Portrait of a killer 😛

Since yttik’s comment about her chickens over at FCM’s, the legend has spread across radfem blog comments like wildfire, hell, it even made it onto my Quotable Radfeminisms page!

I have a friend who insists in believing that men are biologically driven to reproduce, that they can’t help themselves, that you see this drive in the animal kingdom, in this case observing my chickens. The rooster just moves from one hen to the next, compulsively humping each one, hoping to fertilize. My friend seems to believe the rooster can’t help it and that human men are the same too, also having a brain the size of a pea and all. Well, the hens all got together a few weeks ago and simply did in the rooster. It was awful, but kind of funny too, because it’s left my friend sputtering while she tries to explain how the urge to bump off the only male fits into nature’s plan for survival and reproductive biology.

What can I say? Mother nature doesn’t mess around. No means no.

Well, it occured to me this morning that old phrase “hen pecked husbands”, which got me thinking that yttik’s chickens probably aren’t exceptional homicidal fowl, and it probably happens fairly often, when some uppity rooster thinks he can mount females at will, they just gang up and dispatch him. Problem solved.

It reminded me of the ‘shock horror’ incident reported a few years ago, where the women of two Papua New Guinea highland villages committed male infantcide over a ten- or twenty-year period as a strategy to end the tribal wars. Well, the dudes obviously weren’t going to stop warring, so the women did what they had to do in order to bring an end to the constant tribal warring.

Strangely, as I was trying to recover the PNG story, I found that several online news sources had removed the story, including The Daily Mail, but I found it using WayBack. Here is the article to save you hunting for it.

The two villages where mothers killed EVERY baby born a boy for ten years

By Richard Shears
Last updated at 8:30 AM on 28th November 2008

The Papua New Guinea jungle has given up one of its darkest secrets – the systematic slaughter of every male baby born in two villages to prevent future tribal clashes.

By virtually wiping out the ‘male stock’, tribal women hope they can avoid deadly bow-and-arrow wars between the villages in the future.

‘Babies grow into men and men turn into warriors,’ said Rona Luke, a village wife who is attending a special ‘peace and reconciliation’ meeting in the mountain village of Goroka.

‘It’s because of the terrible fights that have brought death and destruction to our villages for the past 20 years that all the womenfolk have agreed to have all new-born male babies killed,’ said Mrs Luke.

‘The women have had enough of men engaging in tribal conflicts and bringing misery to them.’

The sensational claims recall the Biblical story of the Old Testament pharaoh who ordered all midwives to kill Israelite baby boys because he wanted to ensure there were never enough young men to fight in an army against the Egyptians.

Mrs Luke said that the village women agreed that if they stopped producing males, allowing only female babies to survive, their tribe’s stock of boys would go down and there would be no men in future to fight.

A resident of Agibu village, Mrs Luke said she did not know how many male babies were killed by being smothered, but it had happened to all males over a 10 year period – and she suggested it was still happening.

Choking back tears she added: ‘It’s a terrible, unbearable crime, but the women had to do it.

‘The women have really being forced into it as it’s the only means available to them as women to bring an end to tribal fights.’

Confirming the shocking infanticide claims, Mrs Kipiyona Belas from the rival Amosa village, told a newspaper that getting food for their families was difficult because husbands were fighting other tribes with bows-and- arrows and spears.

Often the men did not come back, having been killed on the ‘battle field’, usually a clearing in the jungle.

Now, with the help of the Salvation Army and the initiative of local Pastor Michael Hemuno, the tribal women hope the slaughter of babies can end and those men who are still warriors will lay down their weapons and talk peace.

‘We are trying to get them to live peacefully and end all the deaths of young and old,’ said Pastor Hemuno.

Tribal fighting in the region of Gimi, in the country’s Eastern Highlands, has been going on since 1986, many of the clashes arising over claims of sorcery.

Papua New Guinea tribes, who dress up in warrior paint and feathered finery for special occasions, are strong believers in sorcery and often blame their enemies for bringing about deaths through witchcraft.

Strange isn’t it, that this particular story gets ‘lost’ from the news archives, it’s as if they don’t want uppity western women “getting ideas”. It was not just The Daily Mail either, but several other papers.

I like this succinct extract from another source:

By virtually wiping out the ‘male stock’, tribal women hope they can avoid deadly bow-and-arrow wars between the villages in the future.

‘Babies grow into men and men turn into warriors,’ said Rona Luke, a village wife who is attending a special ‘peace and reconciliation’ meeting in the mountain village of Goroka.

‘It’s because of the terrible fights that have brought death and destruction to our villages for the past 20 years that all the womenfolk have agreed to have all new-born male babies killed,’ said Mrs Luke.

‘The women have had enough of men engaging in tribal conflicts and bringing misery to them.’

Of course, no one really bats much of an eyelid at the ongoing femicide in PNG, The Daily Mail has no problem keeping these stories in their archives.

The male infantcide in PNG reminded too of the women in Rwanda, who are at least 55% of the population (after the genocide they were about 70% of the population). Due to the war and genocide going (men doing all the killing obviously), this left the country with a female majority, who now finally have a 56% majority in parliament, and with it, some woman-friendly and child-friendly laws being passed. Actually, their representation is proportional – and this is news because they have a majority. No one seems overly shocked that nearly every other government in the world has an unfair male majority not in proportion to the sex ratio. One of the few exceptions is Sweden, with 47% women in government, and as a result have better laws regarding domestic violence, rape, and prostitution. Of course rapist-dudes like ASSange moan that it is so unfaiiiiir that they can’t rape Swedish women like they can most other women of the western world. Diddums.

But Sweden and a few other countries are the exception, with a normal male-female sex ratio, and near-equal representation. In most places it seems that a massive reduction in the male population is necessary to give females equal and fair representation. Nature too, designed it so that males die off naturally at a faster rate and generally earlier than females. They are pretty expendable.

Yittk’s chickens probably aren’t that unusual, whereby the females of the community kill off problem and violent/raping males.

In our society though, we females are groomed to seek out partnership with a male, even though that is the most dangerous thing a female can do. Males are protected by male laws, so killing them off is rarely an option to rid society of violent/raping males. The few women that do, are treated harshly under male laws, even where the provocation and justification is clear.

So here we have an unbalanced society, one in which violent males are allowed to survive – not the way Mother Nature intended it to be. Men’s laws are unnatural. Men’s societies are unnatural.

Being allowed to gang up and kill rapists would certainly be effective in ending the rape culture. The current system is not working one little bit.

And it seems that hens have more commonsense than the average human female, because most will excuse the behaviours of their precious Nigels, instead of seeing it (and them) for what it is.

19 thoughts on “Hen-pecked

  1. Sargasso Sea

    In the film Prey for Rock & Roll, 2 or 3 of the women protagonists (members of an all woman punk rock band) have a gang measure-of-justice bang on a friend’s rapist by tatooing “RAPIST” on his forehead. The song that accompanies is called “The Ugly” (lyrics here: http://www.stlyrics.com/lyrics/preyforrock&roll/theugly.htm Some of the words aren’t quite right and the spelling is atrocious, natch, but you‘ll get the idea. This is the song I listen to get myself into the right state of mind to deal with the Perv!).

    In related news, y’all will be glad to hear that our wiener-gluing sisters in Wisconsin received a years probation and community service (I’d say they had already accomplished the community service part!) even though they faced pretty serious felony False Imprisonment charges. The wiener-gluing itself was charged as Fourth Degree Sexual Assault; a possible 6 years for the alleged *imprisonment* but only a possible 9 months for “sexual assault”. Reading Stuck Dong’s statement to police (as reported in the actual criminal complaint against the women) was like reading some bad script from Law and Order: SVU. Dude couldn’t keep a story straight if his dick was a ruler. (also, he tried to sue her civil court by changing his story yet again)

    Anyway, my point is that chickens should avoid kidnapping and/or false imprisonment when whipping out their tat-guns and/or krazy glue. 🙂


  2. joy

    I LOVE this.

    Hens are awesome. When I was a teenager, we inherited two hens from a neighbor who’d moved out and left them behind. Henny (black hen) and Penny (copper hen) were an obvious, inseparable lesbian couple, rarely leaving one another’s sight. They groomed one another, clucked to one another constantly, and always cuddled up feather-to-feather. Henny was the bolder hen and would spring immediately and viciously to Penny’s defense when danger struck.
    When Henny was eaten by a fox (possibly while defending Penny), Penny sunk into complete despondence and, despite our best efforts, starved herself to death.

    I loved my lesbian hens, and wish they were still around. Maybe they only had brains the size of a pea, but they knew to stick together, and their female solidarity was extremely inspiring.


  3. FAB Libber

    I inherited a hen (I unimaginatively called “henrietta”) with one house I was renting. I still have fond memories of her, and regret not taking her to the new place. She might have had a ‘brain the size of a pea’, but she was still like a pet. I thought she was ace.

    Has anyone ever fallen in love with a rooster? Probably not.
    Hens rule.


  4. FAB Libber

    As I was writing it, and sourcing it, I actually got more concerned over the archive disappearance thing. Conspiracy theories abound.

    I have to ask, why didn’t the other Daily Mail articles from the same time disappear? I could not find any trace of the article using the DM’s search, nor site search using google.
    Suspicious, no?


  5. cherryblossomlife

    It’s absolutely fascinating the way those midwives took matters into their own hands, both from different tribes but cooperating with each other to end the bloodshed and rape in the only way they could.
    I felt a little bit sick when I read the god-botherers were moving in. Christians have got more blood on their hands than any other group of people, and the people they massacred (the witch-burnings!) were killed for spurious reasons, not as a last-ditch attempt to end years of violence. I hardly think these women need a patriarchal God to show them the way, it’s not as if they WANTED to smother babies for kicks, the way men harm people in war.


  6. FAB Libber

    Hiya CBL.
    I felt a little bit sick when I read the god-botherers were moving in.

    Yes indeed. As soon as they heard male infantcide was going on, they were right on the case. Strange how they did not mobilise the same response for all the female infantcide going on in China and India eh?

    Perhaps the anti-abortion stance of religious nutters is due to ‘pwecious boy baybees’ not being born, not baybees in general.

    See also the gawd-botherers taking over from the Poppy Project.


  7. Sargasso Sea

    Re: archive disappearance.

    A couple of years ago there was some big archaeology news when *scientists* claimed to have found fragments of a humanoid skeleton that pre-dated Lucy the Australopithecus afarensis find of the 1970s.

    Now I’m a big physical archaeology fan so I was really excited! One of the *science* magazines had a lengthy article about the find and there was a tv special on one of the *science* channels which we watched; it was quite educational and interesting.

    Until the evo-psycho agenda made itself apparent at the very end of the 2 hour show. This particular “why do we walk upright?” *theory* was that laydees with children found it difficult to get to the fruit in the trees so the menz would stand up to get the better, higher fruit for them and then the laydees saw that it was easier to let all the menz do all the work so they would only have *sex* with the upright fruit pickers so all the guyz wanted to have *sex* tooooo so they became upright. The End.

    Wha? Anyway, a short time later I went to look up the article to re-read it and it was no where to be found. Even the *find* itself had disappeared: nope, no such thing as Arti- or Arte- lopithicus to be found anywhere. Not even Google; have you ever heard of ZERO results on Google?

    Also: Asian Honkey saw a video a long time ago of Idiot Boy Bush that just completely disappeared too. It looked like the moments before a World Leader photo op was to take place and there was the Idiot dressed to the nines in his full-on Cowboy dress-up with the six-shooters, chaps and ten-gallon hat surrounded by other powerful white men in suits.

    Scrubba, scrubba, scrubba.


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  9. Pingback: Militancy is our only option | twanzphobic since forever

  10. FAB Libber

    Yeah, funny how ‘scrubba scrubba scrubba’ only happens to certain items.

    The key is actually to bookmark many of these items as you find them. Even if the ‘scrubba’ happens, currently wayback etc will come to the rescue. It may be a matter of time before ‘accidents’ happen on wayback too.

    All I could remember of the male infantcide story was that it was PNG, and had to google several combinations, before finding blogs with ‘dead links’, then onto wayback. Searching the DM site yielded FUCKING ZERO. Yeah right.


  11. DaveSquirrel

    An article on hen’s ejecting the sperm of undesirable roosters.
    Frankly, the pecking strategy seems more sound.

    Hens evolve secret sex strategy

    Scientists have discovered that female chickens have a remarkable ability to choose the father of their eggs.

    Wily hens have evolved the ability to eject the sperm of unsuitable mates say researchers working with Swedish birds.

    Promiscuous roosters try to ensure that their genes are passed on by mating with as many females as possible.

    But by removing the genetic material of males they consider socially inferior, the hens have managed to retain control of paternity.

    Many species ranging from zebras to insects use the strategy of sperm ejection – but the evolutionary ideas behind it are often uncertain.

    Among birds, male Dunnocks force females to eject the sperm of other suitors in order to protect their own genes.

    But this research indicates that among chickens, the battle of the sexes seems to be all about female empowerment.

    Working with feral fowl in Sweden, the scientists found that many matings were forced, as the roosters are twice the size of the hens.

    To cope with the unwanted attention, females have evolved the ability to remove the ejaculate of those males they consider undesirable.

    Dr Rebecca Dean from Oxford University carried out the study. She said: “It’s really important for females to have the best male sperm to fertilise her eggs, so if she can’t choose before copulation, then having a mechanism to choose after copulation could really increase her evolutionary fitness.”

    Even when unforced, the females still exercised their right to choose by opting to eject the sperm of males they considered to be at the bottom of the pecking order.

    With the reproductive odds stacked against them, these low-status roosters have fought back by developing larger ejaculates in the hope of increasing their chances of passing on their genes.

    But according to Dr Dean, the shrewd females have worked out a way of dealing with this tactic as well.

    “We found that hens will eject a greater proportion of the ejaculate from socially subordinate males, so she is in this way favouring the dominant males both before and after ejaculation,” she said.

    The scientists explain that domestic fowl would certainly use a similar tactic, but normally they have fewer mating choices than their wild Swedish cousins.

    The research has been published in the journal American Naturalist.



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