesday night. They say she was involved in a domestic incident right before she killed herself and the children.

    The beat goes on and on and on.


  5. FAB Libber

    Hey, women just got called “people” by the Daily Mail!
    (but only because they did not want to point out the huge number of female DV victims)

    About two people are killed every week by their current or former partner in England and Wales, according to Home Office figures.

    If we are talking “people” well,
    it is still around 2 females per week on average killed by the partner/ex
    and about 1 male every TWO weeks killed by a partner/ex (nearer every 2.5wks)
    So in a two-week period, one male victim vs FOUR female victims…

    The 2009/10 figures on partner/ex homicides:
    95 females murdered
    21 males murdered

    Total murders by family member:
    109 females murdered by a family member
    67 males murdered by a family member (they are in twice as much danger from other family members *cough* father, than a spouse)



  6. FAB Libber

    This story, the 16yo gf of an 18yo male was supposedly accidentally shot by him as he was cleaning his gun, then he shot himself. There was another (young?) couple in the house, who maintain this story of accidental shooting. Frankly, I don’t believe it.

    They were ‘playing married couples’ for the evening.

    And this Facebutt message on the day before:
    On her Facebook page on Monday, Ms Taylor wrote: ‘This weekend showed me a lot. If Im nae hapy Im nae going to stick around in a place that upsets me.’
    Sounds like things may not have been that rosy.

    Basically it sounds like a bit of a cover-up to me.


  7. FAB Libber

    Actually, as I was sourcing the chromosome images, I happened upon a site that was boobytrapped with one of those fake antivirus things. It was interesting to see, it was close to looking like a Windoze security thing, but not close enough. But, after it happened I also ran a full scan of my HDs, and they were clean (this fake site was just finding possibly random files and saying they were trojans and stuff).

    This was the picture:

    Found using google image search ‘xx chromosome’. It is supposed to go to a site called bohemieciai.it, but redirects to:

    So take a look if you are interested, but just dismiss it after it pretends to have found stuff, and no, your system won’t crash if you click OK to navigate off the page (when you close the tab).

    Anyway, I guess I should report it to gooooogle.


  8. FAB Libber

    Just to let you all know, I have been adding more blogs to the blogroll:
    Today added Feminist At Sea and Truth vs Compliance. The other day I added Parallel Existence, Cherryblossomlife and Zeph. I might have added more, but I have not kept track.


  9. FAB Libber

    Oh FFS, another wrist slap. Not only downloading child porn, but making it too.
    Things are getting really bad if child abuse issues are now too getting wrist slaps.
    It is now Open Season on women and children.

    Ex-council legal chief spared jail over child porn

    A former council head of legal services who admitted using child pornography has been spared jail.

    Andrew Laycock, of Hertford, previously pleaded guilty to possessing more than 5,700 indecent images and 17 counts of making indecent images of children.

    At St Albans Crown Court, Judge Andrew Bright QC sentenced the 58-year-old retired Hertfordshire County Council officer to 26 weeks in prison.

    Giving him credit for his plea, he suspended the sentence for two years.

    Laycock, of Mandeville Road, was given a two-year supervision order and must attend an internet sex offenders treatment programme.

    Prosecutor Peter Shaw told the court that police armed with a search warrant raided the home Laycock shared with his wife and two stepsons on 22 June last year.

    Laycock’s computer was analysed and found to contain illegal images, mostly of girls aged between 10 and 14.

    In a police interview, Laycock confessed that he had been attracted to children for decades.

    “He said he had interacted with other adults on MSN messenger and had talked to other adults about having sex with children,” said Mr Shaw.

    “He admitted the fantasies involved children as young as seven or eight.”

    Dee Connolly, defending, said Laycock had taken the advice police gave him at the time of his interview and attended courses at the Lucy Faithful Foundation.

    It aims to rid people of their addiction to child sex abuse images.

    Laycock worked at Hertfordshire County Council until October 2009.

    It is not thought he committed any offences while at work, the Crown Prosecution Service has said previously.

    Judge Bright told Laycock: “You built your reputation up as a lawyer and have rightly lost it as a result of what you were secretly doing.”



  10. jilla


    Chinese ESL student murdered. Friends say she may have been stalked by rejected suitor.

    “I’ve got no information to suggest she was stalked in the criminal sense,” he said. “She was … asked to go out on dates, and she may have refused … that kind of behaviour doesn’t constitute criminal stalking.”

    Regarding the vid on FCM today, where the law dood carefully outlines what is harassment (wispy fairy tailey ghosty thing) and what isn’t.


  11. FAB Libber

    Girl may have witnessed mother’s killing, as ex-partner charged with murder

    Police believe an 11-year-old girl may have witnessed the brutal murder of a mother of seven, whose body was found in her Camillo house early this morning.

    Police made the grim discovery of the 29-year-old woman’s body after being called to the Ypres Road home at 4.30am today.

    The woman’s 42-year-old estranged partner, with whom she had a two-year-old child, was this afternoon charged with murder after he was found at the house when officers arrived.

    Detective Senior Sergeant Paul Boult said five children were in the house at the time of the death.

    Four of the woman’s son’s, aged two, four, six and seven, were asleep at the time, but the 11-year-old girl – who is not related to the woman – is understood to have been awake and is being treated as a key witness.

    “Exactly what that child has observed we don’t know,” Detective Boult said. “The children are currently being spoken to, they are in the care of foster carers and (Department of Child Protection staff) also.

    “Irrespective of whether these children have seen what has occurred, we have young children who have lost their mother, so that’s horrific.”

    The woman has another two sons aged nine and 10 and an 11-year-old daughter, but they do not live at the house.

    Detective Boult said the woman died after suffering upper body injuries, but would not go into detail. Her body was found on the floor of the property by police.

    They were called to the scene by a friend of the man, who said he told her he had killed a woman.

    Detective Boult said the man had recently moved in to a house just three doors down from his estranged partner’s property.

    Neighbour Grace Cockie said the woman had said she had a volatile relationship with her former partner and she understood the ongoing arguments were the reason the two had split.

    She also questioned whether police could have done more to protect the woman from her partner.

    “They could have gotten him out of the area instead of having him two houses up living when he could have been watching her,” she said.

    Detective Boult admitted it was not the first time officers had been called to a disturbance at the woman’s house.

    Another neighbour told ABC Radio that the woman was a wonderful mother and had attended a local church group.

    She said she was going along this morning to inform the parishioners, who would be “just devastated” at the news.

    She was also concerned about what would happen to the children.

    The charged man is due to appear in East Perth Magistrates Court on April 23.


  12. Mary Sunshine

    21 April 2011 Last updated at 09:21 ET BBC

    Pakistan: Acquittals in Mukhtaran Mai gang rape case

    File photo of Mukhtaran Mai in 2005 Mukhtaran Mai still lives in her village, and runs a school for girls

    Five of six men charged over a village council-sanctioned gang rape in Pakistan have been acquitted by the Supreme Court.

    The court upheld the decision of a lower court, which included commuting the death penalty of the sixth man to life imprisonment.

    The victim, Mukhataran Mai, hit world headlines after speaking out about her ordeal in 2002. She has since become an icon for women’s rights in Pakistan.

    She said she now feared for her life.

    Mukhtaran Mai was her clear and unambiguous self when she spoke minutes after the verdict, the BBC’s Shoaib Hasan in Pakistan said.

    “The police never even recorded my own statements correctly,” she said.

    “I don’t have any more faith in the courts. I have put my faith in God’s judgement now. I don’t know what the legal procedure is, but my faith [in the system] is gone.

    “Yes, there is a threat to me and my family. There is a threat of death, and even of the same thing happening again. Anything can happen.”

    Ali Dayan Hasan of the US-based Human Rights Watch said the verdict sent a “very bad signal” across Pakistani society.

    “It suggests women can be abused and even raped with impunity and those perpetrating such crimes can walk,” he told the BBC.

    “Start Quote

    “Life and death are in the hands of Allah… I will not shut my school and other projects”

    End Quote Mukhataran Mai

    The Supreme Court ordered the five men’s immediate release – but it is not clear if they have been freed yet.

    The court has yet to issue a detailed judgement. But the Lahore High Court – whose decision was upheld – had put the blame on a lack of evidence.

    Our correspondent says many people say another review of the case is needed as it has had such a key impact on the rights of women in Pakistan.

    Mukhtaran Mai was attacked on the orders of the powerful Mastoi clan as a punishment because her brother – 12 at the time – had allegedly been having an affair with a Mastoi woman. This, they said, had brought shame to the entire clan.

    An illiterate villager in the eastern province of Punjab, Mukhtaran Mai could have gone the way of many other Pakistani women who are raped, committing suicide.

    Instead, she battled against her initial suicidal feelings and began a lengthy legal battle, which has since won her human rights accolades and an iconic status for women’s rights in the country.

    She runs a school for girls in her village, and has vowed that Thursday’s ruling will not force her to leave her home.

    “Life and death are in the hands of Allah… I will not shut my school and other projects,” she told Reuters news agency.


  13. FAB Libber

    Brave woman, but I too really fear for her life and safety.
    The acquittal is a rather nasty message to all rape victims in Pakistan.


  14. jilla

    More on the Chinese student murdered by a man who lived in the same apartment building and to whom she said NO. She broke the law that says women do not have a right to say NO to males. He judged her guilty of her crime, and carried out the sentence.

    From The Star: Brian Dickson has a habit of making demands.

    “In January 2006, (Brian Dickson) was charged with sexual assault.”

    And: Brian Dickson chose a career path that sounds vaguely familiar. Now where have we seen this before?

    “He also found time for Developments in Literacy, an organization that established and operated a school for disadvantaged children, particularly girls, in Pakistan.”


  15. feministatsea

    Thanks for adding me. I am going to add you too. I have been meaning to update my blogroll for some time now.


  16. FAB Libber

    Dickson lived in the same apartment block?
    Has a little similarity to the Joanna Yeates murder, they arrested the dude in the flat next door (although both of them were partnered, not saying he asked her out), but he knew her bf was away that weekend, indicating some planning (at least to put the move on her).


  17. jilla

    I’m betting he had an Asian women fetish. Asian women porn, Asian women chat rooms, Asian women dating services. Such as, the one advertised over her corpse being taken out by the coroner’s staff.


  18. jilla

    In the line-up of stories on Google News, there was an AP vid embedded between the various media venue headlines. When you clicked on the link, there was advertising for porny dating services “Date pretty Chinese girl”, and Chinese/Asian women cartoon caricatures in porny poses. Behind these ads, which were NOT static (the women were moving, if clothed–scantily) was the news clip which include the police taking her body out on a stretcher to the police van. She was 23, from mainland China, studying English. She had recently moved, and her friends are saying it was to avoid a “stalker”. That’s where the police comment comes in, about it not being criminal to ask a woman for a date?


  19. FAB Libber

    You are probably right on the Asian woman fetish (ever so popular in porn).
    Although, events such as these just require the dude to become obsessed with his target for whatever reason is in his head (effectively saying no woman is safe, dudes have an obsession/fetish/’type’ that covers all women).


  20. cherryblossomlife

    these “sex offenders programmes” and “rehabilitation programmes”..is there any EVIDENCE that they work or are they just another patriarchal con, a way of keeping dangerous predatory men out of jail?


  21. FAB Libber

    Fairly low success rates by all accounts. The DV ones have about a 25% success rate, and I am not sure what percentage of participants are voluntary vs mandated by the courts. In addition to the 25% who are no longer abusers, a further 50% just modify their behaviour to other means (like physical abusers just becoming more psychological abusers). The remaining 25% don’t change (or drop out).

    Don’t know about the sex offenders programmes. Probably lower success rates than the DV ones, mainly because of the orgasm conditioning of their fetish.


  22. FAB Libber

    Except that article (teh meeja in general) are now trying to paint him as a weirdo freak who is “not like other dudes”. The thing of it is, he is very much a typical dude.

    Rather than go on and on about his drug fascination (which, by the sounds of it, he was more trying to brag about drug usage to sound cool), the focus should be on his Asian porn fetish. (And, for all other dudes, whatever variety of porn they are into – not specific to Asian porn lovers)

    But alas, it seems only the radfems seeing these critical pieces.
    The best advice is not to trust ANY dude. No neighbours, no nothin’.


  23. jilla

    Oh too right. In early stories he was lefty politico starving child saviour actor runner dood. Now he’s on ‘shrooms. That’s a very efficient way for them to say, no further story here, move right along. Next. Everything else will fall under that.

    1.) rapist, because
    2.) parent worrier, because
    3.) couldn’t get it up, because
    4.) doesn’t remember that night anyhow, because.


  24. jilla

    Found after much searching, in a paucity of feminism on Rabble.

    Part 1: http://rabble.ca/podcasts/shows/needs-no-introduction/2011/03/gunilla-ekberg-prostitution-and-women%E2%80%99s-equality-imagin
    Gunila Exberg, Swedish (and Canadian) proponent of the Swedish model.
    This episode of Needs No Introduction is the first in a three-part series on prostitution and features a talk by Gunilla Ekberg. In the midst of heated debate around prostitution laws in Canada, this talk, entitled “Prostitution and Women’s Equality: Imagining More for Women,” was organized in an effort to debunk myths about the legalization of prostitution and explore alternatives. Gunilla Ekberg is a radical feminist, a lawyer and a human-rights consultant. She has spent much of her life fighting against prostitution, and and worked for 6 years as Special Advisor to the Swedish government on human trafficking. Ekberg advocates for what is referred to as the Nordic model (sometimes also known as the Swedish model), a unique approach to prostitution which includes de-criminalizing sex-workers, criminalizing their pimps and buyers, and funding strategies for workers trying to leave the industry. This talk was held on March 10, 2011 at the Vancouver Public Library in Vancouver, B.C. and was recorded by Laura Wood and produced by Meghan Murphy.

    Part 2: http://rabble.ca/podcasts/shows/needs-no-introduction/2011/03/gunilla-ekberg-prostitution-and-women%E2%80%99s-equality-imagin
    Trishie Baptie, proponent of naming prostitution sexual violence, not sex “work”.
    EVE (formerly Exploited Voices now Educating) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization composed of former sex-industry women dedicated to naming prostitution “violence against women” and seeing its abolition through political action, advocacy and awareness-raising that focuses on ending the demand for paid sexual access to women and children’s bodies. EVE operates under a sex-positive feminist model, acknowledging that prostitution is born out of sexism, classism, racism, poverty and other forms of systemic oppression. They invite women with personal experience in the sex industry or with sex-trafficking to connect with them. This talk was held on March 10, 2011 at the Vancouver Public Library in Vancouver, B.C. and was recorded by Laura Wood and produced by Ellie Gordon-Moershel.

    Part 3: http://rabble.ca/podcasts/shows/needs-no-introduction/2011/04/prostitution-and-womens-equality-imagining-more-women-p
    The Aboriginal Women’s Action Network (AWAN) was established in 1995 in response to a pressing need for an Aboriginal women’s group to provide a much needed voice for Aboriginal women’s concerns regarding governance, policy making, women’s rights, employment rights, violence against women, Indian Act membership and status, and many other issues affecting Aboriginal women in contemporary society. The founding members of AWAN conceived of themselves as salmon swimming upstream with determined vision to create new life, and therefore, renewed hope and possibilities for our children. For members of AWAN the Salmon Nation’s legacy of survival depends on an unwavering commitment to future generations, a commitment which serves to guide AWAN in our political involvement and quest for social justice for Aboriginal women and children.

    This talk was held on March 10, 2011 at the Vancouver Public Library in Vancouver, B.C. and was recorded by Laura Wood and produced by Ellie Gordon-Moershel.


  25. FAB Libber

    Nearly half NHS trusts breaking mixed-sex ward rules

    Almost half of NHS trusts are still putting patients in mixed-sex accommodation, new figures show.

    Data for March revealed 5,446 breaches of mixed-sex rules across England, down from 7,583 in February.

    As of April 1, trusts are being fined £250 per patient per day for breaking rules on mixed-sex sleeping on wards.

    The data for last month, from 287 providers of care, showed there are still thousands of breaches every month.

    Of 146 NHS trusts, 48 per cent had sleeping breaches.

    Health Secretary Andrew Lansley introduced the fines last year after saying it was “unacceptable” for trusts to be breaching the rules.

    The Government accused Labour of covering up previous data on mixed-sex accommodation and ordered action to stop it happening although it quickly dropped a pledge to build 45,000 new single rooms for patients in hospitals.

    Mr Lansley said: “Labour covered up the scandal of mixed-sex accommodation. We are sorting it out.

    “We exposed the problem by publishing this data and we are introducing fines from this month to help prevent breaches in the future.

    “Progress still needs to be made but the overall reduction is encouraging. A transparent NHS is a better NHS for everyone.”

    Figures show there were 213 breaches of the rules in Yorkshire in March, down from 256 in February and 238 in January although it is higher than the 180 in December.

    The number of breaches in Yorkshire was the second lowest of any region in England last month.

    Shadow Health Secretary John Healey said it was important that progress made under Labour’s privacy and dignity fund to reduce use of mixed-sex accommodation was maintained.

    But he claimed standards elsewhere in the NHS were “once again falling under the Tories” after a report by the independent King’s Fund think-tank this week showed thAT waiting times were at their highest level for three years.

    Nearly 15 per cent of hospital inpatients waiting more than 18 weeks for treatment in February in the wake of a decision by the coalition to relax the target.

    “David Cameron should stop his wasteful reorganisation of the NHS and reinstate Labour’s guarantees on waiting times before our health service slips back any further,” he said.



  26. jilla

    The newest stories on the lefty liberal saviour-dood say he will plead not-guilty to first degree. That means, he’s saying he didn’t plan to kill her.


  27. FAB Libber

    How much ahead of time is “planning” supposed to be ffs?

    From what I read, he started attacking her when she opened the door to him, so is he claiming to have accidentally wandered the halls, accidentally knocked on her door, and just out of the damn blue, as soon as he saw her, he was overcome with an ‘urge’ (that he could not control!) to attack her?

    Luckily I am not in Canada, or I would have to use this defence too. I wasn’t planning to kill him, just this uncontrollable urge to kill him dead came over me as soon as I saw him… Yep, really believable.


  28. bronte1

    So curious to hear what some of you think about this:

    I’ve been reading lots of comments and blog posts. Pretty universally, even the feminists are saying “Oh the poor transwoman!” Witnessing violence generally makes me feel ill. But I don’t like what I’m hearing here. Women are supposed to just accept men in the women’s bathroom? So basically any man can now say “I’m trans” and he’ll get a free pass to violate? We’re going to tell teenage girls that they have to accept this?

    And I’m sorry, but I’ve seen a lot of seizures in my life, and that was the fakest “seizure” I’ve ever seen.


  29. Mary Sunshine

    Well, the comments you are reading have been edited to remove all female-supportive comments.

    Anything that is pro-female is immediately removed as tranzFobic. It’s all part of the smokescreen.

    Eventually this will come out into the open when some “higher ranking” FABs are subjected to M2T perving in the loos. Maybe a repugnican’s daughter. The TwanzShitties won’t have it their own way forever. Very, very, ironically if the repugnicans end up doing anything positive for amerikkkan “society” it will be that. Or … well, maybe I better not hold my breath.


  30. Mary Sunshine

    Hi FAB, this should probably go into one of your femicide threads. You don’t have a tag cloud that I can see.


    Gender-selection abortions spreading in India

    April 22, 2011
    Rick Westhead

    Muskan Goel, a 5-year-old girl in Jhajjar, India, a district where there are only 774 young girls for every 1,000 boys, the worst ratio in the country. Local business leaders, politicians and police officials say Jhajjar is a hotbed for female feticide.
    Rick Westhead/TORONTO STAR

    JHAJJAR, INDIA—Muskan Goel is a beautiful 5-year-old girl with an expressive face and saucer eyes who would stand out in any crowd.

    But in the north Indian farming service centre Jhajjar, Muskan commands attention simply because she’s a young girl.

    She’s one of 16 girls who’ve been admitted to the school over the past year, compared to 43 boys, a symptom of this nation’s failing struggle against gender-selection.

    India is a fast-changing country where luxury companies, car makers and cell-phone manufacturers all covet a piece of the growing market. But it’s also a nation with deep-rooted, centuries-old cultural traditions.

    Families here have typically pined for a son, to carry on a father’s lineage, contribute to his household’s income and care for his parents as they age. Parents also want a boy because someone with their own last name is required to light their funeral pyre when they are cremated.

    For the past four decades, since ultrasound machines were introduced in India, parents desperate for a son to carry on their lineage have had technology on their side, turning a cultural preference into a ruthlessly efficient girl-killing system. If their fetus is female, some mothers opt for an abortion rather than carry to full term.

    That’s because even though it’s been illegal for 50 years, many families still pay costly dowries to have their daughters marry. When they do get married, those women leave their home to join their new husband and contribute to his family.

    There are estimates that over the past decade alone, more than 10 million unborn females have been aborted across India.

    The results of India’s latest once-a-decade census suggest that the gender-selection abortions are spreading beyond the traditional areas of devout Hindus in northern India. It shows there are 914 girls for every 1,000 boys under age 6, a steady decline from 927 girls in 2001 and 962 girls in 1981.

    (Boys outnumber girls by a ratio of about 106 to 100 at birth in Canada, according to Statistics Canada).

    Nowhere is the disparity greater than in Jhajjar, a district of wheat, mustard and grape seed fields in India’s Haryana state where there are only 774 girls for every 1,000 boys. The district is a centre of female feticide, local business leaders, politicians and police officials say.

    But in Jhajjar township, a community of 50,000 that shares the same name as its larger district, opinion remains sharply divided over whether the trend is a cause for concern.

    While some local leaders say more education and better policing is needed to stop the practice, others contend there’s nothing to worry about. Abortions, they say, help limit the size of families, which is a positive step towards improving maternal health, while women from other parts of India offset the shortage of marriage-eligible women.

    On a recent weekday, Usha Gehlot ushered several visitors through Kidz Shaishav, a school she founded four years ago in Jhajjar for children aged two to seven.

    Gehlot said she sees firsthand the effect of selective abortions in her classes. Of the 59 students she has admitted since January 2010, 43, or 75 per cent, are boys. While some families may simply choose not to send their daughters to school, Gehlot suspects something more sinister is responsible for the skewed figure — female feticide.

    “It is a big problem,” Gehlot said. “When you have so many more boys, they get more aggressive, and we see that in our class. I think you’ll see more problems in the future with violence and rapes because of frustrated men.”

    In Haryana and other states, educators have struggled for years to coax women to stop going to “kudi-maar,” or “daughter-killers.” Some officials have pushed state governments to pay families a bonus for having a daughter, while others pressed for changes to Indian law.

    In 1994, India’s parliament passed a law calling for a prison term of up to three years and a fine of $320 for anyone who administers or takes a prenatal sex-determination test.

    Not everyone in Jhajjar is worried about the widening gender ratio.

    Sitting in a crowded chai shop, amid a row of two-storey grey concrete buildings, city councillor Kishor Saini gestured to a nearby open sewer.

    “That is our biggest problem,” he said. “Sewers and drinking water. Many parts of our city don’t have water supplies and the government pipes are leaking.”

    Saini says he doesn’t consider feticide a crime, or even a pressing social problem.

    “The first thing that comes into peoples’ mind is to have a boy,” he shrugged. “It used to be that parents had three or four or five kids and they didn’t give a damn if they had a girl. But now they want smaller families and they do care.”

    While several bachelors complain that already there aren’t enough eligible brides in Jhajjar, Saini says that’s not a worry. Haryana is a wealthy state that attracts migrant workers, and their daughters, from poor states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

    “There are women to be married,” Saini said.

    After spending less than an hour in town, several visitors this week were told about two health clinics in Jhajjar that purportedly provide ultrasounds and abortions.

    A female journalist working with the Star entered the first clinic on Wednesday afternoon and told a doctor in charge that she was pregnant and wanted to find out if she was carrying a girl. The doctor nodded and provided the name and address of Hemlata, a doctor at another clinic.

    A few minutes later, the reporter introduced herself to Hemlata. Operating out of an office barely bigger than an office cubicle, Hemlata spent 15 minutes grilling the journalist, at one point demanding her cell phone to see if their conversation was being recorded.

    “This is so dangerous,” Hemlata said. “Can I trust you?”

    Ultimately, Hemlata said she wouldn’t help and ended their conversation.

    Later, Hemlata said in an interview that she doesn’t offer the illegal ultrasounds or abortions to anyone.

    “I don’t allow anyone an ultrasound before they are six months pregnant unless they are bleeding,” she said, sitting next to her examination room, which consisted of little more than a bench, a flashlight and a box of disposable plastic gloves.

    Hemlata was asked how the gender ratio has become so lopsided in Jhajjar if no one is performing illegal ultrasounds and abortions.

    “Maybe it’s because of miscarriages and bad pregnancies,” she said.

    Police inspector Ajmer Singh says that while he considers the illegal abortions tantamount to murder, he’s helpless without a complainant.

    “Who’s going to complain?” asked Puchalapalli Sandhya, a social activist in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh who has worked on women’s rights issues for decades.

    “The mother of the unborn won’t, and neither will the ultrasound operator.”

    Sandhya said the only solution to India’s female feticide debacle is improved education, which will give a woman the chance to generate a monthly income when she gets married, a development that should bolster her leverage in family decisions.

    “We have to keep pushing to ensure that young girls become better educated,” Sandhya said.

    “Right now, too many women just feel guilty for being women,” she said. “Having a girl baby is a burden. It’s in the blood here and it’s something that has to change.”


  31. FAB Libber

    Mary, I have not done a post yet on female-selective abortions (only that one in PNG for male-infantcide). But, I don’t have a Tag Cloud thingy, I just use categorys (which seem to perform the same function, a searchable category). To clarify things, I moved my Search box to the bottom of the sidebar, and moved the Category search thing up above the Comments.

    I knew that the female infantcide continued in India, and I think the situation is similar to China, in that due to the lesser number of female available for marriage, females get married off to ‘the family’ and have to sexually service brothers, uncles, etc. Really fucking awful.

    Random thought, that in places like China & India, with a much reduced female population, do you think that FABs would be allowed ‘gender changes’ (F2T) under those circumstances? I am thinking, not on your life. Of course, they would sort of encourage the M2T thing (for fuckability), but actual FABs serve both as breeding stock and sexual servicing. So, why aren’t the tranzjacktivists over in India and China fighting for more F2Ts?


  32. FAB Libber

    B1, that clip is indeed disturbing, on many levels, and particularly because it is FABs doing it. I do wonder though, what set these FABs off like that (we did not see the start, or what if anything occured in the bathroom) as FABs usually don’t beat the crap out of people unless they are hyped up on drugs or booze.

    Certainly I do not condone beating anyone up, unless they are attacking you and you are defending yourself/friends/family.


  33. jilla

    It’s happening here too FAB. I don’t know how they manage it exactly, but the families have male children first, with rare exception. There seems to be such a high incidence of miscarriage among women of some cultures having their first pregnancy. And it’s not only in the poor, uneducated women.


  34. radicalesbian

    I’m not sure I can say anything about that McDonald’s incident without violating FAB’s new strategic commenting policy. 😉


  35. FAB Libber

    There is the Private Open Thread (found under the Open Thread category). You need the password, which I think you have.


  36. jilla

    No surprises if this turns out true. Of course, the reporter can’t say it is. Yet.

    Golden boy saviour dood who killed Chinese student is found in online pedo group:

    Police probe ‘sick’ cyber trail

    Brian Dickson, 29, is accused of killing York University student Qian Liu. (Facebook)

    Accused webcam killer ‘creepy’ towards women: Alleged co-worker

    Accused webcam killer’s pal in shock

    Accused webcam killer ‘bright, intelligent’

    Accused webcam killer had it all

    Man charged with York student’s murder

    TORONTO – Sick, twisted, dark and disturbing.

    Toronto Police are investigating a trail of vile comment board postings advocating incest and pedophilia made by someone using the online nickname of the first-degree murder suspect in the webcam killing of 23-year-old York University exchange student Qian Liu.

    The shocking revelations found on a discussion board were brought to the QMI Agency’s attention by a savvy cyberworld reader who was responding to a Saturday column about Brian Scott Dickson’s ravings about Ecstasy and his enjoyment of porn stars on a popular social network site.

    This reader utilized Dickson’s e-mail and on a different website for nudists unearthed a private chat area where horrific words were exchanged.

    The disgusted reader, who contacted police, said the website was full of “sick perverts, pedophiles and child exploiters” and there were “lots of confessions to child exploitation in this forum.”

    Among the revolting material were passages from a person writing under Dickson’s online nickname. This content warrants a caution. The words below are disturbing.

    There were more graphic and despicable references we decided to leave out.

    Toronto Police’s Internet and child exploitation experts, working side-by-side with homicide, is now investigating whether Dickson is linked to any of this material.

    In March 2010 there is a posting with the heading, “do u think incest is wrong?”

    And under that: “no it’s not bad at all. It’s a great thing.”

    On the subject of incest there is also a posting that says, “I think it depends on the parents and the kids. I do encourage it though but only after they begin to develop.”

    It continues, “teaching them about sex is better than lying about it but I’d recommend keeping them away from it until they hit puberty. At this point, extensive training sessions are in order.”

    Another heading, “how old should a girl need to be, to be in a porn?” Under that are the words, “I’m thinking that they should change the age to 12. They should also start recruiting out of schools.”

    Also posted is a quote saying, “when I was a kid I had a coach who played with me. Was great. My kids will definitely be exposed to lots of porn.”

    There is also talk of planning camping trips “with like-minded people”, children would be “shared”.

    Under the heading of “Asian girls 12-16” is written, “my favourite type of girls.”

    Even a hardened detective like retired homicide cop Mike Davis, of Michael A. Davis Investigations, was taken aback.

    He’s been involved in hundreds of homicide cases including those with child victims like Farah Kahn, Jeffrey Baldwin and Kimberly Clancy, but said this material shocked him.

    “It’s pure evil,” he said. “Clearly whoever wrote these passages is nothing but a sicko and real s.o.b.”

    He said as a father it’s another reminder there are people out there who through modern technology are able to plan, stalk and cajole others into their heinous, dark world.

    He analyzed the postings for us but not before he alerted his former colleague Det.-Sgt. Frank Skubic, who is investigating the so-called webcam killer case.

    “What is written here will open up a real window into a number of years of time so who knows what else it will lead to or what else they will find?” Davis said.

    Already on this second site there have been found several modelling pictures of Dickson and thousands of postings.

    Police will go through them all with a fine-tooth comb.

    Dickson’s lawyer Steven Krys has been quoted as saying his client will plead not guilty.

    Davis points out this investigation is just beginning.

    “They have 15 detectives working on this case and will leave no stone unturned,” he said.

    And every clue that leads to something will be thoroughly probed.

    “There are people in today’s world who are pretty good at playing around on computers,” Davis said. “But there are policing specialists that are pretty good at it, too, and you can be sure if there is more there, they will find it.”

    It’s not lost on anybody the coincidence that it was a webcam sighting that helped nab a suspect and it could be his online writings that play a role in convicting him.


  37. ball buster

    Florida man pummels wife in front of judge during divorce court hearing; attack was ‘true vengeance’

    A crazed ex-Marine was arrested for viciously beating his wife in front of a judge during divorce court hearing in Florida.

    Paul Henry Gonzalez Jr., 28, was subdued with a stun gun after he choked Catherine Ann Scott-Gonzalez, 23, and repeatedly hit her in the face during the brutal attack in a Broward County judge’s chambers.

    “He was punching with a true vengeance. It was vicious,” Michael Dunleavy, the woman’s lawyer, told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “He was in a rage.”

    Scott-Gonzalez, also an ex-Marine, was taken to a hospital with a broken nose, broken bones in her face and a torn lip, her boyfriend, Brennan Worsencroft, told the paper.

    Doctors were checking for brain trauma, but she was in stable condition, the boyfriend said.

    Dunleavy said Gonzalez flew into a rage on Friday after Judge Ronald Rothschild ordered him to pay child support and set visitation rights for the couple’s 1-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son.

    Gonzalez stormed out of the room and then returned and began screaming at the judge and his wife, Dunleavy said.

    He then rushed back in and began pummeling Scott-Gonzalez in the head and face, police said.

    Cops said Dunleavy tried to bear-hug the raging vet, and when deputies arrived, Gonzalez fought them off.

    Cops finally ended his rampage with two shots from a stun gun. Meanwhile, Scott-Gonzalez had collapsed in a pool of blood near the judge’s chair.

    “It was surreal,” Dunleavy said. “To see that violence play out in a judge’s chambers is somewhat surreal.”

    Gonzalez was charged with felony battery, domestic violence and resisting arrest. His bail was set at $1 million.

    The couple married in 2006.

    With News Wire Services

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2011/04/18/2011-04-18_florida_man_pummels_wife_in_front_of_judge_during_divorce_court_hearing_attack_w.html#ixzz1KQ9Et2hk


  38. FAB Libber

    Given the dude physically attacked the ex-wife in the courtroom, in front of a judge, is there a precedent that they can dispense with a subsequent trial and just convict and sentence him for the assault then and there? I mean, after all, how much more proof do you need than committing the offence right in front of the judge.

    That report is *shock horror, he did it without provocation* which really happens in most cases, but the legal system (and meeja) like to make out that the wife did something to set him off.


  39. FAB Libber


    ‘Tragic decision’ by Kent county council let sex abuser foster girl aged 14

    High court judge reveals how failures of social services exposed children to paedophile David Mason’s ‘vile acts’

    Kent county council allowed a single man in his 50s to privately foster a 14-year-old girl without carrying out the checks that would have revealed him to be a dangerous convicted paedophile, the Observer has learned.

    David Mason was later convicted of a string of sex offences against two boys and four girls aged five to 13, including the girl’s three younger siblings. His crimes were described by the judge as “the most wicked, foul and vile acts of sexual abuse”. Mason had changed his name to David Matthews, and his local MP – who had been unaware that Mason had been jailed in 1982 for abusing a 12-year-old boy scout and that he was wanted by Scottish police for questioning – had helped him to acquire a new national insurance number.

    The girl, who can be named only as W, had asked social services if she could stay a night at his home, after alleging that her mother and elder brother had attacked her. Mason had befriended W’s family. A social worker and a police officer visited him, but carried out only a perfunctory check of his accommodation and failed to ask him for proof of his identity, even though they later told the high court they had felt “uneasy”. Social workers then allowed W to make her home with Mason without the private fostering assessment and checks required by law. They arranged for her child benefit to be transferred to him and backed his application to move to a larger property.

    The “tragic story” of the council’s “deplorable breach of duty” has emerged from a high court judgment delivered behind closed doors last month, which has just been made public. The extraordinary case would have stayed secret had not the judge, Mr Justice Baker, decided in view of the “alarming matters” that emerged during the hearing to allow the “unusually extensive and troubling” wider issues it raises to be publicised.

    The case came to the high court after Kent applied to take the 42-year-old mother’s three youngest children – girls now aged 16 and seven and a boy of 15, all of whom were abused by Mason – into care. The court has still not finally determined whether they will be removed from their mother. The judge said the council had “manifestly failed to comply with its obligations under private fostering provisions” in allowing W to be fostered by Mason without proper checks, and in an “incomprehensible” decision, after she left Mason’s home, that social workers should let her be fostered, aged 15, by her 21-year-old boyfriend, who claimed to have autistic spectrum disorder and who they knew was having sex with her.

    W’s single mother and her five children, including W’s older brother, met Mason when they were moved by social services from a Kent town to a B&B where he was staying in another town in the county. The move took place because police concluded it was unsafe for the family to stay where they were after the mother accused her youngest child’s father of raping her in the street, though the allegation was withdrawn and her mobile phone showed she had sent him text messages saying she loved him.

    The move, in December 2006, was to have “ultimately devastating consequences”, the judge said. Given their history, “one would naturally expect that the family would have been picked up by social services in the area into which they moved”. They were referred, with a note explaining that the “very vulnerable” mother was fleeing from domestic violence and was unable to set boundaries for her children. But social services in the new area took the decision – described by the judge as “astonishing” – that “due to staff shortages and high number of child protection referrals [this] case cannot be allocated for assessment”. The judge criticised social workers for failing to notice that the mother had a learning disability. It was not until January 2010 that a psychologist carried out an assessment which showed her to have an “extremely low” IQ of 63.

    Mason befriended the family and, when he was rehoused and left the B&B the children started visiting him and staying overnight from January 2007. The judge said that he may not have abused W – who lived with him from July to December 2008 – but that he groomed her and she unwittingly facilitated access to the other children.

    He was unmasked after a child unconnected with the family made allegations of abuse. He pleaded guilty to 26 offences between January 2007 and December 2008 and was sentenced to an indefinite term of imprisonment at Maidstone crown court in December 2009. The sentencing judge said the victims were bound to suffer lasting psychological harm. Mr Justice Baker said Mason had had the opportunity to abuse two of W’s younger siblings over a prolonged period – abuse which was “extensive, repeated and profoundly damaging to the children”.

    An Ofsted inspection of Kent social services in October 2010 found that “serious deficiencies in the social care fieldwork service result in too many children being left without sufficient safeguards or adequate protection arrangements”. W and her siblings were four of those children, the judge said.

    A spokesman for Kent county council said: “What happened in this case is deeply regrettable and the council offers its sincerest apologies to the family. In recent months we have been absolutely focused on recognising our shortcomings and weaknesses and a plan to make sure substantial improvements are made to the services we provide to children in Kent is already being actioned.”



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