Monthly Archives: April 2011

How fashion is a set-up for misogyny

No, the post is not about ‘THAT hat’, but I suppose it is a good example of how ridiculous ‘fashion’ is. There were a lot of other ridiculous hats yesterday (including ones that restricted the wearer’s vision), but I do vote Beatrice’s hat probably No.1 for the day in absolute silliness, and alerts us to the possibility of an enclave of evil and sinister milliners out there…
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Not everything is twanzphobic, get a grip

Chrissy Lee Polis, 22, M2T attacked in McDonalds last week.

Firstly, I do not condone the beating that Polis received at the McDonalds. However, it does not seem to be the twanzphobic!!11!! attack that the meeja, libfems, and the Balimore Attorney’s Office make it out to be. For if it is, then absolutely anything can be considered twanzphobic.
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