14 thoughts on “How do you stop a dude putting it about?

  1. FAB Libber

    It is unlikely they will get off though.
    They damaged the ‘sacred member’, so the patriarchy won’t take too kindly to such uppityness.


  2. jilla

    Yes, I guess legally it’s assault. And the sister! Fantastic.

    Couldn’t we write the script for this pathetic court case? I didn’t watch past the quarter length mark. I know it all by heart. We all do.

    Of COURSE they all knew about it. Of COURSE it was consensual. DEFINITELY their choice. AGENCY!!!!

    Did he forget his SAFE WORD??? Hahahahahahah.


  3. Sargasso Sea

    (I’m trying to comment on another thread and it will not post? Checking here to see if this goes through…)


  4. ball buster

    Unbelievable! The man is a child abuser. I just watched a vid where he was sentenced for hitting his eight year old stepdaughter in the face.

    I have no pity for him. There’s only so much a woman can put up with. I know, I’ve been there and back again. He couldn’t just stop being an asshole, could he?


  5. Sargasso Sea

    We should point out that [the dick] is being held on unrelated charges… – hilariously awful local fox news coverage!

    I’m all, If all of these women are the *accused* why is HE the only one in Prison Orange?!

    Three guesses as to what those “unrelated charges” are.


  6. Jennifer

    But the man consented did he not? Why should we believe the word of one male? Oh I forget men never lie do they unlike women!! Note too his claim ‘but you can’t do this to me!’ Women constantly tell men ‘stop sexually harassing women/stop raping women’ but men ignore these demands do they not?

    However given these courageous women decided the man’s sacred penis and other sexual organs needed to be superglued that alone means the women will certainly be convicted of serious sexual assault and doubtless sentenced to long prison terms. Mustn’t allow uppity women to challenge men’s sacred belief in their right of sexual access to any woman or girl must we?

    Ah yes why was the victim wearing prison attire? Is he then a credible witness given he is being prosecuted for an unrelated crime. Remember male -centric legal system’s dogma – women’s creditability can only ascertained by their ‘sexual respectability’ (as defined by male supremacy) whereas men are autonomous beings whose creditability is their public persona – aka are they good family men; have respectable jobs; are white men; and can provide innumerable character witnesses.


  7. FAB Libber

    Hi Jenn, welcome!
    According to Ball Buster above, he is already convicted/facing charges of beating his stepdaughter. Hardly an upstanding citizen by any stretch of the imagination. Even his own sister thinks he is scum!

    There is probably more to the episode than just him screwing around, given the stepdaughter incident, he probably was abusive to the women as well. Women rarely attack menz for no reason, it is usually because he is an abusive asshole generally. But the law never goes easy on ‘uppity’ women who retaliate, yet the law allows menz all sorts of BS excuses for ‘justification’.

    I think they should have thrown him into yttik’s chicken coop. 😛


  8. thebewilderness

    When I was 12 years old in 1958 I lived in the childrens industrial home. We used to sneak out of our beds and go into the linen closet to tell our stories. Most of our stories were about what we would do to the men who had abused us. Super glue had not been invented yet, but it figured prominently in many of our stories.
    I don’t imagine any of these women are old enough to have been one of the sisters who huddled in the linen closet with me. But I love them just the same.


  9. FAB Libber

    Thanks to SarSea for alerting me to the sentencing of the ‘Penis Glueing Four’, who got probation and a year’s community service. As SarSea said, we think they already performed their ‘community service’.


    The dude who’s “junk” (his words at trial I might add) is still locked up, unable to make bail on the child abuse charges. Such an upstanding dude eh?


  10. Sargasso Sea

    So he’s still in jail, is he? I didn’t even bother to check the outcome of HIS indictment (which phonetically sounds like, in-dicked-ment!). Thanks for that leg work sister FAB 🙂

    I meant to link to that same article, but forgot to. Anyway I’m always kind of hesitant to link just on general safety principles, but I guess you can break ’em as you see ’em?


  11. FAB Libber

    General news outlets are fine, they have a gazillion links, I doubt they look at most of them, if any. The only links I “frown upon” are ones to ‘hostile’ anti-radfem sites.

    Anyway, I exercise my editorial control, and de-live them if I think they are sus.



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